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apt-dater(freshmeat) apt-dater apt-dater provides an ncurses frontend for mana... Télécharger
emailattachment(sfnet) Email Attachment extractor The attachment grabber reads all emails from an... Télécharger
chktex(freshmeat) ChkTeX ChkTeX finds syntax and typographical errors in... Télécharger
knot(freshmeat) Knot Knot allows visualisation of 3D Celtic Knots. ... Télécharger
chiantipy(freshmeat) ChiantiPy ChiantiPy is a Python interface to the CHIANTI ... Télécharger
kmetronome(freshmeat) KMetronome KMetronome is a MIDI metronome with KDE interfa... Télécharger
hips-tools(sfnet) HiPS : Hierarchical Petri net Simulator HiPS tool is developed at the Department of Com... Télécharger
personalsite(sfnet) PersonalSite This project is left open source for any of you... Télécharger
ibs(freshmeat) ISP Billing System IBS is prepaid billing system for ISPs. It supp... Télécharger
cajun-jsonapi(sfnet) CAJUN - C++ API for JSON CAJUN is a C++ API for the JSON data interchang... Télécharger
smthplayer(sfnet) SMTHPlayer SMTHPlayer is a universal cross-platform player... Télécharger
lorze-erasandcad(freshmeat) LORZE 2d cad LORZE erasandcad provides 2D CAD with an intuit... Télécharger
bitnami-limesurvey-stack(freshmeat) BitNami LimeSurvey Stack BitNami LimeSurvey Stack Native Installer is an... Télécharger
system(freshmeat) System# System# is a .NET library intended for the desc... Télécharger
quake2xp(sfnet) quake2xp Quake 2 based engine with glsl per pixel lighti... Télécharger
css3-drop-shadows(freshmeat) CSS3 Drop Shadows CSS3 Drop Shadows is a Web application which le... Télécharger
pydsm(freshmeat) PyDSM PyDSM is a Python Delta Sigma Modulator toolbox... Télécharger
solfege(sfnet) GNU Solfege GNU Solfege is *free* ear training software wri... Télécharger
winshisen(sfnet) ShisenSho ShisenSho is a game like Mahjongg. This Windows... Télécharger
jpassrecovery(sfnet) JPassword Recovery Tool This is a simple but sophisticated open source ... Télécharger
check_logfiles(freshmeat) check_logfiles check_logfiles is a plugin for Nagios which che... Télécharger
dillo-web-browser(freshmeat) dillo Web browser Dillo Web browser is a very fast, extremely sma... Télécharger
digikam(freshmeat) digiKam digiKam is an advanced digital photo management... Télécharger
jmimemagic(sfnet) Java Mime Magic Library jMimeMagic is a Java library for determining th... Télécharger
infoburp(freshmeat) infoburp infoburp presents a view of a set of linked dat... Télécharger
iso2mesh(sfnet) iso2mesh - a 3D mesh generation toolbox A simple yet powerful mesh generator based on m... Télécharger
abantecart(freshmeat) AbanteCart AbanteCart is an extensible shopping cart appl... Télécharger
cidalert(freshmeat) cidalert cidalert displays desktop notifications for inc... Télécharger
paranoid(freshmeat) Paranoid The Paranoid modules provide a number of routin... Télécharger
karate-score-board(freshmeat) Karate Score Board Karate Score Board is a digital score board for... Télécharger
ulti-swat(sfnet) Simple Web Automation Toolkit The Simple Web Automation Toolkit (SWAT) is a t... Télécharger
erpxe(sfnet) ERPXE ERPXE is a complete PXE solution featuring a br... Télécharger
oysterer(sfnet) OYSTER Entity Resolution Entity Resolution is the process by which a dat... Télécharger
cydoc(freshmeat) CyDoc CyDoc is a Web-based doctor's office applicatio... Télécharger
semediawiki(sfnet) Semantic MediaWiki Semantic MediaWiki is a module to the MediaWiki... Télécharger
sesha(freshmeat) Sesha Sesha is the Horde inventory manager. It is an ... Télécharger
theorem-linker(freshmeat) Theorem linker Theorem Linker is a program used to visualize r... Télécharger
hodoku(sfnet) Sudoku for Java - HoDoKu Sudoku generator/solver/analyzer written in Jav... Télécharger
configgeneral(freshmeat) Config::General With Config::General you can read and write con... Télécharger
sharpspecs(sfnet) SharpSpecs SharpSpecs is a utility for finding out your co... Télécharger
note(freshmeat) NOTE NOTE is a small console program that allows you... Télécharger
classbuilder(sfnet) ClassBuilder ClassBuilder is freeware CASE tool targeted at ... Télécharger
qbrowserv2(sfnet) QBrowser for GlassFish JMS / WebLogic MQ Developing Queue Message admin gui based tools ... Télécharger
netshelab(sfnet) NETSHe At now images for Ubiquiti RouterStation, Route... Télécharger
osxportableapps(sfnet) OS X Portable Applications OS X FOSS applications packaged as portable so ... Télécharger
jinzora(sfnet) Jinzora Media Server Jinzora enables you to stream your digital medi... Télécharger
detectface(sfnet) Face Detect (JavaCV) A simple Face detection program using JavaCV a... Télécharger
pdf2xml(sfnet) pdf2xml pdf2xml convertor based on Xpdf library (http:/... Télécharger
game-launcher(sfnet) Game Launcher Game Launcher is a simple application that live... Télécharger
oktawave-cli(sfnet) oktawave-cli Command line interface to the Oktawave cloud (w... Télécharger
cosmosmash(freshmeat) Cosmosmash Cosmosmash is a game where you control a base t... Télécharger
bibletime(sfnet) BibleTime BibleTime is a powerful cross platform Bible st... Télécharger
jmathstudio(sfnet) jmathstudio - Java Image/Signal toolkit JMathStudio is a Java based digital image and s... Télécharger
daps(sfnet) DocBook Authoring and Publishing Suite DocBook is the ideal framework when it comes to... Télécharger
apngasm(sfnet) APNG Assembler Creates highly optimized Animated PNG files fro... Télécharger
envan(sfnet) envan [English] Free & basic PHP IT inventory scr... Télécharger
mastiff-2(freshmeat) MASTIFF MASTIFF is a static analysis framework which au... Télécharger
kde-services(freshmeat) KDE-Services KDE-Services extends the features of the Dolphi... Télécharger
jobscheduler(sfnet) JobScheduler JS runs executables, scripts and database proce... Télécharger
rawnaivebayes(sfnet) RAW-NaiveBayes Despite the simplicity and naive assumption of ... Télécharger
asposepdf-for-sharepoint(freshmeat) Aspose.Pdf for SharePoint Aspose.Pdf for SharePoint is a flexible solutio... Télécharger
logtalk(freshmeat) Logtalk Logtalk is an object-oriented logic programming... Télécharger
libidn(freshmeat) GNU Libidn GNU Libidn is an implementation of the Stringpr... Télécharger
gauche(freshmeat) Gauche Gauche is an R5RS Scheme implementation that ai... Télécharger
python-bitstring(freshmeat) python-bitstring bitstring is a Python module that helps to make... Télécharger
dsassistent2(sfnet) DS Assistent 2 Willkommen auf der Seite des DS Assistenten. D... Télécharger
mount-gtk(freshmeat) Mount-gtk Mount-gtk is a front end for udisks and mount. ... Télécharger
jchordbox(freshmeat) JChordBox Given a chord progression and a music style, JC... Télécharger
jmeter-plugins(freshmeat) JMeter Plugins JMeter Plugins adds graph plugins which are mis... Télécharger
mediachest(sfnet) MediaChest 100% Java: ID3 tag, Exif, JPEG, TIFF, MP3, MP4,... Télécharger
pgbarman(sfnet) Barman for PostgreSQL Barman (backup and recovery manager) is an admi... Télécharger
efw(sfnet) Endian Firewall Community Endian Firewall Community (EFW) is a "turn... Télécharger
itxstbis(sfnet) TBIS Scope : Combination of CRM+ERP+Score Card/KPI D... Télécharger
papertrail(freshmeat) Papertrail Papertrail is a ballot scanning and processin... Télécharger
wxdsgn-portable(sfnet) wxDev-C++ Portable wxDev-C++ Portable is the portable version of w... Télécharger
arapuca(sfnet) Arapuca Aplicação "decorator" sobre o FreeRAD... Télécharger
ack-2(freshmeat) ack ack is a tool like grep, optimized for programm... Télécharger
sailplay(freshmeat) sailplay sailplay parses NMEA0183 data from a GPS data l... Télécharger
phalnx(sfnet) phalanx # parallel hash alternative phalanx - parallel hash alternative (PHA) is an... Télécharger
packfilemanager(sfnet) packfilemanager This is the Total War pack file manager project... Télécharger
osdldbt(sfnet) Database Test Suite This Database Test Suite aims to create databas... Télécharger
atftp(sfnet) atftp atftp is a client/server implementation of the ... Télécharger
jena(sfnet) Jena Jena is Java toolkit for developing semantic we... Télécharger
notifylxm(sfnet) NOTIFY_lxm - Hyper HTML-Thumbnail in C An application for generating a portable HTML-t... Télécharger
fx702p(sfnet) Fx702p A fully-featured Casio Fx702p emulator includin... Télécharger
jedit-obsarch(sfnet) Emerald Text Editor (jEditor) Emerald Text Editor (Emerald Editor, or Emerald... Télécharger
l2tp-ipsec-vpn(sfnet) L2TP over IPsec VPN Manager It provides a system tray icon in the notificat... Télécharger
broodrombusines(sfnet) broodROM Business Edition This rom is for Samsung Galaxy S Plus (i9001) o... Télécharger
opencore-amr(sfnet) opencore-amr Library of OpenCORE Framework implementation of... Télécharger
cov2html(sfnet) COV2HTML COV2HTML provides an easy and 'in home' web int... Télécharger
i-librarian(freshmeat) I, Librarian I, Librarian is a PDF manager or PDF organizer ... Télécharger
startup-manager(sfnet) StartUp-Manager StartUp-Manager configures some settings for Gr... Télécharger
blenderextrainz(sfnet) Blender exporter for Trainz A project to build a Blender exporter in Python... Télécharger
pdsh(sfnet) Parallel Distributed Shell Pdsh is a an efficient, multithreaded remote sh... Télécharger
freefoam(sfnet) FreeFOAM FreeFOAM is an unofficial fork of OpenFOAM (htt... Télécharger
lpmtool(freshmeat) LPMtool LPMtool aims to be a complete package managemen... Télécharger
battlenet-bots(sfnet) Battle.Net Download battle net bots and info on clan Télécharger
me722cm(sfnet) ME722-CM 基于CyanogenMod9的ME722(中国发行的摩托罗拉的里... Télécharger
popbsmtp(sfnet) pop-before-smtp simple daemon in perl, reads maillog, writes a ... Télécharger
gwyddion(sfnet) Gwyddion A data visualization and processing tool for sc... Télécharger

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