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tomtomgo(sfnet) TomTom GO Linux Collection of all opensource software used on T... Télécharger
toetsgen(sfnet) Toets generator An application that helps teachers in creating ... Télécharger
mpf70(sfnet) MPman MP-F70 The mpf70 project aims to provide both a Linux ... Télécharger
virtualcalendar(sfnet) VCalendar VCalendar is an open source Web calendar applic... Télécharger
ztracker(sfnet) ztracker A win32 MIDI tracker being developed in C++ (MS... Télécharger
uncodex(sfnet) UnCodeX UnCodeX analyses UnrealScript code and provides... Télécharger
v2j(sfnet) V2J - Visual Jabber Starter Programs This project has re-identified it's purpose to ... Télécharger
mpjsupercond(sfnet) Parallel Computing (Superconductor Sim.) Phenomenological Simulation of Electrical Condu... Télécharger
check(sfnet) check Check: a unit test framework for C Télécharger
yamele(sfnet) YAMM - Yet Another MATLAB Mini YAMM is a scientific calculator which supports ... Télécharger
urlgallery(sfnet) konqueror urlgallery a kparts plugin for stepping through urls with ... Télécharger
hepsource(sfnet) hepsource Development of quality C++ and Python objects f... Télécharger
xoopstotal(sfnet) xoopsbr http://www.xoopsbr.uni.cc Télécharger
afpfs-ng(sfnet) afpfs-ng afpfs-ng is an Apple Filing Protocol client tha... Télécharger
subworkshop(sfnet) Subtitle Workshop Subtitle Workshop is a free application for cre... Télécharger
sqlitecc(sfnet) SQLite Control Center SQLite Control Center is a visual tool for work... Télécharger
php-residence(freshmeat) HotelDruid Hoteldruid is designed to manage weekly or dail... Télécharger
lesstif(sfnet) LessTif LessTif is a free (LGPL) clone of Motif (also k... Télécharger
ramnathk(sfnet) Wizardry A collection of Java components which am to mak... Télécharger
cannonsmash(sfnet) Cannon Smash Cannon Smash is a 3D tabletennis game. Télécharger
linux-7110(sfnet) Linux on Psion Project to run ARM linux on Psion PDAs. Télécharger
sweep(sfnet) Sweep Sweep is an audio editor and live playback tool... Télécharger
fcomm(sfnet) AI Fleet Commander GPL A programming game in Beta. Binaries are availa... Télécharger
thaiphpnuke(sfnet) ThaiNuke The Online Resource for Thai PHP-Nukers! Télécharger
beecrypt(sfnet) BeeCrypt Cryptography Library BeeCrypt is an ongoing project to provide a str... Télécharger
winleak(sfnet) Windows Leaks Detector The tool helps to detect any resorces leaks (me... Télécharger
openproject(sfnet) OpenProject OpenProject is a GNOME-based project management... Télécharger
comsams(sfnet) ComSams - connect you Samsung mobile comsams - communicate with your Samsung mobile ... Télécharger
utk(sfnet) Utk (Universal Toolkit) Utk (Universal Toolkit) is a system written for... Télécharger
jfcml(sfnet) JFCML - JFC/Swing XML Markup Language The only -complete- XUL/embedded scripting solu... Télécharger
guca(sfnet) Punjabi Computing Resource Centre The Punjabi Computing Resource Centre holds res... Télécharger
gemc(sfnet) Gemc Gemc lets you prepare CD image files (such as B... Télécharger
qpascal(sfnet) The QPascal Project The QPascal Project is an endeavour to produce ... Télécharger
kxml(sfnet) kXML kXML is a lean Common XML API with namespace an... Télécharger
gnupdate(sfnet) GNUpdate GNUpdate is a set of libraries and tools that p... Télécharger
safarispeed(sfnet) SafariSpeed SafariSpeed applies optimizations to Apple's Sa... Télécharger
threedepict(sfnet) 3Depict This software is designed to help users visual... Télécharger
pinball(sfnet) pinball The Emilia Pinball Project is a pinball simulat... Télécharger
usbat2(sfnet) Driver for the USBAT2 memorycard reader Development of a linux driver for the USBAT-2 C... Télécharger
lgames(sfnet) LGames LGames is a collection of neat, good-looking an... Télécharger
labxml(sfnet) LabXML LabXML: XML-toolkit for LabVIEW Télécharger
duplifinder(sfnet) dupliFinder dupliFinder is a app that searches your compute... Télécharger
linpac(sfnet) LinPac A modular console-oriented packet radio termina... Télécharger
instlux(sfnet) instlux A linux from windows installer, that is, an ins... Télécharger
ps2dev(sfnet) PS2Dev The Sony(R) Playstation(tm) 2 Development Group. Télécharger
ghh(sfnet) Google Hack Honeypot "Google Hack" Honeypot Project. GHH i... Télécharger
blue-c(sfnet) orange language project orange is a new object oriented programing lang... Télécharger
gbootroot(sfnet) gBootRoot Non-root users construct, develop, test and run... Télécharger
qce-ga(sfnet) QuickCam Express Driver This project produces drivers for the Logitech ... Télécharger
usb2com(sfnet) usb2serial usb2com is a VCP(virtual com port) driver for u... Télécharger
phpformgen(sfnet) phpFormGenerator phpFormGenerator is a tool for creating reliabl... Télécharger
atcpr(sfnet) Air Traffic Controller Recorder Parser Air traffic controller (ATC) logs have a specif... Télécharger
diveintopython(sfnet) Dive Into Python A free Python book for experienced programmers Télécharger
lclint(sfnet) Old LCLint Project This is the old LCLint project repository. See... Télécharger
acpid(sfnet) ACPI daemon Project (acpid) acpid - a configurable ACPI policy daemon for L... Télécharger
adtpro(sfnet) Apple Disk Transfer ProDOS Apple Disk Transfer ProDOS (ADTPro) transfers c... Télécharger
testproject1885(sfnet) testproject188585 test description public Télécharger
rexxcurl(sfnet) Rexx/CURL Rexx/CURL is a Rexx extension to enable Rexx pr... Télécharger
phpwsthemes(sfnet) PHPWS Theme Forge Lets develop themes for PHPWebsite! :) Télécharger
jetstream(sfnet) JETSTREAM <IMG SRC="http://sourceforge.net/dbimag... Télécharger
gerrit(freshmeat) Gerrit Gerrit is a Web-based code review system, facil... Télécharger
lfs(sfnet) Linux From Scratch LinuxFromScratch describes the process of how y... Télécharger
lpadmin(sfnet) LPAdmin LPAdmin is a set of PHP4-Scripts to administrat... Télécharger
freedb(sfnet) freedb The server software needed to run a cddbp datab... Télécharger
fire(sfnet) Fire Fire is a multi-protocol instant messenger clie... Télécharger
spyglass(sfnet) spyGLass spyGLass is an OpenGL call tracer and debugger.... Télécharger
winhp(sfnet) WinHP HP48/HP49 Editor WinHP is a windows editor that can edit and tra... Télécharger
finj(sfnet) FTP client for Java apps Programmatically controllable FTP client writte... Télécharger
slashem(sfnet) SLASH'EM SLASH'EM (SuperLotsaAddedStuffHack - Extended M... Télécharger
freelog(sfnet) FreeLog - Open Source Datalogger This ECM diagnostic software was designed with ... Télécharger
networkagent(sfnet) Network Agents A group of systems for building network-oriente... Télécharger
javagear(sfnet) JavaGear JavaGear is a Sega Master System and Game Gear ... Télécharger
snd(sfnet) Snd Snd is a sound editor. Télécharger
ontogov(sfnet) OntoGov The e-Government services factory Télécharger
vaspview(sfnet) VASP Data Viewer A 3D viewer for molecular charge distributions.... Télécharger
blenderplayer(sfnet) Blender Player for Fabiogiopla This is a special version of Blender Player, de... Télécharger
flowr(freshmeat) Flowr Flowr is a simple tool for creating open or clo... Télécharger
pyspanishdoc(sfnet) Documentación de Python Traducción de la documentación oficial de Pytho... Télécharger
openvpn-admin(sfnet) Multiplatform Admin GUI for OpenVPN OpenVPN-Admin is a GUI for OpenVPN, programmed ... Télécharger
gamvas-web(freshmeat) Gamvas Web Gamvas Web is a JavaScript game development fra... Télécharger
jchatclasses(sfnet) JChat - java chat client/server classes Java chat classes (application and applet) usin... Télécharger
wowrosterfr(sfnet) WoW WebRosterFR Sources pour un listing de guilde du jeu World ... Télécharger
kinterbasdb(sfnet) KInterbasDB KInterbasDB is a Python DB API 2.0 module for t... Télécharger
winacd(sfnet) WinACD Apple Cinema Display HID driver and control pan... Télécharger
l2net(sfnet) l2net L2Net is .net Alternative Lineage 2 Server and ... Télécharger
complete(sfnet) Complete! Typing Tool Complete! suggests words as you type. These wor... Télécharger
gestdb(sfnet) GestDB Allowing the access to different database engin... Télécharger
aem(sfnet) AEM - Linux Asynchronous Event Mechanism AEM implements a native support for asynchronou... Télécharger
clicker(sfnet) Clicker 32 Clicker is a project for a Multitasking Open-so... Télécharger
pcre(sfnet) PCRE The PCRE library is a set of functions that imp... Télécharger
kprof(sfnet) KProf A KDE3 visual tool helping developers to analyz... Télécharger
hping2(sfnet) hping2 hping2 is an interactive packet costructor and ... Télécharger
cpuid(sfnet) CPUID Library for Win32 Using CPUID instruction to detect CPU informati... Télécharger
tsrewire(sfnet) tsrewire Modication of the PC Game Télécharger
jox(sfnet) JOX JOX is a set of Java libraries that make it eas... Télécharger
colinjab(sfnet) ColinJab Open Source Jabber Client This is a Jabber Instant Messenger written in V... Télécharger
tsshp(sfnet) TSSHP (The System Shock Hack Project) A project to reverse-engineer and recode (from... Télécharger
ndccode(sfnet) NDC Code A collection of various small perl scripts used... Télécharger
sbi(sfnet) Small Basic Interpreter Script Interpreter for a Basic Language Télécharger
cramfs(sfnet) cramfs tools cramfs is a Linux filesystem designed to be sim... Télécharger

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