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sortsmill(sfnet) sortsmill SourceForge hosts downloads for Sorts Mill proj... Télécharger
siafusimulator(sfnet) Siafu: an Open Source Context Simulator Siafu simulates individual agents and their con... Télécharger
gwfreaks(sfnet) GWFreaks the tool for Guild Wars freaks GWFreaks is a character builder for Guild Wars,... Télécharger
oz(freshmeat) Oz Oz is a tool for automatically installing guest... Télécharger
libusbdotnet(sfnet) LibUsbDotNet C# USB Library .NET C# USB library for WinUSB, LibUsb-Win32, a... Télécharger
mg4j(freshmeat) Managing Gigabytes for Java MG4J is a highly customizable, high-performance... Télécharger
polscripter(sfnet) PoL Scripter Is a little project for a POL IDE with: </br... Télécharger
idearesinplugin(sfnet) Resin Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA IntelliJ IDEA Resin plugin adds support for Cau... Télécharger
phpfox(sfnet) phpFox This is a library consists of browser class wit... Télécharger
firead(sfnet) Fire Alart Display No description Télécharger
portableappsext(sfnet) PortableApps.com Extras PortableApps.com Extras is meant to extend the ... Télécharger
tc-plugman(sfnet) TC Plugins Manager TC Plugins Manager is a utility for Total Comma... Télécharger
toytoisesvn(sfnet) ToytoiseSVN-GTKmm Don't you want a convenient SVNClient for Linux? Télécharger
gplmpgdec(sfnet) GPL MPEG-1/2 DirectShow Decoder Filter GPL MPEG-1/2 Decoder is a free DirectShow MPEG ... Télécharger
theguide(sfnet) The Guide The Guide is a tree-based information managemen... Télécharger
esercizicpp(sfnet) Eserciziario di C++ Eserciziario di C++ sul progetto object-oriente... Télécharger
rippedwire(sfnet) RippedWire RippedWire is a graphical front end to HandBrak... Télécharger
symbol-browser(sfnet) Gedit Symbol Browser Plugin Source code symbol browser for gedit 2, the GNO... Télécharger
vusb-analyzer(sfnet) Virtual USB Analyzer The Virtual USB Analyzer is a graphical tool fo... Télécharger
calibri(sfnet) Calibrì Calibri' is a Java program to read and write te... Télécharger
jnca(sfnet) Java NetFlow Collect-Analyzer Java Netflow Collect/Analyzer uses pure Java to... Télécharger
box2dflash(sfnet) Box2DFlashAS3 Flash ActionScript 3.0 port of Erin Catto's 2D ... Télécharger
phtagr(sfnet) phTagr phTagr is a photo web gallery to organize, brow... Télécharger
framerd(sfnet) FramerD FramerD is a distributed semi-structured object... Télécharger
moviethumbnail(sfnet) movie thumbnailer movie thumbnailer (mtn) -- saves thumbnails (sc... Télécharger
njam(sfnet) Njam Njam is a pacman-like game with single/multipla... Télécharger
winexe(sfnet) Winexe Winexe remotely executes commands on Windows NT... Télécharger
vmgconverttxt(sfnet) VMGconvertTXT VMGconvertTXT is a tool-serie consisting of pyV... Télécharger
swfaddress(sfnet) SWFAddress SWFAddress is a small, but powerful library tha... Télécharger
copperjs(freshmeat) CopperJS CopperJS is a modular library aimed at making J... Télécharger
appassembler-maven-plugin(freshmeat) appassembler-maven-plugin appassembler-maven-plugin is a simplified app a... Télécharger
r-gui(sfnet) r-gui software based on r-gui and pyton.For more info... Télécharger
sysstat(freshmeat) sysstat The sysstat package contains the sar, sadf, ios... Télécharger
binary-puzzle-solver-in-ruby(freshmeat) Binary Puzzle Solver in Ruby Binary Puzzle Solver in Ruby is an automated so... Télécharger
cstaswitchsim(sfnet) CSTA Switch Simulator The CSTA Switch Simulator is a software telepho... Télécharger
dddsample(sfnet) DDD sample application Domain-Driven Design sample application impleme... Télécharger
openirs-ucm(sfnet) OpenIRS-UCM OpernIRS-UCM is a multi-platform interactive r... Télécharger
gss-tcad(sfnet) GSS GSS-TCAD: A 2D General-purpose Semiconductor Si... Télécharger
ical4j(sfnet) iCal4j A Java library for reading and writing iCalenda... Télécharger
notepas(freshmeat) Notepas Notepas is a multi-platform text editor written... Télécharger
ipodlinux(sfnet) Linux on iPod A port of the Linux kernel and tools to the iPod. Télécharger
cpuid_2(freshmeat) cpuid 2 cpuid dumps detailed information about the CPU... Télécharger
phpmyaccess(freshmeat) phpMyAccess phpMyAccess is a tool that allows you to design... Télécharger
krang(sfnet) Krang Krang is an open source CMS, particularly well ... Télécharger
scripture(freshmeat) Scripture Scripture is an online and mobile study applica... Télécharger
kpcli(freshmeat) kpcli kpcli (KeePass CLI) is a command line interface... Télécharger
free-help-desk(freshmeat) Free Help Desk Freehelpdesk is feature-rich help desk system d... Télécharger
rcfaces(sfnet) rcfaces RC Faces or Rich Client Faces is a JavaServerFa... Télécharger
wake-on-lan(sfnet) wol wol implements Wake On LAN functionality in a s... Télécharger
qamanager(sfnet) qaManager qaManager is a platform independent web based a... Télécharger
jsuml(sfnet) JS/UML JS/UML is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE that rev... Télécharger
ogsconverter(sfnet) OGSConverter (OGame report converter) Outil vous permettant de personnaliser offline,... Télécharger
ngspice(sfnet) ngspice Ngspice project aims to improve the spice3f5 ci... Télécharger
nukescripts(sfnet) NukeScripts Network Home of many PHP-Nuke site addons. Télécharger
roarjk3mod(sfnet) Clan Mod: A PC game modification Clan Mod: A modification to the Jedi Knight gam... Télécharger
opennautical(sfnet) Open Nautical Charts Open Nautical Charts offers free seacharts for ... Télécharger
ksetispy(sfnet) KSetiSpy KSetiSpy is a KDE program for monitoring the SE... Télécharger
asqlitemanager(sfnet) Android SQLite Manager aSQLiteManager - a SQLite manager for the Andro... Télécharger
vamps(sfnet) vamps Vamps is a tool to help backing up DVDs: Vamps ... Télécharger
saga(sfnet) SAGA SAGA - Simple API for Grid Application. The OGF... Télécharger
ayam(sfnet) Ayam Ayam is a free 3D modelling environment for the... Télécharger
mysudokusolver(sfnet) Mobile Sudoku Solver Mobile Sudoku Solver is a Java (J2ME) applicati... Télécharger
gutenpalm(sfnet) Weasel Reader Weasel Reader is a document reader for Palm OS.... Télécharger
apk-tools(sfnet) apk-tools A shell based package manager for embedded *nix... Télécharger
jsticker(sfnet) Amnesia Amnesia is a reminder that allow to define alar... Télécharger
raccoon(sfnet) Mobile Web Server S60/Symbian port of Apache httpd and connectivi... Télécharger
gtamilocr(sfnet) gTamillOCR gTamillOCR- Free, Cross-platform Optical Charac... Télécharger
metadataeditor(sfnet) Metadata Editor MEtadata Editor (MEE™) jest aplikacją służącą t... Télécharger
qorganizer(sfnet) qOrganizer qOrganizer is a general organizer that includes... Télécharger
wicket-extjs(sfnet) wickettools-extjs wickettools-extjs is a library that integrates ... Télécharger
javy(sfnet) Javy Javy is concept dynamically typed programming l... Télécharger
swt-composer(sfnet) Composer - SWT HTML Editor Widget A fully SWT integrated WYSIWYG HTML editing wid... Télécharger
gearbox(sfnet) gearbox Gearbox provides a collection of usable peer-re... Télécharger
crackattack(sfnet) Mac Crack Attack Mac Crack Attack is a port of Crack Attack to t... Télécharger
mingw-cross(sfnet) MinGW Cross Compiler The aim of this project is to provide and maint... Télécharger
zss(sfnet) ZK Spreadsheet ZK Spreadsheet is an open source embeddable web... Télécharger
py-setproctitle(freshmeat) py-setproctitle py-setproctitle is a library that allows a Pyth... Télécharger
fsaper(freshmeat) fsaper fsaper is a powerful console version of mines w... Télécharger
lumina(sfnet) Lumina Lumina is a crossplatform IDE for OpenGL GLSL s... Télécharger
jforex2excel(sfnet) JForex2Excel This work pursued two main objectives: - Develo... Télécharger
tinyerp(sfnet) TinyERP (Old Project, see OpenERP.COM) TinyERP has been replaced by openerp, in octobe... Télécharger
camino-trackvis(sfnet) CAMINO-TRACKVIS The tools in this package allow conversion of t... Télécharger
alba(sfnet) Alba The free alternative to albumwrap.This tool wra... Télécharger
mutt-folderlist(freshmeat) Mutt Folder List Mutt Folder List is a mutt patch that adds a si... Télécharger
gria(sfnet) GRIA GRIA is a middleware for supporting B2B collabo... Télécharger
calcudoku(sfnet) CalcuDoku The (well) known puzzle CalcuDoku, K-Doku, kenken Télécharger
cyberprobe(sfnet) Cyber Probe Cyberprobe is a distributed software architectu... Télécharger
cliip-changer(sfnet) CLI IP-Changer With CLI IP Changer you can change IP-specific ... Télécharger
csharparg(sfnet) Easy C# Command Line Argument Parser A very simple and easy to use command line argu... Télécharger
gedit(sfnet) gedit a small but powerful text editor for the GNOME ... Télécharger
pexpect(sfnet) Pexpect - Pure Python Expect-like module Pexpect is a Python module for spawning child a... Télécharger
kokua(sfnet) Kokua Kokua is an open source metaverse viewer projec... Télécharger
fortesreport(sfnet) fortesreport The FortesReport is a powerful report generator... Télécharger
imonremote(sfnet) iMON PC remote Linux driver Linux driver for Soundgraph's iMON PC infrared ... Télécharger
todolist(sfnet) Todolist.php Todolist.php is a set of PHP scripts that creat... Télécharger
jpg2txt(sfnet) jpg2txt Program converting images to ASCII code. Télécharger
gmeaddons(sfnet) MapEdit++ MapEdit++ is an open source GPSMapEdit extensio... Télécharger
freefem-ns(sfnet) FreeFEM-NavierStokes This project is a collection of FreeFEM++ scrip... Télécharger
twfbplayer(sfnet) The West Fortbattle Player The fortbattle player replays a fortbattle of t... Télécharger
gizmod(sfnet) Gizmo Daemon Gizmod is a utility for enabling alternative in... Télécharger

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