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getid3(freshmeat) getID3() getID3() is a PHP script that extracts useful i... Télécharger
desktopponies(sfnet) Desktop Ponies An open source VB.NET application for Windows t... Télécharger
winbar(sfnet) WinBar WinBar is a free and compact program that lets ... Télécharger
dvd-audio(sfnet) DVD audio Tools A set of tools for authoring and playback of un... Télécharger
sokobansolver(sfnet) Sokoban Solver An optimised solver for Sokoban (aka. Boxworld)... Télécharger
python-suds(sfnet) suds The suds project is a python soap web services ... Télécharger
phpbb-french(sfnet) phpBB: Official French Translation Projet de la traduction française officielle po... Télécharger
mail-bomber(sfnet) Mail-Bomber Java Mail Bomber to send multiple mail , easy a... Télécharger
jsmartcard(sfnet) Java Smart Card Explorer A cross-platform, graphical, low level (APDU) s... Télécharger
wimaxsim(sfnet) wimaxsim A WiMAX simulation system that supports 802.16e... Télécharger
layout(sfnet) layout A IC/MEMS layout editor. Features: all angle, f... Télécharger
redist-pkgs(sfnet) redist-pkgs Several redist packages for pre-compiled open-s... Télécharger
jobberbased(sfnet) jobberbased Template for Jobberbase Télécharger
dacal(sfnet) Dacal CD Library II Linux interface A Linux interface for the Dacal CD Library II, ... Télécharger
gtd-free(sfnet) GTD-Free GTD-Free is personal TODO/action manager inspir... Télécharger
phpsqliteadmin(sfnet) phpSQLiteAdmin phpSQLiteAdmin is a Web interface for the admin... Télécharger
winports(sfnet) WinPorts - free software for Windows Providing Windows(TM) ports of open source &... Télécharger
streamripperx(sfnet) StreamRipperX StreamRipperX for OS X lets you save Internet r... Télécharger
game-of-life-tc(sfnet) John Conway's Game of Life in TC This program written for a project of my freshm... Télécharger
dungeondigger(sfnet) Dungeon Digger Dungeon Digger is a 3D RTS game based on Dungeo... Télécharger
lubi(sfnet) Lubi, Linux-based Ubuntu Installer Lubi installs Ubuntu on Linux without a CD or p... Télécharger
dvflashutils(sfnet) dvflashutils This project is a collection of utilities to bo... Télécharger
lsm(sfnet) LightStone Monitor A Windows .NET application for monitoring bio-f... Télécharger
concutest(sfnet) Concutest Concutest is a collection of tools designed to ... Télécharger
magware(sfnet) MagWare Utilities A collection of utilities in perl and bash shel... Télécharger
base91(sfnet) basE91 basE91 is an advanced method for encoding binar... Télécharger
ffileorganiser(sfnet) FileOrganiser, File manager Developed to replace Explorer, a file manager a... Télécharger
activedirectory(sfnet) Active Directory Tool, Version 1.2 Active Directory Users and Computers search tool. Télécharger
chillifire(sfnet) Chillifire Hotspot Firmware Chillifire is a turn-key hotspot solution. User... Télécharger
pl0-compiler(sfnet) PL0-Compiler Visualization of compiler steps with the langua... Télécharger
sap-pooled-table-viewer(freshmeat) SAP Pooled Table Viewer SAP has three different types of tables: Poole... Télécharger
docasu(sfnet) DoCASU - Alfresco Custom User Interface With DoCASU, Alfresco users have a simplified a... Télécharger
cretan-hubris(freshmeat) Cretan Hubris Cretan Hubris is an infinite maze escape game s... Télécharger
swet(sfnet) swet: sustained workload efficiency test swet (sustained workload & efficiency test)... Télécharger
okai(sfnet) Open Kaillera Open Kaillera is an open-source server and clie... Télécharger
wirn(sfnet) WIRN Professional stored program control. It is opti... Télécharger
uthash(sfnet) uthash This is a hash table, implemented in C, support... Télécharger
quantlib(sfnet) QuantLib A quantitative finance C++ library for modeling... Télécharger
enixdev(sfnet) ENiX ENiX is an attempt to create strong artificial ... Télécharger
policyd(sfnet) policyd Policyd is a multi-platform policy server for p... Télécharger
phpxcms(sfnet) PHPX PHPX is a web portal system, blog, Content Mana... Télécharger
shedskin(sfnet) Shedskin This project is no longer hosted here. Please f... Télécharger
wiiwebserver(sfnet) Wii Web Server A web server that runs on the wii Télécharger
eigenms(sfnet) EigenMS EigenMS is a stand-alone (or Matlab) bottom-up ... Télécharger
virtuallab(sfnet) ITG Virtual Lab (Virtual Microscopes) The virtual lab is a NASA-funded project to pro... Télécharger
unetbootin(sfnet) UNetbootin, Universal Netboot Installer UNetbootin allows you to create bootable Live U... Télécharger
topologi-linux(sfnet) Topologilinux Topologilinux is a complete slackwarebased linu... Télécharger
psshc(sfnet) Putty SSH Commander Now you can quickly, simultaneously issue SSH c... Télécharger
webio(sfnet) webio embedded web server Webio is a small-footprint web server, designed... Télécharger
hwheels(sfnet) HotWheels A single player + computer opponents, varying d... Télécharger
check_nagios_latency(freshmeat) check_nagios_latency check_nagios_latency is a Nagios plugin to chec... Télécharger
animation-chain(freshmeat) Animation Chain Animation Chain is a JavaScript object that pro... Télécharger
lattice(freshmeat) Lattice Lattice is a Java build system with strong mult... Télécharger
propulsion(freshmeat) Propulsion Propulsion is a JavaScript game development fra... Télécharger
xuvtools(freshmeat) XuvTools XuvTools (pronounced “ex-you-vee-tools”) is ful... Télécharger
js-cache(freshmeat) JSCache JSCache allows you to cache objects (such as AJ... Télécharger
mru_manager(freshmeat) mru_manager mru_manager is a PHP module to access the most ... Télécharger
winnow-content-recommendation-(freshmeat) Winnow Winnow efficiently trains and operates any numb... Télécharger
inkmltk(sfnet) InkMLTk InkML is a draft standard from W3C for represen... Télécharger
windows-fileinstaller(freshmeat) windows fileinstaller windows fileinstaller distributes files to any ... Télécharger
dban(sfnet) Darik's Boot and Nuke Darik's Boot and Nuke ("DBAN") is a s... Télécharger
eeecommunity(sfnet) Eee Community This is an open-source project for ASUS Eee PC ... Télécharger
fmslogo(sfnet) FMSLogo A Logo programming environment for Microsoft Wi... Télécharger
atla(sfnet) Atlantida Multilingual Dictionary Atlantida is an open source multilingual dictio... Télécharger
m3manager(sfnet) M3 Simply Manager If you have an M3 DS Simply and are confused by... Télécharger
antiplag(sfnet) CopyTracker CopyTracker is a plagiarism detection software. Télécharger
tcwphpalbum(sfnet) Photo Album This project was a PHP experiment in high schoo... Télécharger
hun(sfnet) In Hungarian - magyarul Hungarian translations - magyar fordítások Ezen... Télécharger
anikos(sfnet) AnikOS AnikOS now is an effort to build a secure and u... Télécharger
dbf2csv(sfnet) dbf2csv Very simply converter between dbf and csv. You ... Télécharger
sendfaxdirectly(sfnet) Send fax directly over HylaFax or MsFax I made two Delphi application that allow you to... Télécharger
syncdocs(sfnet) SyncDocs SyncDocs provides a simple point-and-click drag... Télécharger
klogshow(sfnet) KlogShow Klogshow used to display the last few lines of ... Télécharger
mht2htm(sfnet) mht2htm Conversion from *.mht files to *.htm files. mht... Télécharger
wavb(sfnet) Audio test tone into wav Basic tone generator for creating test wav file... Télécharger
rtpvoiplib(sfnet) (SocketCoder) Free RTP VOIP Library Is a Free Open Source RTP VOIP Library. Contant... Télécharger
psemu-cfggtk2(sfnet) psemu-cfgGTK2 gtk+-2.0 GUI configure for play station plug-in... Télécharger
netdirector(sfnet) NetDirector NetDirector is a Web-based Linux and Solaris ma... Télécharger
simtrain(sfnet) simtrain This is an web based tuition center management ... Télécharger
nessi2(sfnet) NeSSi2 NeSSi² is a network simulation tool suite addre... Télécharger
easybox(freshmeat) EasyBox EasyBox is a lightbox clone based on the lightw... Télécharger
mibnavigator(sfnet) MIB Navigator MIB Navigator is a Java-based GUI application f... Télécharger
cogroo(sfnet) CoGrOO: Open|LibreOffice Grammar Checker CoGrOO (A LibreOffice & OpenOffice.org Gram... Télécharger
airdc(sfnet) AirDC++ AirDC++ is light and easy to use client for Dir... Télécharger
ggap(sfnet) GGAP Front end for the GAP computer algebra system (... Télécharger
daocanalyse(sfnet) Dark Age of Camelot Chat.Log Analyser The DAoC Chat.log Analyser examines your chat.l... Télécharger
mkv2mp4(sfnet) mkv2mp4 With mkv2mp4 you can convert mkv HD quality mov... Télécharger
enigma-game(sfnet) Enigma Enigma is a puzzle game inspired by Oxyd on the... Télécharger
manniac(freshmeat) ANNFiD ANNFiD is an experimental forensic tool that id... Télécharger
dmath(sfnet) DMath Math library for Delphi, FreePascal and Lazarus Télécharger
vddeint(sfnet) VirtualDub deinterlace filter VdYad is a deinterlace plugin for the VirtualDu... Télécharger
skypehistory(sfnet) SkypeHistoryViewer Skype History Viewer offers a direct way to vie... Télécharger
crudo(sfnet) CRUDO (JSF CRUD Gen Eclipse Plugin) Java Server Faces (JSF) CRUD generator plugin f... Télécharger
gibphone(sfnet) GibPhone GibPhone is a highly extensible VoIP/IM client ... Télécharger
atglogcolorizer(sfnet) ATGLogColorizer This utility color-codes log files or console o... Télécharger
rhobot(sfnet) Rho-Bot for Half-Life Rho-Bot is a computer-generated opponent for th... Télécharger
pydes(sfnet) pyDES A pure python module which implements the DES a... Télécharger
jbarcodebean(sfnet) JBarcodeBean barcode JavaBeans component A JFC Swing-compatible JavaBeans component that... Télécharger
changingsong(sfnet) ChangingSong ChangingSong was meant to be a presentation sof... Télécharger
vhypno(sfnet) Virtual Hypnotist Virtual Hypnotist is a software application tha... Télécharger

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