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proxyma(sfnet) proxyma Proxyma is a multiple reverse-proxy library/web... Télécharger
officialnetgearfirmware(sfnet) Official Netgear Firmware This is an archive of Netgear GPL source code. ... Télécharger
phtx(freshmeat) PHTX PHTX (Peter's HTML Table eXtractor) is a small ... Télécharger
sourmud(sfnet) SourMUD SourMUD is a Java-based RPG with a client to se... Télécharger
samsung-uclinux(sfnet) uClinux/Samsung 4510 This is a port of the uClinux to Samsung 4510b(... Télécharger
robozombie-for-android(freshmeat) RoboZombie for Android RoboZombie allows easy integration with remote ... Télécharger
libdlna(sfnet) libdlna libdlna aims at being the reference open-source... Télécharger
hsocket(sfnet) Generic C++ Socket Class This project is intend to implment general c so... Télécharger
iptstate(freshmeat) IP Tables State IP Tables State implements the "state top&... Télécharger
gst123(freshmeat) gst123 gst123 is a GStreamer-based command line audio ... Télécharger
m2s-free-sms(sfnet) M2S - Free SMS M2S is an application created by Jaume Segarra ... Télécharger
monitorix(freshmeat) Monitorix Monitorix is a lightweight system monitoring to... Télécharger
wxperl(sfnet) wxPerl wxPerl is a Perl distribution wrapping the wxWi... Télécharger
iebus-studio(sfnet) IEBus Studio IEBus Studio is a full featured application for... Télécharger
openrulesengine(sfnet) OpenRules Engine OpenRules - a full-scale open source Business R... Télécharger
pftp(sfnet) Preferred For Transfers: PFTP PFTP is a portable FTP client, with many useful... Télécharger
ge-kml(sfnet) Google Earth KML API for .NET This project contains Visual Studio .NET 2.0 Cl... Télécharger
sutekh(freshmeat) Sutekh Sutekh is a card collection manager for the gam... Télécharger
nnmware-cmf(freshmeat) Nnmware CMF Nnmware CMF is a Django-based Content Managemen... Télécharger
aroad(freshmeat) Access Road Access Road is a universal simulator of access ... Télécharger
fullcontrolperm(sfnet) Full Control Windows permissions This program allows you to gain ownership and/o... Télécharger
rwhois(sfnet) rwhois.py A recursive whois module/client for python. It ... Télécharger
pp06(sfnet) PP06 Pic Programmer Production (3 level) Programmer for Microchip P... Télécharger
docebo-joomla-lms-integration-(freshmeat) Docebo’s Joomla LMS Plugin Docebo’s Joomla LMS Plugin allows Joomla! users... Télécharger
clogs(freshmeat) CLOGS CLOGS is a library for higher-level operations ... Télécharger
phpbbms(sfnet) phpBBms phpBBms is a Malay translation/internationaliza... Télécharger
titan2d(sfnet) TITAN-2D Visit [http://www.gmfg.buffalo.edu] GMFG websit... Télécharger
jsynthlib(freshmeat) JSynthLib JSynthLib is a "universal" synthesize... Télécharger
tiffonandroid(sfnet) tiffdroid TIFF codec library on android platform. Porting... Télécharger
mozillasnarls(sfnet) Tlhan Ghun Snarl extensions A nice system wide software to display notifica... Télécharger
hwfirewall(sfnet) hwfirewall HardWall Firewall: Is an iptables script that d... Télécharger
spring-sim(sfnet) SPRING Surgical Simulator SPRING is a real-time surgical simulation syste... Télécharger
monit(freshmeat) Monit Monit is a utility for managing and monitoring ... Télécharger
documentr(freshmeat) documentr documentr is a Web-based tool for editing and p... Télécharger
siren(freshmeat) siren Siren is a text-based audio player for Unix-lik... Télécharger
highlight(freshmeat) Highlight Highlight is a universal converter from source ... Télécharger
aisradarviewpi(sfnet) OpenCPN AIS radar view plugin An AIS radarview plug for OpenCPN. The plugin ... Télécharger
semoa(sfnet) Secure Mobile Agents (SeMoA) The Secure Mobile Agents (SeMoA) platform const... Télécharger
dslrouter(sfnet) All About Network Infrastructur Instalation and Support about configuration Net... Télécharger
rebecca-aiml(sfnet) RebeccaAIML, Enterprise AIML platform RebeccaAIML is an enterprise cross platform ope... Télécharger
nearforums(freshmeat) Nearforums Nearforums is a lightweight powerful discussion... Télécharger
javadiff(sfnet) JDiff - HTML report of API differences JDiff is a Javadoc doclet which emits an HTML r... Télécharger
sfidirector(sfnet) Node Director The Node Director is a tool for managing distri... Télécharger
perfmonger(freshmeat) PerfMonger PerfMonger is an yet another performance monito... Télécharger
make-generator(sfnet) MakeGENerator - The Makefile GENerator MakeGENerator is a highly customizable standalo... Télécharger
bayimggrep(sfnet) bayimggrep A tool which allows you to download all erotic ... Télécharger
datso4m(sfnet) DatsoGallery is a Mambo picture gallery DatsoGallery is a Mambo picture gallery compone... Télécharger
muclm(sfnet) MUCLM - My Uber Cool LDAP Manager An advanced web-based LDAP manager that has obj... Télécharger
edl2aaf(sfnet) EDL to AAF converter EDL to AAF allows CMX3600 EDLs to be converted ... Télécharger
segmentationgt(sfnet) CMMSD_GroundTruth Data for the CMMSD segmentation ground truth. T... Télécharger
tcotool(sfnet) TCO-Tool The TCO-Tool is an instrument to calculate the ... Télécharger
csharpoptparse(sfnet) C# Command-Line Option Parsing Library C# (.NET) class library to assist with parsing ... Télécharger
routertesting(sfnet) Router Testing Test builds for various routers. Source is gene... Télécharger
barbara(sfnet) BarBara Barcode Library Barcode recognition library (vb6, VB.NET & ... Télécharger
taksi(sfnet) Taksi Taksi is a video capture/screen capture tool fo... Télécharger
farsa(sfnet) FARSA FARSA is a collection of integrated open-source... Télécharger
dspace(sfnet) DSpace Open Source Digital Asset Management system tha... Télécharger
magstripper(sfnet) Magstripper Magstripper is a magnetic card reader and decod... Télécharger
doors(sfnet) Doors Doors is groupware for electronic musicians. It... Télécharger
python-irclib(freshmeat) Python IRC library The Python IRC library is intended to encapsula... Télécharger
librecad(sfnet) LibreCAD LibreCAD is a 2D CAD drawing tool based on the ... Télécharger
simple-podcast-manager(freshmeat) Simple Podcast Manager Simple Podcast Manager is a podcast manager des... Télécharger
okiwi(sfnet) OKIWI - a free NDS web browser Free web browser for the Nintendo DS game console Télécharger
teaforlinux(freshmeat) TEA TEA is a powerful and easy-to-use Qt4-based edi... Télécharger
bao123(sfnet) soyici bao123 is my project,i want everyone know how ... Télécharger
tangostudio(sfnet) Tango Studio Debian Tango Studio is a Debian-based Linux distributi... Télécharger
plzip(freshmeat) Plzip Plzip is a massively parallel (multi-threaded),... Télécharger
solidworkswlx(sfnet) SolidWorks Preview plugin for TC The SolidWorks Preview plugin is both a lister ... Télécharger
ampoliros(sfnet) Ampoliros Ampoliros is a PHP portal engine for the Ix App... Télécharger
code2flow(freshmeat) code2flow code2flow is an experimental script which sweep... Télécharger
jex(sfnet) JEX - Java Easy XML editor Simple Java XML editor, with easy hierarchy man... Télécharger
mokka(freshmeat) Mokka Mokka (MOtion Kinematics and Kinetics Analyzer)... Télécharger
strace(freshmeat) strace strace is a useful diagnostic, instructional, a... Télécharger
klish(freshmeat) klish The klish is a framework for implementing Cisco... Télécharger
medianet(sfnet) Medianet Project for open source software related to med... Télécharger
megazeux(sfnet) MegaZeux MegaZeux (MZX) is a simple but powerful game cr... Télécharger
expense-ss(freshmeat) Expense Submittal System The Expense Submittal System (ESS) is a Web-bas... Télécharger
passwd(freshmeat) Passwd Passwd is the Horde password changing applicati... Télécharger
stendhal(freshmeat) Stendhal Stendhal is a multiplayer online adventure game... Télécharger
radrails(sfnet) RadRails RadRails is an integrated development environme... Télécharger
krdm(sfnet) Kde remote desktop manager This program makes easy the configuration and u... Télécharger
i-dvr(sfnet) i-dvr iDVR (formerly Devolution Security System) is a... Télécharger
fedora_project(freshmeat) Fedora Project The Fedora Project is a community-run Linux dis... Télécharger
dxframework(sfnet) DXFramework A simple, illustrative, general purpose 2D and ... Télécharger
arma(freshmeat) Armadillo C++ Library Armadillo is a C++ linear algebra library (matr... Télécharger
oness(sfnet) ONess ONess comprises a set of reusable business comp... Télécharger
manicdigger(sfnet) Manic Digger Manic Digger is a public domain 3d block-buildi... Télécharger
bowlfish(sfnet) Bowlfish Bowlfish was the pioneer portuguese eMule MOD c... Télécharger
sie2mat(sfnet) sie2mat 15/04/2014 Bug fix: Removed debugging informati... Télécharger
rpgkeymapper(sfnet) RpgmakerXp KeyMapper Simple wrapper around GetAsyncKeyState() functi... Télécharger
skewpassim(sfnet) Java Security Image Generator / CAPTCHA SkewPassImage / CAPTCHA - A tiny java library (... Télécharger
servletunit(sfnet) ServletUnit ServletUnit is a framework of objects which all... Télécharger
fbide(sfnet) fbide FBIde is opensource IDE for FreeBasic compiler.... Télécharger
j2mememopad(sfnet) J2ME Memopad J2ME Memopad is a simple MIDP application desig... Télécharger
cvcell(sfnet) OpenCV on the Cell/B.E. Performance Improvements of OpenCV library by C... Télécharger
musictranscript(sfnet) Music Transcription Database Open-source content and evaluation framework fo... Télécharger
ath9k-htc(sfnet) GUI Program to install ath9k_htc (Athero This program installs the driver ath9k_htc. Aft... Télécharger
p-stade(sfnet) P-Stade C++ Template Libraries: Biscuit Parser Library,... Télécharger
openflower(sfnet) OpenFlower OpenFlower is a free and open source CFD code (... Télécharger
winc64(sfnet) Winc64 Winc64 aims to be a modern, event-driven operat... Télécharger

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