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inksyntax(freshmeat) InkSyntax InkSyntax is a source code syntax highlighter p... Télécharger
nutlcd(freshmeat) nutLCD nutLCD is a client for LCDproc which displays i... Télécharger
sea-defender(freshmeat) Sea Defender Sea Defender is a simple "Missile command&... Télécharger
lemmings(freshmeat) L++ L++ is a multiplayer Lemmings remake which lets... Télécharger
procmeter3(freshmeat) ProcMeter3 ProcMeter3 is a program for monitoring the syst... Télécharger
mgo(sfnet) mgo Play Go on your java enabled mobile phone (or P... Télécharger
jquerypidcrypt(freshmeat) jQuery.pidCrypt jQuery.pidCrypt uses HTML5 localStorage or sess... Télécharger
freedos-32(sfnet) FreeDOS-32 Real-time, modular, microkernel-based operating... Télécharger
dejavu(sfnet) DejaVu fonts The DejaVu fonts are a font family based on the... Télécharger
gestioip(sfnet) GestioIP IPAM - IP address management An automated, Web based IP address management (... Télécharger
wwwoffle(freshmeat) WWWOFFLE The WWWOFFLE programs simplify World Wide Web b... Télécharger
htop(sfnet) htop htop is an interactive text-mode process viewer... Télécharger
perlmingw(sfnet) Citrus GCC (mingw-w64) for Perl Bundled gcc compiler and tools for Perl on MS W... Télécharger
buck-security(freshmeat) buck-security Buck-Security is a security scanner for Debian ... Télécharger
xgrk(freshmeat) xgrk xgrk provides the possibility to change keyboar... Télécharger
config-model-tkui(freshmeat) Config::Model::TkUI Config::Model::TkUI provides a graphical interf... Télécharger
slitaz-gnulinux(freshmeat) SliTaz SliTaz is an operating system that provides a f... Télécharger
ghcn-processor(freshmeat) GHCN Processor GHCN Processor is a command-line tool that read... Télécharger
purecaptcha(freshmeat) PureCaptcha PureCaptcha is a simple, powerful, and customiz... Télécharger
apphp-treemenu(freshmeat) ApPHP TreeMenu The ApPHP TreeMenu is a PHP script that generat... Télécharger
config-model-itself(freshmeat) Config::Model::Itself Config::Model::Itself provides a configuration ... Télécharger
clothing-editor(freshmeat) Clothing Editor The clothing editor (ClothEd) is a program for ... Télécharger
wxservdisc(freshmeat) wxServDisc wxServDisc is a simple-to-use C++ class to faci... Télécharger
siages(sfnet) siages Sistema Aberto de Gestão Empresarial Télécharger
dragora-ardi-system(freshmeat) Dragora Dragora is a reliable GNU/Linux distribution ba... Télécharger
xbomb(freshmeat) XBomb XBomb is a minesweeper game with a choice of th... Télécharger
usbms(sfnet) usbms This project is based on usbfs and extends the ... Télécharger
hang-the-dj(freshmeat) Hang The DJ Hang The DJ is a music server and set of player... Télécharger
bacnet(freshmeat) BACnet BACnet is an implementation of the BACnet (Buil... Télécharger
visualboyadvance-link(freshmeat) VisualBoyAdvance Link VisualBoyAdvance Link is a system and GUI that ... Télécharger
clive(freshmeat) clive clive is a command line utility for extracting ... Télécharger
svmradiusmargin(sfnet) svmradiusmargin Matlab code for the novel algorithms presented ... Télécharger
tiled(freshmeat) Tiled Tiled is a general purpose tile map editor. It'... Télécharger
jwim(freshmeat) jwim JWIM is a JavaScript window manager that allows... Télécharger
akismet(freshmeat) Akismet helper Akismet helper helps you to interact with an Ak... Télécharger
exportspreadsheets(freshmeat) ExportSpreadsheets ExportSpreadsheets is a class that can be used ... Télécharger
multivnc(freshmeat) MultiVNC MultiVNC is a cross-platform, Multicast-enabled... Télécharger
umph(freshmeat) umph umph is a command line tool for parsing video l... Télécharger
fontmonk(freshmeat) Fontmonk Fontmonk is a PyGTK-based interface to FontForg... Télécharger
portslave(freshmeat) Portslave Portslave is a RADIUS client that acts as a Get... Télécharger
batrachians(freshmeat) Batrachians Batrachians is a game where you control a frog.... Télécharger
burgerspace(freshmeat) BurgerSpace BurgerSpace is a game in which you are a chef, ... Télécharger
madal(freshmeat) MADAL MADAL is an AJAX based database access layer fo... Télécharger
gnometerminator(freshmeat) GNOME Terminator Terminator is an application that provides lots... Télécharger
rsound(freshmeat) RSound RSound is a simplistic and lightweight framewor... Télécharger
dspace(freshmeat) DSpace DSpace is a digital asset management system tha... Télécharger
osmo(freshmeat) Osmo Osmo is a handy personal organizer which includ... Télécharger
openttd(freshmeat) OpenTTD OpenTTD is a clone of the Microprose game "... Télécharger
sta2x11(sfnet) sta2x11 STA2X11 ConneXt I/O Hub Linux device drivers Télécharger
jch-optimize(sfnet) JCH Optimize PLEASE NOTE: We have discontinued distribution ... Télécharger
djvubookmarker(sfnet) Pdf & DjVu Bookmarker Pdf & Djvu Bookmarker is a powerful tool to... Télécharger
phpwebsite(sfnet) phpWebSite Content Management System Developed by the Web Technology Group at Appala... Télécharger
solowiki(sfnet) SoloWiki editor A stand-alone editor using Mediawiki markup lan... Télécharger
csid3lib(sfnet) C# ID3 Library Library to perform read/write of ID3 tags in MP... Télécharger
largefileviewer(freshmeat) LargeFileViewer LargeFileViewer can display very large text files. Télécharger
bart(freshmeat) Bart Bart is a puzzle-style game. In a maze, there i... Télécharger
axisemc(freshmeat) AXIS AXIS is a user interface for EMC2 (systems for ... Télécharger
jaqlib(freshmeat) JaQLib JaqLib is a compact Java library that supports ... Télécharger
svnhg(freshmeat) SvnHg SvnHg is a command-line tool to convert from a ... Télécharger
nacturnalonline(sfnet) nacturnalonline Nacturnal Online Gaming Télécharger
fluidsynth(sfnet) FluidSynth A real-time software synthesizer based on the S... Télécharger
flexible-localization(freshmeat) Flexible Localization Flexible Localization is a .NET/Mono library fo... Télécharger
openelm(sfnet) openelm Car OBD (OBDII)diagnostic tool for ELM devices... Télécharger
sc4dbpf4j(sfnet) sc4dbpf4j This Java package handles DBPF files which are ... Télécharger
launchy(sfnet) Launchy Launchy is a free utility designed to help you ... Télécharger
lessfs(sfnet) lessfs - data deduplication for less Lessfs is an userspace (fuse) inline data de-du... Télécharger
maildirs(freshmeat) maildirs maildirs is a program that reports the existenc... Télécharger
pdirl(freshmeat) pdirl pdirl (PHP Directory Listing) is a tiny directo... Télécharger
tomatocms(freshmeat) TomatoCMS TomatoCMS is a powerful content management syst... Télécharger
membrane-monitor(freshmeat) Membrane SOAP/HTTP Monitor Membrane Monitor is a tool to capture, display,... Télécharger
minipush(freshmeat) minipush minipush is a RESTful Comet server that does no... Télécharger
sympa(freshmeat) Sympa Sympa is a scalable and highly customizable mai... Télécharger
sappeur-compiler(freshmeat) Sappeur Compiler Sappeur is a safe and efficient programming lan... Télécharger
xrdl(freshmeat) XRDL XRDL is a language and tools for automatic clie... Télécharger
cvision(freshmeat) Cognitive Vision The main goal of the Cognitive Vision project i... Télécharger
notepadapp(freshmeat) Notepad.app A simple text editor with tabs on GNUstep. Télécharger
gold-chest(freshmeat) Gold Chest Gold Chest is a game engine inspired by the old... Télécharger
orabbix(freshmeat) orabbix Orabbix is a plugin designed to work with Zabbi... Télécharger
pytoexe(sfnet) PyToEXE Python 2.x with py2exe module is creating Windo... Télécharger
tochnog(sfnet) Tochnog Finite Element Analysis Explicit/Impicit Finite Element Program with li... Télécharger
httpanalyzer(sfnet) httpanalyzer It's a tool for testing HTTP servers and Web ap... Télécharger
phpstrategygame(sfnet) php strategy game engine This is an engine for creating a php browser ga... Télécharger
win32libex(sfnet) Win32 Library for Euphoria A Windows32 wrapper library for Euphoria develo... Télécharger
x264vfw(sfnet) x264vfw x264vfw is the VfW (Video for Windows) version ... Télécharger
anallogica(freshmeat) AnallogicA AnallogicA is an application that generates log... Télécharger
aa-project(sfnet) AA project AA means Ascii Art - the AAlib (ascii art GFX l... Télécharger
eric4(freshmeat) eric4 Eric4 is a Python IDE written using PyQt4 and Q... Télécharger
vboxmanage-lite(freshmeat) VBoxManage Lite VBoxManage Lite is a wrapper script around Virt... Télécharger
jmscategory(freshmeat) JmsCategory JmsCategory is a Groovy extension for the Java ... Télécharger
scaraos(freshmeat) ScaraOS ScaraOS is a 32-bit, multiboot-compliant, monol... Télécharger
mobile-code-os(freshmeat) Utopia Utopia (formerly, Mobile Code OS) is an operati... Télécharger
hailo(freshmeat) Hailo Hailo is a fast and lightweight markov engine i... Télécharger
jquery4php(sfnet) jquery4php jQuery4PHP ( jQuery for PHP ) is a PHP 5 librar... Télécharger
rpg-next-gen-editor(freshmeat) RPG Next Gen Editor RPG Next Gen Editor is a lightweight RPG editor... Télécharger
ranger(freshmeat) Ranger Ranger is a file manager with an ncurses interf... Télécharger
sermyadmin(sfnet) SerMyAdmin I'm sad to say that, unfortunately, the serMyAd... Télécharger
utopiadistro(sfnet) GNU/Linux Utopia Distribución GNU/Linux basada en Slackware. Es ... Télécharger
gmodos(sfnet) GMOD/OS This is the home page for the GMOD OS project m... Télécharger
yamdi(sfnet) Yet Another Metadata Injector for FLV yamdi is a metadata injector for FLV files Télécharger
orion-ssh2(sfnet) Orion SSH2 Please use https://code.google.com/p/ganymed-ss... Télécharger

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