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javawebstart(sfnet) javawebstart Тестирование java web start Télécharger
openrsm(sfnet) OpenRSM A lightweight OpenSource tool for Asset Managem... Télécharger
mpcgui(sfnet) mpcgui Media Player Classic GUI Télécharger
django-php(freshmeat) django-php django-php allows you to include PHP code direc... Télécharger
py5mon(freshmeat) py5mon py5mon is a script that decodes CCIR (selcall, ... Télécharger
lpkfuse(freshmeat) lpkfuse lpkfuse is a FUSE filesystem that lets you plac... Télécharger
iesd(freshmeat) iesd iesd is a shell based daemon that uses Linux cg... Télécharger
ambit(freshmeat) Ambit Ambit uses Bash brace expansion to expand and l... Télécharger
drivingcrm-asp(sfnet) DrivingCRM_Asp Projet développement CRM en ASP.Net 4 Télécharger
pluginkinect(sfnet) Kinect + PowerPoint Estre proyecto reconoce gestos para el control ... Télécharger
webmotion(freshmeat) WebMotion WebMotion is a Web application development fram... Télécharger
ext4tc(sfnet) ext4tc ext4tc is a file system plug-in for total comma... Télécharger
ebookme(sfnet) ebookme EBookME is Java application (GUI, console and/o... Télécharger
fuse-convmvfs(sfnet) fuse-convmvfs This is a filesystem converting file name from ... Télécharger
neww6project(sfnet) newW6Project W6 1st year Project Télécharger
kseg(sfnet) kseg Simulator of Euclidean Geometry Télécharger
wfn(sfnet) wfn Wings for NONMEM (wfn) is a set of DOS batch fi... Télécharger
dvdstyler(freshmeat) DVDstyler DVDStyler is a crossplatform GUI frontend to th... Télécharger
dc3dd(sfnet) dc3dd A patch to the GNU dd program, this version has... Télécharger
le-biniou(freshmeat) Le Biniou Le Biniou works with music, voice, ambient soun... Télécharger
sshconf(freshmeat) SSHConf SSHConf is a graphical editor for SSH configura... Télécharger
ajax-calendar(freshmeat) AJAX Calendar AJAX Calendar is a PHP class that can be used t... Télécharger
css-sprite-class(freshmeat) CSS sprite class CSS sprite class is a PHP class that can be use... Télécharger
curl-multi-sitemap(freshmeat) Curl multi sitemap Curl multi sitemap is a PHP class that can be u... Télécharger
sparql-query-builder(freshmeat) Sparql Query Builder Sparql Query Builder is a PHP class that can be... Télécharger
qr-code-generator(freshmeat) QR code generator QR code generator is a PHP class that can be us... Télécharger
music-theory(freshmeat) Music theory Music theory is a PHP class that provides a sol... Télécharger
cantus(freshmeat) Cantus Cantus is an easy to use tool for tagging and r... Télécharger
jangle(freshmeat) Jangle Jangle provides a simple graphical SNMP browser... Télécharger
cupq(freshmeat) cupQ cupQ (a.k.a. "cupQuery") is an easy-... Télécharger
dirt(freshmeat) Dirt Dirt is a multi-platform IRC proxy that adds Fi... Télécharger
pyopengl(sfnet) PyOpenGL PyOpenGL is the binding layer between Python an... Télécharger
navitor-menus(sfnet) navitor-menus navitor-menus for Lxde in Fedora for pen testers Télécharger
arthaportable(sfnet) Artha Portable Artha Portable is the open source thesaurus Art... Télécharger
andag(freshmeat) andag andag is a curses-based egg timer/stopwatch for... Télécharger
snort(freshmeat) Snort Snort is a network intrusion detection and prev... Télécharger
jqueryhandlestorage(freshmeat) jQuery.handleStorage jQuery.handleStorage provides HTML5 localStorag... Télécharger
serbianc(freshmeat) SerbianC SerbianC adds support for the Serbian language... Télécharger
bagoma(freshmeat) BaGoMa BaGoMa backs up and restores the contents of a ... Télécharger
extended-generic-pager(freshmeat) Extended Generic Pager Extended Generic Pager provides pagination of d... Télécharger
charity-linux(freshmeat) Charity Linux The purpose of Charity Linux is to provide non-... Télécharger
progettopsi(sfnet) Progetto PSI Simple .NET application for Scout management. Télécharger
qt-cloud-drive(freshmeat) QT Cloud Drive QT Cloud Drive is a cross-platform desktop appl... Télécharger
zebra_datepicker(freshmeat) Zebra_Datepicker Zebra_Datepicker is a small, compact, and highl... Télécharger
picasso(freshmeat) Picasso Picasso is a high quality vector graphic render... Télécharger
evolving-objects(freshmeat) Evolving Objects EO is a template-based, ANSI-C++ evolutionary c... Télécharger
rgicachedrowset(sfnet) rgicachedrowset A CachedRowset implementation that extends the ... Télécharger
compdeco(sfnet) Compression/Decompression A compression program and a matching decompress... Télécharger
smdh(sfnet) smdh Sistema de Monitoreo en Derechos Humanos Télécharger
jrapidrpc(freshmeat) jRapidRPC jRapidRPC is a Java RPC library that allows you... Télécharger
cookingwithgas(freshmeat) cookingwithgas cookingwithgas is a mobile Web-based recipe man... Télécharger
flickrdownload(freshmeat) FlickrDownload FlickrDownload is a program that runs from the ... Télécharger
openmobster(freshmeat) OpenMobster OpenMobster is a mobile cloud platform to integ... Télécharger
gluon-project(freshmeat) Gluon Project The Gluon project is an open framework for crea... Télécharger
openext(sfnet) OpenEXT OpenEXT is a non-fork of ExtJS. This project wi... Télécharger
wz-mle(sfnet) Magic Lantern Magic Lantern is a framework for developing mul... Télécharger
braille-converter(freshmeat) braille-converter braille-converter converts English text to Brai... Télécharger
ancestra(sfnet) Ancestra .................................................. Télécharger
openquestions(freshmeat) OpenQuestions OpenQuestions is a Web application that lets yo... Télécharger
recluse(freshmeat) recluse recluse is a cluster setup and management syste... Télécharger
openvpn-monitor(freshmeat) OpenVPN-Monitor OpenVPN-Monitor is a simple program to generate... Télécharger
aida(freshmeat) aida The Aida project is two-fold: it defines a simp... Télécharger
karaage(freshmeat) karaage Karaage is a cluster account management tool. I... Télécharger
dalyfueuchre(sfnet) Euchre Euchre!!! It's a game!!!! Télécharger
mbse4md(sfnet) MBSE for MagicDraw Support for more productive Model Based Systems... Télécharger
freetable(freshmeat) FreeTable FreeTable is a cloud database service that allo... Télécharger
blackhole(freshmeat) BlackHole BlackHole is an data de-duplicating network blo... Télécharger
wilsontechnology(freshmeat) WilsonTechnology Flash Applications WilsonTechnology Flash Applications is a collec... Télécharger
simsearch(freshmeat) SimSearch SimSearch is an implementation of Bayesian Sets... Télécharger
the-quantumchange-component-ma(freshmeat) The QuantumChange Component Management System The QuantumChange Component Management System i... Télécharger
mecs(sfnet) mecanica de suelos Laboratorios de mecanica de suelos, ejercicios,... Télécharger
pocket-monsuta(sfnet) pocket-monsuta Pocket monsuta is a project picking up where po... Télécharger
lcmc(sfnet) LCMC Linux Cluster Management Console (LCMC) is a GU... Télécharger
jsyncmanager(sfnet) The jSyncManager Project The jSyncManager is a Open Source, Java impleme... Télécharger
mlt(sfnet) MLT Multimedia Framework A multimedia authoring and processing framework... Télécharger
wnframework(freshmeat) wnframework wnframework is a Web application framework. It ... Télécharger
emotionml(freshmeat) emotionML emotionML is an attempt to create/generate the ... Télécharger
nwsystest(freshmeat) nwsystest nwsystest is a simple tool to help test full so... Télécharger
rangy(freshmeat) Rangy Rangy is a cross-browser JavaScript range and s... Télécharger
markdown-taglib(freshmeat) Markdown taglib Markdown is a lightweight markup language. It a... Télécharger
openavitogif(freshmeat) openAviToGif openAviToGif is a simple app that converts vide... Télécharger
jmatrices(sfnet) Java Matrix Library A thoughtfully designed Java library for dealin... Télécharger
mikmod(sfnet) Mikmod Sound System Mikmod is a module player and library supportin... Télécharger
phpmysqladmin(sfnet) phpmysqladmin This network application allow you to manage a ... Télécharger
wordpresscom(sfnet) WordPress - Themes, Plugins & more! Your source for WordPress, WordPress themes, an... Télécharger
free123(sfnet) FREE http://sourceforge.net/projects/ Télécharger
freewpc(sfnet) FreeWPC FreeWPC is a software framework for writing new... Télécharger
dswm(freshmeat) DSWM DSWM (Deep Space Window Manager) is a tiling ke... Télécharger
relevation(freshmeat) Relevation Relevation is a command-line interface to retri... Télécharger
vanda-project(freshmeat) Vanda Project Vanda Project is a Web development platfrom bas... Télécharger
qtunes(freshmeat) qTunes qTunes is a modular music player designed to be... Télécharger
mingwbundle(sfnet) MinGW-MSYS Bundle MinGW-MSYS Bundle is an unified single installe... Télécharger
qrreader(sfnet) qrreader QR Reader made by elite Télécharger
wartactical(freshmeat) WarTactical WarTactical is a wargame in which each screen p... Télécharger
checkrom(sfnet) CheckROM Check ROM is all about releasing reliable and s... Télécharger
elyxer(freshmeat) eLyXer eLyXer (pronounced elixir) is a LyX to HTML con... Télécharger
angels-destiny(freshmeat) Angel's Destiny Angel's Destiny is a Final Fantasy 2 clone with... Télécharger
wave2mid(sfnet) Audio to midi converter Audio a Midi bajo octave. Solo soporta wav, per... Télécharger
cgupnpjava(sfnet) CyberLink for Java CyberLink for Java is a development package for... Télécharger
fengoffice(freshmeat) FengOffice Feng Office (formerly known as OpenGoo) is a We... Télécharger

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