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generalutils(sfnet) General Utilities General Utilities for Software Télécharger
ncdc(sfnet) NCurses Direct Connect Ncdc is a modern and lightweight direct connect... Télécharger
meshtool(freshmeat) Meshtool Meshtool is a mesh network toolkit designed to ... Télécharger
mboxgrep-perl(freshmeat) mboxgrep-perl mboxgrep-perl is a very simple mbox file parser... Télécharger
conv2047(freshmeat) conv2047 conv2047 is a very simple RFC 2047 Unicode emai... Télécharger
dantalian(freshmeat) dantalian dantalian is a transparent file-tagging system ... Télécharger
keepoutlook(sfnet) Keep Outlook Running Add-in for microsoft Outlook which always minim... Télécharger
jgenea(sfnet) JGenea JGenea is a 100% java genealogy application. Th... Télécharger
osk-v1-beta(freshmeat) OSK OSK is a game for babies and little children wh... Télécharger
cubes(freshmeat) Cubes Cubes is a Python framework for online analytic... Télécharger
obm(freshmeat) OBM OBM is a groupware, email, LDAP, Windows PDC, C... Télécharger
worldforgeember(freshmeat) WorldForge::Ember Ember is a 3d client for the WorldForge project... Télécharger
jslintnpp(sfnet) JSLint Plugin for Notepad++ A Notepad++ plugin that allows users to run JSL... Télécharger
rworks(sfnet) rworks A Java CMS. Multi language, JSP templates, fo... Télécharger
ppcis(freshmeat) Portable PHP/MySQL Corporate Intranet System PPCIS is a portable, modular, intranet system. ... Télécharger
k9copy(freshmeat) K9Copy K9Copy facilitates several methods for backing ... Télécharger
pipe-toolkit(freshmeat) Pipe Toolkit This tool kit is an attempt to compile a set of... Télécharger
gigacount(freshmeat) gigacount gigacount is a smartphone app that simulates ra... Télécharger
modbus_get(freshmeat) modbus_get modbus_get is a very simple tool that retrieves... Télécharger
bow(freshmeat) Bow Bow allows you to bookmark Web pages and associ... Télécharger
scipy-notebook(freshmeat) SciPy Notebook SciPy Notebook is a notebook-style editor to ha... Télécharger
ehcache(freshmeat) Ehcache Ehcache is a standards-based cache used to boos... Télécharger
photocatalog(freshmeat) PhotoCatalog PhotoCatalog can import GPS data from various f... Télécharger
naschpy(freshmeat) NaSch.py NaSch.py is an implementation of Nagel-Schrecke... Télécharger
kaso-verb-conjugation-system(freshmeat) KASO Verb Conjugation System KASO Verb Conjugation System allows complete sp... Télécharger
bgt-06(freshmeat) bgt 0.6 bgt is a program for creating and maintaining a... Télécharger
ctrax(sfnet) ctrax Ctrax is a machine vision program for estimatin... Télécharger
pyhed(sfnet) pyHed pyHed its a framework created to help developer... Télécharger
granule(sfnet) flashcards (granule) GRANULE is a flashcards program based on Leitne... Télécharger
csv-group-by-utility(freshmeat) cvsgroupby csvgroupby is a small utility program that allo... Télécharger
moviefetch(freshmeat) MovieFetch MovieFetch is a small application that scans a ... Télécharger
concurrentlua(freshmeat) ConcurrentLua ConcurrentLua is a system that implements a con... Télécharger
wdb-gribload(freshmeat) WDB-GRIBLoad WDB-GRIBLoad is a loading program that handles ... Télécharger
getop(freshmeat) getop getop is a small C library which parses command... Télécharger
projetodeti(sfnet) projetodeti Projeto de Ti : trabalho 2011.1 de TI Télécharger
vssm(sfnet) vssm This project presents a computational environme... Télécharger
suanfa(sfnet) suanfa practice of suanfa with c++/Java Télécharger
dose-grok(sfnet) dose-grok Generalized Radiation Observation Kit. Java to... Télécharger
way2sms(sfnet) way2sms It is Way2Sms Desktop application. Télécharger
tcpreen(sfnet) TCP re-engineering tool A tool to monitor and analyse data transmitted ... Télécharger
simdesign(sfnet) simdesign SimDesign open source folder for projects Nativ... Télécharger
wdb-libwdbload(freshmeat) WDB-libwdbLoad WDB-libwdbLoad is a C++ library that provides a... Télécharger
lila(freshmeat) LILA LILA is a command line tool that allows you to ... Télécharger
feel(freshmeat) Feel++ Feel++ (formerly known as Life) is a C++ librar... Télécharger
fart-it(sfnet) fart-it Find And Replace Text command line utility. New... Télécharger
lxkc(sfnet) lxde-keyboard-control LXDE keyboard layout management Program, allowi... Télécharger
blackjackdeluxe(sfnet) BlackJackDeluxe A Java Swing based implementation of popular ca... Télécharger
wincad(sfnet) Win CAD The aim was to write a basic CAD system in wind... Télécharger
efeu(freshmeat) EFEU EFEU is suitable for handling data cubes, which... Télécharger
eduke32(freshmeat) EDuke32 EDuke32 is a Duke Nukem 3D port that adds sever... Télécharger
riplinuxmeta4s(sfnet) riplinux Recovery Is Possible (RIP) is a Slackware-based... Télécharger
ncdc(freshmeat) ncdc ncdc is a modern and lightweight Direct Connect... Télécharger
meta4s(sfnet) meta4s Metalink v4 files for ISO images and other imag... Télécharger
roleflayersrp(sfnet) roleflayersrp [RoleFlayers] !SERIOUS! >MaxRP< Server SVN Télécharger
puppystudiorbd(sfnet) puppystudio Puppy Studio comes with realtime kernel 2.6.33.... Télécharger
xplain2sql(freshmeat) xplain2sql xplain2sql converts files from Xplain to SQL. I... Télécharger
tinycoremeta4s(sfnet) tinycorelinux Part of the DistrOS Linux Multiboot System (dis... Télécharger
shredder(freshmeat) Shredder Shredder is an easy to use GNOME front-end for ... Télécharger
wanaclip(sfnet) wanaclip La base du projet Wanaclip est de pouvoir, en q... Télécharger
moveablefeast(sfnet) moveablefeast PortableApps Development Tests Télécharger
websiteschool(freshmeat) Website@School Website@School is a content management system e... Télécharger
softwa(sfnet) softwa Softwares desenvolvidos.... Télécharger
mkat(freshmeat) mkat mkat is a set of command line tools for burning... Télécharger
nix-api(freshmeat) NiX API NiX API is a powerful anti-proxy, anti-fraud, a... Télécharger
evilpixie(freshmeat) EvilPixie EvilPixie is a graphics and animation editor de... Télécharger
live-usb-fusioninventory(freshmeat) Live-USB FusionInventory Live-USB FusionInventory provides an interface ... Télécharger
mulavito(freshmeat) MuLaViTo MuLaViTo is a multi-layer visualization framewo... Télécharger
libnabo(freshmeat) Libnabo libnabo is a fast K Nearest Neighbor library fo... Télécharger
nitroorm(freshmeat) NitroORM Nitro is a really easy to use, very customizabl... Télécharger
wysiwygit(freshmeat) wysiwygit Wysiwygit is an implementation of the popular C... Télécharger
psicopata-ornit(sfnet) ORNIWARE - Ornitologia Digital Software de Gestão Ornitológico - Gestão de Esp... Télécharger
innovit(sfnet) innovit A small system for receiving and allocating cal... Télécharger
npi(freshmeat) NPI NPI is a simple calculator that supports Revers... Télécharger
microcontrollle(sfnet) microcontrollle This is an IDE for 8051 which can be used to wr... Télécharger
imn659projetsr(sfnet) imn659projetsr imn659 - Analyse de la vidéo - projet de Super-... Télécharger
opencommunity(freshmeat) OpenCommunity OpenCommunity is a multiuser blog system based ... Télécharger
apphp-datagrid-wizard(freshmeat) ApPHP DataGrid Wizard ApPHP DataGrid Wizard is a utility script for g... Télécharger
agnos(freshmeat) Agnos Agnos is a cross-language, cross-platform, ligh... Télécharger
feed2wmmenu(freshmeat) feed2wmmenu feed2wmmenu is a tool to generate X11 window ma... Télécharger
chromiumsource(sfnet) Chromium Source Chromium Source Code Télécharger
fityk(sfnet) Fityk The repository has been moved to: https://githu... Télécharger
packages-lmde(sfnet) packages-lmde Projeto que visa adicionar novos pacotes ao Lin... Télécharger
dhcp4java(sfnet) dhcp4java Free open-source 100% Java DHCP API suitable fo... Télécharger
log4j-android(sfnet) log4j-android Moved to: http://code.google.com/p/log4j-android/ Télécharger
mccv(sfnet) aptify Aptify is a PHP Framework comprising of several... Télécharger
web3dfan(sfnet) web3dfan I am very interested in Web3D.... Télécharger
higgsio(freshmeat) Higgs.IO Higgs.IO is a high performance, message oriente... Télécharger
vimoutliner(freshmeat) Vim Outliner Vim Outliner is a Vim plugin that make it behav... Télécharger
keyboard-navigation-plugin-for(freshmeat) Keyboard Navigation Plugin for Konqueror Keyboard Navigation Plugin for Konqueror is a p... Télécharger
freeqtpaint(sfnet) onlytest Easy graphic editing program. Télécharger
scca(sfnet) scca Proyecto scca, control de versiones del proyecto Télécharger
wxdevcpp-book(sfnet) Programming with wxDev-C++ A book aimed at C++ programmers of all experien... Télécharger
gnutls(freshmeat) GNU Transport Layer Security Library GnuTLS is a secure communications library imple... Télécharger
libmymath(sfnet) libmymath mymath is a library developed with an aim to mo... Télécharger
ntfsofuefi(sfnet) NTFS OF UEFI About NTFS Implemented On UEFI. Télécharger
undead-invasion(freshmeat) Undead Invasion Undead Invasion is an adventure game with an ex... Télécharger
brewery(freshmeat) Brewery Brewery is a Python framework for data streamin... Télécharger
goinedit(freshmeat) goinedit goinedit is a text editor and integrated develo... Télécharger
quality-control(freshmeat) QualityControl Quality Control is a program to manage data in ... Télécharger
webfilesystem(sfnet) WebFileSystem A web-based , user frienldy interface, multi us... Télécharger

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