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makl(freshmeat) makl MaKL is a simple and light framework for buildi... Télécharger
ranet(sfnet) ranet cuma iseng buat belajar ngerjain tugas kuliah Télécharger
ftgl(sfnet) FTGL FTGL is a free cross-platform Open Source C++ l... Télécharger
covered(freshmeat) Covered Covered is a Verilog code coverage utility that... Télécharger
otk(freshmeat) Open Tool Kit Open Tool Kit (Otk) is a portable widget librar... Télécharger
innounp(sfnet) Inno Setup Unpacker Unpacker for installations made by Inno Setup Télécharger
burncdda(freshmeat) burnCDDA burnCDDA is a console frontend to cdrdao, cdrec... Télécharger
openscap(freshmeat) openscap The openscap project is a set of open source li... Télécharger
postpic(freshmeat) PostPic PostPic is an extension for the PostgreSQL DBMS... Télécharger
python-colormath(freshmeat) python-colormath python-colormath is a Python module which abstr... Télécharger
go-cluster(sfnet) CluMa-GO Visualization of Mappings between the Gene Onto... Télécharger
rhq(sfnet) RHQ The RHQ project is a plugin-based systems manag... Télécharger
dive-log-book(sfnet) Dive Log Book Dive Log Book is a easy to use logbook for scub... Télécharger
shorter(freshmeat) JShorter JShorter is simple tool which fetches the daily... Télécharger
tscii2utf8(sfnet) Tscii2Utf8 This is the software too which is used to conve... Télécharger
openmamba(freshmeat) openmamba openmamba is a fully featured GNU/Linux distrib... Télécharger
nexentastor(freshmeat) NexentaStor NexentaStor is a unified storage solution that ... Télécharger
backupninja(freshmeat) backupninja Backupninja allows you to coordinate system bac... Télécharger
jcalendarbutton(sfnet) Java Swing Calendar Popup Button JCalendarButton is a simple java swing componen... Télécharger
smart-flex-comboboxes(freshmeat) Smart Flex Comboboxes Smart Flex Comboboxes is a Flex widget for maki... Télécharger
taolin(freshmeat) taolin Taolin is a Web desktop that consists of a pers... Télécharger
detox64(freshmeat) detox64 Detox64 is an application which translates C64 ... Télécharger
obcode(freshmeat) obcode anti-debugging library The Obcode (obfuscated code) library allows the... Télécharger
vortexje(freshmeat) Vortexje Vortexje is an Open Source implementation of th... Télécharger
editbox(sfnet) EditBox EditBox is the Eclipse plugin for source code b... Télécharger
pydoop(sfnet) pydoop Pydoop is a Python MapReduce and HDFS API for H... Télécharger
freewrap(sfnet) freewrap The freeWrap program turns TCL/TK scripts into ... Télécharger
sf-mvn-plugins(sfnet) sf-mvn-plugins A collection of maven plugins for developers: 1... Télécharger
dummy-data-generator(freshmeat) Dummy Data Generator Dummy Data Generator is a tool that generates d... Télécharger
mylyn-mantis-repository-connec(freshmeat) Mylyn-Mantis Repository Connector The Mylyn connector for MantisBT allows you to ... Télécharger
trad4(freshmeat) trad4 Trad4 is a fully concurrent, thread safe, graph... Télécharger
codemetre(freshmeat) codemetre codemetre allows you to compare different versi... Télécharger
wms-inspector(freshmeat) WMS Inspector WMS Inspector is a Firefox add-on with tools fo... Télécharger
jripper(freshmeat) jRipper jRipper is a CD ripper and audio converter that... Télécharger
omron(freshmeat) omron++ omron++ is a pixel AI game with up to four armi... Télécharger
yay(freshmeat) yet another yuv viewer yet another yuv viewer (yay) displays 4:2:0, 4:... Télécharger
habul(freshmeat) HabuL HabuL is a Thunderbird addon that reports spam ... Télécharger
springframework(sfnet) Spring Framework The dominant application framework for Java, Sp... Télécharger
knnl(sfnet) C++ Kohonen Neural Network Library Kohonen neural network library is a set of clas... Télécharger
gxgraph(freshmeat) gxgraph gxgraph is a port of the x11graph program to GT... Télécharger
uqm-mods(sfnet) uqm-mods The UQM-Mods project is a collection of 3 mods ... Télécharger
xmllibxml(freshmeat) XML::LibXML XML::LibXML provides a Perl interface to libxml... Télécharger
systemutvecklin(sfnet) SCRUM och eXtreme Programming One projekt in and from our school. Télécharger
sea-ice(freshmeat) Sea Ice Sea Ice is software for modeling the microwave ... Télécharger
wapscripts(sfnet) FREE WAP PHP SCRIPTS CENTER Free WAP, WML, xHTML php scripts archive!!! Cha... Télécharger
openser(sfnet) Kamailio (OpenSER) SIP server KAMAILIO (OpenSER) - robust, secure and scalabl... Télécharger
underboard(sfnet) UnderBoard Anonymous and Secure PHP Forum Télécharger
cpufreqd(freshmeat) cpufreq daemon cpufreqd is meant to be a replacement of the sp... Télécharger
menace-of-the-mines(freshmeat) Menace of the Mines Menace of the Mines is a fast-paced roguelike g... Télécharger
icalendar-aggregator(freshmeat) ICalendar Aggregator ICalendar Aggregator aggregates events from mul... Télécharger
udav(freshmeat) UDAV UDAV is a cross-platform program for data array... Télécharger
web-gradients(freshmeat) Web Gradients Web Gradients is a tool for creating simple and... Télécharger
jmdb(freshmeat) jmdb jmdb is a Java library for retrieving and parsi... Télécharger
pake(freshmeat) pake pake is a simple utility for automating tasks l... Télécharger
java-swing-checkboxlist(freshmeat) Java Swing CheckBoxList Java Swing CheckBoxList is a Swing component wh... Télécharger
qlc(sfnet) Q Light Controller Q Light Controller is a cross-platform applicat... Télécharger
blackboxmaster(sfnet) blackboxmaster BlackBox Master is a reasoning game. The player... Télécharger
travianclone(sfnet) travianclone A travian clone. The main author is akakori. Télécharger
androidpn(sfnet) Android Push Notification An open source project to provide push notifica... Télécharger
devmon(sfnet) Devmon Devmon is a device monitoring script which work... Télécharger
bibletimemini(sfnet) BibleTime Mini Mobile Bible study application, based on BibleT... Télécharger
cxref(freshmeat) Cxref Cxref is a program that will produce documentat... Télécharger
viewgit(freshmeat) viewgit ViewGit is a git Web repository viewer that aim... Télécharger
skyrimbehavior(sfnet) skyrim behavior file editor a tool to modify skyrim behavior files in xml ... Télécharger
endeavour-software-project-man(freshmeat) Endeavour Agile ALM Endeavour Agile ALM is a rich Web-based solutio... Télécharger
personal-calendar(freshmeat) Wolf Software Personal Calendar Personal Calendar is a lightweight calendar/eve... Télécharger
ginac(freshmeat) GiNaC GiNaC (GiNaC is Not a CAS (Computer Algebra Sys... Télécharger
emount(freshmeat) eMount eMount is a free system administrator tool that... Télécharger
jsmatep(freshmeat) jSmaTeP jSmaTeP assists in the use of Java for processi... Télécharger
python-fontconfig(freshmeat) Python-Fontconfig Python-Fontconfig is a Python wrapper around th... Télécharger
inksyntax(freshmeat) InkSyntax InkSyntax is a source code syntax highlighter p... Télécharger
nutlcd(freshmeat) nutLCD nutLCD is a client for LCDproc which displays i... Télécharger
sea-defender(freshmeat) Sea Defender Sea Defender is a simple "Missile command&... Télécharger
lemmings(freshmeat) L++ L++ is a multiplayer Lemmings remake which lets... Télécharger
procmeter3(freshmeat) ProcMeter3 ProcMeter3 is a program for monitoring the syst... Télécharger
mgo(sfnet) mgo Play Go on your java enabled mobile phone (or P... Télécharger
jquerypidcrypt(freshmeat) jQuery.pidCrypt jQuery.pidCrypt uses HTML5 localStorage or sess... Télécharger
freedos-32(sfnet) FreeDOS-32 Real-time, modular, microkernel-based operating... Télécharger
dejavu(sfnet) DejaVu fonts The DejaVu fonts are a font family based on the... Télécharger
gestioip(sfnet) GestioIP IPAM - IP address management An automated, Web based IP address management (... Télécharger
wwwoffle(freshmeat) WWWOFFLE The WWWOFFLE programs simplify World Wide Web b... Télécharger
htop(sfnet) htop htop is an interactive text-mode process viewer... Télécharger
perlmingw(sfnet) Citrus GCC (mingw-w64) for Perl Bundled gcc compiler and tools for Perl on MS W... Télécharger
buck-security(freshmeat) buck-security Buck-Security is a security scanner for Debian ... Télécharger
xgrk(freshmeat) xgrk xgrk provides the possibility to change keyboar... Télécharger
config-model-tkui(freshmeat) Config::Model::TkUI Config::Model::TkUI provides a graphical interf... Télécharger
slitaz-gnulinux(freshmeat) SliTaz SliTaz is an operating system that provides a f... Télécharger
ghcn-processor(freshmeat) GHCN Processor GHCN Processor is a command-line tool that read... Télécharger
purecaptcha(freshmeat) PureCaptcha PureCaptcha is a simple, powerful, and customiz... Télécharger
apphp-treemenu(freshmeat) ApPHP TreeMenu The ApPHP TreeMenu is a PHP script that generat... Télécharger
config-model-itself(freshmeat) Config::Model::Itself Config::Model::Itself provides a configuration ... Télécharger
clothing-editor(freshmeat) Clothing Editor The clothing editor (ClothEd) is a program for ... Télécharger
wxservdisc(freshmeat) wxServDisc wxServDisc is a simple-to-use C++ class to faci... Télécharger
siages(sfnet) siages Sistema Aberto de Gestão Empresarial Télécharger
dragora-ardi-system(freshmeat) Dragora Dragora is a reliable GNU/Linux distribution ba... Télécharger
xbomb(freshmeat) XBomb XBomb is a minesweeper game with a choice of th... Télécharger
usbms(sfnet) usbms This project is based on usbfs and extends the ... Télécharger
hang-the-dj(freshmeat) Hang The DJ Hang The DJ is a music server and set of player... Télécharger
bacnet(freshmeat) BACnet BACnet is an implementation of the BACnet (Buil... Télécharger
visualboyadvance-link(freshmeat) VisualBoyAdvance Link VisualBoyAdvance Link is a system and GUI that ... Télécharger

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