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opennic-wizard(freshmeat) OpenNIC Wizard OpenNIC Wizard simplifies the process of switch... Télécharger
extrawatch(freshmeat) ExtraWatch ExtraWatch is a real-time counter and live stat... Télécharger
adlint(sfnet) AdLint AdLint is a source code static analyzer. It can... Télécharger
ctys(sfnet) Unified Sessions Manager The UnifiedSessionsManager supports the integra... Télécharger
nbxdoclet(sfnet) xdoclet and Prj Extensions for NetBeans NbXDoclet for NetBeans project helps to develop... Télécharger
circum(freshmeat) Codename Circumference Circumference is a server-client-style implemen... Télécharger
windys(freshmeat) Windys Windys is an action arcade game in a deliberate... Télécharger
erpxe-a-complete-pxe-solution(freshmeat) ERPXE The ERPXE project simplifies the process of ins... Télécharger
star(freshmeat) S tar Star is a very fast, POSIX-compliant tar archiv... Télécharger
posixovl(freshmeat) posixovl posixovl is a FUSE filesystem that provides POS... Télécharger
comedi2py(freshmeat) comedi2py comedi2py feeds data from a data acquisition bo... Télécharger
pyao(freshmeat) pyao pyao is a set of Python bindings for Xiph.org's... Télécharger
gtkcdlabel(sfnet) GTK CD Label A small GTK2 (gtk+ until 0.6.9) frontend to cdl... Télécharger
kmymoney(freshmeat) KMyMoney KMyMoney is the personal finance manager for KD... Télécharger
vrdp-ldap(freshmeat) vrdp-ldap vrdp-ldap is an extension for VirtualBox server... Télécharger
jactor(sfnet) JActor JActor is a high-performance actor framework de... Télécharger
florence(freshmeat) Florence Florence is a scalable on-screen virtual keyboa... Télécharger
harmony(sfnet) The Harmony of the World Nowadays the idea of a music of the spheres, or... Télécharger
genu_cms(freshmeat) GENU CMS GENU is a Content Management System that uses a... Télécharger
inforama(sfnet) Inforama Inforama - Document Automation. Document templa... Télécharger
awit-dbackup(freshmeat) AWIT DBackup AllWorldIT DBackup is a backup system which cre... Télécharger
parkverbot(freshmeat) parkverbot parkverbot is a daemon that prevents hard disk ... Télécharger
ccgfs(freshmeat) ccgfs ccgfs is a transport-agnostic network filesyste... Télécharger
myxls(sfnet) MyXLS Writes and now Reads Excel files quickly and ea... Télécharger
nullbot2100(sfnet) NullBot NullBot is a skirmish AI for Warzone 2100 v3.1+... Télécharger
wikig(sfnet) WikiG This is a project that enables user to search w... Télécharger
pyadb(freshmeat) PyADB PyADB is a simple Python module for interacting... Télécharger
rrd-fixpeaks(freshmeat) rrd-fixpeaks rrd-fixpeaks removes errant "peaks" i... Télécharger
cobra-winldtp(freshmeat) Cobra - WinLDTP Cobra - WinLDTP is a cross platform GUI automat... Télécharger
box-model(freshmeat) Box Model Box is a framework to build complex application... Télécharger
geomajas-rasterizing-plug-in(freshmeat) Geomajas rasterizing plug-in The Geomajas rasterizing plugin allows vector l... Télécharger
sous-marin(freshmeat) sous-marin Sous-marin Linux is a small, pure, individualiz... Télécharger
gnome-photo-frame(freshmeat) GPhotoFrame GPhotoFrame is a photo frame gadget. It shows p... Télécharger
mp4cam2avi(sfnet) MP4Cam2AVI Easy Converter MP4Cam2AVI is a MP4/MOV/M2TS to AVI repackaging... Télécharger
webgraph(freshmeat) WebGraph WebGraph is a framework for studying web graphs... Télécharger
musicindex(freshmeat) mod_musicindex mod_musicindex is an Apache module aimed at bei... Télécharger
shorewall(sfnet) Shoreline Firewall (Shorewall) An iptables based firewall for systems running ... Télécharger
asgardrpg(freshmeat) Asgard Free Software RPG Join Hand in an epic adventure to destroy an an... Télécharger
tracksstack(freshmeat) BitNami Tracks Stack BitNami Tracks Stack is an all-in-one cross-pla... Télécharger
garminconnect(sfnet) Garmin Connect API An API being developed in order to retrieve dat... Télécharger
particlesystem(sfnet) Particle System Particle system that represents fire. Developed... Télécharger
libextractor(freshmeat) GNU libextractor libextractor is a library used to extract meta-... Télécharger
gpeasy(freshmeat) gp|Easy CMS gpEasy is a complete content management system ... Télécharger
peardrop(sfnet) Peardrop CMS A Web content management system done entirely i... Télécharger
gshogi(freshmeat) gShogi gShogi is a Shogi (Japanese chess) game. It fea... Télécharger
kmess(sfnet) KMess - Live Messenger client for KDE KMess is an MSN/Live Messenger compatible chat ... Télécharger
letritas(sfnet) LETRITAS Es un programa generado con blender 3D pensado ... Télécharger
grif(freshmeat) GriF GriF is a collaborative grid framework to suppo... Télécharger
letourdusjap(sfnet) Le Tour du Sjap Hello everybody, This is my first project on so... Télécharger
fastutil(freshmeat) fastutil fastutil extends the Java Collections Framework... Télécharger
samuel(freshmeat) Samuel Samuel is a game derived from guicheckers that ... Télécharger
autoscreencap(sfnet) AutoScreenCap Automaic Screen Capture Tool - useful utility t... Télécharger
aegiscontactmgr(sfnet) AEGIS Contact Manager AEGIS Contact Manager is a very user-friendly c... Télécharger
winqconsole(sfnet) Windows Quake Style Console Windows Quake style console wrapper (cmd wrappe... Télécharger
lappstack(freshmeat) BitNami LAPPStack BitNami LAPPStack Native Installer is an easy-t... Télécharger
fireflys-beetroot(freshmeat) Firefly's Beetroot Firefly's Beetroot is a regression tester desig... Télécharger
dsi-utilities(freshmeat) DSI utilities The DSI utilities are a mixed collection of cla... Télécharger
cellularauto(sfnet) Cellular Automata Do experiments to extend knowledge of cellular ... Télécharger
lyxwininstaller(sfnet) LyXWinInstaller LyXWinInstall is an installer that installs LyX... Télécharger
portabase(freshmeat) PortaBase PortaBase is a database program for creating, b... Télécharger
trisale(sfnet) trisale YENİLEME ÇALIŞMALARI NEDENİYLE TRisale html dos... Télécharger
mobilechess(sfnet) Mobile Chess and Flash Chess Mobile Chess (for Java ME) and Flash Chess (for... Télécharger
visualeditor(sfnet) Eclipse Visual Editor The Eclipse Visual Editor project is a platform... Télécharger
xfr(sfnet) Xoops France Network Publications Xoops francophones (traductions no... Télécharger
ndoc05(sfnet) NDoc 2005 This project is a Fork of NDoc it was created t... Télécharger
nvseex(sfnet) NVSE Extender NVSE plugin to add functionality including crea... Télécharger
pixelace(sfnet) Pixel Ace Pixel Ace is pixel ruler for your computer. Thi... Télécharger
javascriptrrd(freshmeat) javascriptRRD JavascriptRRD is a JavaScript library for readi... Télécharger
psyco(sfnet) Psyco, the Python Specializing Compiler Psyco showed that it is possible to execute Pyt... Télécharger
happmaker(sfnet) Handy Application Maker Software Development Tools design for both vete... Télécharger
sourceafis(freshmeat) SourceAFIS SourceAFIS is a fingerprint recognition/matchin... Télécharger
condor(freshmeat) Condor Condor is a high throughput system, scheduling ... Télécharger
simkopsyah(sfnet) SIMKOPSYAH Software yang menjadi salah satu Nominator INAI... Télécharger
pyama(freshmeat) Pyama Pyama is a system and network monitoring applic... Télécharger
fuzzy-machine-learning-framewo(freshmeat) Fuzzy machine learning framework Fuzzy machine learning framework is a library a... Télécharger
personal-server(freshmeat) Personal Server Personal Server is a simple and easy-to-use And... Télécharger
pfcalc(freshmeat) pfcalc pfcalc is a portable command line tool used to ... Télécharger
paintown(sfnet) PainTown Paintown is a 2d side scrolling beatem-up engin... Télécharger
avrgude(sfnet) AVRGude This application allow you work with many kind ... Télécharger
s22imap(freshmeat) S22.Imap S22.Imap is an easy-to-use and well-documented ... Télécharger
yiises-amazon-ses-bulk-mailer(freshmeat) YiiSES YiiSES is an email marketing solution for the Y... Télécharger
pythonflu(sfnet) pythonFlu Python wrapping for OpenFOAM C++ API Télécharger
dists(sfnet) Distributions Java Project A Java project for the school that impliments C... Télécharger
sqlcommander(sfnet) SQLCommander In this app you can create connection to many k... Télécharger
jkaptive(freshmeat) jkaptive Jkaptive is a simple captive portal without RAD... Télécharger
wsjt(sfnet) WSJT The WSJT project currently includes five progra... Télécharger
webadm(freshmeat) OpenOTP Radius Bridge RCDevs OpenOTP Radius Bridge provides a RADIUS ... Télécharger
phphtmlform(freshmeat) Zebra_Form Zebra_Form is a PHP class that simplifies the p... Télécharger
v6shell(freshmeat) V6 Thompson Shell Port V6 Thompson Shell Port provides two ports of th... Télécharger
schwinn810(freshmeat) schwinn810 schwinn810 allows you to extract data (tracks, ... Télécharger
weocr(freshmeat) WeOCR WeOCR is a platform for Web-enabled OCR (Optica... Télécharger
smart-pos(sfnet) SmartPOS Advanced Point of Sale (+ ERP) SmartPOS is an advanced Point of sale improved ... Télécharger
amvconverter(sfnet) Amv Converter AMV Converter helps users convert video to AMV ... Télécharger
gkgui(freshmeat) GNU Gatekeeper GUI The GNU Gatekeeper GUI visualizes all registrat... Télécharger
vscp(freshmeat) Very Simple Control Protocol & Friends The very simple control protocol is a protocol ... Télécharger
mayadeploy(sfnet) Computer Inventory Management System It will be Software Distribution & Remote C... Télécharger
widatasks(sfnet) WIDA Tasks This is a task scheduler which has no "bui... Télécharger
widelands(sfnet) Widelands Note: Widelands is now hosted by launchpad: htt... Télécharger
alfa(freshmeat) Alfa Alfa is an experimental programming language. ... Télécharger
noise-free-cnv(sfnet) noise-free-cnv CNV calling software may produce false-positive... Télécharger

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