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wz-mle(sfnet) Magic Lantern Magic Lantern is a framework for developing mul... Télécharger
braille-converter(freshmeat) braille-converter braille-converter converts English text to Brai... Télécharger
ancestra(sfnet) Ancestra .................................................. Télécharger
openquestions(freshmeat) OpenQuestions OpenQuestions is a Web application that lets yo... Télécharger
recluse(freshmeat) recluse recluse is a cluster setup and management syste... Télécharger
openvpn-monitor(freshmeat) OpenVPN-Monitor OpenVPN-Monitor is a simple program to generate... Télécharger
aida(freshmeat) aida The Aida project is two-fold: it defines a simp... Télécharger
karaage(freshmeat) karaage Karaage is a cluster account management tool. I... Télécharger
dalyfueuchre(sfnet) Euchre Euchre!!! It's a game!!!! Télécharger
mbse4md(sfnet) MBSE for MagicDraw Support for more productive Model Based Systems... Télécharger
freetable(freshmeat) FreeTable FreeTable is a cloud database service that allo... Télécharger
blackhole(freshmeat) BlackHole BlackHole is an data de-duplicating network blo... Télécharger
wilsontechnology(freshmeat) WilsonTechnology Flash Applications WilsonTechnology Flash Applications is a collec... Télécharger
simsearch(freshmeat) SimSearch SimSearch is an implementation of Bayesian Sets... Télécharger
the-quantumchange-component-ma(freshmeat) The QuantumChange Component Management System The QuantumChange Component Management System i... Télécharger
mecs(sfnet) mecanica de suelos Laboratorios de mecanica de suelos, ejercicios,... Télécharger
pocket-monsuta(sfnet) pocket-monsuta Pocket monsuta is a project picking up where po... Télécharger
lcmc(sfnet) LCMC Linux Cluster Management Console (LCMC) is a GU... Télécharger
jsyncmanager(sfnet) The jSyncManager Project The jSyncManager is a Open Source, Java impleme... Télécharger
mlt(sfnet) MLT Multimedia Framework A multimedia authoring and processing framework... Télécharger
wnframework(freshmeat) wnframework wnframework is a Web application framework. It ... Télécharger
emotionml(freshmeat) emotionML emotionML is an attempt to create/generate the ... Télécharger
nwsystest(freshmeat) nwsystest nwsystest is a simple tool to help test full so... Télécharger
rangy(freshmeat) Rangy Rangy is a cross-browser JavaScript range and s... Télécharger
markdown-taglib(freshmeat) Markdown taglib Markdown is a lightweight markup language. It a... Télécharger
openavitogif(freshmeat) openAviToGif openAviToGif is a simple app that converts vide... Télécharger
jmatrices(sfnet) Java Matrix Library A thoughtfully designed Java library for dealin... Télécharger
mikmod(sfnet) Mikmod Sound System Mikmod is a module player and library supportin... Télécharger
phpmysqladmin(sfnet) phpmysqladmin This network application allow you to manage a ... Télécharger
wordpresscom(sfnet) WordPress - Themes, Plugins & more! Your source for WordPress, WordPress themes, an... Télécharger
free123(sfnet) FREE http://sourceforge.net/projects/ Télécharger
freewpc(sfnet) FreeWPC FreeWPC is a software framework for writing new... Télécharger
dswm(freshmeat) DSWM DSWM (Deep Space Window Manager) is a tiling ke... Télécharger
relevation(freshmeat) Relevation Relevation is a command-line interface to retri... Télécharger
vanda-project(freshmeat) Vanda Project Vanda Project is a Web development platfrom bas... Télécharger
qtunes(freshmeat) qTunes qTunes is a modular music player designed to be... Télécharger
mingwbundle(sfnet) MinGW-MSYS Bundle MinGW-MSYS Bundle is an unified single installe... Télécharger
qrreader(sfnet) qrreader QR Reader made by elite Télécharger
wartactical(freshmeat) WarTactical WarTactical is a wargame in which each screen p... Télécharger
checkrom(sfnet) CheckROM Check ROM is all about releasing reliable and s... Télécharger
elyxer(freshmeat) eLyXer eLyXer (pronounced elixir) is a LyX to HTML con... Télécharger
angels-destiny(freshmeat) Angel's Destiny Angel's Destiny is a Final Fantasy 2 clone with... Télécharger
wave2mid(sfnet) Audio to midi converter Audio a Midi bajo octave. Solo soporta wav, per... Télécharger
cgupnpjava(sfnet) CyberLink for Java CyberLink for Java is a development package for... Télécharger
fengoffice(freshmeat) FengOffice Feng Office (formerly known as OpenGoo) is a We... Télécharger
transitiv-nagios-plugins(freshmeat) transitiv-nagios-plugins transitiv-nagios-plugins is a collection of use... Télécharger
cubizcraft(sfnet) CubizCraft We are making new SMP software that going to be... Télécharger
nexusoneandroid(sfnet) nexusoneandroid Mod Android para el dispositivo Google Nexus ONE Télécharger
avenzoar(sfnet) Avenzoar Digital Pathology Tool Avenzoar is a one-year exploration of renal cel... Télécharger
pyramidworkshop(sfnet) Pyramid Workshop PyramidWorkshop is an image-compression System ... Télécharger
openjade(sfnet) OpenJade An implementation of DSSSL, a style language to... Télécharger
yvetteml(freshmeat) YvetteML YML is a research project that aims to provide ... Télécharger
i-only-think(freshmeat) I Only Think I Only Think (IOT) is a brain-computer interfac... Télécharger
profdepanne(freshmeat) ProfDepanne ProfDepanne is a program to help computer users... Télécharger
rsyslog-zeromq(freshmeat) rsyslog-zeromq rsyslog-zeromq is a module that allows rsyslog ... Télécharger
tmsnetserver(sfnet) tmsnetserver TMSNetServer is a TAP (Topfield Application Pro... Télécharger
moproc(sfnet) Monopoly Probability Calculator Monopoly Probability Calculator calculates the ... Télécharger
jkashbey(sfnet) jkashbey Freelance website for James Karsberg Télécharger
moin(freshmeat) MoinMoin A WikiWikiWeb is a collaborative hypertext envi... Télécharger
dxgettext(sfnet) GNU Gettext for Delphi and C++ Builder GNU GetText translation tools for Borland Delph... Télécharger
opensmtpd(freshmeat) OpenSMTPD OpenSMTPD is an RFC compliant, secure, and simp... Télécharger
ap(freshmeat) ap ap is a program that helps regular users to org... Télécharger
hydrajs(freshmeat) Hydra.js Hydra.js is a JavaScript development library th... Télécharger
freedebks(freshmeat) FreeDebks FreeDebks (Free Double Entry Bookkeeping System... Télécharger
joesbootdisk(sfnet) joesbootdisk A JBD is a bootable CD that, in turn, boots a S... Télécharger
opentreemap(freshmeat) OpenTreeMap OpenTreeMap is software for collaborative, geog... Télécharger
myjcomponents(sfnet) My Joomla Components My Joomla Components is a set of lightweight, e... Télécharger
hostsprefpane(freshmeat) Hosts.prefpane Hosts.prefpane adds a preference pane to your s... Télécharger
cinux(freshmeat) Cinux Cinux is a Linux distribution that can be used ... Télécharger
foobillardplus(freshmeat) Foobillard++ FooBillard++ is a 3D billiard game for Linux. I... Télécharger
pyramid(freshmeat) Pyramid Pyramid is a small, powerful, and flexible set ... Télécharger
nincapluginproj(sfnet) Ninca Plugin Proj Wordpress Plugin by Ninca Development team Télécharger
netcurl(freshmeat) Net::Curl Net::Curl provides a Perl interface to libcurl.... Télécharger
hashchecker(sfnet) HashChecker Small application which can help you to verify ... Télécharger
maatapv1(sfnet) Maatap V1 Maatap Remote control v1 Télécharger
simpcalculator(sfnet) SimpCalculator This project is being build to provide a simple... Télécharger
freestdf(sfnet) STDF Solutions To provide free solutions for the manipulation ... Télécharger
icmnetflixinsta(sfnet) icmnetflixinsta Gets a list of the user's unchecked movies from... Télécharger
texasholdemcalc(sfnet) Texas Holdem Calculator A simple Texas Holdem calculator for Windows Mo... Télécharger
ggi(sfnet) General Graphics Interface GGI stands for "General Graphics Interface... Télécharger
murix(sfnet) MURIX Linux A Linux distribution based in developer version... Télécharger
svnflash-standalone(freshmeat) DocMiner for Subversion DocMiner is a Web client component for browsing... Télécharger
rssowl(freshmeat) RSSOwl RSSOwl is a wise SWT-based news aggregator. Its... Télécharger
alertme(freshmeat) AlertMe AlertMe is a script that can send custom notifi... Télécharger
dyaml(freshmeat) D:YAML D:YAML is a YAML parser library for the D progr... Télécharger
bokken(freshmeat) Bokken Bokken is a GUI for the Pyew and Radare2 projec... Télécharger
segymat(sfnet) SegyMAT SegyMAT is a set of Matlab/Octave m-files to re... Télécharger
dfnterminplaner(sfnet) DFN Terminplaner Die Software des DFN-Terminplaners. Basis ist d... Télécharger
loeihosxp(sfnet) loeihosxp update HOSxP-PCU จังหวัดเลย Télécharger
medigruen(sfnet) medigruen Magazin Online pentru suplim naturale Télécharger
alore(freshmeat) Alore Alore is an object-oriented programming languag... Télécharger
colubris(freshmeat) Colubris Colubris helps small creative teams track proj... Télécharger
foglyn(freshmeat) Foglyn Foglyn is an Eclipse plugin that allows you to ... Télécharger
linterna-mgica(freshmeat) Linterna Mágica Linterna Mágica is a user script that finds Fla... Télécharger
scriptwidgets(sfnet) scriptwidgets Another object oriented user interface library ... Télécharger
ps3-cfw(sfnet) ps3-cfw Ps3-Cfw Télécharger
halttimer(freshmeat) halttimer halttimer waits for LIRC events or SIGUSR1 and ... Télécharger
fuzzy-sql(sfnet) FuzzySQL Fuzzy build-up on posgresql database with clien... Télécharger
perldaemon(freshmeat) PerlDaemon PerlDaemon is a minimal Unix daemon framework. ... Télécharger
stormons(sfnet) Stormons Stormons is a powerful mapping and monitoring o... Télécharger

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