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avc2avi(sfnet) avc2avi mod avc2avi converts raw avc/h.264 streams to the a... Télécharger
libxmlplusplus(sfnet) libxml++ libxml++ is a C++ wrapper for the libxml XML pa... Télécharger
cv97cc(sfnet) CyberVRML97 for C++ CyberVRML97 for C++ is a development library of... Télécharger
javautilities(sfnet) Java Utilities Java Utilities is a collection of following jav... Télécharger
salamcast-podcast-player(freshmeat) SalamCast Podcast Player SalamCast Podcast Player is an easy-to-configur... Télécharger
maccvspro(sfnet) MacCVS Pro MacCVS Pro is a completely free CVS client for ... Télécharger
rhino(sfnet) Rhino An Othello game with strong AI. Télécharger
css-one(freshmeat) CSS One CSS One unifies your CSS stylesheets and images... Télécharger
pokersource(sfnet) pokersource The CVS tree and distribution files moved to ht... Télécharger
heroines(sfnet) Heroine Virtual Turn your Linux box into a complete audio and v... Télécharger
crank(sfnet) Crank A project to provide a GUI toolkit to facilitat... Télécharger
ondamsa501hs(sfnet) Driver Onda MSA501HS para linux Driver para modem Onda MSA501HS Facilita a util... Télécharger
outliner(sfnet) Java Outline Editor (JOE) This is an outliner editor and MDI implemented ... Télécharger
xxxterm(freshmeat) xombrero xombrero is a minimalist's Web browser. It stri... Télécharger
typo3winstaller(sfnet) TYPO3Winstaller Fast and easy TYPO3-Setup for Windows (WAMP). J... Télécharger
shotwell(freshmeat) Shotwell Shotwell is a photo organizer designed for the ... Télécharger
seeddms(freshmeat) SeedDMS SeedDMS is a powerful, easy to use document man... Télécharger
cgiirc(sfnet) CGI:IRC A Perl/CGI program to use IRC from a web browse... Télécharger
java-jml(sfnet) Java MSN Messenger library JML is a java Msn Messenger library that suppor... Télécharger
brewtarget(sfnet) Brewtarget Brewtarget is free brewing software for Linux, ... Télécharger
easycreator(freshmeat) EasyCreator EasyCreator is an extension creator for Joomla!... Télécharger
yarg(sfnet) d20 Modern Mod Using a variety of public domain models, as wel... Télécharger
libgcrypt(freshmeat) Libgcrypt Libgcrypt is a general-purpose cryptographic li... Télécharger
jwma(sfnet) jwma (Java Webmail) jwma version 2 is a complete rewrite of the ori... Télécharger
kernelsource(sfnet) Kernel Source Archive Open source operating system kernel archive Télécharger
picturemetadata(sfnet) Picture Metadata Toolkit The Picture Metadata Toolkit (PMT) provides a c... Télécharger
rename-em2(sfnet) Rename Tool RenameTool can rename MANY files/folders at onc... Télécharger
eyangband(sfnet) EyAngband EyAngband is a variant of the Roguelike game An... Télécharger
acdk(sfnet) ACDK ACDK - Artefaktur Component Development Kit - i... Télécharger
ucanaccess(sfnet) UCanAccess UCanAccess is a pure Java JDBC Driver implement... Télécharger
ez4clientplus(sfnet) EZ4Client+ EZ4Client+ is a free win32 client for EZFlashIV... Télécharger
irker(freshmeat) irker irked is an IRC client that runs as a daemon ac... Télécharger
guacamole(sfnet) Guacamole Guacamole is a clientless remote desktop gatewa... Télécharger
digisimulator(sfnet) DigitalSimulator The DigitalSimulator is your Virtual Electronic... Télécharger
fbreaderj(freshmeat) FBReaderJ FBReaderJ is an e-book reader for the Android p... Télécharger
libmsgque(freshmeat) NHI1 NHI1 is an attempt to create a non-human intell... Télécharger
jvnsegmenter(sfnet) JVnSegmenter: Vietnamese Word Segmenter JVnSegmenter is a Java-based and open-source Vi... Télécharger
documentburster(freshmeat) DocumentBurster DocumentBurster is a tool for report distributi... Télécharger
witme(sfnet) witme Broken down into the file manager (ego) and the... Télécharger
mged(sfnet) mged Microarray Gene Expression Database Group and O... Télécharger
amun(freshmeat) amun Amun is a content management framework based on... Télécharger
marinetti(sfnet) Marinetti TCP/IP stack for the Apple IIgs, in 65816 assem... Télécharger
javaprs(sfnet) Micro-agents and PRS KEA - agent micro-platform and Procedural Reaso... Télécharger
pycrc(freshmeat) pycrc pycrc is an easy to use CRC calculator and sour... Télécharger
genex(sfnet) GeneX Gene Expression Database GeneX is an gene expression database system wit... Télécharger
magicmin(freshmeat) MagicMin MagicMin is a class that merges and minifies Ja... Télécharger
pypgsql(sfnet) Python Interface to PostgreSQL A Python DB-API 2.0 compliant interface to a Po... Télécharger
web-based-adult-content-server(freshmeat) Web-Based Adult Content Server WACS is a tool for building adult Web sites. It... Télécharger
wireshark(freshmeat) Wireshark Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer, or &q... Télécharger
jodd(freshmeat) Jodd Jodd is a Java utility library and set of frame... Télécharger
corn-cps(freshmeat) Corn CPS Corn CPS (Classpath Scanner) is a small Java mo... Télécharger
tyrant(sfnet) Tyrant - Java Roguelike Tyrant is a graphical roguelike fantasy adventu... Télécharger
corn-converter(freshmeat) Corn Converter Corn Converter is a module designed to offer co... Télécharger
exponent-cms(freshmeat) Exponent CMS Exponent CMS is a content management system for... Télécharger
jazzlib(sfnet) jazzlib - a pure java java.util.zip A pure-Java compression library suitable as a d... Télécharger
openinteract(sfnet) OpenInteract A pure-Perl web application environment running... Télécharger
rcxtools(sfnet) RCXDownload and RCXDirectMode A visual interface for leJOS. RCXDownload autom... Télécharger
hpinkjet(sfnet) HPINKJET (inactive) The Hewlett-Packard Co. Linux Inkjet Driver Pro... Télécharger
jsdragdrop(sfnet) Javascript Drag-Drop and Resize Library A lightweight, well-written and easy to use Jav... Télécharger
corn-exception(freshmeat) Corn Exception Corn Exception is a small but handy module whic... Télécharger
coldet-3d-collision-detection-(freshmeat) ColDet 3D Collision Detection Library ColDet 3D Collision Detection Library is a libr... Télécharger
corn-gate(freshmeat) Corn Gate Corn Gate is designed to simplify service defin... Télécharger
phpexplorer(sfnet) PHP Explorer PHP Explorer allows you to browse a server comp... Télécharger
ec2dream-fogviz(freshmeat) EC2Dream Fogviz EC2Dream Fogviz is a visual tool for building a... Télécharger
gnqs(sfnet) Generic NQS A robust load-balancing queuing system for UNIX... Télécharger
tactile12000(sfnet) tactile12000 mp3 dj ware The Tactile12000 is a visual DJ setup for MP3 f... Télécharger
tsocks(sfnet) tsocks tsocks provides transparent network access thro... Télécharger
jmusic(sfnet) jMusic - Composition in Java As a library of classes for generating and mani... Télécharger
tsid(sfnet) Time Sid Manager Who is your best Sid Author? And Tune? TSID wan... Télécharger
corn-httpclient(freshmeat) Corn Httpclient Corn Httpclient is an HTTP client designed make... Télécharger
ds3(sfnet) dialup service 3 Ds3 is tool for sharing one dial-up connection... Télécharger
myorgbook(sfnet) MyOrgBook For up to date information goto myorgbook.org ... Télécharger
linux-hotplug(sfnet) Linux Hotplug Project Hotplugging is a facility that supports dynamic... Télécharger
ltsp(sfnet) Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) Linux is an excellent environment for deploying... Télécharger
kbear(sfnet) KBear, a graphical ftp client for KDE KBear is a graphical ftp client with ability to... Télécharger
pi3web(sfnet) Pi3Web Pi3Web is a multithreaded, highly configurable ... Télécharger
ff-multi-converter(freshmeat) FF Multi Converter FF Multi Converter is a simple graphical applic... Télécharger
uengine(sfnet) uEngine BPM A BPM (Business Process Management) / Workflow ... Télécharger
free-chart-geany(freshmeat) Free Chart Geany Free Chart Geany is a software solution for mar... Télécharger
thefishshell(freshmeat) The friendly interactive shell fish, the friendly interactive shell is a shell... Télécharger
rte(sfnet) Real Time Enterprises, Inc. An open-source project to active enhanced or ex... Télécharger
foo2hbpl(freshmeat) foo2hbpl foo2hbpl is an open source printer driver for p... Télécharger
textportal(freshmeat) Textportal Textportal is a simple script which can be used... Télécharger
ssrtech(sfnet) SSR Technology SSR technology is a freely available Web applic... Télécharger
chucho(freshmeat) Chucho Chucho is a C++11 logging framework based on th... Télécharger
pyhids(freshmeat) pyHIDS pyHIDS is a host-based intrusion detection syst... Télécharger
collection-workflow-integratio(freshmeat) CWIS CWIS (Collection Workflow Integration System) i... Télécharger
omniprint(sfnet) OMNI Print Driver Model Omni provides support for many printers with a ... Télécharger
xspect3d(sfnet) xspect3d A real-time 3d sound spectrum analyzer for linux. Télécharger
jnipp(sfnet) JNI++ This project supplies two code generating utili... Télécharger
jude(sfnet) Jude Jude is a rapid application development tool to... Télécharger
mb-jpeg(sfnet) Embedded JPEG Codec Library An open source JPEG codec library optimized for... Télécharger
rtl818x(sfnet) Driver for RTL818x based WLAN adapters A new/clean Linux kernel driver/module for IEEE... Télécharger
avitoac3(sfnet) AVI to AC3 AVI TO AC3 takes the audio from avi and avs fil... Télécharger
toolame(sfnet) toolame TooLAME is an optimized MPEG Audio Layer 2 enco... Télécharger
jirc(sfnet) Java IRC Library This java library implements the IRC protocol. ... Télécharger
convert3gp(sfnet) 3gp converter 3gp converter is a GUI(kommander script) that u... Télécharger
dailystrips(sfnet) dailystrips Dailystrips is a Perl script to automatically d... Télécharger
ldaputils(sfnet) LDAPUtils LDAPUtils is a set of perl scripts to create an... Télécharger
baresip(freshmeat) baresip baresip is a bare-bones SIP user agent. It supp... Télécharger

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