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logplex(freshmeat) Wolf Software Logfile Multiplexer logplex is a simple application that allows you... Télécharger
snw(sfnet) snw a social network website connecting top notch o... Télécharger
timeevolution(sfnet) Evo My project is a 2D MMORPG, design with delphi u... Télécharger
philsmusicwriter(freshmeat) Philip's Music Writer Philip's Music Writer is a program for typesett... Télécharger
benerator(freshmeat) databene benerator Benerator is a performance test data generation... Télécharger
csharpdatatier(sfnet) Data Tier Generator Microsoft .NET project that generates SQL Serve... Télécharger
testimages(sfnet) TESTIMAGES The TESTIMAGES archive is a huge and free colle... Télécharger
screen-message(freshmeat) Screen Message Screen Message displays a given multi-line mess... Télécharger
zedgraph(sfnet) ZedGraph ZedGraph is a class library, user control, and ... Télécharger
epayroll(sfnet) EnterpriseTimeSheet and Payroll This project provides a general solution to the... Télécharger
setoolkit(sfnet) SE Toolkit The SE Toolkit is a collection of scripts for p... Télécharger
lkst(sfnet) Linux Kernel State Tracer Linux Kernel State Tracer(LKST) records informa... Télécharger
jstockticker(sfnet) JStockTicker JStockTicker is a java application that allows ... Télécharger
yabrog(freshmeat) taskrambler taskrambler is a HTTP server that is intended t... Télécharger
rizap3d(sfnet) RIZAP RIZAP (Realtime Internet ZAP) is a graphic prog... Télécharger
libmd5-rfc(sfnet) RFC1321-based (RSA-free) MD5 library This is a very small C library implementing RFC... Télécharger
vtknetexamples(sfnet) VTK .NET Examples VTK.NET Example is a collection of example for ... Télécharger
uwsa(sfnet) Ultima Underworld Remake Ultima Underworld Remakes, updating Ultima Unde... Télécharger
jaxme(sfnet) JaxMe The JaxMe project has got a new home on http://... Télécharger
jdownload(sfnet) JDownload JDownload is an Open Source cross-platform down... Télécharger
hide-in-picture(sfnet) Hide In Picture Hide In Picture is a program that allows you to... Télécharger
fsd-amoeba(sfnet) FSD Amoeba Fireball (FSD) Amoeba is a distributed operatin... Télécharger
ne555(sfnet) NE555 easy tool to calc the 2 resistors und 1 capacit... Télécharger
puddleby(sfnet) Project Puddleby (Windows Remote IT) A remote diagnostics and management tool for ad... Télécharger
bengalinux(sfnet) Bengali on Linux Quite some work has been going on all around th... Télécharger
rpgms(sfnet) Star Wars Conquest Browser-based, interactive, multiplayer RPG for... Télécharger
tor(freshmeat) Tor Tor is a network of virtual tunnels that allows... Télécharger
netedit(sfnet) Verilog Netlist Viewer / Editor The purpose of this tool is creation of tcl/tk ... Télécharger
mnet(sfnet) Mnet http://mnetproject.org/ Mnet is a distributed ... Télécharger
freedo(sfnet) FreeDO 3DO Emulator Project The FreeDO project has MOVED to http://www.free... Télécharger
diameter(sfnet) Open Diameter Open source Diameter and Diameter related proto... Télécharger
ttcplinux(sfnet) T/TCP (Transaction TCP) for Linux T/TCP for Linux mainly focuses on the integrati... Télécharger
sn-extensions(sfnet) Source-Navigator Extentions Source-Navigator Extensions makes Source-Naviga... Télécharger
ooodocs(sfnet) OOoDocs OOoDocs is the Free and Open repository and dev... Télécharger
libaes(sfnet) An AES/rijndael encryption library A library implementing the AES (American Encryp... Télécharger
onvifdm(sfnet) ONVIF Device Manager ONVIF Device Manager is a Network Video Client ... Télécharger
gtk-splitter(sfnet) gtk-splitter gtk-splitter is a GTK+ applicaton that splits/c... Télécharger
kodos(sfnet) kodos A regex tool -- A Python GUI for creating, test... Télécharger
winboard(sfnet) WinBoard Free Bulletin Board that works on any windows b... Télécharger
duns(sfnet) DUNS 2d/3d structured multi-block CFD The DUNS (Diagonalized Upwind Navier-Stokes)cod... Télécharger
libl3d(sfnet) L3D - A Linux 3D Engine/Library (OpenGL) L3D is a 3D library for developing OpenGL a... Télécharger
moodle_videoconference(freshmeat) Moodle_Videoconference Moodle_Videoconference is a videoconference ext... Télécharger
orinoco(sfnet) The Linux orinoco driver The Linux orinoco driver, included in the kerne... Télécharger
brewsta(sfnet) brewsta - make beer not war Brewsta, design, store and edit beer recipes. C... Télécharger
easyhtml-php(sfnet) EasyHTML EasyHTML is an easy-to-use scripting language t... Télécharger
uim(sfnet) Universal Instant Messenger The goal is to create a java-based instant mess... Télécharger
spdylay(freshmeat) spdylay spdylay is an experimental implementation of Go... Télécharger
dapple(sfnet) Dapple Emulator Series Dapple/NDapple are Apple ][ emulators, aiming t... Télécharger
gridblocks(sfnet) GridBlocks GridBlocks builds a grid application framework ... Télécharger
ggsniff(sfnet) ggsniff - a Gadu-Gadu sniffer ggsniff is not currently a standalone applicati... Télécharger
sqlet(freshmeat) SQLet SQLet allows you to directly execute SQL on mul... Télécharger
spssrmenu(sfnet) SPSS R-Menu This project stores all the updates to the SPSS... Télécharger
xass(sfnet) X Application Server System X Application Server System represents a new ap... Télécharger
pushlets(sfnet) Pushlets Pushlets are a Java servlet-based mechanism whe... Télécharger
mplayerosx(sfnet) MPlayer OS X MPlayer OS X is project based on MPlayer (The M... Télécharger
imageapp(sfnet) ImageApp - Java Advanced Imaging GUI An IDE for people interested in Machine Vision/... Télécharger
sqlline(sfnet) sqlline command-line utility for issuing SQL to relatio... Télécharger
mysqldrivercs(sfnet) MySQLDriverCS A free simple .NET compliant MySQL driver. Made... Télécharger
sf-xpaint(sfnet) XPaint XPaint is a simple paint program for X, suitabl... Télécharger
trenzterraz(sfnet) TrenzTerra Script The website for a mIRC Script, TrenzTerra Scrip... Télécharger
sonasound(sfnet) SonaSound - UNIX Sonogram Sonogram and waveform display programm for Unix... Télécharger
uw2rev(sfnet) Underworld 2 Revival This Project will finally enable you to replay ... Télécharger
openwire(sfnet) OpenWire LimeWire is a file sharing program running on t... Télécharger
netcat(sfnet) The GNU netcat A rewrite of the well-known networking tool, bu... Télécharger
photoviewer(sfnet) Photo Browser and Image manipulation This is a image browser, to see them as mini-ph... Télécharger
fprobe(sfnet) fprobe fprobe and fprobe-ulog are NetFlow probes. fpro... Télécharger
phpnukefr(sfnet) PHPNUKE FRANCE Version Française du plus célèbre portail Open ... Télécharger
girderplugins(sfnet) Girder Plugins Plugins for Girder (http://promixis.com/product... Télécharger
jpluck(sfnet) JPluck - Plucker document toolkit JPluck is no longer being maintained and has be... Télécharger
pymerase(sfnet) Pymerase Pymerase is a tool intended to generate a pytho... Télécharger
myscrapbook(sfnet) My Scrapbook MyScrapbook is a unique graphical Internet cont... Télécharger
bioquery(sfnet) BioQuery BioQuery is a bioinformatics tool that acts as ... Télécharger
vba(sfnet) VisualBoyAdvance An emulator for Gameboy and GameboyAdvance syst... Télécharger
diowave-vs(sfnet) DIOWave Visual Storage DIOWave Visual Storage is a Web server which di... Télécharger
neo-portal(sfnet) neo-Portal customization, squared the most customizable portal: full i18n localiz... Télécharger
daoctotalsound(sfnet) Total Sound Replacement for Camelot The Total Sound Replacement for Dark Age of Cam... Télécharger
multisync(sfnet) MultiSync MultiSync is a program to synchronize calendars... Télécharger
outreach(sfnet) Outreach Project Tool OPT is a PHP web-based generic project developm... Télécharger
mlavwilson(sfnet) mlavwilson Java utilities for J2EE projects DAOFactory ... Télécharger
reignofforce(sfnet) Reign of force Risk clone; be played by email with different m... Télécharger
posixtest(sfnet) Open POSIX Test Suite The Open POSIX Test Suite is a test suite for P... Télécharger
rpgtime(sfnet) rpgtime RPG Time is a portal for the RPG Maker communit... Télécharger
ez-ipupdate(sfnet) ez-ipupdate A client for automaticly updating your EZ-IP.ne... Télécharger
nstats(sfnet) Network Statistics Daemon The Network Statistics Daemon (NStats) is a GPL... Télécharger
tdbf(sfnet) tDBF component for Delphi and BCB TDBF is a native dBASE III+, dBase IV and dBase... Télécharger
winace(sfnet) WinACE WinACE is a graphical Windows client for the cl... Télécharger
webslave(sfnet) wsProject It is an easy to use Xoops modul for project ma... Télécharger
fgrun(sfnet) FlightGear Launch Control A graphical frontend to run FlightGear Flight S... Télécharger
argotik(sfnet) Argotik Generic and flexible secure web application to ... Télécharger
amttool-tng(sfnet) AmtTool TNG This utility is further development of Gerd Hof... Télécharger
gnu-monitor(sfnet) Gnu-Monitor,transactional monitor system GNU-Monitor is a transactional monitor that all... Télécharger
keepassj2me(sfnet) KeePass for J2ME KeePass for J2ME is a J2ME port of KeePass Pass... Télécharger
elfdump(sfnet) ELF Binary Disector Obtain dumps of important ELF file structures s... Télécharger
gtranslator(sfnet) gtranslator gtranslator is a language translation file (get... Télécharger
mediakey-addon(sfnet) MediaKey Addon for Multimedia Keyboards This is an addon for the MediaKey program (used... Télécharger
opentcp(sfnet) OpenTCP OpenTCP is a highly robust and portable impleme... Télécharger
makeiso(sfnet) MakeISO A Windows based .NET frontend for the windows p... Télécharger
oabs(sfnet) Online Airline Booking System OABS is a complete Online Airline Booking Syste... Télécharger
bangthedrumcln(sfnet) Community Learning Network A Community Learning Network is a fully functio... Télécharger
malib(sfnet) MAlib 'MAlib' is an open source C library for ... Med... Télécharger

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