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memoverse(freshmeat) MemoVerse MemoVerse is a tool that helps you memorize Bib... Télécharger
blackberry-rta(freshmeat) BlackBerry RTA BlackBerry RTA is software for performing real ... Télécharger
lximedia(sfnet) LXiMedia A DLNA compatible, fully transcoding, media ser... Télécharger
kinect-mex(sfnet) Kinect for MATLAB This is a collection of MEX(Matlab EXecutable) ... Télécharger
ghostmod(sfnet) ghost++mod privat Télécharger
wallbait(sfnet) wallbait WallBait - GhostAttila Metin 2 Projekt WallBait... Télécharger
bewareserv(sfnet) beware IRC services P10 protocol IRC services, simple, scalable, fo... Télécharger
phipchanger(sfnet) PH IP Changer Phenomy IP CHANGER - Télécharger
pithframework(sfnet) Pith PHP Framework The Pith PHP Framework is a web application fra... Télécharger
aperture(sfnet) Aperture Aperture is a Java framework for extracting and... Télécharger
emacs233pet(sfnet) Emacs-23.3.pet This is GNU/emacs, for the puppy linux distribu... Télécharger
neko(sfnet) Neko Project II for Dreamcast Dreamcast port of the Neko Project II PC-9801 e... Télécharger
packetnet(sfnet) Packet.Net High performance .Net assembly for dissecting a... Télécharger
vlock(freshmeat) vlock vlock is a program to lock one or more sessions... Télécharger
dnp-script(freshmeat) DNP Script DNP Script is a domain portfolio script. Télécharger
bugs20(sfnet) bugs2.0 A bug tracker implement in Rails and tailored f... Télécharger
everme(freshmeat) Evermeet In Evermeet, you take a rogue upon a quest thro... Télécharger
qsapecng(freshmeat) QSapecNG QSapecNG (Symbolic Analysis Program for Electri... Télécharger
rules2mrtg(freshmeat) rules2mrtg rules2mrtg is a tool that creates MRTG data tra... Télécharger
mee5(freshmeat) Mee5 Mee5 is a set of runtime bindings for the See5 ... Télécharger
sigmavpn(freshmeat) SigmaVPN SigmaVPN is very light-weight VPN software allo... Télécharger
cudajpegdecoder(sfnet) Cuda Jpeg Decoder it decodes jpeg file in gpu with cuda and maps ... Télécharger
junkie-2(freshmeat) JunkieTheSniffer Junkie is a real-time packet sniffer and analyz... Télécharger
pygmed(freshmeat) pygmed pygmed is a simple editor for ".desktop&qu... Télécharger
discrotate(freshmeat) DiscRotate DiscRotate is a MenuItem that will control the ... Télécharger
obix(freshmeat) Obix Obix is an object-oriented, portable, open-sour... Télécharger
springsamples(sfnet) springsamples the sample of spring applications Télécharger
jakeapp(sfnet) jakeapp Collaborating on a project for ordinary people!... Télécharger
jtimechooser(sfnet) jtimechooser A Java JComponent to select the time easily by ... Télécharger
tixi(sfnet) tixi TIXI: A Library for fast and simple XML Access Télécharger
it-dashboard(sfnet) IT Dashboard The IT Dashboard is a portfolio management tool... Télécharger
anawave(sfnet) AnaWave AnaWave is a project for musicians, analyse a w... Télécharger
kchildlock(sfnet) KChildlock kchildlock restricts the time a children spends... Télécharger
gwt-highcharts(sfnet) GWT Highcharts GWT Highcharts is a freely available open sourc... Télécharger
proguard(freshmeat) ProGuard ProGuard is a shrinker, optimizer, obfuscator, ... Télécharger
litmus(freshmeat) Litmus Litmus is an integrated testcase management and... Télécharger
hal-300(freshmeat) HAL-300 HAL-300 is a system that implements asynchronou... Télécharger
tidorbc(freshmeat) TIDorb C++ TIDorb C++ is a CORBA 2.6 ORB with a high level... Télécharger
jsget(freshmeat) jsGET jsGET is a clone of the $_GET variable from PHP... Télécharger
mootools-filemanager(freshmeat) MooTools FileManager MooTools FileManager is a file manager for the ... Télécharger
gromit-mpx(freshmeat) Gromit-MPX Gromit-MPX is a multi-pointer GTK3 port of the ... Télécharger
feindura(freshmeat) feindura feindura is a flat file based content managemen... Télécharger
voynex-calculator(freshmeat) Voynex Calculator Voynex calculator is a Web browser application ... Télécharger
generatedynamic(sfnet) Generate dynamic PDF from XPF files PHP and VB6 classes for generating dynamic PDF ... Télécharger
mobilesocialnet(sfnet) Mobile Social Network MSN (Client) A peer to peer mobile social network based on J... Télécharger
easymock(sfnet) EasyMock EasyMock is a Java library that provides an eas... Télécharger
beon-astlands-ehlonnas-boon(freshmeat) Beastlands - Song of the Were Beastlands - Song of the Were is a lightweight ... Télécharger
ssset-game(freshmeat) Ssset-Game Ssset is a single-player card game where your t... Télécharger
bimserverorg(freshmeat) BIMserver.org The Building Information Model server (BIMserve... Télécharger
libeio(freshmeat) libeio Libeio is a full-featured asynchronous I/O libr... Télécharger
testpm-to-testmore-converter(freshmeat) Test.pm to Test::More Converter Test.pm to Test::More Converter is a Perl scrip... Télécharger
django-andsome(freshmeat) django-andsome django-andsome is a collection of extra bits an... Télécharger
hamfax(freshmeat) hamfax hamfax is a QT/X11 application for sending and ... Télécharger
fmrd-desktop-102(freshmeat) FMRD-Desktop FMRD-Desktop is a GUI application that facilita... Télécharger
omg-booter(sfnet) omg-booter beast booter with 111 shells Télécharger
createsim(sfnet) iRobot Create Simulator A MATLAB toolbox for simulating the movement of... Télécharger
neuroph(sfnet) Java Neural Network Framework Neuroph Neuroph is lightweight Java Neural Network Fram... Télécharger
profanity(freshmeat) Profanity Profanity is a minimalist console-based XMPP cl... Télécharger
atraco-project(freshmeat) ATRACO Project The ATRACO Project is a prototype implementatio... Télécharger
pascalscada(freshmeat) pascalscada PascalSCADA is a framework for Delphi and Lazar... Télécharger
roundup(freshmeat) Roundup Roundup is an issue-tracking system that is sim... Télécharger
decompiler(sfnet) Decompiler Decompiler reads program binaries, decompiles t... Télécharger
t3rraria(sfnet) t3rraria qweasfxgfsdfgsdrweasfgdsgsdg asdf asf asfadgsfd... Télécharger
mmodd(freshmeat) MmodD The MmodD project contains tools for the study ... Télécharger
iefmirashow(freshmeat) IEFMIRASHOW IEFMIRASHOW displays a selection of dust-type m... Télécharger
fsphinx(freshmeat) fSphinx fSphinx adds an easy way to perform faceted sea... Télécharger
jesper(freshmeat) Jesper Jesper is an ESP testing program. It tests for ... Télécharger
eric3(freshmeat) Eric Eric is a full featured Python and Ruby editor ... Télécharger
2decomp-fft(freshmeat) 2DECOMP&FFT The 2DECOMP&FFT library is a software frame... Télécharger
cband(sfnet) mod_cband mod_cband is an Apache 2 module that solves the... Télécharger
issh(sfnet) iSSH iSSH is a front-end application to the command ... Télécharger
is3(sfnet) IS3 Proyecto para la asignatura IS3 Télécharger
optorsim(sfnet) OptorSim OptorSim is a Grid simulator designed to test d... Télécharger
validate(freshmeat) Offline HTMLHelp.com Validator The Offline HTMLHelp.com Validator is an offlin... Télécharger
xcloner(freshmeat) XCloner XCloner is an application to backup and restore... Télécharger
confirm-mail(freshmeat) confirm-mail confirm-mail is an extension for Mozilla Thunde... Télécharger
strings_edit(freshmeat) Strings edit Strings edit is a library that provides I/O fac... Télécharger
fretsonfiresps(sfnet) Frets on Fire Song Packs Free song downloads for Frets on Fire, synchron... Télécharger
unluac(sfnet) unluac unluac is a decompiler for Lua 5.1. It runs on... Télécharger
munin(sfnet) Munin Master/node to gather and graph "everythin... Télécharger
kicad-portable(sfnet) kicad-portable KiCad portable edition. Télécharger
linssid(sfnet) LinSSID LinSSID is graphically and functionally similar... Télécharger
liboauth(sfnet) liboauth a POSIX-C implementation of the http://oauth.ne... Télécharger
capismetaeditor(sfnet) caps as meta editor Since uppercase letters are a small part of tex... Télécharger
libexplain(sfnet) libexplain The libexplain project provides a library which... Télécharger
lightprofiler(freshmeat) LightProfiler LightProfiler provides performance analysis of ... Télécharger
ibm-ps2-model-57-linux(freshmeat) IBM PS/2 Model 57 Linux IBM PS/2 Model 57 Linux is a small Linux distri... Télécharger
linux-mangoes(freshmeat) Linux MangOeS Linux MangOeS is, a lifestyle operating system ... Télécharger
easyphpmassemail(freshmeat) EasyPhpMassEmail EasyPhpMassEmail is a PHP class that is intende... Télécharger
fatphone(freshmeat) FatPhone FatPhone is an implementation of the iWebKit iP... Télécharger
ultimatestunts(sfnet) ultimatestunts A UNIX/Windows/Linux remake of the DOS-game &qu... Télécharger
spokepov(sfnet) SpokePOV SpokePOV is an open source persistence of visio... Télécharger
anatimer(sfnet) Anahaw Internet Cafe Timer Anahaw Internet Cafe Timer is an internet cafe ... Télécharger
pf-kernel(freshmeat) pf-kernel pf-kernel is a fork of the Linux kernel. It pr... Télécharger
partclone(freshmeat) Partclone Partclone provide utilities for backing up used... Télécharger
aime-2(freshmeat) The Aime Interpreter aime is a simple, C-like programming language a... Télécharger
libunihan(sfnet) libUnihan This project provide a normalized SQLite Unihan... Télécharger
webissues(freshmeat) WebIssues WebIssues is a multi-platform system for issue ... Télécharger
grab-downloading-flash-video(freshmeat) Grab Downloading Flash Video Grab Downloading Flash Video is a Bash script d... Télécharger
bazootftp(freshmeat) BazooTFTP BazooTFTP is a multi-threaded pipelined TFTP ho... Télécharger

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