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stormfs(freshmeat) STORMfs STORMfs allows you to mount cloud storage as a ... Télécharger
c_xml(freshmeat) c_xml c_xml is a class that can convert between XML f... Télécharger
myhwt(freshmeat) myHWT myHWT is a Web application for homework managem... Télécharger
asterisk-speech-recognition(freshmeat) Asterisk speech recognition Asterisk speech recognition is an AGI script th... Télécharger
geomajas-gwt-face(freshmeat) Geomajas GWT face Geomajas GWT face is a Geomajas plug-in for bui... Télécharger
geomajas-geocoder-plug-in(freshmeat) Geomajas geocoder plug-in Geomajas geocoder plug-in is a Geomajas plug-in... Télécharger
geomajas-hibernate-layer(freshmeat) Geomajas Hibernate layer Geomajas Hibernate layer is a plug-in that allo... Télécharger
geomajas-wms-layer(freshmeat) Geomajas WMS layer Geomajas WMS layer is a plug-in for Geomajas th... Télécharger
checkapp(freshmeat) CheckApp CheckApp will serve as a basis for a free (as i... Télécharger
inovasc(freshmeat) Inovasc INOVASC is an independent, Web-based scan clien... Télécharger
postrace(freshmeat) postrace postrace is a small Perl program to search for ... Télécharger
geomajas-geotools-layer(freshmeat) Geomajas GeoTools layer The Geomajas GeoTools layer allows you to conne... Télécharger
sanos(freshmeat) sanos Sanos is a minimalistic 32-bit x86 OS kernel fo... Télécharger
bf3promod(sfnet) BF3 ProMod Improves your graphics Télécharger
kiskis(sfnet) KisKis - Keep It Secret! Keep It Safe! KisKis is an easy-to-use password manager. Hi... Télécharger
spdylay(sfnet) spdylay This is an experimental implementation of Googl... Télécharger
pinacart(freshmeat) PinaCart PinaCart is a webshop constructor. Use it as a... Télécharger
paralab(freshmeat) paralab paralab is a framework for black-box analysis o... Télécharger
gqrx(sfnet) Gqrx software defined radio receiver Gqrx is a software defined radio receiver power... Télécharger
tslib-mt(sfnet) tslib multitouch plugin this is a tslib multi touch plugin. I put it he... Télécharger
project-1901(freshmeat) Project-1901 Project-1901 is a Web-based application for man... Télécharger
opa-2(freshmeat) Opa Opa is a web development platform. It comprises... Télécharger
gnome-dvb-daemon(freshmeat) GNOME DVB Daemon GNOME DVB Daemon is a daemon written in Vala an... Télécharger
wpacrackgui(sfnet) WPACrackGUI WPACrackGUI es un programa que mediante a la ge... Télécharger
chessdb(sfnet) ChessDB - a Free Chess Database ChessDB is a free open-source chess database fo... Télécharger
jtimer(freshmeat) jTimer jTimer is a time tracking and report tool for p... Télécharger
qjackctl(freshmeat) QjackCtl QjackCtl is a simple Qt application to control ... Télécharger
wikitty(freshmeat) Wikitty Wikitty is a key/value storage and search syste... Télécharger
wawas(freshmeat) WAWAS WAWAS is a full PHP application server. The mai... Télécharger
nuiton-matrix(freshmeat) Nuiton-matrix Nuiton-matrix is a Java library to manage multi... Télécharger
mongo4ben(freshmeat) mongo4ben mongo4ben is a plugin for Benerator that allows... Télécharger
erasm(freshmeat) Erasm++ Erasm++, the Embedded Runtime Assembler in C++,... Télécharger
sl(freshmeat) sl sl takes the most common use of Unix ls, to dis... Télécharger
wicd(sfnet) wicd A network connection manager that aims to simpl... Télécharger
contiperf(freshmeat) ContiPerf ContiPerf is a lightweight testing utility to e... Télécharger
swpproject(sfnet) SWP Project SWP is a script language to manipulate sets of ... Télécharger
autoprimer3(sfnet) Auto Primer3 Written in perl, this script is used to automat... Télécharger
astrofocuser(freshmeat) AstroFocuser AstroFocuser is a very simple tool to help star... Télécharger
xjobs(freshmeat) xjobs xjobs runs several jobs in parallel and limits ... Télécharger
prodevtools(sfnet) Prolog Development Tools (ProDT) ProDT is a Prolog Integrated Development Enviro... Télécharger
open-axiom(sfnet) OpenAxiom: Scientific Computation System OpenAxiom is an open source Computer Algebra Sy... Télécharger
cerescp(sfnet) Ceres CP Ceres CP, to use with eAthena and other Athena ... Télécharger
ntlmv2auth(sfnet) ntlmv2-auth NTLMv2 SSO filter and API for Java, based on a ... Télécharger
seopanel(sfnet) SEO Panel - A control panel for SEO An Award Winning and complete open source seo c... Télécharger
the-lean-mean-c-option-parser(freshmeat) The Lean Mean C++ Option Parser The Lean Mean C++ Option Parser handles program... Télécharger
rumble(sfnet) Rumble Mail Server Rumble is a mail server suite for SMTP (ESMTPSA... Télécharger
insolitdust(sfnet) Insolit Dust - Oldschool Demo Effects Oldschool Productions And Demo Effects in C++ f... Télécharger
xinyi(sfnet) xinyi's blog blog my life Télécharger
discretizer(sfnet) Discretizer Interactive mesh creation tool. Discretizer wil... Télécharger
netspoc(freshmeat) NetSPoC The Network Security Policy Compiler (NetSPoC) ... Télécharger
hyprebin(sfnet) hyprebin This is a binary distribution of hypre/libblas/... Télécharger
hcfr(sfnet) hcfr Video Projector/Monitor Calibration Software or... Télécharger
morrgraphext(sfnet) Morrowind Graphics Extender (MGE) MGE is a project that wraps the various DirectX... Télécharger
numerik(sfnet) Numerik SZ Utbremen sek II Fallstudien Numerik Télécharger
soa-virtuemart(sfnet) SOA For Virtuemart (WebServices) SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) For Virtuem... Télécharger
remake(freshmeat) remake remake is a patched and modernized version of G... Télécharger
modelrailroadsystem(freshmeat) Model Railroad System The Model Railroad System is a software package... Télécharger
xmb-forum(sfnet) XMB eXtreme Message Board XMB is a lightweight PHP forum with all the fea... Télécharger
progettoxander(sfnet) Progetto Xander Xander is an automatic math concepts calculator... Télécharger
minecraftforge(sfnet) Minecraft Forge MinecraftForge has moved to GitHub: https://git... Télécharger
vortexppm(freshmeat) VortexPPM VortexPPM provides a PPM (Portfolio, Project Ma... Télécharger
rem-empty-dir(sfnet) Remove Empty Directories RED searches and deletes empty directories recu... Télécharger
nagstamon(freshmeat) nagstamon Nagstamon is a Nagios status monitor with a UI ... Télécharger
i-mscp(freshmeat) i-MSCP i-MSCP (Internet Multi Server Control Panel) is... Télécharger
pdfgrep(sfnet) pdfgrep Pdfgrep is a tool to search text in PDF files. ... Télécharger
mov(sfnet) Merchant of Venice Venice is a stock market trading programme that... Télécharger
portabase(sfnet) PortaBase A personal database application for Maemo devic... Télécharger
netsane(freshmeat) netsane Netsane is a script to easily configure multipa... Télécharger
bitnamijoomla(freshmeat) BitNami Joomla! Stack BitNami Joomla! stack is an easy-to-install dis... Télécharger
guardian-game(sfnet) Guardian 2D logical platformer created in 48 hours for t... Télécharger
dzo(sfnet) dzo The goal with dzo is to treat a application dat... Télécharger
bitnamiliferay(freshmeat) BitNami Liferay Stack BitNami Liferay stack is an easy-to-install dis... Télécharger
vboxhdtools(sfnet) VBoxHDTools Manage Virtual Machine Hard Disks. This tool us... Télécharger
openld(sfnet) OpenLD OpenLD(Open Link Directory) is a hyperlink webd... Télécharger
kinectcalib(sfnet) Kinect calibration toolbox A Matlab toolbox for calibrating the Kinect Sen... Télécharger
mecab(sfnet) MeCab MeCab is a fast and customizable Japanese morph... Télécharger
sensibleemail(sfnet) SensibleEmail Email client designed to be reliable, and easy ... Télécharger
ppcg(freshmeat) PPCG PPCG is a parallel code generator using the pol... Télécharger
libextractemail(freshmeat) libextractemail libextractemail is a library that takes any str... Télécharger
ipcop(sfnet) IPCop Firewall The IPCop Firewall is a Linux firewall distribu... Télécharger
astroavibrowser(freshmeat) AstroAviBrowser AstroAviBrowser is a small tool for astronomy i... Télécharger
jwordpress(freshmeat) wordpress-java wordpress-java is a small client library and a ... Télécharger
tracedump(freshmeat) Tracedump Tracedump is a single application IP packet sni... Télécharger
whonix(freshmeat) Whonix Whonix is an anonymous general-purpose operatin... Télécharger
floobb(freshmeat) flooBB flooBB is an easy-to-use bulletin board system ... Télécharger
backuprotator(freshmeat) BackupRotator BackupRotator is a small Java utility to rotate... Télécharger
tpmdd(sfnet) TPM Device Driver Device driver to enable the TPM chip as describ... Télécharger
sode(freshmeat) Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations omnisode.rb, preodein.rb, and preindent.rb are ... Télécharger
ntwrkanlystlkit(sfnet) Vascular Network Toolkit for ImageJ A plugin package for ImageJ that assists with q... Télécharger
runnymededesire(sfnet) runnymede Runnymede All-in-One is a Sense 3.5 ROM for Des... Télécharger
jsflowchart(sfnet) JS Flowchart Create flowchart using only HTML GUI. Functions... Télécharger
modplua(sfnet) mod_pLua mod_pLua is a module for the Apache httpd web s... Télécharger
icemandude(sfnet) icemandude Android 4.0 Rom for HTC Desire Télécharger
azada(sfnet) La_Azada La_Azada is an OLAP client developed in java (E... Télécharger
loelaunchpad(sfnet) Launchpad Launchpad is a tiny application that brings Lio... Télécharger
chatspammer(sfnet) Chat Spammer -Szavakat, mondatokat, számokat, tudsz vele sok... Télécharger
gobtan(sfnet) Vogon Vogon is a Ontology-based text annotation tool ... Télécharger
aria2rpcmanager(sfnet) Aria2 RPC Manager A cross platform application which help to star... Télécharger
dynagraph2(sfnet) Dynagraph Dynagraph is a cross-platform library and comma... Télécharger
emacs-ide(freshmeat) Emacs-IDE Emacs-IDE is an Integrated Development Environm... Télécharger

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