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editarea(sfnet) EditArea Here is EditArea, a free javascript editor for ... Télécharger
p3scan(sfnet) p3scan P3Scan is a fully transparent scanning proxy-se... Télécharger
terraincognita(sfnet) A Proper Empire: Terra Incognita A Proper Empire: Terra Incognita is a modding p... Télécharger
floyd(sfnet) Floyd Floyd is a collection of 3D libraries, mathemat... Télécharger
astguiclient(sfnet) Asterisk GUI client, VICIdial This software suite is designed to extend the f... Télécharger
visioemfbridge(sfnet) Visio-EMF Bridge The Visio-EMF Bridge offers the transformation ... Télécharger
remotetracker(sfnet) RemoteTracker This is an Antitheft software with a SIM card c... Télécharger
wincdemu(sfnet) WinCDEmu A very simple yet handy one-click CD/DVD emulat... Télécharger
bento4(sfnet) Bento4 portable MP4 file format library Portable C++ Class Library and tools for parsin... Télécharger
kdvmware(sfnet) VMWare Kernel Debugging booster The project is a Windows XP kernel driver allow... Télécharger
cxx2cs(sfnet) C++ to C# Translator Direct C++ to C# translator, translates one of ... Télécharger
proteinfolding(sfnet) Protein Folding The project implements Protein Folding on a CBE... Télécharger
blitzmax-ide(sfnet) MaxIDE - BlitzMax IDE An Integrated Development Environment for the p... Télécharger
metrix(freshmeat) Metrix++ Metrix++ is a platform to collect and analyze c... Télécharger
libqrencode(freshmeat) libqrencode libqrencode is a library for encoding data in a... Télécharger
andmusicplayer(sfnet) Android Music Player An android music player in the style of Amarok,... Télécharger
jstardict(sfnet) TeeDict TeeDict (formerly jStarDict) is a j2se/j2me dic... Télécharger
gtune(sfnet) gtune a small application for linux desktops intended... Télécharger
fire-j2me(sfnet) fire Fire is a fast, themable UI toolkit and xHTML/C... Télécharger
visualddk(sfnet) VisualDDK The VisualDDK is a plugin for Microsoft Visual ... Télécharger
pimpbot(sfnet) PimpBot PimpBot is a graphical interface, which let's t... Télécharger
portecle(sfnet) Portecle Portecle is a user friendly GUI application for... Télécharger
rbtray(sfnet) RBTray RBTray is a small Windows program that runs in ... Télécharger
omegat-plugins(sfnet) omegat-plugins Third-party plugins for OmegaT (https://sourcef... Télécharger
openalextensions(freshmeat) OpenAL extensions OpenAL Extensions is a library designed to inte... Télécharger
jython(sfnet) Jython Jython is a Java implementation of the Python l... Télécharger
psp-rss-feed(sfnet) PSP RSS Feed Generator PSP RSS Feed Generator is a commandline based P... Télécharger
xdgmenumaker(freshmeat) Xdgmenumaker Xdgmenumaker is a command line tool that genera... Télécharger
arcavias-typo3-extension(freshmeat) Arcavias TYPO3 extension The Arcavias TYPO3 extension enables shop owner... Télécharger
ezdm-ezdungeonmaster(freshmeat) EZDM (ezdungeonmaster) EZDM (ezdungeonmaster) is a simple set of tool... Télécharger
ggc(sfnet) GNU Gluco Control GNU Gluco Control (ggc) helps you to manage you... Télécharger
linuxmulti-touc(sfnet) Linux Multi-Touch Driver A linux driver and script that runs in the user... Télécharger
jdbm(sfnet) jdbm JDBM is a transactional persistence engine for ... Télécharger
ventamad(sfnet) VentaMAD Punto de venta de código abierto, enfocado en l... Télécharger
spring-crypto-utils(freshmeat) Spring Crypto Utils Spring Crypto Utils aims to provide a wrapper a... Télécharger
globalsight(sfnet) GlobalSight GlobalSight is an open-source Translation Manag... Télécharger
webmotix(sfnet) Webmotix Content Management System (JCR+ExtJS) Télécharger
utxr(sfnet) UT Responder UT Responder is a free text based audience resp... Télécharger
bionlp-corpora(sfnet) BioNLP-Corpora BioNLP-Corpora is a repository of biomedically ... Télécharger
bsd42(sfnet) 4BSD for the Digital VAX Providing an easy to use platform for running A... Télécharger
kmext(sfnet) kmext extensions, tools, utilities and plugins for th... Télécharger
pluginthedpool(sfnet) Plugin ThreadPool C++ The command pattern and chain of responsibility... Télécharger
meteortl(sfnet) Common Template Language Common Template is kind of Template Language. I... Télécharger
lsync(sfnet) lsync Linux time synchronization program Lsync is a time synchronization program for Lin... Télécharger
cproto(sfnet) cproto Cproto is a program that generates C function p... Télécharger
simecg(sfnet) simECG simECG is an ECG signal simulator aimed for bas... Télécharger
mm300probe(sfnet) MrAutonio Gaming and Programing This is a project that gives you a wide range o... Télécharger
gnucfengine(freshmeat) CFEngine Cfengine is a tool for setting up and maintaini... Télécharger
virtualkd(sfnet) VirtualKD VirtualKD speeds up kernel debugging using VMWa... Télécharger
easyrec(sfnet) easyrec easyrec is a recommender system that aims for e... Télécharger
zfind(freshmeat) zfind Many times, developers (or even, normal users) ... Télécharger
bionix-v(sfnet) Bionix-V TeamWhiskey's Bionix-V. Télécharger
saxincpp(freshmeat) Arabica Arabica is an XML toolkit written in Standard C... Télécharger
eclipse-pyuml(sfnet) Eclipse-PyUML This project develops a full-functional UML-Rou... Télécharger
vlcremote(sfnet) Windows Mobile VLC Remote Remote Control VLC Media Player (http://www.vid... Télécharger
javaemailserver(sfnet) Java SMTP/POP EMail Server Provide an Open Source Java Email Server that s... Télécharger
rtaixml(sfnet) RTAI-XML RTAI-XML is a server component of the Real Time... Télécharger
openmobile(sfnet) OpenMobile A cross platform, modular, C# driven, mobile co... Télécharger
muninwalk(freshmeat) Muninwalk Muninwalk is a command line interface for Munin... Télécharger
crawl-ref(sfnet) Dungeon Crawl Reference Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is a free rogue-like g... Télécharger
mpcbe(sfnet) MPC-BE Media Player Classic - BE is a free and open so... Télécharger
imsniffer(sfnet) IM Sniffer Intercepts and parses all instant message traff... Télécharger
stmanager(sfnet) STManager STManager (Serialport Test Manager) is a progra... Télécharger
oi-simple(sfnet) oi_simple C interface for iRobot Create A simplified C language API / library for the i... Télécharger
triaquae(sfnet) TriAquae TriAquae is an open source IT management softwa... Télécharger
xemi(sfnet) XEMI XEMI(Eye Mouse Interface based on X Windows) is... Télécharger
psview(sfnet) PS_View PS_View is a PostScript and PDF previewer. It i... Télécharger
avr-sd(sfnet) AVR-SD Library for accessing filesystem on SD Cards us... Télécharger
dbbsed(sfnet) Band Brothers Save Tool Python libraries and a wxPython GUI for importi... Télécharger
php-login(sfnet) php-login This simple script is used to make an easy logi... Télécharger
ptk(sfnet) PASSI Toolkit The PTK tool is Rational Rose plug-in that offe... Télécharger
opensipstack(sfnet) OpenSIPStack The OpenSIPStack Library is an implementation o... Télécharger
gmplayer(sfnet) GraphicMinimalistic Player (GMPlayer) GMPlayer is a Graphic Minimalistic Player devel... Télécharger
oplsepublibrary(sfnet) OPL's EPUB library Library for reading, writing, and editing open ... Télécharger
rosecheckers(sfnet) CERT Rosecheckers These checkers enforce the CERT Secure Coding S... Télécharger
drcom-client(sfnet) drcom-client Drcom-Client is an open source ISP client for l... Télécharger
jsesh(freshmeat) jsesh JSesh is an editor for ancient Egyptian hierogl... Télécharger
agentfactory(sfnet) agentfactory Agent Factory is an open and extensible framewo... Télécharger
pvnc(sfnet) Portable VNC Server Pvnc is a portable VNC package. It can be built... Télécharger
axtls(sfnet) axTLS Embedded SSL axTLS is a TLSv1 SSL library designed specifica... Télécharger
agatemulator(sfnet) Agat Emulator Apple ][ and Agat 7/9 software simulation progr... Télécharger
wolfenstein3dwi(sfnet) Wolfenstein 3D Wii A port of the classic game "Wolfenstein 3D... Télécharger
sd-cardandatmel(sfnet) SD-Card and ATMEL ATmega microcontroller This project is about using a SD-card together ... Télécharger
ape2mp3(sfnet) ape2mp3 converts ape-image to mp3-tracks Télécharger
regrunner(sfnet) Regrunner watches for Regristry-changes of keys like HKLM... Télécharger
lxde(sfnet) LXDE - Lightweight X Desktop Environment LXDE - Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. Thi... Télécharger
symsolon(sfnet) SymSolon Astrology Software Astrology software inspired by the SYMBOLON dec... Télécharger
freemind2wiki(sfnet) freemind-wiki-converter Tool for converting Freemind mind-maps to confl... Télécharger
wotaddons(sfnet) WOT - addons Stiahni si čo chceš... Nahadzujem sem addony pr... Télécharger
qtada(sfnet) QtAda Examples This project contains various examples, ported ... Télécharger
statusreport(sfnet) statusreport - Tools to generate reports Tools to generate reports on the status of your... Télécharger
gds(freshmeat) Granite Data Services Granite Data Services (GraniteDS) is a comprehe... Télécharger
bamis(sfnet) BAMIS BAMIS supports small farmers through the daily ... Télécharger
underling(freshmeat) underling The underling library provides simple, scalable... Télécharger
go-kai(sfnet) Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Vietsub Télécharger
hercules-390(sfnet) hercules-390 Hercules is an open source software implementat... Télécharger
openalgoviz(sfnet) openalgoviz An important tool for Algorithm Visualization (... Télécharger
dcmrelay(sfnet) dcmrelay The dcmrelay is a set of utilities to relay dic... Télécharger
mylene(sfnet) Mylene Mylene is a command line audio MPEG player Télécharger
phpmimemaildecoder(freshmeat) PHP MIME Mail decoder class PHP MIME Mail decoder class is a PHP class to p... Télécharger

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