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asteroid(freshmeat) Asteroid Asteroid (just one!) is a modern version of the... Télécharger
screencast(freshmeat) Screencast Screencast makes it easy to produce high-qualit... Télécharger
nscplus(sfnet) NSClient++ NSClient++ is a windows service that allows per... Télécharger
grammatika(sfnet) Grammatika Font Family The Grammatika fonts are a font family based on... Télécharger
cadpy(sfnet) Cad.py cad.py is a single-file script by Neil Gershenf... Télécharger
palmtelinux(sfnet) Linux on the Palm Tungsten E This project is aimed at getting Linux to run o... Télécharger
ruby-informix(freshmeat) Ruby/Informix Ruby/Informix is a library for the Ruby program... Télécharger
cdinsert(freshmeat) cdinsert and cdlabelgen cdlabelgen is a Perl script that generates prin... Télécharger
ocre(freshmeat) ocre OCRE is an optical character recognition (OCR) ... Télécharger
jqueryautocompl(sfnet) jQuery Auto Complete Plugin jQuery Autocomplete plugin that uses jQuery UI,... Télécharger
algorithmic-autoregulation(freshmeat) Algorithmic Autoregulation Algorithmic Autoregulation is a software system... Télécharger
glpong(freshmeat) GLPong GLPong is an implementation of Pong using OpenG... Télécharger
peces(freshmeat) Peces Peces is a program to play the traditional Tang... Télécharger
norm(freshmeat) NRL NORM NRL NORM is an implementation of NACK-Oriented ... Télécharger
webrowse(freshmeat) webrowse Webrowse, inbrowse, and "go" are tool... Télécharger
align(freshmeat) align align is a general-purpose text filter tool tha... Télécharger
pysqlite(sfnet) sqlite-python A Python extension for the SQLite Embedded Rela... Télécharger
ne(freshmeat) ne ne is a free text editor that runs on (hopefull... Télécharger
fasm(sfnet) flat assembler Fast and efficient self-assembling 80x86 assemb... Télécharger
m2m(sfnet) VSCP Protocol & Friends A project for a highly scalable protocol and fr... Télécharger
scalasca(freshmeat) Scalasca Scalasca is a toolset that can be used to analy... Télécharger
bakcellwebsms(sfnet) Bakcell WebSMS Bakcell WebSMS(Pulsuz SMS) xidməti Télécharger
repomanager(freshmeat) RepoManager RepoManager offers a minimalistic approach to W... Télécharger
rdpdesk(sfnet) Remote Desktop (RD) Connection Manager Remote Desktop (RD) Connection Manager allows e... Télécharger
enterprise-audit-shell(freshmeat) Enterprise Audit Shell Enterprise Audit Shell (EAS) allows organizatio... Télécharger
imgseg(sfnet) Image Segmentation for Document recovery Document recovery using Image Segmentation Usin... Télécharger
javatools(freshmeat) Java Tools Java Tools is a lightweight IDE for creating, ... Télécharger
sigrok(freshmeat) sigrok-cli sigrok-cli is a portable, cross-platform, comma... Télécharger
android-tools(freshmeat) Android Tools Android Tools is a lightweight IDE for creating... Télécharger
mastiff(freshmeat) MAS::TIFF MAS::TIFF is a pure Perl package for reading TI... Télécharger
comedirecord(freshmeat) comedirecord comedirecord is an oscilloscope program to reco... Télécharger
imjslideshow(freshmeat) imjSlideshow imjSlideshow is a GUI program to create slidesh... Télécharger
larrys-form-generation(freshmeat) Larrys Form Generation Larrys Form Generation creates HTML forms using... Télécharger
ganttproject(sfnet) GanttProject GanttProject is a project scheduling applicatio... Télécharger
darwin-wallet(freshmeat) Darwin Wallet Darwin Wallet enables blind and visually impair... Télécharger
jabbermixclient(sfnet) Jabber Mix Client JabberMixClient is a IM Jabber client for porta... Télécharger
libtld(sfnet) libtld The libtld is used to extract the TLD from any ... Télécharger
emuleosp(sfnet) Emule RealPlay Mod Emule RealPlay Mod created compatible with stre... Télécharger
ndisearch(sfnet) Ndi Search As Windows search becomes less about files and ... Télécharger
webdav-servlet(sfnet) webdav servlet Java servlet that provides an implementation of... Télécharger
docear(sfnet) Docear Docear (pronounced dog-ear) is what we call an ... Télécharger
fe(freshmeat) Free Electron Free Electron is a C++ framework facilitating r... Télécharger
stencil(freshmeat) Stencil Stencil is a library for developing Web-based a... Télécharger
oracletool(freshmeat) Oracletool Oracletool is an interactive, Web-based applica... Télécharger
gnu-global-source-code-tag-sys(freshmeat) GNU GLOBAL source code tag system GNU GLOBAL source code tag system is a source ... Télécharger
opencms(freshmeat) OpenCms OpenCms is a professional level open source Web... Télécharger
serene(freshmeat) Serene Serene is a validation engine that implements t... Télécharger
adg(freshmeat) Automatic Drawing Generation Automatic Drawing Generation is GObject-based l... Télécharger
html-to-pdf-converter(freshmeat) Html to Pdf Converter Html to Pdf Converter is a graphical interface ... Télécharger
wave-player(freshmeat) wave-player wave-player is a remotely-controllable music pl... Télécharger
pytaf(freshmeat) Pytaf Pytaf is a test automation framework designed f... Télécharger
datum(freshmeat) Datum Datum is a Web application which shares data fr... Télécharger
dvblast(freshmeat) DVBlast DVBlast is a simple and powerful MPEG-2 transpo... Télécharger
rtems-vms(sfnet) RTEMS Virtual Machines This project provides preconfigured Virtual Mac... Télécharger
egsl-interpreter(freshmeat) EGSL Interpreter EGSL is a small interpreter which can execute L... Télécharger
jcterm(freshmeat) JCTerm JCTerm is an SSH2 terminal emulator written in ... Télécharger
librsb(freshmeat) librsb librsb is a library for sparse matrix computati... Télécharger
bitstream-c(freshmeat) biTStream C biTStream is a set of C headers allowing simple... Télécharger
openmeap(freshmeat) OpenMEAP OpenMEAP provides HTML5 mobile application soft... Télécharger
qpfcalc(freshmeat) Qpfcalc The qpfcalc application is a Qt frontend for pf... Télécharger
doremi(sfnet) DoReMi: Mi registro docente DoReMi es un sencillo pero útil programa gratui... Télécharger
applaunch(freshmeat) AppLaunch AppLaunch is a Mac OS X version of the common “... Télécharger
epiar(sfnet) Epiar Epiar is a space adventure/arcade game. It aims... Télécharger
uclibc-2(freshmeat) uClibc++ uClibc++ is a C++ standard library targeted at ... Télécharger
jape(sfnet) Jape Jape is a configurable graphical formal-proof c... Télécharger
idl2matlab(sfnet) IDL2Matlab: IDL to Matlab/Scilab IDL2Matlab is an Automatic translation tool fro... Télécharger
arcosvn(sfnet) asvn The Arc-live(X86-i386)is a distribution live dv... Télécharger
autokeypresser(sfnet) Auto Key Presser Auto Key Press is an application which can auto... Télécharger
reloadersrfrnce(sfnet) Reloaders' Reference PHP/MySQL version now in alpha. New version c... Télécharger
gamedevproject(sfnet) Game dev project All latest files for group project kept here. Télécharger
proemulator(sfnet) The Retargettable MCU Emulator A retargettable micro-controller and embedded s... Télécharger
moviemasher(sfnet) Movie Masher Extensible Flash and PHP online video editor wi... Télécharger
okapi(sfnet) Okapi Framework The Okapi Framework is a set of components and ... Télécharger
aoisp(sfnet) Art of Illusion Scripts and Plugins The Art of Illusion Scripts and Plugins project... Télécharger
mostexploratory(sfnet) most-exploratory-search The BGU NLP project: http://www.cs.bgu.ac.il/~n... Télécharger
gst-av(freshmeat) gst-av gst-av is a GStreamer plug-in that provides sup... Télécharger
xincnc(sfnet) XinCNC: A free CNC XinCNC is a free software for Computer Numerica... Télécharger
jrubystack(freshmeat) BitNami JRubyStack BitNami JRubyStack provides a fast, easy way to... Télécharger
geekcode-21-generator(freshmeat) Geekcode 2.1 Generator Geekcode 2.1 Generator generates a block of gee... Télécharger
fpgui(sfnet) fpGUI Toolkit This is a widget set to quickly develop cross-p... Télécharger
mirrorbrain(freshmeat) MirrorBrain MirrorBrain is a framework to run a content del... Télécharger
spacezero(freshmeat) SpaceZero SpaceZero is a RTS 2D space combat game for two... Télécharger
bitnamialfresco(freshmeat) BitNami Alfresco Stack BitNami Alfresco Stack is an easy-to-install di... Télécharger
torshammer(sfnet) Torshammer Tor's Hammer is a slow post dos testing tool wr... Télécharger
pecl_http(freshmeat) HTTP extension for PHP The HTTP extension for PHP aims to provide a co... Télécharger
windownloads(sfnet) Downloads downloads for windows Télécharger
linuxprograms(sfnet) Linux linux tools and operating systems Télécharger
boosters(sfnet) Boosters intel/nvidia overclocking tools Télécharger
clement(freshmeat) Clement Clement is an email server application. Its ma... Télécharger
dynamic-router-lite-ii(freshmeat) Dynamic Router Lite II The Dynamic Router Lite II project is a router ... Télécharger
amtu(sfnet) Amazon Merchant Transport Utility 1.0 AMTU 1.0 uses Amazon's SOAP service that is bei... Télécharger
build-gear(freshmeat) Build Gear Build Gear is a lightweight build tool for buil... Télécharger
jolokia(freshmeat) Jolokia Jolokia is a fresh way of accessing JMX MBeans ... Télécharger
stuntrally(sfnet) Stunt Rally Holds only Releases. Visit homepage on http://c... Télécharger
gambnafen(sfnet) GambNafen GambNafen is a frontend (GUI) for Mednafen 0.9.... Télécharger
gnulinuxconioh(sfnet) Gnu-Linux conio.h implementation With this implementation, you can use the progr... Télécharger
tupolev-134(sfnet) Tupolev-134 The Tupolev TU-134A aircraft for FlightGear sim... Télécharger
dvd-baker(sfnet) DVD Baker DVD Baker is an application designed to create ... Télécharger
lompad(sfnet) Lompad Lompad is a metatagging tool for learning objec... Télécharger
arduinovblab(sfnet) Arduino VB Lab Arduino VB Lab is coded in VB.NET and allows us... Télécharger

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