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enlightenment(sfnet) Enlightenment Enlightenment is a window manager for the X11 w... Télécharger
spaces-linalg(sfnet) SPACES SPACES is a C++ library for numerical linear al... Télécharger
simplecaptcha(sfnet) SimpleCaptcha An easy to implement CAPTCHA framework to gener... Télécharger
javacaltools(sfnet) Java Calendar Tools The Java Calendar Tools project will contain op... Télécharger
sparklinesforxl(sfnet) Sparklines for Microsoft Excel A set of User Defined Functions for Excel to cr... Télécharger
super-tux(sfnet) Super Tux A jump-and-run game starring Tux the Penguin. (... Télécharger
qsdecoder(sfnet) Intel QuickSync Decoder Abstracts the hassle of HW accelerated decoding... Télécharger
repix2005(sfnet) dsve [ DirectShow Video Effect ] dsve (originally named "RePix 2005") ... Télécharger
backport-jsr166(sfnet) backport-util-concurrent Backport of JSR-166 java.util.concurrent API, f... Télécharger
resteasy(sfnet) RESTEasy RESTEasy is a Java framework for creating RESTf... Télécharger
xaraya(sfnet) Xaraya Xaraya is an Open Source web application framew... Télécharger
unixtree(sfnet) UnixTree, XTree-alike filemanager UnixTree is a powerful and versatile console-mo... Télécharger
basicgallery(sfnet) Basic Gallery PHP script for sharing and selling images. Spe... Télécharger
gtk2hs(sfnet) Gtk2Hs - A GUI Library for Haskell A wrapper around Gtk+ 2.x for the functional la... Télécharger
snapper(sfnet) Snapper Development System Snapper is an XML based application compiler an... Télécharger
spcc(sfnet) Small Portable C Compiler SPCC is a lightweight, portable C compiler and ... Télécharger
autotools-idl(sfnet) autotools-idl autotools-idl is a patch for automake and some ... Télécharger
compyrinth(sfnet) Compyrinth A quick-and-dirty maze game written in pure tex... Télécharger
gendiapo(sfnet) GenDoc GenDiapo is renamed GenDoc. GenDoc is a XML Edi... Télécharger
misterhouse(sfnet) MisterHouse: Home Automation with Perl MisterHouse is a Windows/Unix home automation p... Télécharger
commoncad(sfnet) CommonCAD component for Delphi The CommonCAD component's packages contain the ... Télécharger
wiiapplications(sfnet) Wii Applications This project aims to provide a lightweight and ... Télécharger
jsmsirl(sfnet) Jelly SMS Jelly SMS is a free open source application tha... Télécharger
javax-usb(sfnet) javax.usb This project allows access to USB devices from ... Télécharger
openmodeller(sfnet) openModeller openModeller is a complete C++ framework for sp... Télécharger
folderlockerv05(sfnet) folder Locker v0.5 A folder locker i made with source to change pa... Télécharger
pytube(sfnet) pyTube pyTube is a python-based commandline YouTube se... Télécharger
bproc(sfnet) BProc: Beowulf Distributed Process Space The Beowulf Distributed Process Space (BProc) i... Télécharger
jnotify(sfnet) JNotify A Java library that allow Java applications to ... Télécharger
mydns-ng(sfnet) MyDNS-NG MyDNS-NG is the Next Generation DNS Server for ... Télécharger
ufdbguard(sfnet) ufdbGuard - URL filter for Squid ufdbGuard is a URL filter to block unwanted web... Télécharger
k-meleonccfme(sfnet) K-MeleonCCF ME K-MeleonCCF is a Web browser which for the Mic... Télécharger
waremu(sfnet) Waremu This is a brand new warhammer online emulator. ... Télécharger
clipcursor(sfnet) ClipCursor ClipCursor can limit your cursor when you play ... Télécharger
bitpim(sfnet) BitPim BitPim allows synchronization of Phone Book, Ca... Télécharger
coralmodeler(sfnet) Coral Coral is a tool and a development platform to c... Télécharger
log4sh(sfnet) log4sh log4sh is an advanced logging framework for she... Télécharger
it-codfisc-j2me(sfnet) Codice Fiscale Italiano J2ME English: J2ME Application for calculating/verif... Télécharger
awardmod(sfnet) AwardMod Want to modify your Award(tm) bios or the files... Télécharger
synthesia(sfnet) Synthesia synth platform Synthesia is an open hardware/software platform... Télécharger
gcanalysis(sfnet) GC Analysis GC Analysis for IBM WebSphere JVM on iSeries. T... Télécharger
sdccstm(sfnet) SDCC for ST7, STM8 SDCC compiler ported for ST7 and STM8 MCUs of S... Télécharger
openssh-aix(sfnet) OpenSSH on AIX The latest versions of OpenSSH for AIX are avai... Télécharger
simple-brute(sfnet) Simple Brute Trainer Provides a simple way for managing and automati... Télécharger
z88development(freshmeat) Cambridge Z88 Software The Cambridge Z88 Software project was created ... Télécharger
yoshikoder(sfnet) Yoshikoder Software for multilingual content analysis Télécharger
innotop(sfnet) innotop innotop is a powerful monitor for MySQL queries... Télécharger
calendarwizard(sfnet) Adobe Indesign Calendar Wizard A javascript plug-in script to Adobe InDesign f... Télécharger
vpopmail(sfnet) vpopmail - virtual domains for qmail Vpopmail is a set of programs for creating and ... Télécharger
vvvp(sfnet) vvvP (Virtual Volumes View PhotoEdition) Catalogs photographs, both in removable devices... Télécharger
umax1220p(sfnet) UMAX Astra 1220P SANE backend Allow to use UMAX 1220P/2000 and HP3200C to be ... Télécharger
gutenbrowser(sfnet) Gutenbrowser Gutenbrowser is a cross platform application to... Télécharger
webload(sfnet) WebLOAD This project is intended for ISVs, SIs and soft... Télécharger
debate-ie-timer(sfnet) Speech and Debate Timekeeper Timer for speech and debate competitions. Keeps... Télécharger
cosource(sfnet) source sourcesourcesourcesourcesource Télécharger
xkiosk2(sfnet) xKiosk 2 Photo Kiosk software suited for Mini-labs.Has i... Télécharger
linux-gpib(sfnet) Linux GPIB Support The Linux GPIB Package is a support package for... Télécharger
liveview(sfnet) liveview LiveView is a forensics tool that creates a VMw... Télécharger
nfritz(sfnet) nfritz nfritz ist ein AVM FRITZ!Box Anrufmonitor Gadge... Télécharger
opaalstools(sfnet) opaalstools Tools * for the OASIS LegalXML eContracts XLS2X... Télécharger
teiid(sfnet) teiid Teiid is Enterprise Information Integration sys... Télécharger
namedmanager(freshmeat) NamedManager NamedManager is a Web-based DNS management syst... Télécharger
conquestwebview(sfnet) Conquest Flex Viewer ConquestWebView is a web based dicom viewer for... Télécharger
co-op(sfnet) Co-op Composition Workbench Co-op is a workbench for the definition and use... Télécharger
outmodedbonsai(sfnet) Outmoded Bonsai "He who passively accepts evil is as much ... Télécharger
mapyrus(sfnet) mapyrus Mapyrus is software to plot Geographic Informat... Télécharger
cracklib(sfnet) CrackLib Next generation version of libCrack password ch... Télécharger
otp-java(sfnet) S/Key (One-Time password) Generator S/Key Generator. An RFC2289 compliant One-Time ... Télécharger
proclib(sfnet) Pro*C (precompiler) library for Oracle An Oracle client library written purely in Pro*... Télécharger
coverlipse(sfnet) Coverlipse An eclipse plugin for code coverage visualizati... Télécharger
cplot(sfnet) CPlot - MFC plotting library CPlot is a general purpose plotting library for... Télécharger
itext(freshmeat) iText iText is a library that contains classes to gen... Télécharger
cpp-bigint(sfnet) C++ BigInt class C++ class BigInt that enables the user to work ... Télécharger
webcastellum(sfnet) WebCastellum Java-based Open Source WAF (Web Application Fir... Télécharger
webgraphcompres(sfnet) Web graph compression This project contains the implementation of web... Télécharger
ditchers(sfnet) ditchers 2D action game of underground tanks with custom... Télécharger
crc-gen-verilog(sfnet) crc-gen-verilog-vhdl CRC Generator is a command-line application th... Télécharger
mayadqskinning(sfnet) Dual Quaternion Skinning Maya Plugin A Maya plugin implementing a smooth skinning no... Télécharger
sispread(sfnet) sispread sispread allows to simulate the dynamics of an ... Télécharger
fehashmac(sfnet) Generic Hash and HMAC Program Hash and HMAC command line tool for many hash a... Télécharger
oswing(sfnet) OpenSwing OpenSwing is a components library that provides... Télécharger
qcplusplus(sfnet) qcplusplus Quantum Mechanical Toolkit And 3D Viewer for C+... Télécharger
sslogger(sfnet) sslogger Slogger is a session keystroke logging utility.... Télécharger
rainbows(freshmeat) Rainbows! Rainbows! is an HTTP server for sleepy Rack app... Télécharger
musync(sfnet) Musync A command-line music organizer which sorts musi... Télécharger
camfr(sfnet) CAMFR CAMFR (CAvity Modelling FRamework) is a fast, f... Télécharger
xulplayer(sfnet) XULPlayer XULPlayer is a media player built on Mozilla XU... Télécharger
emuphone(sfnet) Smartphone Emulator Emuphone is a WIN32 smartphone emulator running... Télécharger
tktreectrl(sfnet) TkTreeCtrl TkTreeCtrl is a multi-column hierarchical listb... Télécharger
jamonapi(sfnet) JAMon API JAMon API is a free, simple, high performance, ... Télécharger
pysnmp(sfnet) SNMP library for Python SNMP v1/v2c/v3 engine and apps written in pure-... Télécharger
clewarecontrol(freshmeat) clewarecontrol Clewarecontrol lets you control the USB connect... Télécharger
cchordpro(sfnet) cChordPro A COM ChordPro format parser. Télécharger
k3b(sfnet) K3b - The CD Creator for KDE K3b is a highly usable and very userfriendly cd... Télécharger
openxml-daisy(sfnet) Open XML to DAISY XML Translator The “Save as DAISY XML” add-in was created thro... Télécharger
veditor(sfnet) veditor Eclipse Verilog editor is a plugin for the Ecli... Télécharger
dcplaya(sfnet) DCPlaya Basically dcplaya is a music player currently f... Télécharger
cogosx(sfnet) Cog Cog is an audio player for Mac OS X written wit... Télécharger
libspiff(sfnet) libxspf: XSPF playlist handling library libxspf (formerly called "libSpiff") ... Télécharger
gkamus(sfnet) gKamus gKamus is a English - Indonesian dictionary wri... Télécharger

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