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churchfunds(freshmeat) ChurchFunds ChurchFunds is easy to use software for creatin... Télécharger
tmsu(freshmeat) TMSU TMSU is an application that allows you to organ... Télécharger
sleeparchiver(sfnet) SleepArchiver SleepArchiver is a cross-platform data manager ... Télécharger
timegene(sfnet) TimeTableGenerater Simple and efficient way to generate, edit, sav... Télécharger
simlogic(sfnet) simlogic SimLogic is a Logic Circuit simulation software... Télécharger
nodebrain(sfnet) NodeBrain NodeBrain is a rule engine for state and event ... Télécharger
openhantek(freshmeat) OpenHantek OpenHantek is an application for controlling Ha... Télécharger
php-captcha-tcaptcha(freshmeat) tCaptcha tCaptcha generates CAPTCHA images with random a... Télécharger
rain-framework(freshmeat) Rain Framework RainFramework is an MVC Framework for PHP. It's... Télécharger
daisyduck(freshmeat) DaisyDuck DaisyDuck provides the ability to playback Dais... Télécharger
scalate(freshmeat) Scalate Scalate is a Scala 2.8 based template engine fo... Télécharger
phraseanet(freshmeat) Phraseanet Phraseanet is a complete solution for managing ... Télécharger
lexa-tools(freshmeat) lexa-tools lexa-tools is a framework for PHP. You are free... Télécharger
sysmonapp(freshmeat) SysMonApp SysMonApp is an Android application that monito... Télécharger
vebblog(sfnet) vebblog a web site that teaches how to design beautifu... Télécharger
onzen(freshmeat) Onzen Onzen is a graphical front end for the CVS, SVN... Télécharger
dcliptranslator(sfnet) Dual Clip Translator Translation of Selected text or Clipboard conte... Télécharger
tridimviewer(sfnet) 3DimViewer 3DimViewer is a lightweight 3D viewer of medica... Télécharger
cb2java(sfnet) CB2Java Dynamic COBOL copybook parser for Java. Suppor... Télécharger
customboss(sfnet) custom_boss_project Custom Boss, with custom fight to Trinitycore2 ... Télécharger
jquery-photo-wall-gallery-plug(freshmeat) jQuery-PhotoWall jQuery-PhotoWall is a a jQuery plug-in that sho... Télécharger
transwirev3(sfnet) transwirev3 PHP and SQL based social network framework, all... Télécharger
eviewer(sfnet) eViewer A desktop application that captures screenshots... Télécharger
mito(sfnet) MITO - DICOM Viewer "MITO - Medical Imaging TOolkit" is a... Télécharger
ochguiextras(sfnet) oneChannelGUI.extras This project provides the support data for oneC... Télécharger
addrescue(freshmeat) GNU ddrescue GNU ddrescue is a data recovery tool. It copies... Télécharger
xsdou(sfnet) xsdou free code open xsdou free code open Télécharger
multi-threaded-tcp-port-scanne(freshmeat) Multi Threaded TCP Port Scanner Multi Threaded TCP Port Scanner allows you to s... Télécharger
gsl-cl(sfnet) GSL-CL OpenCL porting of GSL project Télécharger
cybman(sfnet) cybman - Cyber Cafe Management System Cyber Cafe Management System in Java with MySQL... Télécharger
mangastreamdown(sfnet) MangaStream Downloader The MangaStream Downloader is an open source ap... Télécharger
stock11(sfnet) stock11 Stock awal software database Télécharger
e-alldreams(sfnet) zoltan qin's WP BLOG This is only a WEB about WP BLOG Télécharger
projectcarrent(sfnet) projectcarrent Projekt wypożyczalni samochodów osobowych i dos... Télécharger
ingenias(sfnet) INGENIAS Development Kit (IDK) INGENIAS Development Kit (IDK) is a framework f... Télécharger
mtcelledit(freshmeat) mtCellEdit mtCellEdit is a lightweight spreadsheet program... Télécharger
games-connectfour(freshmeat) Games-ConnectFour Games-ConnectFour is a command-line Connect Fou... Télécharger
idevicebrowser(freshmeat) iDeviceBrowser iDeviceBrowser is an application that makes it ... Télécharger
hugh-mud(freshmeat) Hugh' Mud Hugh' Mud is a graphical, Web-based MUD framewo... Télécharger
xdm-options(freshmeat) XDM-OPTIONS XDM-OPTIONS provides a user interface for loggi... Télécharger
wfrog(freshmeat) wfrog wfrog is a Web-based weather station software w... Télécharger
g15sysmon(sfnet) G15SysMon Applet and .NET (C#) Framework for the Logitech... Télécharger
inotessync(sfnet) Notes to Google Sync ** PLEASE NOTE: My company is moving to Exchang... Télécharger
hsrprog3(sfnet) hsrprog3 Übungen von HSR Prog03 Télécharger
jminix-2(freshmeat) jminix jminix is a simple embeddable restful JMX conso... Télécharger
mqrc2(freshmeat) MQRC2 MQRC2 is an application that can interpret an M... Télécharger
chart-clicker(freshmeat) Chart-Clicker Chart::Clicker aims to be a powerful, extensibl... Télécharger
git-cpan-patch(freshmeat) Git-CPAN-Patch Git::CPAN::Patch provides a suite of git comman... Télécharger
chebfun(freshmeat) Chebfun Chebfun is a collection of algorithms and a sof... Télécharger
chi-cpan(freshmeat) CHI (CPAN) CHI provides a unified caching API for Perl, de... Télécharger
text-xslate(freshmeat) Text-Xslate Text::Xslate is a template engine, tuned for pe... Télécharger
minesweeper(freshmeat) Minesweeper Minesweeper is an implementation of the classic... Télécharger
kbskit(sfnet) kitgen build system Framework to generate TclkitLite executables, c... Télécharger
odesk-qml(freshmeat) odesk-qml odesk-qml provides a customizable search graph... Télécharger
linux-programming-tools(freshmeat) Linux Programming Tools Linux Programming Tools is a collection of prog... Télécharger
gunmod(sfnet) Gun mod Not really a open source thign blalblavhlskjvhafg Télécharger
nlasramadda(sfnet) nlasramadda This is a trial version of RAMADDA Télécharger
min-caml(sfnet) The MinCaml Compiler *** Moved to http://github.com/esumii/min-caml ... Télécharger
agilewiki(sfnet) AgileWiki A novel database and a webtop based on a new th... Télécharger
hackmeo(sfnet) hackmeo Thomson Default Keys WEP / WAP Télécharger
vikuit(freshmeat) vikuit Vikuit is an advanced social networking engine ... Télécharger
geozonedb(freshmeat) geozonedb geozonedb is a project based on three steps. Th... Télécharger
flossmole-data-collectors(freshmeat) FLOSSmole Data Collectors The FLOSSmole Data Collectors are programs to c... Télécharger
gbxgol(freshmeat) gbxgol gbxgol is a small program for the Italian betti... Télécharger
slide2handout(freshmeat) slide2handout slide2handout is a TeX script to create printab... Télécharger
spantape(freshmeat) spantape spantape is a replacement for dd that features ... Télécharger
ssh-forcecommand(freshmeat) ssh-forcecommand ssh-forcecommand is a script to safely execute ... Télécharger
tagger(freshmeat) tagger tagger is a library for automatic tagging of te... Télécharger
hot-death(freshmeat) Hot Death Hot Death is a variation of the classic card ga... Télécharger
aoserverbyshura(sfnet) Ao Server Mod By Shura Argentum Online is an Open Source FREE 2D MMORP... Télécharger
cardstories(freshmeat) Card Stories Card Stories provides a server for a networked ... Télécharger
hatchpass(freshmeat) Hatchpass Hatchpass is a Web application for secure passw... Télécharger
crumb(freshmeat) crumb crumb is an experimental build-automation progr... Télécharger
euclideanspaces(sfnet) Euclidean Spaces Scanner Hardware project that works with the 3D lasersc... Télécharger
jffnms(freshmeat) Just For Fun Network Management System Just For Fun Network Management System is a PHP... Télécharger
libcap-ng(freshmeat) libcap-ng The libcap-ng library is intended to make progr... Télécharger
jpegoptim(freshmeat) jpegoptim jpegoptim is a utility for optimizing JPEG file... Télécharger
lexa-xml-serialization(freshmeat) lexa-xml-serialization lexa-xml-serialization is an XML serialization ... Télécharger
three-column-liquid-layout-vie(freshmeat) Three-Column Liquid-Layout Viewport Three-Column Liquid-Layout Viewport provides a ... Télécharger
smarty-template-engine-theme-s(freshmeat) Smarty Template Engine Theme Selection Class Smarty Template Engine Theme Selection Class is... Télécharger
mod-icon-geom(freshmeat) mod-icon-geom mod-icon-geom is a command line utility that al... Télécharger
xsnap(freshmeat) xsnap Xsnap is a very lightweight tool to take screen... Télécharger
php-messages-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software PHP Messages Class The PHP Messages class is a simple, lightweight... Télécharger
wolf-php-profiler-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software PHP Profiler Class The PHP Profiler class is a small and light cla... Télécharger
http-explorer(sfnet) Http explorer Http explorer is an easy-to-use web server with... Télécharger
openpogo(sfnet) openpogo Open Pogo automates the tedious task of tracing... Télécharger
novembre(freshmeat) Novembre Novembre is an extensible tool for analysis and... Télécharger
xflows-2(freshmeat) Palabos The Palabos library offers a framework in C++ f... Télécharger
parsemanager(sfnet) parsemanager ParseManager is a tool which manages parses for... Télécharger
typo3(sfnet) TYPO3 Content Management Framework TYPO3 is an enterprise class Web CMS written in... Télécharger
farsitex(sfnet) FarsiTeX FarsiTeX is a free Persian/English bidirectiona... Télécharger
phpcollab(sfnet) phpCollab Project management and collaboration over the i... Télécharger
iapws-if97(sfnet) iapws-if97 IAPWS-IF97 (ansi C ) Télécharger
fsp(sfnet) FSP - File Service Protocol Suite FSP - File Service Protocol. FSP is lightweight... Télécharger
devinfovinfo(sfnet) DevInfo DevInfo is a powerful database system for monit... Télécharger
blackmarket(sfnet) blackMarket php frontend for proftpd and mysql. Télécharger
remotelauncher(sfnet) Remote Launcher A simple server program to be used together wit... Télécharger
mjplab(sfnet) MJP Lab MJP Lab is a site where the Modernist Journals ... Télécharger
mfilemon(sfnet) Multi File Port Monitor MFILEMON is a print monitor for 32 and 64 bit M... Télécharger
openopc(sfnet) OpenOPC for Python OpenOPC for Python is an easy to use OPC (OLE f... Télécharger

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