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corn-converter(freshmeat) Corn Converter Corn Converter is a module designed to offer co... Télécharger
exponent-cms(freshmeat) Exponent CMS Exponent CMS is a content management system for... Télécharger
jazzlib(sfnet) jazzlib - a pure java java.util.zip A pure-Java compression library suitable as a d... Télécharger
openinteract(sfnet) OpenInteract A pure-Perl web application environment running... Télécharger
rcxtools(sfnet) RCXDownload and RCXDirectMode A visual interface for leJOS. RCXDownload autom... Télécharger
hpinkjet(sfnet) HPINKJET (inactive) The Hewlett-Packard Co. Linux Inkjet Driver Pro... Télécharger
jsdragdrop(sfnet) Javascript Drag-Drop and Resize Library A lightweight, well-written and easy to use Jav... Télécharger
corn-exception(freshmeat) Corn Exception Corn Exception is a small but handy module whic... Télécharger
coldet-3d-collision-detection-(freshmeat) ColDet 3D Collision Detection Library ColDet 3D Collision Detection Library is a libr... Télécharger
corn-gate(freshmeat) Corn Gate Corn Gate is designed to simplify service defin... Télécharger
phpexplorer(sfnet) PHP Explorer PHP Explorer allows you to browse a server comp... Télécharger
ec2dream-fogviz(freshmeat) EC2Dream Fogviz EC2Dream Fogviz is a visual tool for building a... Télécharger
gnqs(sfnet) Generic NQS A robust load-balancing queuing system for UNIX... Télécharger
tactile12000(sfnet) tactile12000 mp3 dj ware The Tactile12000 is a visual DJ setup for MP3 f... Télécharger
tsocks(sfnet) tsocks tsocks provides transparent network access thro... Télécharger
jmusic(sfnet) jMusic - Composition in Java As a library of classes for generating and mani... Télécharger
tsid(sfnet) Time Sid Manager Who is your best Sid Author? And Tune? TSID wan... Télécharger
corn-httpclient(freshmeat) Corn Httpclient Corn Httpclient is an HTTP client designed make... Télécharger
ds3(sfnet) dialup service 3 Ds3 is tool for sharing one dial-up connection... Télécharger
myorgbook(sfnet) MyOrgBook For up to date information goto myorgbook.org ... Télécharger
linux-hotplug(sfnet) Linux Hotplug Project Hotplugging is a facility that supports dynamic... Télécharger
ltsp(sfnet) Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) Linux is an excellent environment for deploying... Télécharger
kbear(sfnet) KBear, a graphical ftp client for KDE KBear is a graphical ftp client with ability to... Télécharger
pi3web(sfnet) Pi3Web Pi3Web is a multithreaded, highly configurable ... Télécharger
ff-multi-converter(freshmeat) FF Multi Converter FF Multi Converter is a simple graphical applic... Télécharger
uengine(sfnet) uEngine BPM A BPM (Business Process Management) / Workflow ... Télécharger
free-chart-geany(freshmeat) Free Chart Geany Free Chart Geany is a software solution for mar... Télécharger
thefishshell(freshmeat) The friendly interactive shell fish, the friendly interactive shell is a shell... Télécharger
rte(sfnet) Real Time Enterprises, Inc. An open-source project to active enhanced or ex... Télécharger
foo2hbpl(freshmeat) foo2hbpl foo2hbpl is an open source printer driver for p... Télécharger
textportal(freshmeat) Textportal Textportal is a simple script which can be used... Télécharger
ssrtech(sfnet) SSR Technology SSR technology is a freely available Web applic... Télécharger
chucho(freshmeat) Chucho Chucho is a C++11 logging framework based on th... Télécharger
pyhids(freshmeat) pyHIDS pyHIDS is a host-based intrusion detection syst... Télécharger
collection-workflow-integratio(freshmeat) CWIS CWIS (Collection Workflow Integration System) i... Télécharger
omniprint(sfnet) OMNI Print Driver Model Omni provides support for many printers with a ... Télécharger
xspect3d(sfnet) xspect3d A real-time 3d sound spectrum analyzer for linux. Télécharger
jnipp(sfnet) JNI++ This project supplies two code generating utili... Télécharger
jude(sfnet) Jude Jude is a rapid application development tool to... Télécharger
mb-jpeg(sfnet) Embedded JPEG Codec Library An open source JPEG codec library optimized for... Télécharger
rtl818x(sfnet) Driver for RTL818x based WLAN adapters A new/clean Linux kernel driver/module for IEEE... Télécharger
avitoac3(sfnet) AVI to AC3 AVI TO AC3 takes the audio from avi and avs fil... Télécharger
toolame(sfnet) toolame TooLAME is an optimized MPEG Audio Layer 2 enco... Télécharger
jirc(sfnet) Java IRC Library This java library implements the IRC protocol. ... Télécharger
convert3gp(sfnet) 3gp converter 3gp converter is a GUI(kommander script) that u... Télécharger
dailystrips(sfnet) dailystrips Dailystrips is a Perl script to automatically d... Télécharger
ldaputils(sfnet) LDAPUtils LDAPUtils is a set of perl scripts to create an... Télécharger
baresip(freshmeat) baresip baresip is a bare-bones SIP user agent. It supp... Télécharger
xpairtise(sfnet) xpairtise The Eclipse plug-in XPairtise provides a platfo... Télécharger
openfem(sfnet) Open Finite Element Analysis Develop finite element stress analysis programs... Télécharger
phpcms(sfnet) phpCMS Content Management System phpCMS is a highly flexible flat file, no SQL, ... Télécharger
vipec(sfnet) ViPEC network analyser ViPEC is an network analyser for electrical net... Télécharger
pride(freshmeat) pride Pride combines bash scripts, zenity, ant, Image... Télécharger
bitfarm-archiv(sfnet) bitfarm-Archiv Document Management - DMS bitfarm-Archiv is a powerful Document Managemen... Télécharger
pjl-comp-filter(sfnet) PJL Compressing Filter A J2EE servlet filter which compresses data wri... Télécharger
gnomermind(sfnet) GnomerMind A project to implement a amazingly-looking, eas... Télécharger
macssh(sfnet) MacSSH SSH2 client for MacOS before X, based on Better... Télécharger
vdmsound(sfnet) The VDMSound Project VDMSound is a modular, extendable soundcard (an... Télécharger
openexif(sfnet) OpenExif OpenExif is an object-oriented library for acce... Télécharger
r128gain(sfnet) r128gain R128GAIN is a FFmpeg and SoX based EBU R128 com... Télécharger
alpine(sfnet) Alpine Network The Alpine Network is a peer based application ... Télécharger
guiantminer(sfnet) GUI Ant-Miner GUI Ant-Miner is a tool for extracting classifi... Télécharger
pokerblindtimer(sfnet) Poker Blinds Timer A Poker Blinds Level Timer application. This ap... Télécharger
jarclassfinder(sfnet) Jar Class Finder Whether a class file or jar file existing in yo... Télécharger
gig-cable-label(freshmeat) Gig Cable Label Gig Cable Label generates label images with num... Télécharger
gfxpoly(freshmeat) gfxpoly gfxpoly is a library for doing geometric polygo... Télécharger
perlshare(freshmeat) PerlShare PerlShare is a DropBox drop-in to create your o... Télécharger
smlnj(sfnet) Standard ML of New Jersey Native code compiler for Standard ML 97 and ass... Télécharger
dvipng(sfnet) dvipng: A DVI-to-PNG converter This program makes PNG and/or GIF graphics from... Télécharger
pcxfirewall(sfnet) PCX Firewall The PCX Firewall is a perl script that generate... Télécharger
pidgin-blinklight(freshmeat) pidgin-blinklight pidgin-blinklight blinks your ThinkPad's ThinkL... Télécharger
wxewa(sfnet) wxEWA for spectrum evaluation A multi-procedure, multi platform electron spec... Télécharger
openqnx(sfnet) Open Source applications for QNX We provide ported open source tools/application... Télécharger
hacknet(sfnet) HackNet HackNet is a multiplayer roguelike game, borrow... Télécharger
javaconsole(sfnet) JavaConsole Java Console is a Java Command promt tool inten... Télécharger
lkjson(sfnet) JSON delphi library This is a delphi library implementing JSON (XML... Télécharger
dbeauty(freshmeat) DBeauty DBeauty is a relationship-oriented database bro... Télécharger
mysqlnavigator(sfnet) MySQL Navigator MySQL Navigator is MySQL DBMS GUI. Télécharger
meson(freshmeat) The Meson Build System Meson aims to be the most usable and fast build... Télécharger
bric1936(sfnet) BRIC1936 Brain imaging software produced by the Brain Re... Télécharger
amsuite(sfnet) Asterisk Manager Suite (AMS) AMS is a suite of software intended to make day... Télécharger
acfreeproxy(sfnet) ac Free Proxy Server for Win32 Free Proxy Server for Win32 - supports HTTP, HT... Télécharger
j-ftp(sfnet) Java Network Browser JFtp is a graphical network browser. It support... Télécharger
pdf_gantt(freshmeat) pdf_gantt pdf_gantt is a TCPDF wrapper class for renderin... Télécharger
openss7(sfnet) Open SS7 An open implementation of the SS7 core protocol... Télécharger
rtsp(sfnet) RTSP Proxy Kit The RTSP Proxy Kit contains source code for a r... Télécharger
netsniff-ng(freshmeat) netsniff-ng netsniff-ng is a high performance Linux network... Télécharger
opensdr(sfnet) GNU Radio: Software Defined Radio Please note, we've moved to gnuradio.org. Télécharger
rccalendar(sfnet) RC Calendar Plugin RC Calender Plugin is a Roundcube Webmail plugi... Télécharger
vmtoolsenhanced(sfnet) VMWare Tools Enhanced VMWare Tools for Linux based operating systems ... Télécharger
vu8(freshmeat) vu8 vu8 is a project that allows one to give JavaSc... Télécharger
mpgtx(sfnet) mpgtx mpgtx an MPeG ToolboX Télécharger
pito(freshmeat) pito Pito is a set of C++0x header libraries to faci... Télécharger
dwp(sfnet) DWP Daily Wallpaper Changer Change wallpaper every logon. This very small t... Télécharger
docman(sfnet) Document Manager Document Manager is a document management syste... Télécharger
vips(freshmeat) VIPS VIPS is an image processing system. It is good ... Télécharger
gthumb(sfnet) gThumb image viewer and browser Image viewer and browser for the GNOME environment Télécharger
mk-configure(freshmeat) mk-configure mk-configure is a lightweight replacement for G... Télécharger
qcheck(sfnet) qcheck qcheck is a quick hack in C to display how many... Télécharger
cmdoption(freshmeat) CmdOption CmdOption is a simple annotation-driven command... Télécharger

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