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cdk4nios(sfnet) NIOS Cross Development Kit CDK4NIOS stands for Cross Development Kit for A... Télécharger
jtelnet(sfnet) JTelnet -- LGPL java telnet client JTelnet is a simple telnet library for Java wit... Télécharger
opensvgviewer(sfnet) Open SVG Viewer The Open SVG Viewer's purpose is to allow effic... Télécharger
inlooksm(sfnet) inlook An e-mail client with address book Télécharger
neocrypt(sfnet) NeoCrypt File Protection Utility NeoCrypt is a GUI-based file Encryption Utility... Télécharger
jorydownloader(sfnet) Video Squirrel, cross-platform video fil Video Squirrel is a cross-platform wxWindows vi... Télécharger
delphi2csharp(sfnet) Convert Delphi to C# Converts non-visual Delphi (Object Pascal) sour... Télécharger
oradumpanalyze(sfnet) Oracle Dump Viewer Oracle Dump Tools Télécharger
waste(sfnet) WASTE WASTE is a mesh-based workgroup tool that allow... Télécharger
javanioftp(sfnet) Java NIO FTP Library This library provides support for server/client... Télécharger
wolf-software-geoip-lite-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software GeoIP Lite Class Wolf Software GeoIP Lite Class is a lightweight... Télécharger
psyscript(sfnet) PsyScript - getting experiments done Application for scripting Psychology experiment... Télécharger
webmusic(sfnet) webMusic - online music platform webMusic is a php/mySQL module based on XOOPS .... Télécharger
psotoolbox(sfnet) Particle Swarm (PSO) Toolbox Particle Swarm Optimization toolkit (with GUI) ... Télécharger
eversion(sfnet) eversion A 2D tile-based cross-platform RPG engine. (mov... Télécharger
mute-net(sfnet) MUTE MUTE is a secure, anonymous, distributed commun... Télécharger
xml2txt(sfnet) converting XML to formatted text xml2txt is a text formatter for XMl in the same... Télécharger
neurosdbm(sfnet) Neuros Database Manipulator Neuros Database Manipulator - Browse and modify... Télécharger
pymat(sfnet) PyMat PyMat - Python to MATLAB Interface Télécharger
hb-online(sfnet) Hb-Online Providing a server, and server source code .. t... Télécharger
rogueclone(sfnet) Rogue Clone IV Rogue Clone IV is an open-source reproduction o... Télécharger
phporaadmin(sfnet) phpOraAdmin phpOraAdmin is a tool written in PHP intended t... Télécharger
comicreader(sfnet) ComicReader The ComicReader is a program to read daily comi... Télécharger
ctwm(freshmeat) CTWM CTWM is a highly-configurable window manager ba... Télécharger
easywsrm(sfnet) Easy WS-Reliability Provides a portable C++ API and implementation ... Télécharger
hpc(sfnet) HPC on Mac OS X Tools for High Performance Scientific Computati... Télécharger
v4all(sfnet) V4ALL Eclipse Swing & SWT GUI Designer V4ALL Eclipse GUI Designer An Eclipse Plugin f... Télécharger
smite(sfnet) Smite - Content Management For Horses Smite - content management software your horse ... Télécharger
recordmydesktop-20(freshmeat) Recordmydesktop 2.0 Recordmydesktop is a tool that makes it easy to... Télécharger
xtray(sfnet) xtray xtray is an extension of the systemtray. it can... Télécharger
pixel-perfect(sfnet) Pixel Perfect Web based PHP media gallery. Télécharger
raddle(sfnet) Raddle SNMP network emulator Raddle is a network emulation framework. It is ... Télécharger
systats(sfnet) SyStats Real-time player ratings and statistics for Ret... Télécharger
paros(sfnet) Paros A Java based HTTP/HTTPS proxy for assessing web... Télécharger
fax2serve(sfnet) Fax2Serve for Linux. Linux & Win Client GUI Fax Manager for Linux MGetty+SendFax. Faxes... Télécharger
megabolt(freshmeat) Megabolt Megabolt is a cross-platform download manager. ... Télécharger
debint(sfnet) debint short cutasdfsfsfgwgwegwegwegwegwgwegwegawegw Télécharger
jworship(sfnet) jworship jWorship is a worship song presentation program... Télécharger
boonex-dolphin(sfnet) Dolphin - Smart Community Builder Dolphin - Smart Community Builder. It is the un... Télécharger
alternatelogin(sfnet) ConSof phpBB Alternate Login A module that allows users to log in to a phpBB... Télécharger
nolimit(sfnet) NoLimit IRCD NoLimit ircd is a oper/user friendly ircd desig... Télécharger
freestyler(sfnet) The Freestyler Toolkit The Freestyler Toolkit leverages the strengths ... Télécharger
dvbsnoop(sfnet) dvbsnoop dvbsnoop - DVB analyzer / MPEG analyzer program... Télécharger
helpmaker(sfnet) HelpMaker Help Authoring Tool HelpMaker is a Help Authoring Tool to make WinH... Télécharger
minitraff(sfnet) miniTraff Simulates a city grid of streets, intersections... Télécharger
zlibmfc(sfnet) ZLIB MFC - Visual C++ Wrapper for ZLIB Extends ZLIB to use CFile, CMemFile, and CArchi... Télécharger
webzap(sfnet) Webzap Webzap is an container for all kinds of softwar... Télécharger
dltool(sfnet) Dictionary Lookup Tool Dictionary tool to assist Chinese and Japanese ... Télécharger
cinnamondebian(sfnet) Cinnamon for Debian NOTE: So it's obvious this project has not been... Télécharger
sm-plugins(sfnet) SM Plugins SM Plugins is a place for development of plugin... Télécharger
mormon(sfnet) Mormon Documentation Project The Mormon Documentation Project's goal is to g... Télécharger
prmcalc(sfnet) Prime Calculator Prime Calculator is a simple way of determining... Télécharger
placelab(sfnet) Place Lab Place Lab - a privacy observant location system Télécharger
ckrm(sfnet) Class based linux Kernel Resource Mgmt A framework for allocation of system resources ... Télécharger
dink(sfnet) Windemere Windemere aims at rewriting and improving the g... Télécharger
andpdf(sfnet) Android PDF Viewer Andorid PDF Viewer is a viewer for PDF-Files on... Télécharger
supertable(sfnet) SuperTable SuperTable is an Obect-Oriented Javascript API ... Télécharger
jpegsnoop(sfnet) JPEGsnoop JPEGsnoop is a detailed JPEG image decoder and ... Télécharger
minerva(sfnet) Minerva An advanced content management and portal solut... Télécharger
esup-phpcas(sfnet) ESUP-Portail phpCAS phpCAS is a PHP interface to ITS Central Authen... Télécharger
pymedia(sfnet) PyMedia Pymedia is a C/C++/Python multimedia module to ... Télécharger
snakebite(sfnet) snakebite cybercafe billing system cybercafe billing system Télécharger
dega(sfnet) dega continuing the work on dega, a emulator for seg... Télécharger
big3dsol(sfnet) Big Solitaires 3D Collection of 40 Solitaire Games with 3D - Open... Télécharger
amis(sfnet) amis AMIS, the open source DAISY book player, has mo... Télécharger
pytable(sfnet) PyTable RDBMS Wrapper Database abstraction and object-relational fram... Télécharger
smooth(sfnet) smooth Class Library smooth is an object oriented class library for ... Télécharger
lmuse(sfnet) MusE - Linux Music Editor MusE is a Qt based audio/midi sequencer with ed... Télécharger
hpc-middleware(sfnet) HPC Middleware VL-1 is High Performance Computing Middleware d... Télécharger
dsmyth(sfnet) DirectShow filters for MythTV DirectShow filters that enables playback of Myt... Télécharger
pytvgrab(sfnet) python xmltv tv_grab xmltv library and tv_grabbers written in python Télécharger
javahmo(sfnet) JavaHMO TiVo HMO Server JavaHMO is a media server for the Home Media Op... Télécharger
xmod2(sfnet) xMod 2.x xMod version 2.0 for Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Academ... Télécharger
editline(freshmeat) Editline Editline is an autotool- and libtoolized port o... Télécharger
cm4superpackv2(sfnet) CM4 Super Pack v2 Graphical Enhancement Pack for Championship Man... Télécharger
workzen(sfnet) Workzen Commons Workzen Commons is a collection of frameworks a... Télécharger
dekicons(sfnet) dekicons Nice icons for ubuntu Télécharger
x0xb0x(sfnet) x0xb0x x0xb0x is an open source 'acid' bassline synthe... Télécharger
itextpdf(sfnet) Early Access iText Early Access iText, a PDF generation library in... Télécharger
trad4(sfnet) trad4 Trad4 is a fully concurrent, thread safe, graph... Télécharger
jsai(sfnet) jSai :Servlet Authentication Please note: not having time to complete jSai m... Télécharger
soundvis(sfnet) sound visualizer sound_vis is a tool, written in C using the X11... Télécharger
tiny-httpd(sfnet) tiny-httpd TINY HTTP Daemon 0.01 - A flexible tiny web server Télécharger
freegee(sfnet) FreeGee Application Framework FreeGee is an integrated application framework ... Télécharger
winadmin(sfnet) winadmin: waUtils for sysadmins A collection of Windows script files for system... Télécharger
pumpkin(freshmeat) PumpKIN PumpKIN is a fully functional TFTP server and T... Télécharger
mobilemt(sfnet) mobileMT: mobile blogging system mobileMT is a WAP interface for the MovableType... Télécharger
webserv(sfnet) WebServ Pre-Compiled WebServer for the Windows NT Based... Télécharger
trembot(sfnet) Trembot- Tremulous Administration Trembot is a console administration interface f... Télécharger
landxmlsdk(sfnet) LandXML Software Development Kit LandXML C++ Software Development Kit. LandXML i... Télécharger
hypknowsys(sfnet) hypKNOWsys hypKNOWsys aims at developing a Java-based work... Télécharger
semanticscuttle(freshmeat) SemanticScuttle SemanticScuttle is a social bookmarking tool wh... Télécharger
opengem(sfnet) OpenGEM OpenGEM is a DOS GUI that seeks to combine Free... Télécharger
healthmonitor(sfnet) HealthMonitor HealthMonitor is a free powerful and featureful... Télécharger
javamail-crypto(sfnet) JavaMail Cryptography API A standard API for accessing OpenPGP and S/MIME... Télécharger
jux(sfnet) Java Universal eXchange JUX (Java Universal eXchange) - Universal Real-... Télécharger
texttoonto(sfnet) TextToOnto The aim of TextToOnto is to support developers ... Télécharger
mbus(sfnet) Free MODBUS/TCP to MODBUS/RTU gateway Free MODBUS/TCP to MODBUS/RTU gateway server (m... Télécharger
deduplication(sfnet) deduplication Data Deduplication in cloud computing Télécharger
classeditor(sfnet) Java Class File Editor Open a Java class file binary to view or edit s... Télécharger

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