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cyphertite(sfnet) cyphertite Introducing Cyphertite 2.0: An all new look and... Télécharger
netwatcher(sfnet) Netwatcher - simple network monitor Yet another network monitoring framework. Uses... Télécharger
firebird(sfnet) Firebird Firebird RDBMS offers ANSI SQL features & r... Télécharger
opengc(sfnet) Open-source Glass Cockpit (OpenGC) OpenGC is a cross-platform, simulator independe... Télécharger
mpd(sfnet) MPD: FreeBSD PPP daemon Mpd is a netgraph based PPP implementation for ... Télécharger
iheos(sfnet) IHE open source This project holds an implementation of the Cro... Télécharger
stef(sfnet) Stef Stef is the "Structured Text Editor Framew... Télécharger
touchgraph(sfnet) TouchGraph TouchGraph provides a set of interfaces for gra... Télécharger
guiforciscovpnc(sfnet) GUI for Cisco VPN client The GUI for Cisco VPN client is a graphic front... Télécharger
emacs-epackage(freshmeat) Emacs epackage emacs-epackage is an Emacs extension for the Di... Télécharger
kde-cygwin(sfnet) kde-cygwin The KDE on Cygwin project was started to enable... Télécharger
oscar-osgi(sfnet) Oscar Bundle Repository The Oscar Bundle Repository (OBR) is a communit... Télécharger
jradius-client(sfnet) Java RADIUS Client Radius Client coded in java (RFCs 2865 and 2866... Télécharger
ispell-gl(sfnet) Galician dictionaries This project offers galician dictionaries for ... Télécharger
ftester(sfnet) Firewall Tester The Firewall Tester is a tool designed for test... Télécharger
opengbgames(sfnet) Open GameBoy Games We write cewl games. (At least, we think so...)... Télécharger
phpzip(sfnet) PhpZip Application PhpZip is a PHP application which manage compre... Télécharger
csl(sfnet) C Scripting Language CSL is a programming language with C syntax and... Télécharger
cryptoapi(sfnet) International Crypto API for GNU/Linux CryptoAPI adds a framework for cryptography to ... Télécharger
dtx(sfnet) DTX - Database Toolbox for MFC 1.8 Free A Database Framework for MFC programmer. Very e... Télécharger
lx-viewer(sfnet) Linux Drawing Viewer LX-Viewer will allow you to open, view and prin... Télécharger
pojava(sfnet) POJava POJava is a simple, light-weight Java-based API... Télécharger
dynamicpower(sfnet) Dynamic Power Management DPM explores technologies to improve power mana... Télécharger
pcsx(sfnet) Pcsx - Pc Psx Emulator Pcsx is a free psx emulator. It works under Lin... Télécharger
rhex(sfnet) RHex Robot Control Software Libraries RHexLib is the control software library for the... Télécharger
lerpa(sfnet) Lerpa This is a card game with tcp/ip networking supp... Télécharger
dbsizer(sfnet) DBSizer for Sql Server Simple graphical tool, that shows you sizes of ... Télécharger
lablux(sfnet) LabLux LabLux is a software for making projects of sce... Télécharger
lvl(sfnet) lvl ..::LvL Open Source includes a number of FreeBS... Télécharger
powertop(freshmeat) PowerTop PowerTop is tool that detects which Linux progr... Télécharger
cts(sfnet) Community Transmission Service Perl Electronic Mail / Fax Servers - using 'Lea... Télécharger
gwsmhg(freshmeat) gwsmhg gwsmhg is a GUI wrapper for hg and mq, allowing... Télécharger
dxf2postgis(sfnet) DXF to PostGIS converter A tool to convert DXF files to PostGIS geometry... Télécharger
zebedee(sfnet) Zebedee Secure Tunnel Zebedee is a simple program to establish an enc... Télécharger
dorgem(sfnet) Dorgem - Webcam Capturer Dorgem is a webcam capture program for Windows Télécharger
image-embedder(freshmeat) Image Embedder Image Embedder is a shell utility that scans HT... Télécharger
ssviewer(sfnet) Step Step Viewer Step Step Viewer is a Palm OS application for v... Télécharger
iw4win(sfnet) IceWeasel for Windows This project is essentially a de-branded versio... Télécharger
dxf-svg-convert(sfnet) dxf2svg-inkscape A dxf to svg converter. Can be used to create p... Télécharger
nuttx(freshmeat) NuttX Nuttx is a real-time embedded operating system ... Télécharger
coolprop(sfnet) CoolProp A cross-platform, open-source, alternative to N... Télécharger
krename(freshmeat) Krename Krename is a very powerful batch file renamer f... Télécharger
partedmagic(freshmeat) Parted Magic The Parted Magic OS employs core programs from ... Télécharger
xdoclet(sfnet) XDoclet XDoclet is an extended Javadoc Doclet engine. I... Télécharger
pydns(sfnet) Python DNS Library This project is to enhance the python DNS libra... Télécharger
out-lame(sfnet) out_lame Winamp MP3 output plugin based on LAME. Now you... Télécharger
stabie-rand-editor(freshmeat) Stabie Rand Editor Stabie Rand Editor is a reimplementation of the... Télécharger
vogoo(sfnet) Vogoo PHP LIB Vogoo PHP LIB is a powerful collaborative filte... Télécharger
inno-extract(freshmeat) innoextract innoextract is a tool that allows you to extrac... Télécharger
kbbim(sfnet) KBB Instant Messenger A instant messenger client for Jabber, focused ... Télécharger
moregroupware(sfnet) more.groupware Web-based groupware written in PHP. Including m... Télécharger
rhide(sfnet) RHIDE RHIDE is an integrated development environment ... Télécharger
iptrack(sfnet) IPplan IP address management system IPplan is a web based, multilingual, IP address... Télécharger
meveo(freshmeat) MEVEO MEVEO is a billing system for mediation, rating... Télécharger
libvncserver(sfnet) LibVNCServer LibVNCServer/LibVNCClient are cross-platform C ... Télécharger
pocketcity(sfnet) Pocket City A clone of Sim City ported to a variety of hand... Télécharger
poi(sfnet) POI/POI Serialization Project The POI project has moved to Jakarta - jakarta.... Télécharger
diashapes(freshmeat) diashapes diashapes is a small tool that downloads and in... Télécharger
perl-oak(sfnet) Perl Oak The Perl Oak Component tree is a implementation... Télécharger
speedtouch(sfnet) Speedtouch USB for *nix GPL Driver for the Alcatel Speedtouch USB under... Télécharger
directsql(sfnet) Direct SQL - Delphi Cross-platform (Windows+Linux) delphi/kylix nat... Télécharger
bestpractice(sfnet) BestPractice BestPractice is a tool especially for musicians... Télécharger
wsc(sfnet) Word Search Creator An easy to use wysiwyg word search (wordsearch)... Télécharger
jabref(sfnet) JabRef JabRef is a graphical application for managing ... Télécharger
pxgame(sfnet) 3d game Proyecto-X juego RPG y de accion Télécharger
d3d9test(sfnet) D3D9 Test Envroiment This is an open source software developed by G0... Télécharger
rust(sfnet) Rust Rust is a drag&drop RPM creation utility an... Télécharger
lincity(sfnet) lincity - a city simulation game Lincity is a city simulation game. Build your ... Télécharger
dagazoft(sfnet) Dagazoft Sitio de Respaldos de Dagazoft Télécharger
lolimot(sfnet) lolimot This tool allows to compute LOLIMOT models. LOL... Télécharger
gvdav(sfnet) Gian Virus Defender 9.1 A powerful OpenSource Antivirus for your PC, in... Télécharger
mathdev(sfnet) GLplot GLplot is a Mathematics function plotting progr... Télécharger
pgnotifyd(freshmeat) pgnotifyd pgnotifyd connects to a PostgreSQL database, li... Télécharger
mavetju(sfnet) MavEtJu's tools Tools, programs, snippets, documents from Edwin... Télécharger
userlogin(sfnet) UserLogin This package, written for use in Perl, CGI and ... Télécharger
dnrs(sfnet) Domain Name Registry System The Shared Registry System is software (client ... Télécharger
daklakgroup(sfnet) daklakgroup Cộng đồng mạng daklak Télécharger
creative(sfnet) Creative Side Creative Side is a group of projects designed t... Télécharger
evlog(sfnet) Linux Event Logging for the Enterprise Provides an open-source, platform-independent E... Télécharger
libidmef(sfnet) LibIDMEF LibIDMEF is an implementation of the Internet E... Télécharger
iptools(sfnet) Handy TCP/IP Server/Client Tools IPtools is an all in one package that includes ... Télécharger
rikaichan(sfnet) rikaichan Japanese to English/German/French/Russian dicti... Télécharger
wyatterp(sfnet) WyattERP The WyattERP project consists of the Wylib run-... Télécharger
usbsnoop(sfnet) Usb Sniffer for Windows Based on tom and roland from wingmanteam work. ... Télécharger
foam(sfnet) OpenFOAM OpenFOAM - The Open Source CFD Toolbox. OpenFOA... Télécharger
jreceiver(sfnet) JReceiver Audio Server JReceiver is a servlet-based audio server which... Télécharger
dbedit(sfnet) DBEdit Plugin for Eclipse DBEdit is a plugin for the Eclipse Workbench. I... Télécharger
p6spy(sfnet) p6spy P6Spy is a framework that enables database data... Télécharger
osslsigncode(freshmeat) OpenSSL-based signcode utility OpenSSL-based signcode utility is a utility tha... Télécharger
hciusb(sfnet) Bluetooth HCI-USB Driver for Linux Bluetooth HCI-USB Driver for Linux Télécharger
libmodbus(sfnet) LibModbus Libmodbus is a dynamic library to use Modbus di... Télécharger
green(sfnet) Green Green, an Eclipse plugin, is an advanced yet si... Télécharger
daftpunk(sfnet) daft punk imposteurs daft punk remix machine Télécharger
tjws(sfnet) Tiny Java Web Server TJWS is an Open Source HTTP Server and Servlet ... Télécharger
advcad(sfnet) ADVCAD - Adventure CAD A VB Project for Microsoft platform suitable to... Télécharger
rombrowser(sfnet) ROMBrowser ROMBrowser is a java based ROM file browser for... Télécharger
easysdl(sfnet) EasySDL A framework for C++/SDL, making it easier than ... Télécharger
vpdmf(sfnet) View-Primitive-DataModel Framework The VPDM framework is a software engineering me... Télécharger
poptop(sfnet) Poptop Poptop is an open source implementation of a PP... Télécharger
sneese(sfnet) SNEeSe SNEeSe is an emulator for the Nintendo SNES con... Télécharger

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