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portablescribus(sfnet) Portable Scribus Portable (on-the-go) version of Scribus, an awa... Télécharger
expertomica-eda(sfnet) Expertomica Metabolite Profiling EDA is Graphical User Interface and Matlab comp... Télécharger
linradiant(freshmeat) LinRadiant LinRadiant is a level (map) editor for FPS game... Télécharger
xins(sfnet) XINS XINS is an open-source Web Services technology,... Télécharger
wwwswitcher(freshmeat) wwwswitcher wwwswitcher is a script that makes it easy to c... Télécharger
webattery(sfnet) Webattery This project is for showing current battery pow... Télécharger
dungeonmap(sfnet) Dungeon Mapper Dungeon Mapper is a tool that helps you map you... Télécharger
flaskmpeg(sfnet) FlasKMPEG FlasKMPEG. An MPEG transcoding program. Télécharger
bad-backup-daemon(freshmeat) BAD (BAckup Daemon) BAD (BAckup Daemon) "watches" a direc... Télécharger
duma(sfnet) DUMA library DUMA (Detect Unintended Memory Access) is a mul... Télécharger
jxtask(sfnet) JxtASK : W2P academic shared knowledge JxtASK is a P2P system that is aimed to search,... Télécharger
rope(sfnet) rope Rope is a python refactoring library. Télécharger
php-blog(sfnet) Serendipity PHP Weblog System PHP blog with all the common features (comments... Télécharger
openmpi(freshmeat) Open MPI Open MPI is a project that originated as the me... Télécharger
to-do-quick(freshmeat) To Do Quick To Do Quick is a very fast, simple, and basic G... Télécharger
firefoxadm(sfnet) FirefoxADM FirefoxADM is a way of allowing centrally manag... Télécharger
wicket(sfnet) Wicket Apache Wicket is a component based Java web app... Télécharger
megauploadreade(sfnet) megauploadreade This program facilitates to download with downl... Télécharger
cce2k(sfnet) Console/X11 CJK Environment CCE let you display and input Chinese/Japanese/... Télécharger
phpshell(freshmeat) PHP Shell PHP Shell is a shell wrapped in a PHP script. I... Télécharger
gauss-newton(sfnet) Gauss-Newton Curve Fitting The Gauss–Newton algorithm is realized in NI La... Télécharger
lbm(sfnet) LBM A Fortran 90 program to model the lattice Boltz... Télécharger
eclipsessgen(sfnet) Eclipse Shell Script Export Plugin This eclipse plugin allows for the export of an... Télécharger
help2info(freshmeat) help2info help2info generates a simple info page from th... Télécharger
nusoap(sfnet) NuSOAP - SOAP Toolkit for PHP NuSOAP is a rewrite of SOAPx4, provided by NuSp... Télécharger
etos(sfnet) EToS - Spike Sorting System EToS (Efficient Technology of Spike sorting; Ex... Télécharger
redstart-templating(freshmeat) Redstart Templating Redstart Templating implements a template engin... Télécharger
yaf-datalayers(sfnet) Yet Another Forum datalayers Extra datalayers for YetAnotherForum >=1.9.3... Télécharger
verbiste(freshmeat) Verbiste Verbiste is a French conjugation system impleme... Télécharger
deforaos-player(freshmeat) DeforaOS Player DeforaOS Player is a media player for the Defor... Télécharger
javaplugin(sfnet) Java Embedding Plugin The Java Embedding Plugin allows other web brow... Télécharger
bsfileexplorer(sfnet) BS File Explorer BS File Explorer is a tabbed file explorer for ... Télécharger
reynoldsmark(freshmeat) ReynoldsMark ReynoldsMark is Computational Fluid Dynamics s... Télécharger
cmme(freshmeat) CMME CMME (Content Management Made Easy) is a Web co... Télécharger
gtkglext(sfnet) GtkGLExt GtkGLExt is an OpenGL extension to GTK+. It pro... Télécharger
mps(sfnet) mps MPS and µMPS are general-purpose computer syste... Télécharger
critterchess(sfnet) Critter Chess UCI chess engine written in object pascal Télécharger
macboyadvance(sfnet) Mac Boy Advance A GBA emulator for Mac OSX. Based upon the incr... Télécharger
toycars(freshmeat) toycars toycars is a fighting race car game. Players s... Télécharger
uncassist(sfnet) UNC Assistive Technology The Carolina Computer Assistive Technolog group... Télécharger
redstart-graphic(freshmeat) Redstart Graphic Redstart Graphic is an advanced graphics packag... Télécharger
calc(freshmeat) calc Calc is arbitrary precision arithmetic system t... Télécharger
md5deep(sfnet) md5deep and hashdeep Development of this project has been moved to h... Télécharger
360-faar(freshmeat) 360-FAAR Firewall Analysis Audit and Repair 360-FAAR (Firewall Analysis Audit and Repair) i... Télécharger
tomp2p(freshmeat) TomP2P TomP2P is a P2P-based high performance key-valu... Télécharger
domcore(freshmeat) DomCore DomCore is a set of PHP Foundation classes whic... Télécharger
playsms(freshmeat) playSMS PlaySMS is a flexible Web-based Mobile Portal S... Télécharger
emuleplus(sfnet) eMule Plus eMule Plus is an evolution of the original eMul... Télécharger
jnative(sfnet) JNative : Java to native interface This library allows developers to access native... Télécharger
tx11ssh(freshmeat) tx11ssh tx11ssh provides a way to tunnel X11 traffic ov... Télécharger
netjukebox(freshmeat) netjukebox netjukebox is a Web-based media jukebox for MPD... Télécharger
oware-midlet(sfnet) Oware/Reversi Midlet (GPL) This is a program for Oware and Reversi (Othell... Télécharger
ghostscriptlite(sfnet) GhostScript Lite GhostScript Lite is a MSI installer of Ghostscr... Télécharger
struts-menu(sfnet) Struts Menu Web menuing framework for JSP and Struts based ... Télécharger
video-contact-sheet(freshmeat) Video Contact Sheet *NIX Video Contact Sheet *NIX creates a contact shee... Télécharger
mindway(sfnet) mindway Mindway is now a powful platform of browser,pro... Télécharger
tinyme(sfnet) tinyme TinyMe is a minimalist distribution of Linux ai... Télécharger
pk-script-view(sfnet) PKSV - Pokemon Script Viewer PKSV (Pokemon Script Viewer/Editor) is a small ... Télécharger
jtd(sfnet) Jira Getting Things Done JTD is Getting Things Done (GTD) implementation... Télécharger
apertaquem(sfnet) ApertaQuem 1.0 BETA Urna eletrônica educativa. Utilize para realiza... Télécharger
guido(sfnet) Guido - A Perl/Tk GUI Builder Guido's primary goal is to be an easy-to-use Pe... Télécharger
harbourminigui(sfnet) harbourminigui Harbour MiniGUI is a xBase Windows Development ... Télécharger
jhylafax(sfnet) JHylaFAX - Java HylaFAX client JHylaFAX is a platform independent client for H... Télécharger
tcpfile(sfnet) tcpfile TCPFile is a friend to friend file sharing / in... Télécharger
freearc(sfnet) FreeArc FreeArc combines best 7-zip and RAR features: a... Télécharger
httpunit(sfnet) httpunit a Java library for the automatic stimulation an... Télécharger
webolab(sfnet) Webolab A web-based platform for collaborative research... Télécharger
collective(sfnet) The Plone Collective A collection of Products for use with the Plone... Télécharger
yag2002(sfnet) yag2002 Virtual Reality Chat (VRC) is developed using a... Télécharger
ruby-ldap(sfnet) ruby-ldap Ruby/LDAP is an extension library for Ruby. It ... Télécharger
rcptoolbox(sfnet) RCP Toolbox Eclipse SWT/JFace Toolbox with useful custom wi... Télécharger
lastsharp(sfnet) LastSharp LastSharp is a comfortable client/ripper for th... Télécharger
falco(sfnet) Falco A cooperative passive radar aimed to be used ov... Télécharger
zakeerms(sfnet) Social Networking Website Using ASP.net Social Networking Wesite Using ASP.Net Need VS2... Télécharger
powebform(sfnet) Purchase Order Web Form Purchase Order Web Form is a simple web based p... Télécharger
jpiv(sfnet) JPIV JPIV is a platform independent, graphical stand... Télécharger
jchempaint(sfnet) JChemPaint Applet and Swing Application The JChemPaint Applet and Swing Application are... Télécharger
qfaktury(sfnet) QFaktury - Darmowe Fakturowanie QFaktury to darmowy system fakturujący pracując... Télécharger
dclean(sfnet) Disk Cleaner Disk Cleaner is a tool to quickly and easily fr... Télécharger
lanthan(sfnet) Lanthan Lanthan is a small 32bit monolithic kernel runn... Télécharger
lamefe(sfnet) lamefe - this program/project has been discontinued - ... Télécharger
ultrastar(sfnet) UltraStar PC conversion of famous karaoke game - Singstar... Télécharger
openfirewall(sfnet) openfirewall OpenFirewall is based on two lines of defence f... Télécharger
volmobserverce(sfnet) Volantis Mobility Server CE Volantis Mobility Server CE reduces the complex... Télécharger
roomsim(sfnet) roomsim A fast, accurate, and flexible "shoebox&qu... Télécharger
visitas(sfnet) Visitas The Visitas project has created components, plu... Télécharger
rt2400(sfnet) rt2400/rt2500 Linux Driver The Legacy Ralink drivers have permanently been... Télécharger
lokad(sfnet) Lokad Demand & Sales Forecasting Lokad provides business forecasting services. G... Télécharger
nccmp(sfnet) nccmp Compares 2 NetCDF data files in-place to find s... Télécharger
guichan(sfnet) Guichan A portable C++ GUI library designed for games u... Télécharger
sequoiadb(sfnet) Sequoia Database Clustering Sequoia is a database clustering middleware off... Télécharger
linuxha(freshmeat) Linux Replicated High Availability Manager The Linux Replicated High Availability Manager ... Télécharger
gpuautodock(sfnet) AutoDock Software in Parallel with GPUs Using the CUDA API this project modifies the Au... Télécharger
vbdrupal(sfnet) vbDrupal vbDrupal is a fork of the popular CMS Drupal ti... Télécharger
xenman(sfnet) ConVirt ConVirt is an intuitive, graphical management t... Télécharger
int64(sfnet) Int64.org The stuff here has no documentation and some of... Télécharger
nant(sfnet) NAnt - A .NET Build Tool NAnt is a Ant like build tool for .NET Télécharger
narugo(sfnet) NaruGo Go Game Java AI NaruGo is game AI project. Current targets are ... Télécharger
jcaptcha(sfnet) JCAPTCHA This project provides a java implementation of ... Télécharger
pyteal(sfnet) pyteal The Toolkit for Event Analysis and Logging (TEA... Télécharger

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