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openfem(sfnet) Open Finite Element Analysis Develop finite element stress analysis programs... Télécharger
phpcms(sfnet) phpCMS Content Management System phpCMS is a highly flexible flat file, no SQL, ... Télécharger
vipec(sfnet) ViPEC network analyser ViPEC is an network analyser for electrical net... Télécharger
pride(freshmeat) pride Pride combines bash scripts, zenity, ant, Image... Télécharger
bitfarm-archiv(sfnet) bitfarm-Archiv Document Management - DMS bitfarm-Archiv is a powerful Document Managemen... Télécharger
pjl-comp-filter(sfnet) PJL Compressing Filter A J2EE servlet filter which compresses data wri... Télécharger
gnomermind(sfnet) GnomerMind A project to implement a amazingly-looking, eas... Télécharger
macssh(sfnet) MacSSH SSH2 client for MacOS before X, based on Better... Télécharger
vdmsound(sfnet) The VDMSound Project VDMSound is a modular, extendable soundcard (an... Télécharger
openexif(sfnet) OpenExif OpenExif is an object-oriented library for acce... Télécharger
r128gain(sfnet) r128gain R128GAIN is a FFmpeg and SoX based EBU R128 com... Télécharger
alpine(sfnet) Alpine Network The Alpine Network is a peer based application ... Télécharger
guiantminer(sfnet) GUI Ant-Miner GUI Ant-Miner is a tool for extracting classifi... Télécharger
pokerblindtimer(sfnet) Poker Blinds Timer A Poker Blinds Level Timer application. This ap... Télécharger
jarclassfinder(sfnet) Jar Class Finder Whether a class file or jar file existing in yo... Télécharger
gig-cable-label(freshmeat) Gig Cable Label Gig Cable Label generates label images with num... Télécharger
gfxpoly(freshmeat) gfxpoly gfxpoly is a library for doing geometric polygo... Télécharger
perlshare(freshmeat) PerlShare PerlShare is a DropBox drop-in to create your o... Télécharger
smlnj(sfnet) Standard ML of New Jersey Native code compiler for Standard ML 97 and ass... Télécharger
dvipng(sfnet) dvipng: A DVI-to-PNG converter This program makes PNG and/or GIF graphics from... Télécharger
pcxfirewall(sfnet) PCX Firewall The PCX Firewall is a perl script that generate... Télécharger
pidgin-blinklight(freshmeat) pidgin-blinklight pidgin-blinklight blinks your ThinkPad's ThinkL... Télécharger
wxewa(sfnet) wxEWA for spectrum evaluation A multi-procedure, multi platform electron spec... Télécharger
openqnx(sfnet) Open Source applications for QNX We provide ported open source tools/application... Télécharger
hacknet(sfnet) HackNet HackNet is a multiplayer roguelike game, borrow... Télécharger
javaconsole(sfnet) JavaConsole Java Console is a Java Command promt tool inten... Télécharger
lkjson(sfnet) JSON delphi library This is a delphi library implementing JSON (XML... Télécharger
dbeauty(freshmeat) DBeauty DBeauty is a relationship-oriented database bro... Télécharger
mysqlnavigator(sfnet) MySQL Navigator MySQL Navigator is MySQL DBMS GUI. Télécharger
meson(freshmeat) The Meson Build System Meson aims to be the most usable and fast build... Télécharger
bric1936(sfnet) BRIC1936 Brain imaging software produced by the Brain Re... Télécharger
amsuite(sfnet) Asterisk Manager Suite (AMS) AMS is a suite of software intended to make day... Télécharger
acfreeproxy(sfnet) ac Free Proxy Server for Win32 Free Proxy Server for Win32 - supports HTTP, HT... Télécharger
j-ftp(sfnet) Java Network Browser JFtp is a graphical network browser. It support... Télécharger
pdf_gantt(freshmeat) pdf_gantt pdf_gantt is a TCPDF wrapper class for renderin... Télécharger
openss7(sfnet) Open SS7 An open implementation of the SS7 core protocol... Télécharger
rtsp(sfnet) RTSP Proxy Kit The RTSP Proxy Kit contains source code for a r... Télécharger
netsniff-ng(freshmeat) netsniff-ng netsniff-ng is a high performance Linux network... Télécharger
opensdr(sfnet) GNU Radio: Software Defined Radio Please note, we've moved to gnuradio.org. Télécharger
rccalendar(sfnet) RC Calendar Plugin RC Calender Plugin is a Roundcube Webmail plugi... Télécharger
vmtoolsenhanced(sfnet) VMWare Tools Enhanced VMWare Tools for Linux based operating systems ... Télécharger
vu8(freshmeat) vu8 vu8 is a project that allows one to give JavaSc... Télécharger
mpgtx(sfnet) mpgtx mpgtx an MPeG ToolboX Télécharger
pito(freshmeat) pito Pito is a set of C++0x header libraries to faci... Télécharger
dwp(sfnet) DWP Daily Wallpaper Changer Change wallpaper every logon. This very small t... Télécharger
docman(sfnet) Document Manager Document Manager is a document management syste... Télécharger
vips(freshmeat) VIPS VIPS is an image processing system. It is good ... Télécharger
gthumb(sfnet) gThumb image viewer and browser Image viewer and browser for the GNOME environment Télécharger
mk-configure(freshmeat) mk-configure mk-configure is a lightweight replacement for G... Télécharger
qcheck(sfnet) qcheck qcheck is a quick hack in C to display how many... Télécharger
cmdoption(freshmeat) CmdOption CmdOption is a simple annotation-driven command... Télécharger
gsnes9x(sfnet) GNOME Snes9x GSnes9x is a GNOME front-end for the Snes9X SN... Télécharger
xmlrpc-epi(sfnet) xmlrpc-epi A general purpose implementation of the xmlrpc ... Télécharger
liblogicalaccess(freshmeat) LibLogicalAccess LibLogicalAccess is an RFID library developed i... Télécharger
open-perl-ide(sfnet) Open Perl IDE Open Perl IDE is a visual, integrated developme... Télécharger
uversewiki(freshmeat) UverseWiki UverseWiki is a modular open source PHP framewo... Télécharger
ldapminer(sfnet) LdapMiner This is a tool I wrote to collect information f... Télécharger
joe-editor(sfnet) JOE - Joe's own editor Joe is world-famous Wordstar like text editor. Télécharger
snap(sfnet) SNAP Platform and SNAPPIX SNAP Platform integrates the best open source J... Télécharger
asqredir(sfnet) asqredir, another squid redirect program asqredir is a small, fast and simple redirect p... Télécharger
c-note(sfnet) squid_ldap_auth The project is no longer being maintained here.... Télécharger
brian-d-foy(sfnet) brian d foy's Perl modules Perl modules created by or maintained by brian ... Télécharger
hk-classes(sfnet) hk_classes set of C++-libraries which allow the rapid deve... Télécharger
knoda(sfnet) knoda - a database frontend for kde knoda is a database frontend for KDE Télécharger
proxytools(sfnet) proxyTools A set of tools (proxy, analyzer, proxy database... Télécharger
dvr(sfnet) Digital Video Recorder DVR lets you record movies from a v4l interface... Télécharger
jug(sfnet) Java UML Generator (JUG) Tool for automatic generation of UML Class Diag... Télécharger
tinyhttpd(sfnet) Tiny HTTPd tinyhttpd is a relatively simple webserver I wr... Télécharger
posadis(sfnet) Posadis DNS Server A DNS server for Unix and Windows platforms, su... Télécharger
ggdb(sfnet) NES Game Genie Decoder GGDB is a Perl module for decoding and encoding... Télécharger
stoplicht(sfnet) SP2001::ISG::Green Light District GLD is a traffic flow simulator which can be us... Télécharger
egrail-source(sfnet) eGrail Open-Source eGrail Open-Source is a web-content-management-... Télécharger
kmusicdb(sfnet) KmusicdB KmusicdB is a music information manager for KDE... Télécharger
cpm(sfnet) CP/M Emulator Emulates a CP/M machine on *nix. A great tool f... Télécharger
glucas(sfnet) Glucas - Yet Another FFT Glucas is a client to make primality test for M... Télécharger
php-ftp(sfnet) Web-based FTP client using PHP PHP-Ftp is a ftp client which uses browser as i... Télécharger
h8300-hms(sfnet) GNU Dev Tools for the Hitachi H8/300[HS] Provides, maintains, and improves the GNU devel... Télécharger
openjmail(sfnet) Open JMail API Open JMail is an email and messaging API writte... Télécharger
qtella(sfnet) Qtella Yet another Gnutella client. Télécharger
vmips(sfnet) vmips MIPS R3000-based virtual machine with support f... Télécharger
foxserv(sfnet) FoxServ Win32 & Linux Edition FoxServ is an Apache / mySQL / PHP installer pa... Télécharger
badmem(sfnet) BadMEM patches/utils for Linux Kernel Production of a patch to make (partly) buggy me... Télécharger
jhttp2(sfnet) Java HTTP Proxy jHTTPp2 is a very small HTTP/1.1 proxy server w... Télécharger
libsigrok(freshmeat) libsigrok libsigrok is a shared C library that provides b... Télécharger
cosi-nms(sfnet) Cisco-centric Open Source Initiative Open Source Exchange community for Cisco-centri... Télécharger
sourcejammer(sfnet) SourceJammer A platform-indendent, 100% Java, server-based, ... Télécharger
libini(sfnet) INI Parser Library An INI file parser that can read, edit and crea... Télécharger
xmlv(sfnet) XML Validator XML Validator is a framework designed to provid... Télécharger
reaper3d(sfnet) Reaper An OpenGL based 3D-game, emphasizing stunning g... Télécharger
wifix-lite(freshmeat) Wifix (lite) If you can't reconnect to your WiFi until you r... Télécharger
dvdbackupgtk(sfnet) dvdbackupgtk A fast and simple GUI for dvdbackup using Ruby-... Télécharger
msgs(sfnet) msgs Replacement for old-style Dynix "msgs"... Télécharger
db2-jmin(sfnet) DB2JMIN (An easy-to-use MULTI-DB Client) Web-Based/Desktop DB2, ORACLE, DERBY, FIREBIRD,... Télécharger
msyslog(sfnet) Modular Syslog A replacement to traditional syslog daemons. In... Télécharger
happy_phone_number(freshmeat) happy_phone_number Happy Phone Number provides easy methods to for... Télécharger
atlc(sfnet) Arbitrary Transmission Line Calculator. 'atlc' is a CAD package used for analysing and ... Télécharger
dawin(sfnet) dawin ns2 simulations source code Télécharger
androidmemogame(sfnet) Android Memory Game Basic Memory game written for Android. It makes... Télécharger
jxdbcon(sfnet) jxDBCon - JDBC driver framework jxDBCon a framework to ease the development JDB... Télécharger
rioutil(sfnet) Unix Rio Utility A utility designed for the use of interfacing w... Télécharger

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