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eclipsecorba(sfnet) Eclipse CORBA Plugin An Eclipse plugin for editing CORBA IDL files Télécharger
hbasic(sfnet) HBasic HBasic is an IDE with an interpreter and compil... Télécharger
jpop-framework(sfnet) jPOP Framework jPOP is a simple but powerful Ajax and RIA fram... Télécharger
linpha(sfnet) LinPHA PHP Photo Gallery LinPHA is an easy to use, multilingual, flexibl... Télécharger
networked-decision-making(freshmeat) Networked Decision Making Networked Decision Making is fun Web-based grou... Télécharger
podcastdl(freshmeat) podcastdl Podcasdl is a CLI application to schedule audio... Télécharger
nino(sfnet) NINO - Network Management NINO is a network and system management solutio... Télécharger
naken_asm(freshmeat) naken_asm naken_asm, a fork of naken430asm, can assemble... Télécharger
adb(sfnet) Active Directory Browser Active Directory Browser (AD Browser) is a remo... Télécharger
srcml(sfnet) SrcML Framework The SrcML Framework allows converting Sourcecod... Télécharger
fma(sfnet) floAt's Mobile Agent FMA is a SMS Manager, Mobile Phone Monitor, Rem... Télécharger
acsccid(sfnet) acsccid acsccid is a PC/SC driver for Linux/Mac OS X an... Télécharger
pbwebgui(sfnet) WebGUI A perl-based web application and web site frame... Télécharger
soffid-iam(freshmeat) Soffid IAM Soffid IAM offers a complete and integrated sol... Télécharger
java3dsloader(sfnet) 3DS Java3D Loader Java3D 3DS FileLoader for platforms supporting ... Télécharger
conf-management(sfnet) CMS - Conference Management System CMS is built based on the SOA design principle ... Télécharger
grism(sfnet) Grism - A stock market observation tool Grism allows you to easily track the evolution ... Télécharger
spambayes(sfnet) SpamBayes anti-spam Bayesian anti-spam classifier written in Python. Télécharger
vssplugin(sfnet) VSS Plugin for Eclipse The goal of the project is to provide a Microso... Télécharger
javapng(sfnet) Sixlegs Java PNG Library Sixlegs Java PNG decoding library. 100% Java, s... Télécharger
zoneminder-cd(sfnet) Bluecherry's Zoneminder Live CD Xubuntu Live / Install CD of Zoneminder (www.zo... Télécharger
esvn(sfnet) eSvn eSvn is a cross-platform (QT-based) GUI fronten... Télécharger
appcenterfedora(sfnet) Appcenter Fedora Appcenter of Elementary OS ported to Fedora Lin... Télécharger
multimail(sfnet) MultiMail Offline Reader MultiMail is an offline mail packet reader for ... Télécharger
kwxport(sfnet) kW X-porter An exporter plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max versio... Télécharger
arp-neighbor-cache-fingerprint(freshmeat) ARP Neighbor Cache Fingerprinter ARP Neighbor Cache Fingerprinter is a tool that... Télécharger
tigl(sfnet) tigl TIGL: A library for generating 3D geometries fr... Télécharger
muda-gui(sfnet) Multilabel Dataset GUI Multilabel Dataset GUI is a software for evalua... Télécharger
keepandtrack(sfnet) KaT KaT is an extremely simple and intuitive way to... Télécharger
jointspace(sfnet) jointSPACE SPACE is a Software Architecture developed by P... Télécharger
mplayerc(sfnet) MPlayer Control MPlayer Control is an MPlayer GUI (frontend) fo... Télécharger
isenseroboticplatform(sfnet) i-Sense Robotic Platform The iSense Robotic Platform is the complete pro... Télécharger
spread(freshmeat) Spread The Spread Toolkit provides tools for developin... Télécharger
gibbslda(sfnet) GibbsLDA++: A C/C++ Gibbs Sampling LDA GibbsLDA++: A C/C++ Implementation of Latent Di... Télécharger
roundcubemail(freshmeat) Roundcube Webmail Roundcube Webmail is a browser-based, multiling... Télécharger
pileworks(sfnet) pileworks PileWorks provides the organizational structure... Télécharger
gpsmapper(sfnet) Google Map Gps Cell Phone Tracker Check out the new Gps Tracker Android Video Tut... Télécharger
pocketgcc(sfnet) Pocket GCC PocketGCC is a port of well-known GNU C/C++ com... Télécharger
covered(sfnet) Covered Covered is a Verilog code coverage utility usin... Télécharger
sector37(sfnet) Sector-37 Sector-37 (real time 3D cosmic strategy) Télécharger
portugol(sfnet) MACP - Compilador Portugol Compilador Portugol MACP: Projeto para desenvol... Télécharger
mp3dings(sfnet) Mp3dings - Manage mp3 meta-information Mp3dings is a Java mp3 tagger and organizer wit... Télécharger
wsdl4cpp(sfnet) WSDL for C++ Toolkit The Web Services Description Language for C++ T... Télécharger
chembuddy(sfnet) ChemBuddy Cocoa/Objective-C chemical analysis and computa... Télécharger
eqdkp(sfnet) EQdkp A PHP-based DKP solution to help guilds in Ever... Télécharger
cdmanager(sfnet) CD-Manager The CDManager manages records and movies (store... Télécharger
puppystuff(sfnet) Puppy Stuff I'm compiling & sharing packages (software,... Télécharger
jamwiki(sfnet) JAMWiki JAMWiki is a Wiki engine implemented using Java... Télécharger
jstock-2(freshmeat) JStock - Free Stock Market Software JStock is stock market software for 26 countrie... Télécharger
tenjin(sfnet) tenjin Tenjin is a very fast template engine for web a... Télécharger
hebrewval(sfnet) SGH-T959V Hebrew ROM This is a Hebrew translated Valhalla ROM for th... Télécharger
ruya(sfnet) Ruya Ruya is a Python-based breadth-first, level-, d... Télécharger
dr-cube(sfnet) Dr. Cube A Rubik's cube game for java capable cellphones... Télécharger
rjglass(sfnet) CRJ Glass Cockpit (RJGlass) An OpenGL CRJ Glass Cockpit Simulator with FSX ... Télécharger
linxtl(sfnet) Linxtl LinXTL is a text editor and a crystallographic ... Télécharger
psoaco2(sfnet) PSO/ACO2 This is a GUI, Java implementation of the Ant C... Télécharger
treedl(sfnet) TreeDL (Tree Description Language) TreeDL (Tree Description Language) is a notatio... Télécharger
phoinix(sfnet) Phoinix, Gameboy Emulator for Palm OS Phoinix is a Nintendo Gameboy emulator for the ... Télécharger
flvstreamtcpmp(sfnet) flv streaming plugin per TCPMP Flv plugin per vedere con TCPMP i video di yout... Télécharger
dgmanager-net(sfnet) DGManager.NET DGManager.NET is a management utility for the G... Télécharger
fusion(sfnet) The Fusion Project Fusion is a Ragnarok Online Server Emulator tha... Télécharger
flashfolder(sfnet) FlashFolder FlashFolder extends the file-related common dia... Télécharger
rox-filer(freshmeat) ROX-Filer ROX-Filer is a fast and powerful graphical file... Télécharger
geoweb3dglobe(sfnet) GeoWeb 3D Globe The goal of "GeoWeb 3D Globe" is deve... Télécharger
gtkextra(sfnet) GtkExtra GtkExtra is a useful set of widgets for creatin... Télécharger
winpe(sfnet) Sherpya Windows PE Stuff Tools and plugins related to bart's PEBuilder Télécharger
msnshadow(sfnet) MSN Shadow MSN Shadow is a sniffer and spoofer tool for MS... Télécharger
tdwtool(sfnet) NCHC's Tiled Display Wall ToolKits(TDW) NCHC's Tiled Display Wall ToolKits(TDW), tdwtk,... Télécharger
libnetfilter_xtables(freshmeat) libnetfilter_xtables libnetfilter_xtables provides an API for the Ne... Télécharger
commonsnet(sfnet) Commons.Net A subset of the mostly used modules in Jakarta ... Télécharger
mozopc(sfnet) OPC layer OPC layer for Mozilla platform. Web-based XUL i... Télécharger
openser(freshmeat) Kamailio Kamailio (formerly OpenSER) is a high-performan... Télécharger
minibian(sfnet) MINImal raspBIAN image for Raspberry Pi The main focus is to have a small, updated and ... Télécharger
helios-qmail(sfnet) Helios qmail An advanced qmail distribution based on qmail-s... Télécharger
uftp-multicast(sfnet) UFTP UFTP is an encrypted multicast file transfer pr... Télécharger
gjots2(sfnet) gjots2 gjots2 is a fairly simple jotter (outline proce... Télécharger
davidegironi(sfnet) davidegironi This is my code hub for sample projects develop... Télécharger
supercollider(sfnet) SuperCollider A real time audio synthesis engine, and an obje... Télécharger
dbestudio(sfnet) DBE Studio The DBE Studio is an Integrated Development Env... Télécharger
bp-cms-commons(sfnet) INFONOVA OpenCms Modules OpenCms Commons is a module suite for OpenCms 7... Télécharger
skunkdav(sfnet) SkunkDAV WebDAV Client A WebDAV browser and remote file editing framew... Télécharger
darwinsource(sfnet) Darwin Source Repository The Darwin Source repository is intended to fil... Télécharger
camview(sfnet) CamView CamView allows you to view webcams around the w... Télécharger
newsphp(sfnet) PHPNews PHPNews is very powerful News Publishing softwa... Télécharger
coreutils(freshmeat) GNU Coreutils GNU Coreutils are a set of basic file, shell, a... Télécharger
moomapper(sfnet) Moo Mapper Moo Mapper is a 3D object placement editor for ... Télécharger
msp(sfnet) MATLAB Server Pages An open source,platform independent,technical w... Télécharger
smib(sfnet) smib smib is probably one of the smallest and simpli... Télécharger
dbdesigner-fork(sfnet) DB Designer Fork DB Designer Fork is a fork of the fabFORCE DBDe... Télécharger
geo-google(sfnet) Geo-Google - Free Address Standardizer Java address standardization API that utilizes ... Télécharger
isse(sfnet) ISSE In applications such as audio denoising, music ... Télécharger
python-ghostscript(freshmeat) python-ghostscript python-ghostscript implements an interface to t... Télécharger
vsftpd-config(sfnet) System-Config-Vsftpd Graphical configuration tool for Very Secure FT... Télécharger
quake3(sfnet) Quake III Arena The intention of this project is to provide the... Télécharger
brproject(sfnet) BrProject - Kurumin linux distro The BrProject is a fake name to Kurumin, a braz... Télécharger
astrodevice(sfnet) astroDevice astroDevice is a software platform for the cont... Télécharger
gspiceui(sfnet) GNU Spice GUI Provides a GUI for two freely available electro... Télécharger
cortex-m3-apps(sfnet) Cortex M3 Applications Applications that can be applied to LPC1768. De... Télécharger
cx-oracle(sfnet) cx_Oracle cx_Oracle is a Python extension module that all... Télécharger
smartcube(sfnet) smartcube File:cube.js Author:Tyson Decker ... Télécharger

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