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edisoncorsx(sfnet) edisoncorSx Recopilación de interaces y componentes de swing Télécharger
gnochm(sfnet) GnoCHM GnoCHM is a CHM file viewer for Gnome2. It uses... Télécharger
arrsync(sfnet) arRsync (A Mac OS X frontend) A Mac OS X graphical front end for the utility ... Télécharger
sc68(sfnet) sc68 - Atari ST and Amiga music player sc68 is an Atari ST and Amiga music player. Th... Télécharger
skunkworks(sfnet) SkunkWorks SkunkWorks: A Decal-based macro platform for As... Télécharger
wmpkeys(sfnet) wmpkeys WMP global hot keys plugin Windows Media Player plugin, add global hotkeys... Télécharger
freeme2(sfnet) FreeMe2 Freeme2 is a program based on famous freeme app... Télécharger
gemrb(sfnet) GemRB Game Engine GemRB (Game engine made with pre-Rendered Backg... Télécharger
sapproxybuilder(sfnet) SAP RFC/BAPI Proxy Builder "SAP RFC Proxy Builder" is the easy w... Télécharger
web-mailing-list(freshmeat) web mailing list web mailing list is a Web-based newsletter mail... Télécharger
jet(sfnet) Java Enterprise Turbine JET - Java Enterprise Turbine is a web framewor... Télécharger
siebel-monitoring-tools(freshmeat) Siebel Monitoring Tools Siebel Monitoring Tools provides monitoring of ... Télécharger
software-updates-applet-for-ma(freshmeat) Software Updates Applet for MATE Desktop Software Updates Applet for MATE Desktop checks... Télécharger
phpoto(sfnet) PHPoto PHPoto generates dynamic picture galleries on t... Télécharger
winx(sfnet) WINX - A C++ GUI Library for Windows WINX focus the goal: MOST SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE.... Télécharger
viewaframework(sfnet) Viewa Viewa is a framework made for building java des... Télécharger
simh(sfnet) SIMH - multi-system simulator SIMH is a highly portable, multi-system simulator. Télécharger
gigalomania(freshmeat) Gigalomania Gigalomania is a 2D real time strategy game tha... Télécharger
kixdelta(sfnet) GUI For xdelta This program is a gui for xdelta which is a con... Télécharger
clipsrules(sfnet) CLIPS Rule Based Programming Language CLIPS is a forward-chaining rule-based programm... Télécharger
laconica(freshmeat) StatusNet StatusNet is a microblogging platform. A Status... Télécharger
mvcwebproject(sfnet) Alveole Studio MVC Web Project An eclipse plugin for graphically designing MVC... Télécharger
conio(sfnet) Borland-style CONIO Borland-style CONIO (COnsole Input Output) impl... Télécharger
strtk(freshmeat) StrTk StrTk, a string toolkit, consists of robust, op... Télécharger
multigeneblast(sfnet) MultiGeneBlast Development page for MultiGeneBlast, a combined... Télécharger
alt-f(sfnet) Alt-F Alt-F provides a free alternative firmware for ... Télécharger
brim(sfnet) Brim BRIM is a MVC framework, written in PHP and bas... Télécharger
ext2fsd-pe(sfnet) PE Builder Ext2Fsd plug-in This project is for a PE Builder plug-in for th... Télécharger
pgdesigner(sfnet) Datamodel designer for PostgreSQL pgDesigner is a Datamodel designer for PostgreS... Télécharger
cursuslinux(sfnet) Linuxcursus voor beginners in 60 uur Een stevige cursus linux voor beginners (met De... Télécharger
lua-for-intellij-idea(freshmeat) Lua for IntelliJ IDEA Lua for IntelliJ IDEA is a plugin that provides... Télécharger
daisycms(sfnet) The Daisy CMS project The Daisy Open Source CMS is an enterprise-grad... Télécharger
linpopup2(sfnet) linpopup2 GTK+2 port of LinPopUp Télécharger
jo2(sfnet) Java compiler & operators overloading Jo2 (Java Operators Overloading) :: is Javac (S... Télécharger
portabletbird(sfnet) Thunderbird P.E. (Now @PortableApps.com) The Mozilla Thunderbird®, Portable Edition proj... Télécharger
libetpan(sfnet) libEtPan! - a mail library ** THIS PROJECT MOVED TO GITHUB ** libEtPan ! i... Télécharger
revolution-fx(sfnet) Revolution-FX The Revolution-FX project goal is to provide th... Télécharger
artoolkit(sfnet) ARToolKit The Augmented Reality Tool Kit (ARToolKit) capt... Télécharger
html2ps(sfnet) html2ps PHP equivalent to the popular Perl script by th... Télécharger
atnag(sfnet) Games for French pre-school Games for French pre_school including memory, l... Télécharger
pd-gem(sfnet) GEM: Graphics Environment for Multimedia GEM (Graphics Environment for Multimedia) is a ... Télécharger
ajaxislands(sfnet) Ajax Islands Java script Ajax components based on Prototype ... Télécharger
cvsknit(sfnet) cvsknit CvsKnit is a toolset to automate knitting up C... Télécharger
portableoo(sfnet) OpenOffice Portable @ PortableApps.com The OpenOffice.org Portable project is now part... Télécharger
ru-geotools(sfnet) GeoTools Project for Surveyors. Geodesic utilities. Télécharger
foldersort(sfnet) FolderSort Sorts your folders by size. Very useful to clea... Télécharger
rxlib(sfnet) Rx Library for Delphi Rx-Lib is a complete set of components for Borl... Télécharger
gted(sfnet) gted gted moved to github: https://github.com/simasc... Télécharger
exponent(sfnet) Exponent Content Management System Exponent is a fully-featured, modern CMS writte... Télécharger
libtld(freshmeat) libtld libtld is a library used to extract the TLD fro... Télécharger
nc-net(sfnet) NC_Net Windows monitoring agent for nagios. Passive an... Télécharger
keyobjectslibrary(sfnet) Key Objects Library Key Objects Library and Mirror Classes Kit (KOL... Télécharger
xmlcoverage(sfnet) xmlCoverage xmlCoverage measures the extend in which XSDs a... Télécharger
luit(freshmeat) luit Luit is a filter that can be run between an arb... Télécharger
portablesbird(sfnet) Sunbird Portable (Now @PortableApps.com) The Mozilla Sunbird Portable Edition project is... Télécharger
cairotep(sfnet) CAIROTEP ORTEP-III with CAIRO graphics backend Télécharger
tkbtools(sfnet) tkbtools Tools tkb uses, collected for easy access. Télécharger
minihttpd(sfnet) MiniHttpd A portable and flexible HTTP web server library... Télécharger
lazsnippets(sfnet) LazSnippets & LazInfos Lazarus Pascal Codeschnippsel. Nuetzlicher Code... Télécharger
starmapper(sfnet) Starmapper - a mapping utility Starmapper is a maping utility that can read a ... Télécharger
owl2vcs(freshmeat) owl2vcs owl2vcs is a set of tools designed to facilitat... Télécharger
fuduntu-el(sfnet) Fuduntu Enterprise Linux Here you will find a simple port of Fuduntu com... Télécharger
bnt(sfnet) Bayes Network Toolbox Moved to http://www.cs.ubc.ca/~murphyk/Software... Télécharger
jsapi(sfnet) Java Speech API Wrapper for vendors to simplify usage of the Ja... Télécharger
weka-id3(sfnet) WEKA - DecisionTree - ID3 with Pruning The Decision Tree Learning algorithm ID3 extend... Télécharger
xmlobjectifier(sfnet) xmlObjectifier plugin for jQuery xmlObjectifier for jQuery is a utility that con... Télécharger
istool(sfnet) ISTool ISTool is a visual script editor/generator for ... Télécharger
sharemedia(sfnet) ShareMedia ShareMedia is a photo manager (support for vide... Télécharger
librarysearch(sfnet) Library Search Search plugins for Mozilla Firefox and Microsof... Télécharger
vmdkutil(sfnet) VMware Virtual Disk Utility vmdkutil is a utility to manage VMware sparse v... Télécharger
ganttpv(sfnet) GanttPV - Project Scheduling Software GanttPV - Project Scheduling Software. Use it t... Télécharger
glchess(sfnet) glChess glChess is an open source 2D/3D chess interface... Télécharger
minised(freshmeat) minised minised is the fast, small sed originally distr... Télécharger
ncover(sfnet) NCover NCover - A tool to tell you how much of your pr... Télécharger
tnfox(sfnet) FOX for Tn A modern secure, robust, multithreaded, excepti... Télécharger
flatworm(sfnet) The Flatworm Java Flat File Framework Flatworm is a Java-oriented tool designed to al... Télécharger
cxbx(sfnet) Cxbx : The Xbox Emulator Cxbx is an Xbox emulator for WinNT (XP/2k/2003)... Télécharger
memboost(sfnet) MemBoost RAM Optimizer MemBoost RAM Optimizer is a very light Memory M... Télécharger
jzjkit(sfnet) Pure Java Z3950 Tookit A 100% Pure Java toolkit to assist in the devel... Télécharger
hexplorer(sfnet) Hexplorer Binary (hexadecimal) editor for Windows Télécharger
mesmer(sfnet) MESMER MESMER (Master Equation Solver for Multi Energy... Télécharger
cigi(sfnet) Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI) Software libraries and tools designed for imple... Télécharger
navit(sfnet) NavIt Modular, touch screen friendly car navigation s... Télécharger
kpod(sfnet) kpod Tools and plugins for the KDE Desktop Environme... Télécharger
tomcatcluster(sfnet) tomcat clustering, load balancing Tomcat clustering, providing failover clusterin... Télécharger
sccs(sfnet) SCCS The UNIX Source Code Control System Télécharger
coursems(sfnet) coursems This is a Course Management System for anybody ... Télécharger
bactra-blender(sfnet) BacTra Exporter for Blender BacTra Exporter for Blender The Bac/Tra format ... Télécharger
gtkmmviewer(sfnet) GImageView GImageView is a GTK+ based image viewer which s... Télécharger
diverse(sfnet) DIVERSE Device Independent Virtual Environment - Reconf... Télécharger
texinfo(freshmeat) GNU texinfo "Texinfo" is a documentation system t... Télécharger
xpertmailer(sfnet) XPertMailer XPertMailer is a PHP class that will help you s... Télécharger
monaos(sfnet) Mona OS Small, new and fast micro kernel operationg sys... Télécharger
brume(sfnet) Brume Brume is a game engine written in C# and based ... Télécharger
python-ngram(sfnet) python-ngram ngram is a module to compute the similarity bet... Télécharger
eventlist(sfnet) EventList EventList for Joomla is an easy way to manage a... Télécharger
bigsister(sfnet) Big Sister Big Sister is an SNMP aware network and system ... Télécharger
mym(sfnet) mym mYm is a Matlab interface to MySQL server. It i... Télécharger
povraypatch(sfnet) POVRay patch for extern implicit surface Patched POV-Ray, which allows add to scene new ... Télécharger
smbwebclient(sfnet) smbwebclient.php SmbWebClient is a simple script written by Vict... Télécharger

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