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cvhmm(sfnet) CvHMM This project (CvHMM) is an implementation of di... Télécharger
locate32(sfnet) Locate32 Locate32 finds files and directories based on f... Télécharger
ekushey(sfnet) Ekushey Bangla Computing and Localization Project for t... Télécharger
lwesn-linux-deb(sfnet) Lwesn-Linux-Deb Lwesn!-Linux-Softwarm-Center Télécharger
galaxyv2(sfnet) Galaxy Forces V2 A 2D network multiplayer space shooter, inspire... Télécharger
lempelf(sfnet) LempElf A tool to auto-compile & install Nginx+MySQ... Télécharger
gammu(sfnet) Gammu Gammu is a cellular manager for mobile phones/m... Télécharger
ispyb(sfnet) ISPyB A web based information management system for m... Télécharger
iconized(sfnet) i-conized Module for VirtuaWin (virtual desktop manager f... Télécharger
pyxb(sfnet) PyXB: Python XML Schema Bindings PyXB (“pixbee”) is a pure Python package that g... Télécharger
jwhoisserver(sfnet) JWhoisServer - Java Whois Server JWhoisServer: java whoisserver / java whois ser... Télécharger
checkstyle(sfnet) checkstyle Checkstyle is a development tool to help progra... Télécharger
easyimagesizer(sfnet) EasyImageSizer Program to batch compress, resize and rename Im... Télécharger
easymotif(sfnet) Easymotif Motif GUI-builder Easymotif is a WYSIWYG GUI-builder for Motif, p... Télécharger
cuon(sfnet) C.U.O.N C.U.O.N. is an ERP System for Linux-Server with... Télécharger
ajaxchat(sfnet) Ajax Chat This web application will allow anyone to regis... Télécharger
pcdtojpeg(sfnet) pcdtojpeg pcdtojpeg converts PCD (Kodak Photo CD) image f... Télécharger
rehearsalassist(sfnet) Rehearsal Assistant Rehearsal Assistant is a software tool which he... Télécharger
blenderboot(sfnet) Blender-boot Live session login user: live password:(no pass... Télécharger
emforge(sfnet) EmForge: Workflow Bug-Tracking and Wiki J2EE-based, Open-Source, Workflow-Based integra... Télécharger
juploadr(sfnet) jUploadr jUploadr is a java-based flickr uploader. It ai... Télécharger
synder(sfnet) Synder Synder is an Atom/RSS/SearchSuggestion/OPML pro... Télécharger
tnefdd(sfnet) tnefDD tnefDD is a OS X program that extracts attachme... Télécharger
fbui(freshmeat) FramebufferUI FBUI is a small, fast in-kernel GUI windowing s... Télécharger
libfbui(freshmeat) FBUI Library & programs A C library for interacting with FBUI, which is... Télécharger
comics-refcard-generator(freshmeat) Comics Refcard Generator Comics Refcard Generator is a Web service to cr... Télécharger
sogo-zeg(sfnet) ZEG / Zero-Effort-Groupware The ZEG (Zero Effort Groupware) edition of SOGo... Télécharger
edfbrowser(freshmeat) EDFbrowser EDFbrowser is a multi-platform viewer for EEG, ... Télécharger
libusbx(sfnet) libusbx libusbx is a cross-platform user mode library t... Télécharger
trugger(sfnet) Trugger Write code that anyone can read! Télécharger
gedview(freshmeat) Web Gedcom Viewer Web Gedcom Viewer is a full Web-based Gedcom vi... Télécharger
gedcom-parse(freshmeat) Gedcom Parser Library The Gedcom parser library provides an API to ap... Télécharger
phpgedview(freshmeat) PhpGedView PhpGedView parses GEDCOM 5.5 genealogy files a... Télécharger
jgenea(freshmeat) JGenea JGenea is an pure Java genealogy application u... Télécharger
hissim(freshmeat) Hissim Hissim is a history generator for WorldForge pr... Télécharger
genes(freshmeat) Genes Genes is a personal genealogy application for u... Télécharger
statsmodels(sfnet) statsmodels Statistical models with python using numpy and ... Télécharger
genie(freshmeat) Genie Genie is an open source, web-based application ... Télécharger
lifelines(freshmeat) LifeLines LifeLines is a genealogical software system for... Télécharger
ldapauthmanager(freshmeat) LDAPAuthManager LDAPAuthManager is a Web-based application desi... Télécharger
retrospect(freshmeat) Retrospect-GDS Retrospect-GDS is a Web app designed to display... Télécharger
arca-morcego(freshmeat) Morcego 3D network browser Morcego is a 3D graph browser for viewing and n... Télécharger
smokegios(freshmeat) Smokegios Smokegios reads a Nagios configuration file, ge... Télécharger
o4send(freshmeat) o4send o4send is an application that scans for Bluetoo... Télécharger
autodocbook(freshmeat) Autodocbook Autodocbook converts formatted comments in sour... Télécharger
pyclamd(freshmeat) pyClamd pyClamad is a module that makes it possible to ... Télécharger
siebel-gnu-tools(freshmeat) Siebel GNU Tools Siebel GNU Tools provides several small program... Télécharger
vice(freshmeat) VICE VICE is a Versatile Commodore Emulator, i.e. a ... Télécharger
catdoc(freshmeat) catdoc Catdoc is a MS Word file decoding tool that doe... Télécharger
crutziplayer(freshmeat) CrutziPlayer CrutziPlayer is a standalone player for NPAPI-b... Télécharger
bitnamiwordpress(freshmeat) BitNami WordPress Stack BitNami WordPress Stack is an easy-to-install d... Télécharger
bitnami-cloud-tools(freshmeat) BitNami Cloud Tools BitNami Cloud Tools packages together Amazon We... Télécharger
son-of-grid-engine(freshmeat) Son of Grid Engine Son of Grid Engine is a highly-scalable and ver... Télécharger
bitnamimantis(freshmeat) BitNami Mantis Stack BitNami Mantis Stack is an easy-to-install dist... Télécharger
tpda-query-repository-tool(freshmeat) QDepo QDepo (formerly TPDA - Query Repository Tool) i... Télécharger
medilig(sfnet) MEDILIG - Medical Life-Guard EHR/EMR cross-platform software for the design,... Télécharger
teachtables(freshmeat) TeachTables TeachTables lets you create a scheduling and ma... Télécharger
necessitas(sfnet) necessitas Qt suite (Framework, Creator, Mobility) for And... Télécharger
ximp3(freshmeat) ximp3 ximp3 is a simple console MP3 player. It is bas... Télécharger
ngraph-gtk(sfnet) Ngraph-gtk Ngraph is the program to create scientific 2-di... Télécharger
openlgtvbcm(sfnet) OpenLGTV BCM OpenLGTV BCM - Open Source Linux distribution f... Télécharger
pdfresurrect(freshmeat) PDFResurrect PDFResurrect is a tool aimed at analyzing PDF d... Télécharger
qsimpleguitar(freshmeat) QSimpleGuitar QSimpleGuitar is a simple program to help novic... Télécharger
codequery(freshmeat) CodeQuery CodeQuery is a tool for indexing and then query... Télécharger
mdtsoft(sfnet) ARPC - MDT The software includes a toolbar and several Exc... Télécharger
jactor(freshmeat) JActor JActor is a high-performance Java Actor impleme... Télécharger
selinuxoncbe(sfnet) SELinux on CBE This is an implementation of Security Enhanced ... Télécharger
circledock(sfnet) Circle Dock A circular, oval, and spiral dock for Windows i... Télécharger
subsonic(sfnet) Subsonic Subsonic is a web-based media streamer, providi... Télécharger
gutenprint(freshmeat) Gutenprint Gutenprint (formerly Gimp-Print) is a collectio... Télécharger
atlas(freshmeat) ATLAS The ATLAS (Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra S... Télécharger
chocolate-doom(freshmeat) Chocolate Doom Chocolate Doom is a Doom source port which aims... Télécharger
regression-suite(freshmeat) RegressionSuite RegressionSuite is a software test suite that i... Télécharger
libtecla(freshmeat) libtecla The Tecla library provides programs with intera... Télécharger
python-libcommon(freshmeat) python-libcommon python-libcommon contains Map, Set, and Graph d... Télécharger
nodejs-stack(freshmeat) NodeJS Stack NodeJS Stack is an easy-to-install distribution... Télécharger
myscitools(sfnet) MySciTools Repository of "my" public contributio... Télécharger
bulk-newsletter-mailer-bnm(freshmeat) Bulk Newsletter Mailer Bulk Newsletter Platform (BNM) provides the com... Télécharger
bitnami-apache-solr-stack(freshmeat) BitNami Apache Solr Stack BitNami Apache Solr Stack is an easy-to-install... Télécharger
viewmtn(freshmeat) ViewMTN ViewMTN is a Web interface to the Monotone dist... Télécharger
phpsqlview(freshmeat) PHP SQLView SQLView provides a user friendly interface for ... Télécharger
tinybutstrong(freshmeat) TinyButStrong TinyButStrong is a template class for PHP that ... Télécharger
gnupg(freshmeat) The GNU Privacy Guard GnuPG (the GNU Privacy Guard or GPG) is GNU's t... Télécharger
assimp(sfnet) Open Asset Import Library Importer library to import assets from differen... Télécharger
openpana(sfnet) OpenPANA OpenPANA it'll be soon a full functional free s... Télécharger
muscle(freshmeat) MUSCLE MUSCLE (Multi User Server Client Linking Enviro... Télécharger
arab(sfnet) Arabic Keyboard New Arabic Keyboard Layout based on ISLAM-91 Ma... Télécharger
ooh323c(sfnet) Objective Open H.323 for C Objective Systems Open H.323 for C is a simple ... Télécharger
nagminv(freshmeat) NagminV NagminV is a fork of Frederick Reimer's NagMin.... Télécharger
irobot-android(sfnet) iRobotGroup - Android ROM - OpenSource Latest Android Firmware, Updates and Tools for ... Télécharger
repla(freshmeat) repla repla can turn any command into a shell. It do... Télécharger
python-test-automation-framewo(freshmeat) Pytaf26 Pytaf26 is a general purpose test automation fr... Télécharger
visualpython(sfnet) VPython This is an unusually easy-to-use module for Pyt... Télécharger
python-selenium-abstraction-la(freshmeat) py-selenium-layers py-selenium-layers is an abstraction layer for ... Télécharger
erdwiki(freshmeat) ERDwiki ERDwiki is a small simple wiki built into the E... Télécharger
hackslash(sfnet) HackSlash - Credits GameKiller HackShield bypass created by GameKiller's TheNullz Télécharger
mosesdecoder(sfnet) Moses SMT Decoder The Moses repository has moved: https://gith... Télécharger
dutycrew(sfnet) DutyCrew Well used (on Mac, have just resurrected Window... Télécharger
epsgraphics(sfnet) EPS Graphics Library EpsGraphics is a Java library to output EPS gra... Télécharger
lampstack(freshmeat) BitNami LAMPStack BitNami LAMPStack Native Installer is an easy-t... Télécharger

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