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monibot(freshmeat) Monibot Monibot is a graphical database monitoring appl... Télécharger
gmmusic(sfnet) gmmusic gmmusic is a free and powerful music collection... Télécharger
gri(sfnet) Gri language for scientific illustration Gri is a language for scientific graphics progr... Télécharger
finitetransform(sfnet) Finite Transform Library The Library is for Finite Transforms such as th... Télécharger
kphorary(sfnet) Smart KP Horary Astrology Horary astrology is an ancient branch of horosc... Télécharger
jung(sfnet) Java Universal Network/Graph Framework JUNG provides a common and extendible language ... Télécharger
oberonrevival(sfnet) Oberon-2 language revival Oberon-2 language revival Télécharger
livecd(sfnet) FreeBSD LiveCD by fugspbr LiveCD is a "Complete FreeBSD System runni... Télécharger
villonanny(sfnet) VilloNanny VilloNanny is a Travian bot that plays the popu... Télécharger
oglplus(freshmeat) OGLplus OGLplus is a header-only library that implement... Télécharger
cyphertite(freshmeat) cyphertite Cyphertite is a tar-like secure remote archiver... Télécharger
series60-remote(sfnet) series60-remote Series60-Remote is an application to manage you... Télécharger
doctotext(sfnet) SILVERCODERS DocToText SILVERCODERS DocToText is a powerful utility th... Télécharger
msdl(sfnet) msdl msdl(media stream downloader) is an open source... Télécharger
prjconverter(sfnet) PrjConverter This tool converts Visual C++ 7.0 (VS2002) proj... Télécharger
jbox2d(sfnet) jbox2d MOVED: We have moved development to Google Code... Télécharger
ebeanorm(sfnet) ebeanorm http://www.avaje.org Java Object Relational Map... Télécharger
php-radio(sfnet) php-radio PHP-Radio the first radio server that runs 100%... Télécharger
ogrescenebuilde(sfnet) ogrescenebuilde OGITOR is an attempt to build a general purpose... Télécharger
tomcatdeployer(sfnet) Tomcat Deployer An Eclipse plugin can be used to deploy web pro... Télécharger
progect(sfnet) The Progect Project Manager Progect is a project manager application for Pa... Télécharger
qport(sfnet) QPort this is a widget to integrate with QT Designer.... Télécharger
pyserial(sfnet) Python Serial Port Extension Multiplatform Serial Port Module for Python (Wi... Télécharger
freeorion(freshmeat) FreeOrion FreeOrion is a turn-based space empire and gala... Télécharger
xsdeditor(sfnet) XSDEditor The XSD editor is a cross-platform XML editor. ... Télécharger
ezproject(sfnet) EZ Project Softwares making our work easier. The fields co... Télécharger
mitesterforsip(sfnet) miTester for SIP miTester for SIP is an automated SIP testing to... Télécharger
disktrim(sfnet) DiskTRIM This is a graphical tool for Linux which automa... Télécharger
mayavi(sfnet) The MayaVi Data Visualizer MayaVi is a free, cross platform, easy to use s... Télécharger
helianto(sfnet) The Helianto Project Helianto project is about productivity in Java ... Télécharger
jasperreportjsf(sfnet) JasperReports JSF Plugin An useful plugin library to be used within web ... Télécharger
jcombo(freshmeat) jCombo jCombo is a JavaScript + PHP hybrid framework w... Télécharger
jqueryajax(freshmeat) jQuery.AJAX jQuery.AJAX utilizes specific security header o... Télécharger
wolf-software-password-validat(freshmeat) Wolf Software Password Validator Class Wolf Software Password Validator Class validate... Télécharger
otuner(sfnet) oTuner Free open source GPL instrument / musical chrom... Télécharger
uivi(sfnet) UIVI UIVI is a URL navigator with functions such as ... Télécharger
qdac(sfnet) QDAC Quick Data Access Component(QDAC) is a suite of... Télécharger
mdd(sfnet) mdd MDD is a physical memory acquisition tool for i... Télécharger
smasher(sfnet) smasher Cross-platform audio loop slicer designed to cr... Télécharger
massmatrix(sfnet) MassMatrix Downloads MassMatrix downloads for PC version and softwar... Télécharger
gmail-api(sfnet) Gmail API An extensible .NET-based API for accessing Goog... Télécharger
spdrs60(sfnet) spdrs60 - Digital Model Train Signal Box spdrs60 is a graphical SRCP client to comfortab... Télécharger
punlinux(sfnet) Punjabi Linux (punlinux) punlinux project is to localize GNU Software in... Télécharger
wmlive(sfnet) Window Maker Live The Window Maker Live CD is mostly based on Deb... Télécharger
couchcurl(freshmeat) couchCurl couchCurl is a simple static PHP class that gen... Télécharger
couchcookie(freshmeat) couchCookie couchCookie is a PHP5 class that authenticates ... Télécharger
rcbot(sfnet) rcbot A simple bot used for monitoring recent changes... Télécharger
slurm(sfnet) SLURM NOTE: NEWEST FILES AT http://www.schedmd.com/#r... Télécharger
zebra_curl(freshmeat) Zebra_cURL Zebra_cURL is a high performance PHP library ac... Télécharger
emacs-jabber(sfnet) jabber.el a jabber (instant messaging) client running ato... Télécharger
vbisam(sfnet) ISAM File handler ***- ISAM file handler compatible with the lead... Télécharger
gateway(sfnet) Gateway The gateway is an open source JavaEE applicatio... Télécharger
get-pretty(freshmeat) get pretty get pretty is a PHP5 class that implements mod_... Télécharger
javara(sfnet) javara Update the Java JRE at the click of a button. J... Télécharger
omniorb(sfnet) omniORB omniORB is a CORBA object request broker for C+... Télécharger
wolf-software-assert-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Assert Class Wolf Software Assert Class is a simple PHP clas... Télécharger
jbilling(sfnet) jBilling jBilling is a web-based enterprise billing and ... Télécharger
binhgiang(sfnet) htmlparser Products of the project: Java HTMLParser - Viet... Télécharger
ganjoor(sfnet) ganjoor Desktop version of Persian poetry web site call... Télécharger
tubularix(sfnet) tubularix Tubularix is a free opensource game similar to ... Télécharger
portstoopenvos(sfnet) Ports To Stratus Open VOS This Project Aims To Port Various Open Source S... Télécharger
metauml(sfnet) MetaUML MetaUML is a GNU/GPL MetaPost library for types... Télécharger
nagvis(sfnet) NagVis NagVis is a visualization addon for the well kn... Télécharger
timetrex(sfnet) TimeTrex Time and Attendance TimeTrex is a complete web-based payroll and ti... Télécharger
pyscard(sfnet) pyscard pyscard is a python module adding smart cards s... Télécharger
hpctoolkit(freshmeat) HPC Toolkit HPC Toolkit is a suite of multi-platform tools ... Télécharger
protracer(freshmeat) protracer Protracer is a simple raytracer originally writ... Télécharger
webcamstudio(sfnet) WebcamStudio For GNU/Linux IMPORTANT: The development of the project has m... Télécharger
a6fw(sfnet) A6FW A framework for creating CRUD based application... Télécharger
segue(sfnet) Segue CMS Segue is an open source collaborative content m... Télécharger
j1699-3(sfnet) SAE J1699-3 Implementation Project This project is an Open-Source (GPL) implementa... Télécharger
openxml4j(sfnet) OpenXML4J - Open XML library for Java OpenXML4j is a Java library supporting Open Pac... Télécharger
ubuntu-eee(sfnet) EasyPeasy EasyPeasy is a lightweight operating system for... Télécharger
easy-triple-des(sfnet) Easy Triple-DES This is a simple ANSI-C implementation of Tripl... Télécharger
flashlight-vnc(sfnet) Flashlight-VNC Flashlight-VNC is a VNC Viewer written in Flash... Télécharger
pgrfilemanager(sfnet) PGRFileManager PGRFileManager is a free (MIT license) ajax-bas... Télécharger
t-dahmail(sfnet) T-dah WebMail T-dah webmail project based on uebimiau with ne... Télécharger
myna(sfnet) Myna Application Server Myna is a server side JavaScript web applicatio... Télécharger
civ4bat(sfnet) The BAT Mod The BAT Mod is a graphic and interface mod for ... Télécharger
thunder(sfnet) 迅雷日文系统版 本程序是根据迅雷安装程序,修改语言,并重新封装... Télécharger
beaconcache(sfnet) Beacon Cache ( Multi-Network Web Cache ) A web cache written in PHP that implements the ... Télécharger
libpng-apng(sfnet) APNG patch for libpng The Animated Portable Network Graphics (APNG) i... Télécharger
pkg(freshmeat) pkg++ pkg++ is a tool to build packages. The goal is... Télécharger
migrations(sfnet) Migrations This is a tool for managing changes to database... Télécharger
sparkframe(sfnet) sparkframe SparkFrame CMS v.2 Télécharger
virtual-access(sfnet) Virtual Access Open Source Project The Virtual Access Foundation's Virtual Access ... Télécharger
djv(sfnet) DJV Imaging DJV Imaging provides professional movie playbac... Télécharger
jojodiff(sfnet) Jojos Binary Diff JDIFF is a program that outputs the differences... Télécharger
karrigell(sfnet) Karrigell Karrigell is a flexible Python web framework, w... Télécharger
dcomb09(sfnet) DCom Basic09 DCom Basic09 I-Code De-Compiler for the OS-9/Ni... Télécharger
openvxi(sfnet) Open VXI VoiceXML Interpreter The Open VXI VoiceXML interpreter is a portable... Télécharger
dcmms(sfnet) DC Maintenance Management System A web-based maintenance management system for w... Télécharger
bibdesk(sfnet) BibDesk BibDesk is a graphical bibTeX bibliography mana... Télécharger
maggy(sfnet) maggy Maggy (MySQL Application GTK Gui Builder) is a ... Télécharger
avrfix(sfnet) AVRfix A library for fixed point calculation in s15.16... Télécharger
subs2srs(sfnet) subs2srs subs2srs allows you to create import files for ... Télécharger
fxvcl(sfnet) XML-based Variant Configuration Language XVCL is a general-purpose language for configur... Télécharger
snmptt(sfnet) SNMP Trap Translator SNMP Trap Translator is used to 'translate' tra... Télécharger
avrfftlcd(sfnet) AVR FFT LCD This is a demo of A/D conversion, Fast Fourier ... Télécharger
lilypad(sfnet) lilyPAD lilyPAD is a Tcl/Tk client for the lily CMC tha... Télécharger

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