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agos(sfnet) AGOS (OS for Agenda VR3) Repository for the Kernel and tools sources for... Télécharger
openwave(sfnet) OpenWave OpenWave is a educational wave Simulator. Télécharger
byuediftools(sfnet) BYU EDIF Tools An API for manipulating EDIF netlists in Java. ... Télécharger
rumount(sfnet) rumount Mount of amateur telescope Télécharger
solarnetwork(sfnet) SolarNetwork SolarNetwork started as a simple set of client ... Télécharger
ubersvn(freshmeat) uberSVN uberSVN is an enhanced distribution of Apache S... Télécharger
linvoice-online-invoicing-solu(freshmeat) L-invoice L-invoice is a Web-based invoicing solution tha... Télécharger
patchman(freshmeat) Patchman Patchman is a patch status monitoring tool for ... Télécharger
workerfm(sfnet) Worker File Manager Worker is a file manager for the X Window Syste... Télécharger
wirelessredston(sfnet) wirelessredston Wireless Redstone is a Minecraft modification t... Télécharger
glib(freshmeat) GLib GLib is a library containing many useful C rout... Télécharger
myzz(sfnet) myzz myzz is a big and blue fish Télécharger
gftbox(sfnet) GFtbox GFtbox is a Matlab package for simulating biolo... Télécharger
threedscanner(sfnet) 3DScanner This is a 3d scanner that uses the kinect as ha... Télécharger
portfoliosubmit(sfnet) Portfolio Submitions This is the portfolio of Shannon Smith, and som... Télécharger
rxp(freshmeat) RXP RXP is a validating XML parser written in C. It... Télécharger
sensorsweepapplet(freshmeat) Sensor Sweep Applet Sensor Sweep Applet is a GNOME panel applet tha... Télécharger
kroulettesim(freshmeat) KRouletteSim KRouletteSim is a numerical Roulette simulation... Télécharger
bicq(freshmeat) bicq Bicq is an attempt to bring connection to ICQ s... Télécharger
pharmacy(freshmeat) Pharmacy Pharmacy is a GNOME-compliant front end for CVS... Télécharger
bitchbot(freshmeat) bitchbot bitchbot is a Perl-based IRC bot with a ton of ... Télécharger
vqregister(freshmeat) vqregister vQregister is a CGI which allows new email user... Télécharger
dick(freshmeat) Dick Board Games Dick is a utility library for board-based games... Télécharger
dragora(freshmeat) Dragora Dragora is a trustworthy GNU/Linux-Libre distri... Télécharger
xmlwebgui(freshmeat) XML Web GUI xmlwebgui is a validating XML editor written in... Télécharger
renai(freshmeat) Ren'ai/Dating Simulation Engine Ren'ai/Dating Simulation Engine is derived from... Télécharger
uvideoconverter(sfnet) Ultimate Video Converter A easy to use open source video converter writt... Télécharger
wro4j(freshmeat) wro4j wro4j is a project that will help you to easily... Télécharger
netspeed-plasmoid(freshmeat) netspeed-plasmoid netspeed-plasmoid is a simple plasmoid that sho... Télécharger
plow(freshmeat) Plow Plow is a workflow execution engine inspired by... Télécharger
ida-syslog(freshmeat) ida-syslog ida-syslog is a Web-based viewer for syslog dat... Télécharger
sickpost(freshmeat) SICKPost SICKPost is a PHP/MySQL multi-user news managem... Télécharger
nametrans(freshmeat) nametrans Renaming a file works well when there is just o... Télécharger
opentnl(sfnet) Torque Network Library The Torque Network Library is a robust, secure,... Télécharger
wphf-reloaded(sfnet) Winprint HylaFAX Reloaded Enhanced version of Winprint HylaFAX. Fully sup... Télécharger
opensolver(sfnet) OpenSolver An open source Solver-compatible optimization e... Télécharger
zxiii(sfnet) WoT Clan Stat DB Clan statistics for WorldOfTanks online game/ Télécharger
oss2deploy(sfnet) oss2deploy this is for hagasha. Télécharger
fdcl(freshmeat) Camera Life Camera Life is a system for cataloging your pho... Télécharger
the-fact-programming-language(freshmeat) The FACT Programming Language FACT is a mixed functional and imperative progr... Télécharger
tmux-applets(freshmeat) tmux-applets tmux-applets is a collection of tmux "appl... Télécharger
monkey-tail(freshmeat) @ @ (monkey-tail) is a simple collection of simpl... Télécharger
tcsv2png(freshmeat) tcsv2png tcsv2png uses gnuplot to convert a CSV file wit... Télécharger
autofwd(freshmeat) autofwd autofwd is an automated firewalling daemon inte... Télécharger
junit-addons(sfnet) junit-addons JUnit-addons is a collection of helper classes ... Télécharger
sunsea1026(sfnet) sunsea1026 my code and my test --2011-04-16 by sunsea1026 Télécharger
minecrat(sfnet) minecrat save minecraft mise en ligne Télécharger
insuracenice(sfnet) insuracenice is my good site! I love it! Télécharger
snakeclonec(sfnet) Snake Clone C# Snake Clone C# is an Clone of the well know gam... Télécharger
guzzle(freshmeat) Guzzle Guzzle is a RESTful Web service client framewor... Télécharger
rifas(freshmeat) Rifas Rifas is a program to generate numbered raffle ... Télécharger
gebr(freshmeat) gebr GêBR is a simple graphical interface that facil... Télécharger
dropbear-ssh(freshmeat) Dropbear SSH Dropbear is an SSH 2 server and client that is ... Télécharger
miniworld(sfnet) MiniWorld MiniWorld is a Multiplayer-Network Game with se... Télécharger
vaultclipse(sfnet) VaultClipse - Vault Plugin for Eclipse VaultClipse is a plugin for Eclipse which allow... Télécharger
nuvie(freshmeat) Nuvie Nuvie is an open source engine for Ultima 6, Ma... Télécharger
fathom(freshmeat) fathom Fathom is Python3 package that provides databas... Télécharger
siwpas(freshmeat) Siwpas Siwpas (short for Simple Web Profile Applicatio... Télécharger
mdarrayengine(freshmeat) MDArrayEngine MDArrayEngine is a JavaScript class that eases ... Télécharger
sidereal(freshmeat) Sidereal Sidereal is a 3D RTS game set in space. Its eng... Télécharger
plaspool(freshmeat) Plaspool Plaspool is a KDE4 plasmoid that displays the C... Télécharger
google-authenticator-demo(freshmeat) Google Authenticator Demo Google Authenticator Demo is an implementation ... Télécharger
pegdown-cli(freshmeat) pegdown-cli pegdown-cli is a command line tool that uses th... Télécharger
nephthys(freshmeat) Nephthys Nephthys provides a Web interface to create fil... Télécharger
egovstack(sfnet) e-Gov 2.0 Stack for Public/Private Cloud To automate Govt. Offices Télécharger
qtemu(sfnet) QtEmu QtEmu is a graphical user interface for QEMU an... Télécharger
qtitools(sfnet) QTItools The QTItools project is developing a number of ... Télécharger
texmacs(freshmeat) GNU TeXmacs GNU TeXmacs is a free wysiwyw (what you see is ... Télécharger
nxcc(freshmeat) nxcc nxcc is a tiny C-like script compiler and virtu... Télécharger
joot(freshmeat) JOOT JOOT is a small JavaScript library that provide... Télécharger
cpufreqd(sfnet) cpufreq daemon A small daemon to adjust cpu speed and voltage ... Télécharger
rdfamaker(sfnet) rdfamaker RDFaMaker is a Java application that enable use... Télécharger
phpsandbox(freshmeat) PHPSandbox PHPSandbox is a way to run PHP includes as sepa... Télécharger
simplenetconfig(freshmeat) SimpleNetConfig SimpleNetConfig is a simple network utility tha... Télécharger
swict(sfnet) swict Simple Way ICT Downloads Télécharger
phpwe(sfnet) secured WebGine secured WebGine is a mix between a content mana... Télécharger
iterm(sfnet) iTerm.app iTerm is an enhanced terminal emulator program ... Télécharger
pdns-admin(freshmeat) PDNSOps PDNSOps, is a Web-based script which aids in ad... Télécharger
kicem-bct-065(sfnet) kicem-bct-065 This project hosts all the artifacts/documents ... Télécharger
mibian-lib(freshmeat) MibianLib MibianLib is an options pricing library offerin... Télécharger
oki4win(sfnet) Win7 Printer driver for Okipage 4w This is a printer driver for the Okidata Okipag... Télécharger
ktree1(freshmeat) K-tree K-tree provides a scalable approach to clusteri... Télécharger
irccryptoproxy(sfnet) irccryptoproxy Proxy for use with IRC, which encrypts data on ... Télécharger
sysnagios(sfnet) Sysnagios A collection of scripts, rpm's and Solaris pack... Télécharger
svnmanager(sfnet) SVNManager SVNManager is a webbased administration tool fo... Télécharger
javamusictag(sfnet) Java MP3 ID3 Tag Library Java library that supports ID3 v1 & v1.1, L... Télécharger
semplice-linux(sfnet) Semplice Linux A Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution which foc... Télécharger
kdenlive(sfnet) Kdenlive - KDE Non Linear Video Editor A professional quality Non-linear video editing... Télécharger
sgrb(sfnet) sgrb Sistema de Gerenciamento de Referencias Bibliog... Télécharger
project-planner(sfnet) Auto Project Planner APP automatically calculates a project plan bas... Télécharger
libpondyparser(freshmeat) libpondyparser libpondyparser is yet another multi-core C++ pa... Télécharger
lockss(sfnet) LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) The LOCKSS(tm) system (Lots of Copies Keep Stuf... Télécharger
opgig(sfnet) opgig A 3D shoot-em-up for the Commodore Amiga produc... Télécharger
jump3r(sfnet) Pure Java MP3 Encoder Pure Java MP3 Encoder. Easy-to-use java tool an... Télécharger
mexcdf(sfnet) mexcdf MEXCDF is a MATLAB interface to netCDF files. Télécharger
debxyz(freshmeat) DebXYZ DebXYZ is a program that does two things. First... Télécharger
district-builder(freshmeat) District Builder District Builder is a software application desi... Télécharger
binutils(freshmeat) binutils GNU binutils work mostly behind the scenes of L... Télécharger
jikes(sfnet) IBM Jikes Compiler for the Java Language JikesTM is a compiler for the JavaTM language. ... Télécharger
pyelph(sfnet) pyelph PyElph is a software system for gel image analy... Télécharger

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