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libogg(freshmeat) libogg libogg is the bitstream and framing library for... Télécharger
summercourses3(sfnet) summercourses3 UCC summer courses Team 3 project files Télécharger
expect(sfnet) Expect Expect is a tool for automating interactive app... Télécharger
biblicreuza(sfnet) Biblioteca da Creuza Projeto do curso de Ciência da Computação para ... Télécharger
mkisofs-md5(sfnet) mkisofs-md5 This is an advanced edtion for original mkisofs... Télécharger
zkabpm(sfnet) ZKActiviti Solution for integration Activiti Workflow Soft... Télécharger
stellarium(sfnet) Stellarium Stellarium renders 3D photo-realistic skies in ... Télécharger
vorbis-tools(freshmeat) vorbis-tools Ogg Vorbis is a high-quality lossy audio codec ... Télécharger
epd-cookie-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software EPD Cookie Class EPD Cookie Class is a light weight PHP class th... Télécharger
swiftlet(freshmeat) Swiftlet Swiftlet is a lightweight Web application frame... Télécharger
4store(freshmeat) 4store 4store is an efficient, scalable, and stable RD... Télécharger
ocr2data(freshmeat) OCR2DATA OCR2DATA is a full OCR stack for document digit... Télécharger
i18n-2(freshmeat) I18n I18n is a method for internationalization using... Télécharger
html-scraper(freshmeat) Html Scraper Scraper is an easier way to extract data from H... Télécharger
crawler-2(freshmeat) Crawler Crawler is a simple Web crawler (or spider). It... Télécharger
formspamcheck(freshmeat) FormSpamCheck FormSpamCheck is a PHP class to centrally manag... Télécharger
marf(sfnet) Modular Audio Recognition Framework MARF is a general cross-platform framework with... Télécharger
vcardsplit(sfnet) vCard Split Splitting merged vCard files exported by Androi... Télécharger
mircaddons(sfnet) mircaddons Addons para mIRC. Ejemplos de addonPack. Solici... Télécharger
rstplib(sfnet) Rapid Spanning Tree 802.1w Simulator Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP, 802.1w) Library &... Télécharger
ok88(sfnet) ok88 ahtrstjj,mhj,hj,fxgjdfjotherwise use encryption... Télécharger
anonplus(freshmeat) Anonplus Anonplus is a highly flexible framework for cre... Télécharger
id2d(sfnet) id2d The project provides programming method to tran... Télécharger
opentaxsolver(sfnet) Open Tax Solver OTS is an easy-to-use text-based C-program for ... Télécharger
fhcc(sfnet) Free Hosting Control Center Free Hosting Control Center For Discuz! X2.0 RC Télécharger
unlock360(sfnet) unlock360 test of latest xbox 360 exploita Télécharger
gfbive(sfnet) Generic Flash-Based Image Voting Engine Originally created to allow images from a Flick... Télécharger
qvision(freshmeat) QVision Qt-based library with functionality to create h... Télécharger
sonofservice(freshmeat) Son of Service Son of Service is a Web-based, multi-user volun... Télécharger
notepuppy(sfnet) NotePuppy NotePuppy is a minimalist text editor with file... Télécharger
quick-deb(freshmeat) Quick Deb Quick Deb is a program that does two things. Fi... Télécharger
the-savory-framework(freshmeat) Diligence Diligence is a collection of ready-to-use code ... Télécharger
nzp(sfnet) nzp i dont own this but i just wanted to upload it ... Télécharger
openexr(freshmeat) OpenEXR OpenEXR is a high dynamic range (HDR) image fil... Télécharger
pysynth(freshmeat) PySynth PySynth takes a list of the notes in a song to ... Télécharger
pg-python(freshmeat) pg-python pg-python provides access to Python from Postgr... Télécharger
ftpbox(sfnet) FTPbox synchronize local files with your host, via FTP... Télécharger
gamutlogviewer(sfnet) Free Log File Viewer: Log4Net Log4J NLog GamutLogViewer© is log file, logfile, viewer th... Télécharger
replaydownload(sfnet) StarCraft 2 Replay Manager StarCraft 2 Replay Manager is a crawler which s... Télécharger
enterprise-rl(sfnet) Enterprise Rapidleech Enterprise is a new Rapidleech script template ... Télécharger
logicmail(sfnet) LogicMail for BlackBerry LogicMail is a standalone E-Mail client designe... Télécharger
portfusion(sfnet) PortFusion PortFusion is a minimalistic, cross-platform, t... Télécharger
genestudio(sfnet) GeneStudio Gene Studio is a free tool for modelling of DNA... Télécharger
form-styler(freshmeat) Form styler Form styler is a class that styles HTML form in... Télécharger
fcookie(freshmeat) FCookie FCookie is a JavaScript object that can store a... Télécharger
anchor-slider(freshmeat) Anchor slider Anchor slider is a JavaScript object that can s... Télécharger
skype-status(freshmeat) Skype status Skype status is a JavaScript object that can sh... Télécharger
panorama-class(freshmeat) Panorama class Panorama class is a JavaScript object that disp... Télécharger
pylogsparser(freshmeat) PyLogsParser PyLogsParser is a library exposing everything a... Télécharger
qr-code(freshmeat) QR code QR code is a JavaScript object that can display... Télécharger
hjt(sfnet) HiJackThis HijackThis is a free utility that generates an ... Télécharger
idwsdl(sfnet) idwsdl indowebster direct link generator Télécharger
disasterfeltsys(sfnet) Disaster Felt System This app be used by victims in disaster to uplo... Télécharger
urgwidget(sfnet) URG Helper This project introduces sample programs of the ... Télécharger
sudoscript(sfnet) Sudoscript - Audited Shells Introduction Sudoscriptd/sudoshell are a pair ... Télécharger
jsmooth(sfnet) JSmooth JSmooth creates standard Windows executable fil... Télécharger
generatecheck-and-encypt-passw(freshmeat) Generate/Check and Encypt Passwords Generate/Check and Encypt Passwords features a ... Télécharger
adhelper(sfnet) Active Directory (AD) Helper A end user tool to query user information and g... Télécharger
dosbox(sfnet) DOSBox DOSBox emulates a full x86 pc with sound and DO... Télécharger
6jack(freshmeat) 6jack 6jack is a framework for testing, analyzing, an... Télécharger
wordpressteam(sfnet) wordpressteam Nowadays, wordpress is more than just a blog. A... Télécharger
netscape-security-wrapper(freshmeat) Netscape Security Wrapper Netscape Security Wrapper manages the loading o... Télécharger
gtkman(freshmeat) GTKMan GTKMan is a simple manual page viewer. Manual p... Télécharger
stash-3(freshmeat) Stash Stash makes it easy to speed up your code by ca... Télécharger
embeddable-jvm(freshmeat) Embeddable JVM Embeddable JVM is a JVM for embedded systems wi... Télécharger
limitcpu(sfnet) limitcpu LimitCPU allows the user to throttle CPU usage ... Télécharger
peptidegi(sfnet) PeptideGI This project is used to predict Genetic Interac... Télécharger
file(freshmeat) file File is a utility that classifies arbitrary fil... Télécharger
abstract(sfnet) Abstract Accounting This first release provides a basic flow-based ... Télécharger
semi(freshmeat) Quasi-Literate Programming Quasi extracts code fragments from text documen... Télécharger
xacpimon(freshmeat) Xacpimon Xacpimon is a simple battery life indicator for... Télécharger
flash-formula-editor(freshmeat) Flash Formula Editor Flash Formula Editor is a flash editor that can... Télécharger
friendnlove(sfnet) Friend & Love friendnlove is a another free dating script bui... Télécharger
django-redmine-admin(freshmeat) Django Redmine Admin DjangoRedmineAdmin is a small Django applicatio... Télécharger
ujac(sfnet) Useful Java Application Components UJAC is a collection of Java components that ma... Télécharger
jcurltools(sfnet) JCurlTools Java native library for use libcurl from win32 ... Télécharger
finit(freshmeat) finit Finit is a small SysV init replacement with pro... Télécharger
mhvtl(freshmeat) mhVTL mhvtl is a Linux-based virtual tape library. Su... Télécharger
veryquickwiki(freshmeat) Very Quick Wiki Very Quick Wiki is a JSP/Servlet WikiWiki Web c... Télécharger
node-libravatar(freshmeat) node-libravatar node-libravatar provides an easy way to make us... Télécharger
kevux(freshmeat) Kevux Kevux is an operating system based mainly on GN... Télécharger
acqlite(sfnet) Acqlite Acqlite is Gnutella file sharing program based ... Télécharger
rcaller(freshmeat) RCaller RCaller is a Java library for calling R command... Télécharger
genmenu(freshmeat) Genmenu Genmenu can generate menus for Blackbox, Fluxbo... Télécharger
openpr(sfnet) OpenPR OpenPR stands for Open Pattern Recognition proj... Télécharger
ruiby(freshmeat) Ruiby Ruiby is a DSL for building a simple GUI (GTK) ... Télécharger
openblox-2(freshmeat) OpenBlox OpenBlox is a cross-platform 3D game developmen... Télécharger
bt747(sfnet) GPS Datalogger Device Control i-Blue 747 / i-Blue 757 / Qstarz BT-Q1000 / i.T... Télécharger
asttapi(sfnet) AstTapi AstTapi, an opensource Asterisk Tapi driver for... Télécharger
direct3dquake(sfnet) Direct3D Quake A port of Quake 1 to Direct 3D. This is a nati... Télécharger
pmtrack(sfnet) pmtrack Personal money tracker assistant written in php Télécharger
tooloffice(sfnet) tooloffice All tool in there here Télécharger
rmxpiconslice(sfnet) rmxpiconslice RPG Maker XP Icon Slice 2.1 Télécharger
nxlog-ce(sfnet) nxlog nxlog is a modular, multi-threaded, high-perfor... Télécharger
confluence-el(freshmeat) confluence-el confluence-el is an Emacs extension that allows... Télécharger
mspeedo(sfnet) mspeedo Hey, its my little program in C# it measures h... Télécharger
stib(freshmeat) STiB STiB implements the client portion of the Micro... Télécharger
pdf-edit-hji(freshmeat) Pdf edit hji Pdf edit hji is a PDF editor that provides a si... Télécharger
dudle(freshmeat) Dudle Dudle is an online scheduling application. User... Télécharger
fehashmac(freshmeat) FEHASHMAC FEHASHMAC is a collection of publicly known has... Télécharger

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