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azdgdatinglite(freshmeat) AzDGDatingLite AzDGDatingLite is a Web-based dating platform f... Télécharger
flexml(freshmeat) FleXML FleXML reads a DTD (Document Type Definition) ... Télécharger
hl7lib(freshmeat) HL7lib HL7lib is a project that will provide a free, c... Télécharger
antivirus-live-cd(freshmeat) Antivirus Live CD Antivirus Live CD is a 4MLinux fork including t... Télécharger
jstock(freshmeat) jStock jStock is a tool for technical analysis of stoc... Télécharger
mochad(freshmeat) mochad mochad is a TCP gateway daemon for the X10 CM15... Télécharger
buildcraft(sfnet) BuildCraft This is a mod to minecraft aimed at providing a... Télécharger
ant(freshmeat) Apache Ant Ant is a Java based build tool, similar to make... Télécharger
unqlite(freshmeat) UnQLite UnQLite is a in-process software library which ... Télécharger
gryphon(freshmeat) GryPhon GrypPhon focuses on adding new features to the ... Télécharger
wordlistchecker(freshmeat) Word list checker Word List Checker is a package of programs for ... Télécharger
pxp(freshmeat) Polymorphic XML Parser PXP is a validating XML parser for the programm... Télécharger
mondo-daemon(freshmeat) Mondo Mondo is a very simplistic health monitoring d... Télécharger
v3d-viewer(sfnet) V3D-Viewer V3D-Viewer is a Dicom and "Philips V3D 3DR... Télécharger
pasang-emas-for-android(freshmeat) Pasang Emas for Android Pasang Emas for Android is an implementation of... Télécharger
bitchx(freshmeat) BitchX BitchX is the premiere IRC (Internet Relay Chat... Télécharger
xptestfortogether(freshmeat) XPTest XPTest for Together provides two patterns and a... Télécharger
genie-alert(freshmeat) Genie Alert Genie Alert is a JavaScript object that can dis... Télécharger
fdimage(sfnet) Full Decent Image manipulation/ fractal Image manipulation and generation libraries plu... Télécharger
ya-mingw64(sfnet) ya-mingw64 Yet Another MinGW64 provides binary files for G... Télécharger
cocktail(freshmeat) Cocktail Cocktail is an HTML/CSS rendering engine (think... Télécharger
sivp(sfnet) SIVP toolbox for Scilab SIVP stands for Scilab Image and Video Processi... Télécharger
saros-2(freshmeat) Saros Saros is a Eclipse plugin for collaborative tex... Télécharger
narutevent(sfnet) NarutEvent Site RPG fait en Phpbb permettant d'incarner un... Télécharger
thumbnailator(freshmeat) Thumbnailator Thumbnailator is a thumbnail generation library... Télécharger
visualfigaro(sfnet) Visual Figaro Environment to develop component libraries for ... Télécharger
camtasiastudio7(sfnet) Camtasia Studio 7 • NOUVEAU ! Gérez la bande sonore de votre vidé... Télécharger
cmsdetector(freshmeat) CMS Detector CMS Detector is a PHP class that can detect the... Télécharger
shadow-tool-suite(freshmeat) Shadow Tool Suite Shadow Tool Suite is a password and account man... Télécharger
wallshuffle(freshmeat) WallShuffle WallShuffle allows you to regularly change your... Télécharger
scsitest(freshmeat) SCSITest SCSITest is a set of C++ classes that layer on ... Télécharger
zixfs(freshmeat) ZixFS ZixFS is a simple embedded file storage based o... Télécharger
mpc-2(freshmeat) MPC MPC is a C library for the arithmetic of comple... Télécharger
libpipeline(freshmeat) libpipeline libpipeline is a C library for manipulating pip... Télécharger
sequreisp(freshmeat) sequreisp Sequreisp is an ISP management software. It has... Télécharger
shell-tools(freshmeat) Shell Tools Shell Tools is a toolbox of shell scripts inten... Télécharger
reposurgeon(freshmeat) reposurgeon A tool for editing version-control repository h... Télécharger
vscsc(sfnet) Volume Shadow Copy Simple Client A modified version of the vshadow.exe program o... Télécharger
phpqrclass(sfnet) PHP QR Code Class A self-contained native-PHP class for producing... Télécharger
almail(sfnet) ALmail This program sends multipart e-mail messages to... Télécharger
association-member-management(freshmeat) Association Member Management Association Member Management (AMM) is a Web ap... Télécharger
azzyzt-jee-tools(freshmeat) Azzyzt JEE Tools Azzyzt JEE Tools is a set of Eclipse plugins fo... Télécharger
openbeacon(freshmeat) OpenBeacon OpenBeacon is a open and generic design for an ... Télécharger
minecrisis(freshmeat) MineCrisis MineCrisis is a 3D action game in which the pla... Télécharger
conv(freshmeat) Conv Conv is a tool for processing files. It's like ... Télécharger
gmbar(freshmeat) gmbar gmbar provides a library and a set of programs ... Télécharger
ybmnms(sfnet) QosWork 已更新为QosWork发布。 OpenNMS是一个企业级基于 J... Télécharger
coverity-submit(freshmeat) coverity-submit coverity-submit submits scan requests to the Co... Télécharger
glassfish(freshmeat) GlassFish GlassFish is the Oracle-sponsored reference imp... Télécharger
laravel(freshmeat) Laravel Laravel is a clean and classy framework for PHP... Télécharger
visualfox-fx(freshmeat) VisualFox FX VisualFox-FX is an animation and visual effect ... Télécharger
visualfox-layout(freshmeat) VisualFox Layout VisualFox Layout provides a simple layout mecha... Télécharger
ucommon(freshmeat) ucommon UCommon is a lightweight C++ library to facilit... Télécharger
coastal-qt(freshmeat) coastal-qt coastal-qt is a small collection of Qt 4/5 desk... Télécharger
remotecalendars(sfnet) Remote Calendars RemoteCalendars is a COM-.NET Add-in for Outloo... Télécharger
x11vis(freshmeat) x11vis x11vis is a visual and interactive tool for deb... Télécharger
simplehrm(freshmeat) SimpleHRM SimpleHRM is a human resource management soluti... Télécharger
motorcycle-blackjack(freshmeat) MotorCycle BlackJack MotorCycle BlackJack is a standalone, platform-... Télécharger
kardia(freshmeat) Kardia Kardia is Web-based CRM/ERP software aimed at t... Télécharger
vim-taglist(sfnet) Vim source code browser plugin A source code browser plugin for the Vim text e... Télécharger
pppoesk(freshmeat) pppoesk pppoesk is a small program that can terminate b... Télécharger
savepowerpl(freshmeat) Savepower Savepower is a simple and effective daemon for ... Télécharger
threadfix(freshmeat) ThreadFix ThreadFix is a software vulnerability aggregati... Télécharger
xidel(freshmeat) Xidel Xidel is a command line tool to download Web pa... Télécharger
rsscache(freshmeat) rsscache rsscache allows you to aggregate and cache feed... Télécharger
tuxmath(sfnet) Tux of Math Command "Tux, of Math Command" is a math dril... Télécharger
sawfish(freshmeat) sawfish Sawfish (the window manager formerly known as S... Télécharger
rohc-library(freshmeat) ROHC library The ROHC library provides an easy and robust wa... Télécharger
pyrobase(freshmeat) pyrobase pyrobase assembles general Python helper functi... Télécharger
diphy(freshmeat) Diphy Diphy is powerfull dependency injection contain... Télécharger
hoplax(freshmeat) Hoplax Hoplax is a power user tool to store bookmarks ... Télécharger
luminous(freshmeat) Luminous Luminous is a powerful and modern syntax highli... Télécharger
mod-auth-sspi(sfnet) mod_auth_sspi mod_auth_sspi - Apache 2.x SSPI authentication ... Télécharger
kscope(sfnet) KScope A source-code browsing, analysis and editing en... Télécharger
datacrow(freshmeat) Data Crow Data Crow is a movie, video, book, image, softw... Télécharger
xcalib(sfnet) xcalib xcalib is an open-source monitor calibration lo... Télécharger
rubikscubetimer(sfnet) Rubiks Cube Timer Simple Rubik's Cube Timer Télécharger
clothsimulation(sfnet) ClothSimulation A cloth simulation using OpenCL and OpenGL Télécharger
highcharts-gxt(sfnet) highcharts-gxt Java adapters for JS highcharts inside Ext-GWT ... Télécharger
purify(sfnet) PureAdmin - Management tool for PureFTPd A GTK+2.x graphical front-end and management ut... Télécharger
kxmrp(sfnet) mrp 做网站论坛的,给用户带来服务,下载、教程等 Télécharger
openstack(sfnet) OpenStack OpenStack is a collection of libraries for simp... Télécharger
invenio(freshmeat) Invenio Invenio (formerly CDSware) is a suite of applic... Télécharger
rezgo-open-source-php-parser(freshmeat) Rezgo Open Source PHP Parser The Rezgo Open Source PHP Parser is a tour and ... Télécharger
rendersnake(freshmeat) renderSnake RenderSnake is a Java libary for creating compo... Télécharger
tenderwarehouse-uk(freshmeat) TenderWarehouse (UK) TenderWarehouse is an easy-to-use tool that all... Télécharger
popsearch-2(freshmeat) PopSearch PopSearch Safari Extension lets you easily and ... Télécharger
resara-server(freshmeat) Resara Server Resara Server is an Active Directory compatible... Télécharger
gitolite(freshmeat) gitolite gitolite is an access control layer on top of g... Télécharger
disc-os(sfnet) Disc-OS Disc-OS é uma distribuição de um PABX IP basead... Télécharger
xnbbuilder(sfnet) XNB Builder Recently updated to fix an error where content ... Télécharger
yafu(sfnet) yafu YAFU (with assistance from other free software)... Télécharger
comix(sfnet) Comix Comix is a user-friendly, customizable image vi... Télécharger
ruzzle-solver-pro(freshmeat) Ruzzle Solver PRO Ruzzle Solver PRO is an offline solver (aka che... Télécharger
gubed(sfnet) Gubed PHP Debugger Gubed PHP Debugger is a program to debug PHP sc... Télécharger
pdf2htmlex(freshmeat) pdf2htmlEX pdf2htmlEX renders PDF files in HTML. It aims ... Télécharger
tadpole-2(freshmeat) Tadpole Tadpole is a minimalistic PHP MVC framework. It... Télécharger
tts-indianlang(sfnet) Indian Language TTS Provides Text to speech synthesis systems for I... Télécharger
lzo-java(freshmeat) lzo-java lzo-java is a Java port of liblzo2, a portable ... Télécharger
logicalvolumemanager(freshmeat) Logical Volume Manager The Logical Volume Manager (LVM) is a subsystem... Télécharger

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