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pioneerspacesim(sfnet) pioneerspacesim Pioneer is a space adventure game set in the Mi... Télécharger
czui(freshmeat) cZUI cZUI is a C++ user interface toolkit for rapid ... Télécharger
navphp(sfnet) PHP Navigator PHP Navigator is an Explorer style web based AJ... Télécharger
blogbridge(sfnet) BlogBridge BlogBridge is an RSS Reader/Aggregator designed... Télécharger
python-sudoku-solver(freshmeat) Python Sudoku Solver Python Sudoku Solver takes a Sudoku unsolved pu... Télécharger
yat-suite(freshmeat) yat-suite yat stands for Yet Another Todolist (manager). ... Télécharger
smart-card-detective(freshmeat) Smart Card Detective The Smart Card Detective (SCD) is a general fra... Télécharger
ajax-cross-browser-using-ifram(freshmeat) ajax-cross-browser-using-iframes ajax-cross-browser-using-iframes uses Iframes, ... Télécharger
keyos(freshmeat) KeyOS KeyOS is an integrated IT management platform c... Télécharger
blackbuntu(sfnet) blackbuntu Penetration Testing Distribution based on Ubunt... Télécharger
tuxguitar-fork(sfnet) tuxguitar-fork Unofficial tuxguitar playground for application... Télécharger
geomoose(sfnet) GeoMOOSE GeoMOOSE is designed to be an easy to configure... Télécharger
bet-batiment-fr(sfnet) Eurocode - Logiciel libre - Génie civil Projet mettant à disposition des ressources lib... Télécharger
libqt4report(freshmeat) libqt4report libqt4report is a library for Qt 4 that creates... Télécharger
canvas-turtle(freshmeat) Canvas Turtle Canvas Turtle is an object that interprets and ... Télécharger
sqirc(freshmeat) SqIRC SqIRC is a lightweight IRC client with script c... Télécharger
page-expiration-robot(freshmeat) Page Expiration Robot Page Expiration Robot is a Wordpress plugin tha... Télécharger
netemul(sfnet) NetEmul NetEmul is a program for simulating computer ne... Télécharger
ck-jsf-editor(freshmeat) ck-jsf-editor ck-jsf-editor is an editor component for JSF 2 ... Télécharger
ios-universal-framework(freshmeat) iOS Universal Framework iOS Universal Framework is an XCode 4 project t... Télécharger
llnl-pact(freshmeat) Portable Application Code Toolkit PACT is a self-contained set of tools which sup... Télécharger
kiokudb(freshmeat) KiokuDB KiokuDB is a frontend to various data stores. I... Télécharger
html-formfu(freshmeat) HTML-FormFu HTML::FormFu is a framework for HTML forms. It ... Télécharger
mail-deliverystatus-bouncepars(freshmeat) Mail-DeliveryStatus-BounceParser Mail::DeliveryStatus::BounceParser analyzes RFC... Télécharger
schwarzweiss(freshmeat) schwarzweiss schwarzweiss is a game where 2 players control ... Télécharger
crazygolf(freshmeat) CrazyGolf CrazyGolf is a Java-based crazy golf game (also... Télécharger
actual-storage(freshmeat) Actual Storage Actual Storage calculates the actual storage ca... Télécharger
rmd-calculator(freshmeat) RMD Calculator RMD Calculator calculates the Required Minimum ... Télécharger
reblok(freshmeat) Reblok Reblok is a utility to build back an Abstract S... Télécharger
google-hack-vulnerability-data(freshmeat) Google Hack Vulnerability Database Tools Google Hack Vulnerability Database Tools allows... Télécharger
libwpd(sfnet) WordPerfect Document importer Library for reading Corel WordPerfect(tm) docum... Télécharger
hunmorph-foma(freshmeat) Hunmorph-foma Hunmorph-foma is a two way tool for Hungarian m... Télécharger
libkisslog(freshmeat) libKISSlog libKISSlog is a trivial lightweight C++ templat... Télécharger
gtpu(sfnet) GTPv1u in Kernel space This project implements an IPTables extension a... Télécharger
co-ment(freshmeat) Co-Ment Co-Ment is a Web service for annotating, discus... Télécharger
pycdep(freshmeat) pycdep pycdep is a tool for analyzing and visualizing ... Télécharger
dump_tweetspy(freshmeat) dump_tweets.py dump_tweets.py is a tool for incrementally dump... Télécharger
flickernoise(freshmeat) flickernoise Flickernoise is a user-friendly VJ application ... Télécharger
car-emissions-calculator(freshmeat) Car Emissions Calculator Car Emissions Calculator determines how much CO... Télécharger
sugarsync-upload(freshmeat) sugarsync-upload sugarsync-upload is a commandline uploader for ... Télécharger
usharesoftvapps(sfnet) UShareSoft App Center UShareSoft App Center provides open source mult... Télécharger
ucosiiistm32f2(sfnet) uCOS-III porting for STM32F2xx uCOS-III porting for STM32F2xx (STM322xG-EVAL) Télécharger
qlaue(sfnet) QLaue Simulation of back reflection Laue diffraction ... Télécharger
master-log(freshmeat) Master Log MasterLog is a centralized SSH authentication s... Télécharger
cmat(sfnet) CMAT The Compile Memory Analysis Tool (CMAT) is a se... Télécharger
pscp(sfnet) pscp This project aims at developing a easy software... Télécharger
six-irc(freshmeat) six-irc six-irc is a simple IRC client. It's inspired... Télécharger
zipprot(sfnet) zipprot Zip file alternative protection mechanism for p... Télécharger
opensourcepos(sfnet) Open Source Point of Sale Open Source Point of Sale is a web based point ... Télécharger
capwap(sfnet) Open Source CAPWAP The project is an implementation of CAPWAP agen... Télécharger
biomechanics(sfnet) Biomechanics Computer programs for application in Sports sci... Télécharger
yasse(sfnet) script engine YASSE is intended as a script engine among othe... Télécharger
atwl(sfnet) Ai4rei's Tools w/ (some) Love Collection of all my tools whose source I made ... Télécharger
abcmidi(freshmeat) abcMIDI The abcMIDI suite consists of programs for turn... Télécharger
qls(sfnet) Quadodo Login Script This is a free PHP login script that allows use... Télécharger
wsml2reasoner(sfnet) WSML2Reasoner The WSML2Reasoner Framework is a modular archit... Télécharger
bash-argsparse(freshmeat) bash argsparse bash argsparse is a high-level argument parsing... Télécharger
asterisk-monitoring(freshmeat) Asterisk monitoring Asterisk monitoring is a script for monitoring ... Télécharger
mobileprocourse(sfnet) MobilePro Course Community for MobilePro course. Télécharger
asimpleastarpqt(sfnet) A simple A star path finding library A simple A star path finding library in C++ An ... Télécharger
darkice(sfnet) DarkIce the DarkIce project has been moved to a new sit... Télécharger
clicco-command-line-interface-(freshmeat) Clicco Clicco is a tool for constructing command line ... Télécharger
simple-socks-script(freshmeat) Simple Socks Script Simple Socks Script (SSS) is a simple SOCKS ser... Télécharger
snowlinux(freshmeat) Snowlinux Snowlinux is a Linux distribution based on Ubun... Télécharger
pax-exam(freshmeat) Pax Exam Pax Exam is a tool to ease testing OSGi framewo... Télécharger
liquidizer(freshmeat) Liquidizer The Liquidizer is a highly interactive online p... Télécharger
phpdigikam(freshmeat) phpdigikam phpdigikam is a Web interface for browsing your... Télécharger
svg-snake(freshmeat) SVG Snake SVG Snake implements the Snake game using SVG w... Télécharger
jease(freshmeat) Jease Jease is a Java-based CMS. Jease means "Ja... Télécharger
ecmwf-grib(freshmeat) ECMWF GRIB The ECMWF GRIB API is an application program in... Télécharger
lpmd(freshmeat) lpmd A daemon to monitor sensors and power supplies,... Télécharger
cobra-language(freshmeat) Cobra Programming Language Cobra is a general purpose programming language... Télécharger
libraw(freshmeat) LibRaw LibRaw is a library for reading RAW files obtai... Télécharger
numlockx(freshmeat) NumLockX NumLockX turns on NumLock after starting X. Télécharger
luach(freshmeat) Luach Luach is a Hebrew calendar program that shows H... Télécharger
vbnet-mode-for-emacs(freshmeat) VB.NET mode for Emacs VB.NET mode for Emacs is a mode for editing pro... Télécharger
efw(freshmeat) Endian Firewall Endian Firewall is an all-in-on Linux security ... Télécharger
javaautoupgrade(sfnet) javaautoupgrade Utility to automatically detect and upgrade to ... Télécharger
libraw-demosaic-pack-gpl3(freshmeat) LibRaw-demosaic-pack-GPL3 LibRaw-demosaic-pack-GPL3 is a set of additiona... Télécharger
fwlogwatch(freshmeat) fwlogwatch fwlogwatch is a packet filter and firewall log ... Télécharger
typo3(freshmeat) TYPO3 CMS TYPO3 CMS is a Web Content Management System wh... Télécharger
coefficient(sfnet) Coefficient Coefficient is a project-based collaboration pl... Télécharger
cmdbuild(freshmeat) CMDBuild CMDBuild (Configuration and Management Data Bas... Télécharger
chinesepuppylinux(freshmeat) ChinesePuppyLinux ChinesePuppyLinux is a Chinese localization of ... Télécharger
python-on-documents(freshmeat) Python On Documents Python On Documents is a document preparation s... Télécharger
django-google-charts(freshmeat) django-google-charts django-google-charts is a set of template tags ... Télécharger
jaml(freshmeat) JAML JAML (Java Application Markup Language) is a li... Télécharger
pytarget(sfnet) pyTarget Implement a powerful iSCSI target in python, e... Télécharger
schemacrawler(freshmeat) SchemaCrawler SchemaCrawler is a Java API which makes working... Télécharger
visualfox-core(freshmeat) VisualFox Core VisualFox Core is a set of reusable functions a... Télécharger
wifidb(freshmeat) WiFiDB WiFiDB is a set of scripts that is intended to ... Télécharger
c2p(freshmeat) c2p C2P (Chinese Character to Pinyin) is a command-... Télécharger
url-notification-system(freshmeat) URL Notification System URL Notification System (UNS) uses simple Web p... Télécharger
the-golden-hasweg-a-dwarven-ta(freshmeat) The Golden Hasweg: A Dwarven Tale The Golden Hasweg: A Dwarven Tale is a little s... Télécharger
cacophonyjs(freshmeat) Cacophony.js Cacophony is a tool for creating and viewing in... Télécharger
natus(freshmeat) Natus Natus provides a stable C/C++ API on top of maj... Télécharger
dlnc-usda-game(sfnet) dlnc-USDA-game A game to teach 9-12yo kids how to stay healthy... Télécharger
ccissvolstatus(freshmeat) cciss_vol_status cciss_vol_status is a lightweight program which... Télécharger
bitfighter(freshmeat) Bitfighter Bitfighter is a game that feels a little like A... Télécharger
lxmed(sfnet) lxmed Main Menu Editor for LXDE. Written in Java. Télécharger

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