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pnsft-aur(sfnet) ponsfoot AUR packages Here contains all internal resources for AUR pa... Télécharger
magelan(sfnet) Magelan - Java 2D Graphics Editor This project provides a library of easy to use ... Télécharger
clearbudget(freshmeat) ClearBudget ClearBudget is a fully featured budget and pers... Télécharger
percival(sfnet) Percival -- Network Monitoring System Percival -- Network Monitoring and Capacity Pla... Télécharger
matrex(sfnet) Matrex Matrex is a lightweight vectorial spreadsheet: ... Télécharger
jlibsystem(sfnet) Java Library Management System The Java Library Management System is designed ... Télécharger
sbtray(sfnet) sbtray Provides status of the Shadowbane (http://chron... Télécharger
pocketgnugo(sfnet) Mobile GNU Go Mobile GNU Go is a GNU Go player for Windows, W... Télécharger
bearpaw1200cu(sfnet) Mustek BearPaw 1200CU modified driver A driver for old scanner and modern Windows sys... Télécharger
csoap(sfnet) client/server SOAP library in pure C Portable and very simple C API functions to wri... Télécharger
qmhandle(sfnet) qmHandle - a tool for the qmail queue qmHandle is a tool which can be used to manage ... Télécharger
dspatial(sfnet) DSpatial Geospatial analysis and visualization environme... Télécharger
cvsacl(sfnet) CVS Access Control List Extension CVSACL is a patch for CVS. It adds two new subc... Télécharger
dsvideolib(sfnet) DSVideoLib A DirectShow wrapper supporting concurrent acce... Télécharger
ideajad(sfnet) JAD decompiler plugin for IntelliJ IDEA IdeaJad is a free plugin that allows you to dec... Télécharger
geomaint(sfnet) GeoMaint Informationprovider (Sensor) for Geolocation an... Télécharger
tcludp(sfnet) Tcl UDP extension The Tcl UDP extension provides a simple library... Télécharger
eco-memory(freshmeat) Eco-Memory Eco-Memory is the classic memory game where the... Télécharger
ouoss(sfnet) Bobcat Open Source Software Bobcat Open Source Software is an umbrella proj... Télécharger
jaxb-builder(sfnet) jaxb-builder JAXBBuilder is an eclipse plugin for generating... Télécharger
jscalendar(sfnet) The Coolest DHTML Calendar The coolest DHTML calendar widget. IE/Win >... Télécharger
smooth-engine(sfnet) Smooth GTK1/GTK2 Theme Engine Smooth GTK1/GTK2 Theme Engine is a simple them... Télécharger
virtualredsteel(sfnet) RedSteel RedSteel is an exotic system based on an exotic... Télécharger
paklib(sfnet) Quake 2 PAK file library paklib provides easy-to-use pak-file access for... Télécharger
eclipsejdo(sfnet) EclipseJDO This Eclipse plugin makes easy and fast to deve... Télécharger
ihu(sfnet) I Hear U IHU is a VoIP application for Linux (using Qt a... Télécharger
qdbm(sfnet) QDBM: Quick DataBase Manager QDBM is a library of routines for managing a da... Télécharger
mikelduke(sfnet) Mikel Duke Projects This project contains several of programs writt... Télécharger
guifi(freshmeat) Gestor Güífi Gestor Güífi is a GTK-based front-end for wirel... Télécharger
scam(sfnet) Standard Content Archive Management SCAM is a development environment for building ... Télécharger
kk(freshmeat) KK KK is a very simple PHP script that displays an... Télécharger
tuxbot(freshmeat) TuxBot TuxBot is an IRC bot written in Lua. It was cre... Télécharger
jpegtoavi(sfnet) JPEG to MJPEG-AVI converter In the tradition of the Unix computing philosop... Télécharger
sqlt(sfnet) SQLTools for Oracle SQLTools is a light weight and robust frontend ... Télécharger
openshiiva(sfnet) OpenShiiva OpenShiiva is a simple yet powerful vob to mp4 ... Télécharger
umlgraph(freshmeat) UMLGraph UMLGraph facilitates the declarative specificat... Télécharger
softx86(sfnet) Software x86 CPU emulator library Softx86 is a library that provides software emu... Télécharger
cm3s(sfnet) MP3 STATION LIRC-aware, plain text, Unix toolset for managi... Télécharger
womp(sfnet) WOMP! WOMP! is a micro linux distribution focussed on... Télécharger
cudavswizard(sfnet) CUDA VS Wizard A VS Project Wizard for CUDA. After you install... Télécharger
excel2json(freshmeat) Excel2JSON Excel2JSON exports an Excel workbook into JSON,... Télécharger
jinstantmessage(sfnet) Java Instant Messenger Java Instant Messenger (or JIM) is an applicati... Télécharger
ftps4tc(sfnet) FTPS for Total Commander FTP-over-SSL/TLS Plugin for Total Commander. (B... Télécharger
mibrow(sfnet) MIB Browser MIB Browser MIB Browser is a SNMP tool to bro... Télécharger
pgmfi(sfnet) PGMFI Project The PGMFI project has as its goal total underst... Télécharger
jymsg9(sfnet) jYMSG API - Yahoo IM and Chat for Java A Java package (library/API) to connect and use... Télécharger
xui(sfnet) XUI RIA Framework XUI is a Java and XML RIA platform for building... Télécharger
npngquant(sfnet) npngquant This is a new version of the PNGQuant software ... Télécharger
gadgetamdhmaroc(sfnet) Gadget_AMDH_Marocclock Horloge gadget AMDH Maroc Télécharger
amvtg(freshmeat) amvtg "amvtg" (ATmega NTSC Video Text Gener... Télécharger
cyrus-utils(sfnet) Cyrus IMAPd Utilities Cyrus IMAPd is a popular IMAP server that surfa... Télécharger
palmbibleplus(sfnet) PalmBiblePlus Open-source bugfixes and updates to Poetry Poon... Télécharger
flatsvr(sfnet) FlatServer+GameOnline Client FlatServer and GameOnline Client are applicatio... Télécharger
tftp4java(sfnet) java tftp server This project contains a Java 1.4 based TFTP ser... Télécharger
stat-mod-net(sfnet) organization and analysis of networks info thy + machine learning for organization, i... Télécharger
trafficmonitor(sfnet) IPTraf Log analyzer Simple Bash script to analyze logs made by iptr... Télécharger
jcgrid(sfnet) Java Grid Computing JCGrid is an easy-to-use tools for real-world g... Télécharger
orace(sfnet) Oracle PL/SQL Code Editor Oracle PL/SQL Code Editor. Allows you to connec... Télécharger
phpua(sfnet) phpUA phpUA is a PHP script that enables gaming serve... Télécharger
pycron(sfnet) Python Cron - Great Cron for Windows! This is a clone of the well-known cron job sche... Télécharger
tscap32(sfnet) tscap32 Delphi Video Capture Component tscap32 is a Delphi component used to capture v... Télécharger
luacheia(sfnet) LuaCheia LuaCheia is a full-blown, enhanced version of t... Télécharger
dsol(sfnet) DSOL DSOL is a full featured multi-formalism, distri... Télécharger
mrms(sfnet) Meta Resource Management System The objective of the project "MRMS" i... Télécharger
datool(sfnet) Discourse Analysis This tool allows people to do discourse analysi... Télécharger
openfirst(sfnet) openFIRST An initiative designed to aid FIRST teams in cr... Télécharger
wzdftpd(sfnet) wzdftpd A portable, modular and efficient ftp server, s... Télécharger
cslive(sfnet) Crafty Syntax Live Help (CSLH) A live Help support chat system in PHP that all... Télécharger
pnetcdf(freshmeat) Parallel-NetCDF Parallel-NetCDF is a library providing high-per... Télécharger
swfrip(sfnet) SWFRIP SWFRIP is a Macromedia Flash resource extractor... Télécharger
mameox(sfnet) MAMEoX (MAME on XBOX) MAMEoX is a port of the popular MAME (Multi Arc... Télécharger
gdownloader(sfnet) GDownloader GDownloader is a download manager, that will al... Télécharger
industri(sfnet) Industri Industri, started life as a Quake based single ... Télécharger
csvtokenizer(sfnet) CSVTokenizer CSVTokenizer is a kind of Java API similar to S... Télécharger
nullgroupware(sfnet) Null Groupware Null Groupware is a self-hosting web based grou... Télécharger
vb2py(sfnet) VB to Python Converter vb2py is developing a VB to Python tool for aut... Télécharger
vlevel(sfnet) VLevel VLevel is a dynamic compressor which amplifies ... Télécharger
gkrellfah2(sfnet) Gkrellfah2 - F@H plugin for gkrellm[d].. Gkrellfah2 is a plugin for GkrellM2 that monito... Télécharger
mp3info-prj(sfnet) MP3Info MP3Info generates lists of files with file, mp3... Télécharger
openchemwb(sfnet) OpenChem Workbench OpenChem Workbench is an enterprise software su... Télécharger
dmhelper(sfnet) Dungeon Master Helper A Java application aimed at helping a dungeon m... Télécharger
routeruler(sfnet) Route Ruler Route Ruler helps runners, hikers, bikers, etc.... Télécharger
cmeditors(sfnet) CM Editors CM Editors is a collection of editors for Champ... Télécharger
classifier4j(sfnet) Classifier4J Classifier4J is a java library that provides an... Télécharger
ipdr(sfnet) IPDR.org The IPDR.org reference libraries encode and dec... Télécharger
imago(sfnet) Xenei.Imago XSLT Servlet and extensions Xenei.Imago blends servlets with XML transforms... Télécharger
stylus-toolbox(sfnet) Stylus Toolbox Stylus Toolbox is an Epson inkjet printer utili... Télécharger
bookscanwizard(sfnet) Book Scan Wizard A utility to help with Book scanning using came... Télécharger
icecc(sfnet) IceWM Control Center The IceWM Control Center allows you to run vari... Télécharger
pmwiki(sfnet) PmWiki PmWiki is a WikiWikiWeb clone developed PHP pro... Télécharger
libirt(sfnet) libirt Library of functions to estimate the items and ... Télécharger
sampsize(sfnet) sampsize - sample size and power Sampsize computes sample size and power for sur... Télécharger
cnxmanager(sfnet) CnxManager CnxManager allows you to associate actions with... Télécharger
zauruspacman(sfnet) Pacman game for the Sharp Zaurus Pacman for Sharp Zaurus is a multi-board pacman... Télécharger
graphmodex(sfnet) Graph.h ModeX Graphics Library Graph.h is a graphics library for ModeX graphic... Télécharger
mopac7(sfnet) mopac7 MOPAC7 is a semi-empirical quantum-mechanics co... Télécharger
npp-compare(sfnet) Notepad++ Compare plugin Comparison plugin for Notepad++ editor. Télécharger
plplot(sfnet) PLplot Scientific graphics plotting library, supportin... Télécharger
najitool(sfnet) najitool najitool generally generates, converts, filters... Télécharger
gluescript(sfnet) GLUEscript GLUEscript (Glueing Libraries Using EcmaScript)... Télécharger

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