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mapa-da-cultura(freshmeat) Mapa da Cultura Mapa da Cultura is a interactive Web tool devel... Télécharger
java-message-translator(freshmeat) Java Message Translator Java Message Translator is a Web based i18n pro... Télécharger
silverlab(sfnet) silverlab Reserva y Gestion de laboratorios Generales de... Télécharger
python-ftn(freshmeat) python-ftn Python-ftn is an API and suite of tools for man... Télécharger
ej(freshmeat) ej ej is a very simple and lightweight viewer for ... Télécharger
dianara(freshmeat) Dianara Dianara is a client for the pump.io social netw... Télécharger
pit(freshmeat) PIT PIT is a fast bytecode based mutation testing s... Télécharger
jasperstarter(freshmeat) JasperStarter JasperStarter is a commandline launcher and bat... Télécharger
homeworlduniver(sfnet) Homeworld Universe mod The purpose of HWU is to create the ultimate ra... Télécharger
vcprompt(freshmeat) vcprompt vcprompt prints a short string, to be included... Télécharger
dotmods(sfnet) dotproject mods dotproject mods is a repository for user commun... Télécharger
netatalk(freshmeat) netatalk netatalk is an implementation of the AppleTalk ... Télécharger
cppncss(sfnet) CppNcss CppNcss provides various measurements (also kno... Télécharger
ap1pong(sfnet) AP1 Pong Pong Pong Pong Pong Pong Pong Pong Pong Pong Pong Télécharger
dbh(freshmeat) Disk Based HashTables Disk based hashes is a method to create multidi... Télécharger
status-reporter(freshmeat) Status Reporter Status Reporter is a time tracking application ... Télécharger
bitnami-gitorious-stack(freshmeat) BitNami Gitorious Stack BitNami Gitorious Stack Native Installer is an ... Télécharger
antxtras(sfnet) JWare/AntXtras JWare/AntXtras is a powerful extension Ant libr... Télécharger
opensaf(freshmeat) OpenSAF The Open Service Availability Framework (OpenSA... Télécharger
pypeg(freshmeat) pyPEG pyPEG is a quick and easy solution for creating... Télécharger
babel-router(freshmeat) Babel Router Babel is a distance-vector routing protocol for... Télécharger
uizard(sfnet) UIzard Project UIzard Web-based Integrated Development... Télécharger
geokettle(sfnet) GeoKettle GeoKettle is a powerful, metadata-driven spatia... Télécharger
shairport4w(sfnet) shairport4w Airtunes emulator. "Shairport" for Wi... Télécharger
itranslatev1(sfnet) iTranslate iTranslate is a translator that translates from... Télécharger
aucopro(sfnet) Automatic Compound Processing (AuCoPro) The central problem to be addressed in this pro... Télécharger
meor(freshmeat) MeOr MeOr is an XML message file editor that helps d... Télécharger
beat-back-the-horde(freshmeat) Beat Back the Horde Beat Back the Horde is a rhythm-time strategy g... Télécharger
lolunit(freshmeat) LolUnit LolUnit is a lightweight (single header, no bin... Télécharger
qjackrcd(freshmeat) QJackRcd QJackRcd is a simple Qt application that record... Télécharger
inlinks(freshmeat) inlinks Inlinks is a PHP class that finds sites linking... Télécharger
fah-indicator(freshmeat) Folding@home indicator Folding@home indicator is a GNOME indicator app... Télécharger
qregexp-editor(sfnet) qregexp-editor This is a simple application to test QRegExps. ... Télécharger
yote(freshmeat) Yote Yote is a server and set of libraries which con... Télécharger
yassl-embedded-web-server(freshmeat) yaSSL Embedded Web Server The yaSSL Embedded Web Server is a fast, embedd... Télécharger
dotproject(sfnet) dotProject PHP web-based project management framework that... Télécharger
svxlink(sfnet) SvxLink Repeater controller and EchoLink software for L... Télécharger
opencenter(freshmeat) OpenCenter OpenCenter provides a centralized graphical use... Télécharger
sec-wall(freshmeat) sec-wall sec-wall is a feature-packed security proxy tha... Télécharger
territorywars(sfnet) territorywars This is an RTS that is made to be as realistic ... Télécharger
jquery-xpath(freshmeat) jQuery XPath jQuery XPath is a plugin which provides a fully... Télécharger
papi-test(sfnet) papi-test Papi test : SDK for PAPI Télécharger
tinybldlin(sfnet) Tiny Pic Bootloader for Linux Tinybldlin is a GNU/Linux port written in pytho... Télécharger
asterfax(sfnet) AsterFax - Asterisk Email to Fax Gateway AsterFax provides an Email to Fax gateway for A... Télécharger
xelatexfixrgb(sfnet) XeLaTeX-FixRGB Fixes unwanted RGB as CMYK display in XeLaTeX p... Télécharger
teestart(sfnet) teestart TeeStart is a starter for Teeworlds that search... Télécharger
ctmc(sfnet) Cut Micro This small program can help you to calculate op... Télécharger
sqlite-dotnet2(sfnet) ADO.NET 2.0 Provider for SQLite ADO.NET 2.0/3.5 Provider for SQLite. Supports F... Télécharger
menestrel(sfnet) menestrel Menestrel-Graphics system designed conveniently... Télécharger
simplejgames(sfnet) SimpleJ Games in here will be all codes of my games made in s... Télécharger
getboo(sfnet) GetBoo Web 2.0 bookmarking system, both social (with t... Télécharger
mapleblog(sfnet) mapleblog mapleBlog is a simple MVC Struts 1.1-based Web ... Télécharger
encapsulate(freshmeat) encapsulate encapsulate provides its client process the sam... Télécharger
blists(freshmeat) blists blists is a Web interface to mailing list archi... Télécharger
rtl819x(sfnet) RTL819X Alternative firmware and software with open sou... Télécharger
easyphpwipejpg(freshmeat) EasyPhpWipeJPG EasyPhpWipeJPG is a script to remove all EXIF, ... Télécharger
asipide(freshmeat) AsipIDE AsipIDE is a graphical design front-end able to... Télécharger
notion(freshmeat) notion Notion is a tiling tabbed window manager for X.... Télécharger
pypanel(freshmeat) PyPanel PyPanel is a lightweight panel/taskbar written ... Télécharger
ether2dns(freshmeat) ether2dns ether2dns converts a list of hostname-to-ethern... Télécharger
idcore(sfnet) idcore A social network type thing? Télécharger
buildcon(sfnet) BuildCon This is a CRM project for Real Estates Market Télécharger
ffpis(sfnet) Free FingerPrint Imaging Software Fingerprint Imaging Software -- fingerprint pat... Télécharger
notice-board-pro(freshmeat) Notice Board Pro Notice Board Pro is an online notice board that... Télécharger
hashl(freshmeat) hashl hashl creates a database with partial file hash... Télécharger
videoclub(sfnet) videoclub Proyecto Base Datos Videoclob Télécharger
media-embed(freshmeat) Media Embed Media Embed is a PHP class that can embed video... Télécharger
keyboard-shortcut(freshmeat) Keyboard Shortcut Keyboard Shortcut is a JavaScript object that c... Télécharger
feedback-easy(freshmeat) Feedback Easy Feedback Easy is a JavaScript object that can c... Télécharger
countdown-js(freshmeat) Countdown JS Countdown JS is a JavaScript class that display... Télécharger
jthread(freshmeat) JThread The JThread package contains classes that repre... Télécharger
ucpp(freshmeat) ucpp ucpp is a C preprocessor. It is designed to be ... Télécharger
msl-refbox(sfnet) RoboCup MSL refbox The RoboCup MSL Refbox is used for helping the ... Télécharger
hwrecogntool(sfnet) Neuroph OCR - Handwriting Recognition Neuroph OCR - Handwriting Recognition is develo... Télécharger
memoverse(freshmeat) MemoVerse MemoVerse is a tool that helps you memorize Bib... Télécharger
blackberry-rta(freshmeat) BlackBerry RTA BlackBerry RTA is software for performing real ... Télécharger
lximedia(sfnet) LXiMedia A DLNA compatible, fully transcoding, media ser... Télécharger
kinect-mex(sfnet) Kinect for MATLAB This is a collection of MEX(Matlab EXecutable) ... Télécharger
ghostmod(sfnet) ghost++mod privat Télécharger
wallbait(sfnet) wallbait WallBait - GhostAttila Metin 2 Projekt WallBait... Télécharger
bewareserv(sfnet) beware IRC services P10 protocol IRC services, simple, scalable, fo... Télécharger
phipchanger(sfnet) PH IP Changer Phenomy IP CHANGER - Télécharger
pithframework(sfnet) Pith PHP Framework The Pith PHP Framework is a web application fra... Télécharger
aperture(sfnet) Aperture Aperture is a Java framework for extracting and... Télécharger
emacs233pet(sfnet) Emacs-23.3.pet This is GNU/emacs, for the puppy linux distribu... Télécharger
neko(sfnet) Neko Project II for Dreamcast Dreamcast port of the Neko Project II PC-9801 e... Télécharger
packetnet(sfnet) Packet.Net High performance .Net assembly for dissecting a... Télécharger
vlock(freshmeat) vlock vlock is a program to lock one or more sessions... Télécharger
dnp-script(freshmeat) DNP Script DNP Script is a domain portfolio script. Télécharger
bugs20(sfnet) bugs2.0 A bug tracker implement in Rails and tailored f... Télécharger
everme(freshmeat) Evermeet In Evermeet, you take a rogue upon a quest thro... Télécharger
qsapecng(freshmeat) QSapecNG QSapecNG (Symbolic Analysis Program for Electri... Télécharger
rules2mrtg(freshmeat) rules2mrtg rules2mrtg is a tool that creates MRTG data tra... Télécharger
mee5(freshmeat) Mee5 Mee5 is a set of runtime bindings for the See5 ... Télécharger
sigmavpn(freshmeat) SigmaVPN SigmaVPN is very light-weight VPN software allo... Télécharger
cudajpegdecoder(sfnet) Cuda Jpeg Decoder it decodes jpeg file in gpu with cuda and maps ... Télécharger
junkie-2(freshmeat) JunkieTheSniffer Junkie is a real-time packet sniffer and analyz... Télécharger
pygmed(freshmeat) pygmed pygmed is a simple editor for ".desktop&qu... Télécharger
discrotate(freshmeat) DiscRotate DiscRotate is a MenuItem that will control the ... Télécharger
obix(freshmeat) Obix Obix is an object-oriented, portable, open-sour... Télécharger

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