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linux-huawei-unlocker(freshmeat) Linux Huawei Unlocker Linux Huawei Unlocker is a tool that attempts t... Télécharger
apacheoo-deb(sfnet) Unofficial Apache OO Debian repository This project intend to provide an unofficial De... Télécharger
mintboard(freshmeat) Mintboard Mintboard is PHP forum software focused on usab... Télécharger
otroslogviewer(freshmeat) OtrosLogViewer OtrosLogViewer (OLV) is software for analyzing ... Télécharger
sinfo(freshmeat) sinfo sinfo is a monitoring tool that uses a broadcas... Télécharger
erlami(freshmeat) erlami erlami is an AGI (asterisk manager interface) c... Télécharger
rsvndump(freshmeat) rsvndump rsvndump is a command line tool that is able to... Télécharger
printersetup(freshmeat) PrinterSetup PrinterSetup is a flexible printer setup system... Télécharger
cinux(sfnet) Cinux, the Greek Linux Cinux is a Linux based Operating System with Xf... Télécharger
xymon(sfnet) Xymon systems and network monitor Xymon is a system for monitoring of hosts and n... Télécharger
kile(sfnet) Kile KDE LaTeX Editor Kile is a LaTeX source editor, TeX shell that s... Télécharger
osgeo-live(sfnet) OSGeo Live OSGeo-Live is a self-contained bootable DVD, US... Télécharger
cedownloader(sfnet) CEDownloader Downloading windows embedded CE binary image (*... Télécharger
gate(sfnet) GATE GATE (General Architecture for Text Engineering... Télécharger
tbxutil(sfnet) Term Base eXchange (TBX) Utilities This is a collection of tools to be used in wor... Télécharger
related(sfnet) RELATED - REmotes LAboraTories extenED RELATED framework proposes a structured methodo... Télécharger
recordeditor(freshmeat) Record Editor Record Editor is a data file editor for CSV (Co... Télécharger
avfs(freshmeat) AVFS AVFS (A Virtual File System) is an easy-to-inst... Télécharger
medusa-2(freshmeat) Medusa Medusa is a music player which features a simpl... Télécharger
artifact-of-mazes(freshmeat) Artifact of Mazes In Artifact of Mazes, your ship is lost in a th... Télécharger
pydict(freshmeat) pyDict pyDict is an English-Chinese Chinese-English di... Télécharger
lhs2tex(freshmeat) lhs2tex lhs2TeX is a literate programming tool. It is i... Télécharger
tizen-python(sfnet) Unofficial Python on Tizen This project provides build instructions and cu... Télécharger
kuhlerdriver(sfnet) Antec Kuhler 920 Linux Driver/Control Linux Driver and control program for the Antec ... Télécharger
err(freshmeat) err err is a plugin-based XMPP chatbot designed to ... Télécharger
lavape(sfnet) LavaPE Lava is an experimental, innovative, object-ori... Télécharger
joost(sfnet) Joost STX processor Joost is a Java implementation of the Streaming... Télécharger
ogeditor(freshmeat) ogeditor ogEditor is a Web-based WYSIWYG HTML editor wit... Télécharger
rtf2latex2e(sfnet) RTF to LaTeX conversion rtf2latex2e is a program that translates RTF (r... Télécharger
bfsync(freshmeat) bfsync bfsync is a file-synchronization tool that allo... Télécharger
hex2binbin2hex(sfnet) hex2bin_bin2hex No description Télécharger
twcbackup(freshmeat) twcbackup twcbackup is easy-to-configure backup software ... Télécharger
faves-erp(sfnet) faves-ERP Manufacturing faves-ERP, web based erp focused in manufacturi... Télécharger
gbamapedit(sfnet) Gameboy Advance Map Editor GBA Map Editor written in C using GTK to interp... Télécharger
latex2rtf(sfnet) LaTeX to RTF converter Latex2rtf tries to convert your LaTeX file into... Télécharger
javaplot(freshmeat) JavaPlot JavaPlot is a library that can be used as a way... Télécharger
beebeep(sfnet) BeeBEEP (Secure Network Chat) BeeBEEP is a secure network chat. You can talk ... Télécharger
solarispackages(sfnet) solarisPackages Freeware and Official packages for Solaris 10-5... Télécharger
nms-cgi(sfnet) nms nms is a set of simple CGI scripts that are off... Télécharger
pyretro(freshmeat) pyRetro pyRetro is a MAME frontend written in pygame. I... Télécharger
harmoni(sfnet) Harmoni PHP Project The Harmoni PHP Project consists of three major... Télécharger
ispman(freshmeat) ISPMan ISPMan is a distributed system used to manage c... Télécharger
awake-file(freshmeat) Awake File Awake File is a framework that allows Android a... Télécharger
asc(freshmeat) Advanced Strategic Command ASC is a turn-based strategy game in the tradit... Télécharger
edebugger(freshmeat) EDB (Evan's Debugger) EDB (Evan's Debugger) is a Qt4 based binary mod... Télécharger
partcover(sfnet) PartCover This is analog for NCover application, but have... Télécharger
mcservermanager(sfnet) MC Server Manager !!! I'm moving to GitHub. GitHub url: https://g... Télécharger
libopencm3(freshmeat) libopencm3 libopencm3 is a firmware library for various AR... Télécharger
scorpiowcms(freshmeat) scorpiowcms scorpiowcms is a flexible and powerful Web Cont... Télécharger
immediatecrypt(freshmeat) ImmediateCrypt ImmediateCrypt can easily encrypt and decrypt p... Télécharger
qodem(freshmeat) qodem Qodem is a re-implementation of the Qmodem DOS ... Télécharger
sdr-rtl(sfnet) SDR-RTL SOFTWARE SDR PARA RTL2832U Télécharger
ds5752(sfnet) ds5752 I like ds5752 Télécharger
k3dsurf(sfnet) K3DSurf K3DSurf is a program to visualize and manipulat... Télécharger
gsim(sfnet) GSim - tool for NMR spectroscopy GSim - free software tool for visualisation and... Télécharger
concoursbelote(sfnet) Concours de Belote A tournament manager of the popular trick-based... Télécharger
metasploitable(sfnet) Metasploitable This is Metasploitable2 (Linux) Metasploitable ... Télécharger
gsasl(freshmeat) GNU SASL GNU SASL is an implementation of the Simple Au... Télécharger
siebel-code-analyzer(freshmeat) Siebel Code Analyzer The goal of Siebel Code Analyzer is to provide ... Télécharger
css-fix(freshmeat) CSS fix CSS fix is a class that can replace CSS propert... Télécharger
lightning-effect-js(freshmeat) Lightning effect JS Lightning effect JS is an object that can draw ... Télécharger
gestures(freshmeat) Gestures Gestures is an object that can recognize user g... Télécharger
vzpl(sfnet) VZPL - Visual ZPL Script Generator El propósito de este proyecto es generar script... Télécharger
odaba(sfnet) odaba The DBMS ODABA is an terminology-oriented datab... Télécharger
gideros-localize(freshmeat) Gideros Localize Gideros Localize is a module that provides seam... Télécharger
freemedforms(freshmeat) FreeMedForms FreeMedForms is an Electronic Medical Records m... Télécharger
webimage-the-website-preview-g(freshmeat) Webimage website preview tool Webimage is a simple command line program that ... Télécharger
mobisec(sfnet) MobiSec This project was a DARPA CFT funded project tha... Télécharger
crusisxsoftware(sfnet) Crusisx ncryption is controlled under U.S. Export Contr... Télécharger
ssh-installkeys(freshmeat) ssh-installkeys ssh-installkeys allows the user to export SSH p... Télécharger
rmi-websocket(freshmeat) RMI WebSocket RMI WebSocket provides a library for remote met... Télécharger
xslet-xslbook(freshmeat) xslet / xslbook xslbook is an XSLT applet to display a book-sty... Télécharger
mptstatus(freshmeat) mpt-status mpt-status is a query tool for accessing the ru... Télécharger
apt-dater(freshmeat) apt-dater apt-dater provides an ncurses frontend for mana... Télécharger
emailattachment(sfnet) Email Attachment extractor The attachment grabber reads all emails from an... Télécharger
chktex(freshmeat) ChkTeX ChkTeX finds syntax and typographical errors in... Télécharger
knot(freshmeat) Knot Knot allows visualisation of 3D Celtic Knots. ... Télécharger
chiantipy(freshmeat) ChiantiPy ChiantiPy is a Python interface to the CHIANTI ... Télécharger
kmetronome(freshmeat) KMetronome KMetronome is a MIDI metronome with KDE interfa... Télécharger
hips-tools(sfnet) HiPS : Hierarchical Petri net Simulator HiPS tool is developed at the Department of Com... Télécharger
personalsite(sfnet) PersonalSite This project is left open source for any of you... Télécharger
ibs(freshmeat) ISP Billing System IBS is prepaid billing system for ISPs. It supp... Télécharger
cajun-jsonapi(sfnet) CAJUN - C++ API for JSON CAJUN is a C++ API for the JSON data interchang... Télécharger
smthplayer(sfnet) SMTHPlayer SMTHPlayer is a universal cross-platform player... Télécharger
lorze-erasandcad(freshmeat) LORZE 2d cad LORZE erasandcad provides 2D CAD with an intuit... Télécharger
bitnami-limesurvey-stack(freshmeat) BitNami LimeSurvey Stack BitNami LimeSurvey Stack Native Installer is an... Télécharger
system(freshmeat) System# System# is a .NET library intended for the desc... Télécharger
quake2xp(sfnet) quake2xp Quake 2 based engine with glsl per pixel lighti... Télécharger
css3-drop-shadows(freshmeat) CSS3 Drop Shadows CSS3 Drop Shadows is a Web application which le... Télécharger
pydsm(freshmeat) PyDSM PyDSM is a Python Delta Sigma Modulator toolbox... Télécharger
solfege(sfnet) GNU Solfege GNU Solfege is *free* ear training software wri... Télécharger
winshisen(sfnet) ShisenSho ShisenSho is a game like Mahjongg. This Windows... Télécharger
jpassrecovery(sfnet) JPassword Recovery Tool This is a simple but sophisticated open source ... Télécharger
check_logfiles(freshmeat) check_logfiles check_logfiles is a plugin for Nagios which che... Télécharger
dillo-web-browser(freshmeat) dillo Web browser Dillo Web browser is a very fast, extremely sma... Télécharger
digikam(freshmeat) digiKam digiKam is an advanced digital photo management... Télécharger
jmimemagic(sfnet) Java Mime Magic Library jMimeMagic is a Java library for determining th... Télécharger
infoburp(freshmeat) infoburp infoburp presents a view of a set of linked dat... Télécharger
iso2mesh(sfnet) iso2mesh - a 3D mesh generation toolbox A simple yet powerful mesh generator based on m... Télécharger
abantecart(freshmeat) AbanteCart AbanteCart is an extensible shopping cart appl... Télécharger

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