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wia-on-twain(sfnet) WIA On TWAIN A WIA on TWAIN driver implementation designed t... Télécharger
advene(freshmeat) advene Advene (Annotate Digital Video, Exchange on the... Télécharger
obix-programming-language(freshmeat) Obix programming language Obix is an object-oriented programming language... Télécharger
mokoi(sfnet) Mokoi Gaming Mokoi Gaming is a Game Creation Tool. Mokoi Gam... Télécharger
swiftlinux(sfnet) Swift Linux Welcome to Regular Swift Linux, Diet Swift Linu... Télécharger
checkgmail(sfnet) CheckGmail CheckGmail is a system tray application that ch... Télécharger
useragent-theme-switcher(freshmeat) UserAgent Theme Switcher UserAgent Theme Switcher is a simple plugin tha... Télécharger
opl2(sfnet) OPL2 OPL2 is an open source, extremely moddable repl... Télécharger
tegaki(sfnet) Tegaki Handwriting recognition software with focus on ... Télécharger
vectorz(freshmeat) vectorz Vectorz is a fast double-precision vector and m... Télécharger
p9troff(freshmeat) p9troff p9troff is a port of Plan9 troff tools to Linux... Télécharger
tymeac-and(freshmeat) Tymeac-and Tymeac-and is a full-featured fork-join manager... Télécharger
visualfox-ui(freshmeat) VisualFox UI VisualFox UI is a collection of UI widgets for ... Télécharger
visualfox-parameter(freshmeat) VisualFox Parameter VisualFox Parameter can load parameters from a ... Télécharger
scorealgorithm1(freshmeat) Scorealgorithm1 Scorealgorithm1 composes musical scores using c... Télécharger
btbatstat(freshmeat) BtBatStat BtBatStat is a simple OS X app that shows the b... Télécharger
xdd(freshmeat) xdd xdd is a Unix tool like dd with added network s... Télécharger
murmur(freshmeat) Murmur Murmur is a C++ fork/rewrite of the smhasher pr... Télécharger
kitsh(freshmeat) Kitsh Kitsh is a simple shell around WebKit. It provi... Télécharger
v8class(freshmeat) v8class v8class is a tiny C++ wrapper classes around th... Télécharger
easysegyviewer(sfnet) EasySegyViewer This is a simple tool ,use to open segy file ,a... Télécharger
notepad-x(sfnet) Notepad X Notepad X is an alternative open source text ed... Télécharger
mspgcc4(sfnet) mspgcc4 mspgcc4 is no longer supported. Please use the ... Télécharger
qsynergy(sfnet) qsynergy A comprehensive and easy to use graphical front... Télécharger
glint-effect(freshmeat) Glint effect Glint effect is a standalone script or jQuery p... Télécharger
gnumakeuniproc(sfnet) GnumakeUniproc An auto-build system for C/C++ projects based o... Télécharger
openecosys-networkviewer(freshmeat) OpenECoSys-NetworkViewer OpenEcoSys-NetworkViewer is a cross-platform Qt... Télécharger
nodetoy(freshmeat) nodetoy Nodetoy is a server that does JSON CRUD, so you... Télécharger
districtbuilder(freshmeat) DistrictBuilder District Builder is a software application desi... Télécharger
rerun(freshmeat) rerun Rerun is a lightweight tool-building framework ... Télécharger
mma(freshmeat) Musical MIDI Accompaniment MMA (Musical MIDI Accompaniment) is an accompan... Télécharger
ideosdevteamrom(sfnet) ideosdevteamrom ROMs for the Huawei Ideos (U8150 only) from the... Télécharger
smail(freshmeat) Smail Smail is a Mail Transport Agent. Its job is to ... Télécharger
antony(freshmeat) Antony Antony is an off-line and cross platform tool f... Télécharger
csv2html(freshmeat) csv2html csv2html is a command line utility and reusable... Télécharger
coide(sfnet) CoIDE CoIDE is a new, free and highly-integrated soft... Télécharger
toodue(sfnet) toodue TooDue is a PHP-based To-Do manager. It support... Télécharger
rtmpjavaclient(sfnet) RTMP Java Client This is an eclipse project for common java plat... Télécharger
mccp(sfnet) mccp This is an Coder Pack for Minecraft Classic :P ... Télécharger
bbclone(freshmeat) BBclone BBclone is a PHP Web counter on steroids which ... Télécharger
ot76(sfnet) ot76 ............................................. Télécharger
eoc(freshmeat) Enemies of Carlotta Enemies of Carlotta is a simple mailing list ma... Télécharger
dragdropjs(freshmeat) Dragdrop.js Dragdrop.js is a Javascript package which impl... Télécharger
meshtool-2(freshmeat) meshtool meshtool is a modular, filter-based program for... Télécharger
knukagaka(freshmeat) knUkagaka knUkagaka is a Web site navigation helper that ... Télécharger
supplychain(freshmeat) SupplyChain++ SupplyChain is a C++ library that simulates a s... Télécharger
leevi(freshmeat) Leevi Leevi is a user interface for the Lexicon MX300... Télécharger
gtk-screenshot(freshmeat) gtk-screenshot gtk-screenshot is a program for taking screensh... Télécharger
365video(freshmeat) 365Video 365Video is a video blogging platform that make... Télécharger
gnubiff(freshmeat) gnubiff gnubiff is a mail notification program that per... Télécharger
fkttfahrplan(sfnet) FKTT-Fahrplan Fahrplanerstellung fuer den FKTT Télécharger
podcastgen(sfnet) Podcast Generator Free web based PHP podcasting script: publish p... Télécharger
minecraftmod--e(sfnet) minecraftmod--e Minecraft Mod--ExtendBoat 目前加入:可染船、破冰... Télécharger
sqliogui(sfnet) SQLIO GUI A User Interface for Microsoft SQLIO Télécharger
tofu(freshmeat) Tofu Tofu provides a simple and very lightweight way... Télécharger
gpfcalc(freshmeat) gpfcalc gpfcalc is a GTK+ front-end for pfcalc, a pipe ... Télécharger
mutalatex(freshmeat) mutalatex This program is especially useful when the main... Télécharger
maximus(freshmeat) Maximus Maximus is a module manager for BlitzMax. Maxim... Télécharger
healthagents(sfnet) HealthAgents HealthAgents is an open source web-based distri... Télécharger
jasa(sfnet) JASA (Java Auction Simulator API) JASA allows researchers in agent-based computat... Télécharger
gingerreal(sfnet) GingerReal GingerReal ROM For Samsung Galaxy line Télécharger
processrepo(sfnet) DesignRepo The tool builds on Joomla and will support a so... Télécharger
s6(freshmeat) s6 s6 is a complete process supervision suite in t... Télécharger
ptmake(freshmeat) ptmake A dependency tracking backend for make-like sys... Télécharger
mother-2(freshmeat) Mother Mother is a framework written in Python and bas... Télécharger
evolution-kolab(freshmeat) evolution-kolab evolution-kolab is a plugin for the Evolution P... Télécharger
sassyreader(freshmeat) SassyReader SassyReader is a reader of data set files creat... Télécharger
gtk-vector-screenshot(freshmeat) gtk-vector-screenshot gtk-vector-screenshot is a GTK+ module that all... Télécharger
pam_supair(freshmeat) pam_supair pam_supair is a PAM module for use with su(1) t... Télécharger
virustotalapi(sfnet) Virus Total API .NET Wrapper A .NET wrapper for the Virus Total Public API. ... Télécharger
nnmon(freshmeat) nnmon nnmon is a central database and a Web interface... Télécharger
rdcs(sfnet) RocketDock Config Saver RocketDock Config Saver it's a little program t... Télécharger
linuxband(freshmeat) LinuxBand LinuxBand is a GUI front-end for MMA (Musical M... Télécharger
wxlame(sfnet) wxLame wxLame is a free front-end for the LAME MP3 enc... Télécharger
arc-linux(sfnet) ARC CPU Linux kernels and GNU tools *** NOTE: as of Sept 2012, Synopsys is no long... Télécharger
wxmp3gain(sfnet) wxMP3gain wxMP3gain is a free front-end for the MP3gain. ... Télécharger
agos(sfnet) AGOS (OS for Agenda VR3) Repository for the Kernel and tools sources for... Télécharger
openwave(sfnet) OpenWave OpenWave is a educational wave Simulator. Télécharger
byuediftools(sfnet) BYU EDIF Tools An API for manipulating EDIF netlists in Java. ... Télécharger
rumount(sfnet) rumount Mount of amateur telescope Télécharger
solarnetwork(sfnet) SolarNetwork SolarNetwork started as a simple set of client ... Télécharger
ubersvn(freshmeat) uberSVN uberSVN is an enhanced distribution of Apache S... Télécharger
linvoice-online-invoicing-solu(freshmeat) L-invoice L-invoice is a Web-based invoicing solution tha... Télécharger
patchman(freshmeat) Patchman Patchman is a patch status monitoring tool for ... Télécharger
workerfm(sfnet) Worker File Manager Worker is a file manager for the X Window Syste... Télécharger
wirelessredston(sfnet) wirelessredston Wireless Redstone is a Minecraft modification t... Télécharger
glib(freshmeat) GLib GLib is a library containing many useful C rout... Télécharger
myzz(sfnet) myzz myzz is a big and blue fish Télécharger
gftbox(sfnet) GFtbox GFtbox is a Matlab package for simulating biolo... Télécharger
threedscanner(sfnet) 3DScanner This is a 3d scanner that uses the kinect as ha... Télécharger
portfoliosubmit(sfnet) Portfolio Submitions This is the portfolio of Shannon Smith, and som... Télécharger
rxp(freshmeat) RXP RXP is a validating XML parser written in C. It... Télécharger
sensorsweepapplet(freshmeat) Sensor Sweep Applet Sensor Sweep Applet is a GNOME panel applet tha... Télécharger
kroulettesim(freshmeat) KRouletteSim KRouletteSim is a numerical Roulette simulation... Télécharger
bicq(freshmeat) bicq Bicq is an attempt to bring connection to ICQ s... Télécharger
pharmacy(freshmeat) Pharmacy Pharmacy is a GNOME-compliant front end for CVS... Télécharger
bitchbot(freshmeat) bitchbot bitchbot is a Perl-based IRC bot with a ton of ... Télécharger
vqregister(freshmeat) vqregister vQregister is a CGI which allows new email user... Télécharger
dick(freshmeat) Dick Board Games Dick is a utility library for board-based games... Télécharger
dragora(freshmeat) Dragora Dragora is a trustworthy GNU/Linux-Libre distri... Télécharger

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