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sumaproject(sfnet) sumaproject SUMA aims to develop a system integrating e-lea... Télécharger
xito(sfnet) Xito The Xito Project provides an extensible executi... Télécharger
snmpd-pyagentx(freshmeat) snmpd-pyagentx snmpd-pyagentx provides Python3 bindings for Ag... Télécharger
search-and-rescue(freshmeat) Search and Rescue Search and Rescue is a 3D flight simulator in w... Télécharger
cloudusb(freshmeat) CloudUSB CloudUSB is an OS package that is intended to b... Télécharger
ik(freshmeat) Install Kernel Install Kernel (ik) is a bash script that insta... Télécharger
qtidy(freshmeat) libQTidy libQTidy is a library and some helper programs ... Télécharger
icalendar-validator(freshmeat) ICalendar Validator ICalendar Validator checks the encoding and str... Télécharger
libdrizzle(freshmeat) libdrizzle libdrizzle is the client and protocol library f... Télécharger
opendds(freshmeat) OpenDDS OpenDDS is a C++ implementation of the Object M... Télécharger
libnids(freshmeat) libnids Libnids is a library that provides the function... Télécharger
jviewerlite(sfnet) jviewerlite Server-client apps that can access DCM4CHEE Dic... Télécharger
eclipsecolorer(sfnet) Eclipse profiler plugin Eclipse profiler - plugin for profiling Java ap... Télécharger
cubridcluster(sfnet) CUBRID Cluster See http://www.cubrid.org/cluster. CUBRID Clust... Télécharger
wakasi-eclipse(sfnet) The Wakasi.Net Eclipse GUI Icon library The Wakasi library contains 3239 icon files (30... Télécharger
vlcinterlacedhs(sfnet) VLC HSBS to interlaced 3D plugin This is a video output plugin for VLC and Windo... Télécharger
emr3(sfnet) Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge is a first-person ... Télécharger
perl-depends(freshmeat) Perl Depends perl-depends is a tool that roughly determines ... Télécharger
writeonly(freshmeat) WriteOnly WriteOnly is a text editor for fiction writers.... Télécharger
javascript-preprocessor(freshmeat) Javascript Preprocessor JSPP (Javascript Preprocessor) is a pre-compile... Télécharger
ini-file-manager(freshmeat) Ini file manager Ini file manager is an Ada package for parsing ... Télécharger
flexive(freshmeat) [fleXive] [fleXive] is a Java EE 5 content repository aim... Télécharger
memonaut(freshmeat) Memonaut Memonaut is a notebook application with brainst... Télécharger
flexive-cms(freshmeat) [fleXive] CMS [fleXive] CMS is a Java EE content management s... Télécharger
libdbi(freshmeat) Database Independent Abstraction Layer for C libdbi implements a database-independent abstr... Télécharger
ledger-smb(freshmeat) LedgerSMB LedgerSMB is a fork of SQL-Ledger that seeks to... Télécharger
popmail(freshmeat) POPMail POPMail is a POP3 email checker and spam-eraser... Télécharger
i-metrics-cms(freshmeat) I-Metrics CMS I-Metrics CMS is a complete Web content managem... Télécharger
ooolib(sfnet) OpenOffice.org Utility Library OpenOffice.org Utility Library modules for crea... Télécharger
hev(sfnet) hev The HeV project offers an open source solution ... Télécharger
tp-cobol-debugg(sfnet) tp-cobol-debugg A cobol debugger for OpenCobol written in OpenC... Télécharger
netstats(sfnet) netstats Net Statistics is a network monitoring tool. Wa... Télécharger
openl-tablets(sfnet) OpenL Tablets OpenL Tablets is a business rules management sy... Télécharger
matio(sfnet) MAT File I/O Library matio is an C library for reading and writing M... Télécharger
madmap(sfnet) Madmap Madmap is a tool to help analyze java heap dump... Télécharger
testegilberto(sfnet) testegilberto Teste Teste Teste Teste Teste Teste Teste Teste Télécharger
cttl(freshmeat) Common Text Transformation Library Common Text Transformation Library is a library... Télécharger
hsh-2(freshmeat) hsh hsh is a command-line driven user interface to ... Télécharger
htmlc(freshmeat) htmlc htmlc is a utility for transforming HTML-4.01-s... Télécharger
lifstat(freshmeat) lifstat lifstat is a small Linux utility that reads /p... Télécharger
libmmail(freshmeat) libmmail libmmail and mmail are minimal software for par... Télécharger
libmutf8(freshmeat) libmutf8 libmutf8 and mutf8 are minimal C systems for ve... Télécharger
devclient(freshmeat) DevClient DevClient is a highly customizable MUD client d... Télécharger
nufirewall(freshmeat) NuFirewall NuFirewall is a Linux based firewall distributi... Télécharger
fitlibrary(sfnet) FitLibrary FitLibrary provides general-purpose fixtures (a... Télécharger
jcop(sfnet) Java Combinatorial Optimization Platform Java Combinatorial Optimization Platform is use... Télécharger
mywmslos(sfnet) myWMS: Warehouse Management System myWMS LOS is a professional open source Warehou... Télécharger
lunchbox-window-manager-beta(freshmeat) Lunchbox Lunchbox is a dynamic tiling window manager for... Télécharger
skipfish(freshmeat) skipfish skipfish is a high-performance, easy, and sophi... Télécharger
transcoder-audio-edition(freshmeat) Transcoder Audio Edition Transcoder Audio Edition is an audio converter ... Télécharger
edma(freshmeat) EDMA GNU EDMA is an open and modular development env... Télécharger
pyxser(freshmeat) pyxser pyxser (Python XML Serialization) is a Python o... Télécharger
rinpy(sfnet) rinpy A light-weight Python package for facilitating ... Télécharger
amos(sfnet) AMOS AMOS is a collection of tools and class interfa... Télécharger
final-page(freshmeat) Final Page Final Page is a document post production tool f... Télécharger
commit-patch(freshmeat) commit-patch commit-patch allows the user to control exactly... Télécharger
rsense(freshmeat) RSense RSense is a set of development tools for Ruby. ... Télécharger
keyvalue(freshmeat) KeyValue KeyValue is a cross-platform library for making... Télécharger
ng-pod(freshmeat) Photo of the Day Photo of the Day is an application to download ... Télécharger
chilonparser(freshmeat) chilon::parser chilon::parser provides an extended PEG-like la... Télécharger
mikroconf(freshmeat) MikroConf MikroConf is a command line administration inte... Télécharger
django-weave(freshmeat) django-weave django-weave is a Firefox Weave server. Weave i... Télécharger
clickframework(freshmeat) Apache Click Apache Click is a modern JEE Web application fr... Télécharger
desktopcalendar(sfnet) Desktop Calendar Desktop Calendar is a simple calendar for the w... Télécharger
c64-networkorg(freshmeat) c64-network.org c64-network.org is a networked version of the F... Télécharger
jumicycling(freshmeat) JuMiCycling JuMiCycling is a PHP/MySQL based cycling statis... Télécharger
ciwiki(freshmeat) CiWiki CiWiki is a lightweight and easy-to-use persona... Télécharger
elfinder(freshmeat) elFinder elFinder is a Web-based file manager that was i... Télécharger
niue-lang(freshmeat) niue-lang Niue is an expressive, lightweight, embeddable ... Télécharger
seam-perf4j(freshmeat) Seam-Perf4j Seam-Perf4j is an add-on package for Seam Frame... Télécharger
elcin(freshmeat) Elcin The Elcin toolkit provides for the design and l... Télécharger
whatweb(freshmeat) WhatWeb WhatWeb identifies Websites. Its goal is to ans... Télécharger
sight-2(freshmeat) Sight Sight is a Java Web framework built on top of J... Télécharger
json-rpc(freshmeat) json-rpc json-httpd is a library that provides a Web ser... Télécharger
eukleides(freshmeat) Eukleides Eukleides is a computer language devoted to ele... Télécharger
pekavau(sfnet) PeKaVau Walther's PeKaVau is a utility to enable German... Télécharger
opentzt(sfnet) OpenTZT OpenTZT is a realtime video mixing and effect s... Télécharger
openjcvm(sfnet) Another Open JavaCard Virtual Machine A open source java card virtual machine impleme... Télécharger
vm(freshmeat) VM VM is a mail reader written in Emacs LISP for G... Télécharger
dbox2-client(freshmeat) DBox2-Client DBox2-Client is a collection of Perl modules th... Télécharger
rrdtool(freshmeat) RRDtool RRDtool (Round Robin Database Tool) is time-ser... Télécharger
blogilo(freshmeat) Blogilo Blogilo is a blogging client focused on simplic... Télécharger
nevede(freshmeat) Nevede Nevede is a Web application to schedule events ... Télécharger
dvipng(freshmeat) dvipng dvipng makes PNG or GIF graphics from DVI files... Télécharger
tinyserial-2(freshmeat) Tinyserial The Tinyserial library is a space-saving altern... Télécharger
system-call-virtualisation-lay(freshmeat) System Call Virtualisation Layer SVL (System Call Virtualisation Layer) is a C++... Télécharger
watchdog(freshmeat) watchdog The Linux kernel can reset the system if seri... Télécharger
xmms(freshmeat) XMMS XMMS is a multimedia player based on the look o... Télécharger
mbox2imap(freshmeat) mbox2imap mbox2imap is a tool to migrate mailbox formatte... Télécharger
syllable(sfnet) Syllable Desktop operating system Syllable Desktop is a complete operating system... Télécharger
neap(freshmeat) neap neap is a pager that runs in the notification a... Télécharger
garlic(sfnet) garlic Building blocks, small demo apps, and pieces of... Télécharger
urlcrazy(freshmeat) URLCrazy URLCrazy checks for mistyped domain names of we... Télécharger
tcui(sfnet) tcui TCUI is a Graphical User Interface for mobile d... Télécharger
pianohero(sfnet) Piano Game This is a very early version of what eventually... Télécharger
ext2read(sfnet) Ext2Read Ext2Read is an explorer like utility to explore... Télécharger
psybnc(sfnet) psyBNC psyBNC is an easy-to-use, multi-user, permanent... Télécharger
bgz(freshmeat) bgz bgz is a console based issue tracker that uses ... Télécharger
perl-dyndns(freshmeat) Perl Dynamic DNS (DDNS) Update Client Perl-dyndns is project to provide a cross-platf... Télécharger
ddir(freshmeat) ddir ddir displays an indented directory tree using ... Télécharger

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