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hibernate-jcons(sfnet) hibernate-jconsole hibernate-jconsole is a plugin to jconsole or v... Télécharger
gradel(sfnet) GradeL GradeL is a desktop gradebook application for L... Télécharger
loris(sfnet) Loris Loris is a library for sound analysis, synthesi... Télécharger
myjsqlview(freshmeat) MyJSQLView MyJSQLView provides an easy-to-use Java based G... Télécharger
yamwat(freshmeat) Yamwat Yamwat is Yet Another MediaWiki API Tool. It is... Télécharger
nxtvepg(sfnet) Nextview EPG Decoder nxtvepg is a decoder and browser for Nextview E... Télécharger
mythtvformacosx(sfnet) MythTV for MacOSX Pre-built downloads of Mythtv for the Mac OSX p... Télécharger
vidma(freshmeat) vidma vidma is a utility for manipulating virtual dis... Télécharger
object-query(freshmeat) Object Query Object Query is a Java tool which allows writin... Télécharger
loto(sfnet) loto http://loto.sourceforge.net/ hosts 4 projects o... Télécharger
alchemywebfw(sfnet) alchemy alchemy is a web development framework that use... Télécharger
jhyenae(freshmeat) JHyenae JHyenae is an entirely overworked Java port of ... Télécharger
sanewinds(sfnet) SANEWinDS SANEWinDS: SANE Windows Data Source. Enables S... Télécharger
doublecmd(sfnet) Double Commander Double Commander is a cross platform open sourc... Télécharger
jpeg2pdf(sfnet) jpeg2pdf Cross-platform command-line tool for creation o... Télécharger
wxsvg(sfnet) wxSVG wxSVG is C++ library to create, manipulate and ... Télécharger
puppet-enc(freshmeat) Puppet ENC Puppet ENC is a fully functional external node ... Télécharger
iputils(sfnet) iputils The iputils package is set of small useful util... Télécharger
openfiler(sfnet) Openfiler Openfiler is a browser-based network storage ma... Télécharger
dispy(sfnet) dispy dispy is a Python framework for parallel execut... Télécharger
rss2fido(sfnet) rss2fido RSS to FidoNet (rss2fido) by_Rain 27/09-2006g. ... Télécharger
zoneminder-vmw(sfnet) Zoneminder Appliance for VMware Fresh, fully updated Zoneminder virtual machine... Télécharger
ajax-net-free-grid(freshmeat) Ajax .Net Free Grid Ajax .Net Free Grid is a data grid for .NET app... Télécharger
libpet(freshmeat) libpet libpet extracts a polyhedral model from C sourc... Télécharger
arianne(sfnet) Arianne RPG Arianne is a multiplayer online engine to devel... Télécharger
cobertura(sfnet) Cobertura Cobertura is a free Java tool that calculates t... Télécharger
tfastdib(sfnet) TFastDIB TFastDIB consists of a DIB class and units with... Télécharger
gvar(sfnet) GVAR The GVAR Toolbox was originally launched in Dec... Télécharger
texttrix(sfnet) Text Trix The Text Trix editor is an open-source, cross-p... Télécharger
ubuntumm(sfnet) ubuntu-mm Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team, LoCo mean Local Commu... Télécharger
jenetics(sfnet) Jenetics: Java Genetic Algorithm Library An object oriented library of an Genetic Algori... Télécharger
phpicalendar(sfnet) PHP iCalendar PHP iCalendar is a php-based iCal file parser. ... Télécharger
nzb(sfnet) nzb nzb is a binary news grabber. It natively downl... Télécharger
portofino(freshmeat) Portofino Portofino is a system that makes it possible to... Télécharger
barvinok(freshmeat) barvinok barvinok is a library for counting the number o... Télécharger
swig(sfnet) SWIG SWIG is a software development tool that connec... Télécharger
sweethome3d(sfnet) Sweet Home 3D Sweet Home 3D is an interior design application... Télécharger
danceauditionwe(sfnet) DanceAuditionWebsite This is a simple form website that was used for... Télécharger
sndobj(sfnet) The Sound Object Library The Sound Object Library is an object-oriented ... Télécharger
supernova-ws(sfnet) SuperNova.WS - xNova on steroids Project "SuperNova.WS" is a sci-fi Ma... Télécharger
vym(sfnet) vym - view your mind VYM (View Your Mind) is a tool to generate and... Télécharger
fuse-emulator(sfnet) Fuse - the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator The Free Unix Spectrum Emulator (Fuse): an emul... Télécharger
appcelerator(sfnet) OldAppC THIS PROJECT IS DEAD. For the real appcelerator... Télécharger
tntnagiosplugin(sfnet) tnt_nagios_plugins Various Nagios plugins. Plugins are designed to... Télécharger
php-cmdb(sfnet) PHP-CMDB PHP-CMDB is a webbased Configuration Management... Télécharger
biblatex-biber(sfnet) biber A BibTeX replacement for users of biblatex, wit... Télécharger
biblatex(sfnet) biblatex Biblatex is a LaTeX package which provides full... Télécharger
portablesigner(sfnet) PortableSigner PortableSigner is a tool for digital signing (w... Télécharger
dafavdownloader(sfnet) deviantART Favorites Downloader A small utility to help manage someone favorite... Télécharger
imageenlarger(sfnet) SmillaEnlarger SmillaEnlarger is a small graphical tool ( base... Télécharger
pyffi(sfnet) Python File Format Interface PyFFI is a Python library for processing block ... Télécharger
loaderforapps(sfnet) Loader For Apps About from project sortly: This is a system to... Télécharger
bs(freshmeat) battleships battleships is the classic game of Battleships,... Télécharger
alleg(sfnet) Allegro game programming library Allegro is a cross-platform library intended fo... Télécharger
sskunkwerks(sfnet) Solaris Skunk Werks Solaris Skunk Werks is a tool used to design Ba... Télécharger
chikitsa(sfnet) Chikitsa Patient Management System to keep track of your... Télécharger
jxplorer(sfnet) JXplorer - A Java Ldap Browser A free java ldap client with LDIF support, secu... Télécharger
creativity90(sfnet) creativity90 learn game Télécharger
openlierox(sfnet) OpenLieroX OpenLierox is an extremely addictive realtime w... Télécharger
dodger-tools(sfnet) Dodger-Tools The Dodger-Tools are compilation of different s... Télécharger
lubbofancontrol(sfnet) Lubbo's MacBook Pro Fan Control Speed fan controller and temp monitoring for Ma... Télécharger
ondrosql(sfnet) OndroSQL Thick SQL browser with query debug helping feat... Télécharger
toolsverse-etl-framework(freshmeat) Toolsverse ETL Framework Toolsverse ETL Framework is a standalone Extrac... Télécharger
ob-htmlbuilder(sfnet) OpenBEXI HTML Builder OpenBEXI is a WYSIWYG HTML builder using the ma... Télécharger
hyperic-hq(sfnet) Hyperic Application & System Monitoring Hyperic is application monitoring and performan... Télécharger
pidgin-macosx(sfnet) Pidgin on MacOSX This is an unofficial native port of Pidgin to ... Télécharger
phpgiftreg(freshmeat) PHP Gift Registry PHP Gift Registry is a a Web-enabled database/w... Télécharger
jackosx(sfnet) JackOSX The JackOSX project aims to provide Mac OS X-sp... Télécharger
fbc(sfnet) FreeBASIC Compiler Open-source, free, multi-platform BASIC compile... Télécharger
objectlistview(sfnet) ObjectListView ObjectListView is a C# convenience wrapper arou... Télécharger
class_upload_php(freshmeat) class.upload.php class.upload.php manages file uploads for you. ... Télécharger
jvmbasic(freshmeat) jvmBasic jvmBasic is a compiler and grammar for BASIC wh... Télécharger
lightwaverf(freshmeat) LightwaveRF LightwaveRF is a Ruby gem which interfaces with... Télécharger
scribus(freshmeat) Scribus Scribus is a desktop page layout program with t... Télécharger
gdigi(freshmeat) gdigi gdigi is a tool aimed to provide X-Edit functio... Télécharger
delphiasiovst(sfnet) Delphi ASIO & VST Packages With these packages for Delphi the user can eas... Télécharger
apt4rpm(sfnet) Apt for rpm apt4rpm provides tools to create and maintain a... Télécharger
airbag_fd(freshmeat) airbag_fd airbag_fd provides drop-in crash handlers for P... Télécharger
ja2bu(freshmeat) Ja2BU Ja2BU is a question and answer script. It feat... Télécharger
applejack(sfnet) AppleJack:Troubleshooting Tool for Macs AppleJack is a user friendly troubleshooting as... Télécharger
yapcg(sfnet) YAPCG Yet another Pathfinder Character Generator Télécharger
flafi(sfnet) Flat File Checker A simple to use but powerful tool for flat file... Télécharger
seranggawrcrft(sfnet) Serangga Warcraft This game using any Artificial Intelligence. Us... Télécharger
dvdadecoder(sfnet) DVD-Audio Decoder and Watermark Detector DVD-Audio Decoder input plugin and Watermark De... Télécharger
lifev(freshmeat) LifeV LifeV is a finite element (FE) library providin... Télécharger
wikipedia-miner(sfnet) Wikipedia Miner Toolkit The Wikipedia Miner toolkit provides simplified... Télécharger
gladewin32(sfnet) Glade/Gtk+ for Windows Windows port of Glade 3. The latest version inc... Télécharger
passwordmaker(sfnet) PasswordMaker PasswordMaker - One Password To Rule Them All! Télécharger
jexcelapi(sfnet) A Java library for reading/writing Excel JExcelApi is a java library which provides the ... Télécharger
logrep(sfnet) Logrep Logrep is a tool for collection and presentatio... Télécharger
qwt(sfnet) qwt Qwt is a graphics extension to the Qt GUI appli... Télécharger
drvback(sfnet) DriverBackup! Fast and user-friendly free tool for drivers's ... Télécharger
sync4j(sfnet) Funambol Funambol is a mobile application server that pr... Télécharger
freepascal(sfnet) Free Pascal Compiler A 32/64/16-bit Pascal compiler for Win32/64/CE,... Télécharger
rkward(freshmeat) RKWard RKWard aims to provide an easily extensible, ea... Télécharger
scons(sfnet) SCons - a Software Construction tool SCons is a software construction tool (build to... Télécharger
xpy(sfnet) xpy xpy is a small software, securing your Windows ... Télécharger
lzip(freshmeat) Lzip Lzip is a lossless data compressor with a user ... Télécharger
jampal(sfnet) Jampal mp3 library mp3 library, advanced ID3V1 and ID3V2 tagger, p... Télécharger
zksample2(sfnet) Zksample2 A bigger sample application for the ZK framewor... Télécharger

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