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kwooty(freshmeat) Kwooty Kwooty is a .nzb usenet binary grabber for KDE ... Télécharger
tudu-list(freshmeat) tudu TuDu is a todo list manager in ncurses with a h... Télécharger
gestiolus(freshmeat) Gestiolus Gestiolus is a very simple Web application syst... Télécharger
sc2-remake(sfnet) The Ur-Quan ReMasters The project will be a remake of the classic 2D ... Télécharger
kedr-framework(freshmeat) KEDR Framework KEDR is a framework to facilitate dynamic analy... Télécharger
logsaw(sfnet) LogSaw A high-performance log file viewer based on the... Télécharger
rabbitmq(freshmeat) RabbitMQ RabbitMQ is an implementation of AMQP, the emer... Télécharger
web-print(freshmeat) Web Print Web Print is server software which allows user... Télécharger
jwordsplitter(freshmeat) jwordsplitter jWordSplitter is a small Java program and libra... Télécharger
nuttx(sfnet) NuttX Nuttx is a real time embedded operating system ... Télécharger
jgerman(sfnet) J!German - Joomla! translation in German The J!German translation team provides German t... Télécharger
eclipse-jetty(sfnet) Eclipse Jetty Plugin An Eclipse plugin for running/debugging Java we... Télécharger
light-html2xml(sfnet) Light HTML to XML converter Light HTML to XML Converter only for parsing pu... Télécharger
wrapeasymonkey(sfnet) whoistester WrapEasyMOnkey It's a jython library used for android ui autom... Télécharger
itop(sfnet) itop - ITSM & CMDB OpenSource IT Operations Portal: a complete open source, I... Télécharger
jackcess(sfnet) Jackcess A pure Java library for reading from and writin... Télécharger
eqalign(sfnet) EQAlign EQAlign born as a software that assists to alig... Télécharger
idecryptit(sfnet) iDecryptIt When you update your iDevice, iTunes downloads ... Télécharger
php-contact-form-script(freshmeat) PHP Contact Form Script PHP Contact Form Script adds a form to your sit... Télécharger
toro(sfnet) TORO kernel TORO is a kernel written as a RTL library for F... Télécharger
cmsaspnet(sfnet) .NET CMS Microsoft® Enterprise class .net CMS multilingu... Télécharger
sofastatistics(sfnet) SOFA Statistics SOFA is a statistics, analysis, and reporting p... Télécharger
weka(sfnet) Weka---Machine Learning Software in Java Weka is a collection of machine learning algori... Télécharger
softgridhelper(sfnet) The App-V Helper Here lives few applications which can ease the ... Télécharger
contextmenushel(sfnet) Context Menu (Shell Extension) ContextMenu is a free configurable shell extens... Télécharger
plsqlmailclient(sfnet) Mail Client API for Oracle PL/SQL In the Oracle database there are two PL/SQL API... Télécharger
eero(freshmeat) Eero Eero is a binary-compatible variant of Objectiv... Télécharger
kitcreator(freshmeat) KitCreator KitCreator is a simple build system for creatin... Télécharger
jtimesched(freshmeat) jTimeSched jTimeSched is a simple and lightweight time tra... Télécharger
cdemu-tray(sfnet) Cdemu Tray Cdemu Tray is written in Gtkmm GUI for cdemu da... Télécharger
pop-c(freshmeat) POP-C++ POP-C++ is a comprehensive object-oriented syst... Télécharger
interp(freshmeat) Interp interp is a powerful programming language, a te... Télécharger
gujin(freshmeat) Gujin Gujin is a PC boot loader that can analyze your... Télécharger
rpcl(sfnet) RPCL RadPHP Component Library is a PHP library model... Télécharger
giflib(sfnet) GIFLIB giflib is a library for reading and writing gif... Télécharger
kwave(sfnet) Kwave Kwave is a sound editor for the KDE environment... Télécharger
curl(freshmeat) curl and libcurl curl and libcurl is a tool for transferring fil... Télécharger
dateutils(freshmeat) dateutils Dateutils are a bunch of tools that revolve aro... Télécharger
rpmorphan(sfnet) rpmorphan rpmorphan finds "orphaned" packages o... Télécharger
tjger(sfnet) tjger - the java game engine to reuse Framework to implement board and card games inc... Télécharger
wekann(sfnet) weka neural network algorithms This project contains weka packages of neural n... Télécharger
waterfoxproj(sfnet) Waterfox Waterfox is a high performance browser based on... Télécharger
scummvm(sfnet) ScummVM ScummVM is a cross-platform interpreter for man... Télécharger
avidemux(sfnet) avidemux Edit your avi, mpeg and nuv. Process audio and ... Télécharger
eclipseexplorer(sfnet) eclipse-explorer Eclipse Explorer is an eclipse plugin helping y... Télécharger
capivara(sfnet) Capivara - Java filesync Capivara is a graphical file transfer and file ... Télécharger
lsleditor(sfnet) LSL Editor Community Edition Alphons van der Heijden, author of LSLEditor, t... Télécharger
kimai(sfnet) Kimai - Time Tracking Software Kimai is web based software that tracks work ti... Télécharger
sshpf(sfnet) sshpf sshpf allows local TCP/IP port to be connected ... Télécharger
aggen(sfnet) Anrieff's Gallery Generator Anrieff's Gallery Generator - Creates a .HTML g... Télécharger
gnubuilds(sfnet) gnubuilds Project for automation of standalone builds of ... Télécharger
ableopusmultido(sfnet) Able Opus Multi Downloader Downloads content found amongst the src and hre... Télécharger
itextdotnet(sfnet) ConcatPDF / iText.NET ConcatPDF is the tool to concatenate PDF files.... Télécharger
yahoopops(sfnet) YPOPs! - POP3/SMTP Access to Yahoo YPOPs! is an application which emulates a POP3/... Télécharger
ezscrum(sfnet) ezScrum Scrum emphasizes on face-to-face communications... Télécharger
jbjf(sfnet) Java Batch Job Framework Java Batch Job Framework. The JBJF uses an XML ... Télécharger
starcal(sfnet) StarCalendar A perfect calendar with Gregorian, Jalali and H... Télécharger
worldforge(sfnet) WorldForge Worldforge provides clients, servers, tools and... Télécharger
abiquo(sfnet) abiquo abiquo platform allows to create intelligent di... Télécharger
useq(sfnet) USeq Applications for analyzing next generation sequ... Télécharger
mantraos(sfnet) OWASP Mantra-OS A Ubuntu based Linux OS built for application, ... Télécharger
stylecopcli(sfnet) StyleCop CLI Command-line interface to StyleCop source code ... Télécharger
sinekarta(sfnet) sinekarta Estensione open source di Alfresco per implemen... Télécharger
m556(sfnet) Software General software and open source projects Télécharger
jellynow1(sfnet) JellyNow Rom para Desire hecha por POLO96 Descargar Jell... Télécharger
objmodelviewer(sfnet) Obj Model Viewer Simple model viewer for obj format. Télécharger
kalkun(sfnet) Kalkun Kalkun is a simple web-based SMS (Short Message... Télécharger
soliddb(sfnet) solidDB for MySQL solidDB for MySQL is an open source relational ... Télécharger
apprenticevideo(sfnet) Apprentice Video This player stands on the giant shoulders of FF... Télécharger
kaldi(sfnet) Kaldi Speech recognition research toolkit Télécharger
iipimage(sfnet) IIPImage IIPImage is a high performance image server and... Télécharger
pwnsjp(freshmeat) pwnsjp pwnsjp is a console-based frontend to the follo... Télécharger
modified-shop(freshmeat) modified eCommerce Shopsoftware modified eCommerce Shopsoftware is an online sh... Télécharger
amms(freshmeat) amms Amms is a high-performance traffic accounting s... Télécharger
trackxy(sfnet) TrackXY Track, in realtime, horizontal and vertical dis... Télécharger
crunch-wordlist(sfnet) crunch - wordlist generator Crunch is a wordlist generator where you can sp... Télécharger
libsunflower(sfnet) Sunflower Mobile Robot Library The sunflower library provides programming abst... Télécharger
kicad3dmodels(sfnet) kicad3Dmodels This project aims to develop parameterized soft... Télécharger
open-modeling(sfnet) Modeling software including Archimate This project facilitates modeling online contro... Télécharger
j2melib(sfnet) J2MElib Libraries for J2ME (Java mobile portable device... Télécharger
synchronicity(sfnet) Create Synchronicity - Backup & Sync Create Synchronicity is an easy, fast and power... Télécharger
arcthemall(sfnet) ArcThemALL! It supports files and folders multi-compression... Télécharger
scorched3d(sfnet) Scorched 3D Scorched 3D incorporates a lively three dimensi... Télécharger
drdaq(sfnet) DrDAQ Application Project Tools and applications associated with the DrDA... Télécharger
open-source-plm(sfnet) openPLM - open source PLM open source PLM system - Product Structure mana... Télécharger
ntu-sp-exp(sfnet) Shortest Path and Distance Queries This is the code used in the experiments of the... Télécharger
dresimimg(sfnet) DRE Similar Images Detector DRE is a software to detect and dispose of grou... Télécharger
mecrisp(sfnet) Mecrisp Mecrisp - A native code Forth implementation fo... Télécharger
javabarcoderead(sfnet) Java Barcode Reader I looked for a Java Component to read a Interle... Télécharger
vbox-users(sfnet) Vbox add-ons A project designed to catalog all third party a... Télécharger
primitives2d(sfnet) 2D XNA Primitive Shapes Library A library for drawing 2D primitive shapes in XN... Télécharger
jasperstudio(sfnet) Jaspersoft Studio Eclipse-based JasperReports Designer Télécharger
vaadin(freshmeat) Vaadin Vaadin is a Web application framework for Rich ... Télécharger
nanimstudio(freshmeat) nanimstudio nanimstudio is graphical tool for editing 2D an... Télécharger
des(sfnet) Datalog Educational System The Datalog Educational System (DES) is a deduc... Télécharger
scorchcrafter(sfnet) ScorchCrafter Guitar FX DAW Plug-ins A group of audio DAW plug-ins targeting Windows... Télécharger
apachegui(sfnet) Apache GUI This project is used to provide a free java bas... Télécharger
siviglia-templating(freshmeat) Siviglia Templating Siviglia Templating is a recursive code-generat... Télécharger
audio-rec-droid(sfnet) Audio-Recorder-Android This app allows you to record voicenote on Andr... Télécharger
compactview(sfnet) CompactView CompactView is a viewer for Microsoft® SQL Serv... Télécharger

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