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queryfs(freshmeat) QueryFS QueryFS is a FUSE-based virtual filesystem that... Télécharger
laptop-mode-tools(freshmeat) Laptop Mode Tools Laptop Mode Tools allows you to control various... Télécharger
xplico(freshmeat) Xplico Xplico is an IP traffic decoder that extracts d... Télécharger
turbocash(sfnet) TurboCASH Accounting TurboCASH Accounting, entry level Accounting pa... Télécharger
dvdx(sfnet) DVDx DVDx 4.0 is a very easy to use audio/video enco... Télécharger
apng(sfnet) APNG APNG Tools and Plugins Télécharger
wbmclamav(freshmeat) wbmclamav wbmclamav is a webmin module to manage Clam Ant... Télécharger
webgui(freshmeat) WebGUI WebGUI is a content management framework built ... Télécharger
openpetraorg(sfnet) OpenPetra.org OpenPetra is an administration software for cha... Télécharger
cdist(freshmeat) cdist cdist is a usable configuration management syst... Télécharger
java-objective-c-bridge(freshmeat) Java-Objective-C Bridge Unlike other Java to Objective-C solutions, Jav... Télécharger
ps-scripts(sfnet) ps-scripts The PhotoShop Scripts project is a catch-all fo... Télécharger
dirbuster(sfnet) DirBuster DirBuster is a multi threaded java application ... Télécharger
jasypt(sfnet) jasypt: java simplified encryption Jasypt (Java Simplified Encryption) is a java l... Télécharger
ippcodecs(sfnet) IPP Codecs Intel Integrated Performace Primitives audio/vi... Télécharger
meanwhile(sfnet) Meanwhile The Meanwhile project is an open implementation... Télécharger
xsim(sfnet) X Simple Input Method use xsim u can input chinese with pinyin, wubi ... Télécharger
dxbx(sfnet) dxbx Dxbx, an Xbox1 High Level Emulator written in D... Télécharger
saxon(sfnet) Saxon XSLT and XQuery Processor Sourceforge is the home for open-source version... Télécharger
luaj(sfnet) Luaj Lightweight, fast, Java-centric Lua interpreter... Télécharger
getid3(sfnet) getID3() getID3() is a PHP script that extracts useful i... Télécharger
vumeterplugin(sfnet) VU meter plugin for Audacious and XMMS VU meter plugin for xmms and audacious. Télécharger
quexml(sfnet) queXML queXML is a simple XML schema for designing que... Télécharger
pcuaderno(sfnet) PCuaderno, teacher grade book. Useful application easy to handle for the manag... Télécharger
simidicbuilder(sfnet) SimiDic Builder Permite convertir los archivos .tab contenedora... Télécharger
phpthumb(sfnet) phpThumb() PHP thumbnail generator. Optional resizing, cro... Télécharger
rigsofrods(sfnet) Rigs of Rods Rigs of Rods is a 3D simulator game where you c... Télécharger
bobcat(sfnet) Brokken's Own Base Classes And Templates Bobcat is an acronym of `Brokken's Own Base Cla... Télécharger
u3-tool(sfnet) u3_tool Tool for controlling the special features of a ... Télécharger
cp3dchess(sfnet) CP 3D Chess Cross-Platform 3D Chess A 3D chess game made us... Télécharger
fidoip(sfnet) fidoip Fidoip contain shell scripts, sources which aut... Télécharger
cerrla(sfnet) cerrla This project contains the files required to run... Télécharger
wings(sfnet) Wings 3D Wings 3D is an advanced subdivision modeler tha... Télécharger
penguintv(sfnet) PenguinTV PenguinTV is a Python-based RSS reader specific... Télécharger
ctconector(sfnet) CtConector ActiveX Control This project was moved permanently to http://ju... Télécharger
afick(sfnet) another file integrity checker Afick is a fast and portable intrusion detectio... Télécharger
clamtk(sfnet) ClamTk ClamTk is a graphical interface for Clam Antivi... Télécharger
bugzilla-de(sfnet) bugzilla-de German Template for Bugzilla. Bugzilla is a bug... Télécharger
zkanji(sfnet) zkanji - Japanese Language Study Suite zkanji is a feature rich Japanese language stud... Télécharger
atsms(sfnet) SMS AT Communication Library .NET component which communicates with GSM comp... Télécharger
materm(sfnet) mrxvt Mrxvt is a multi-tabbed X terminal emulator bas... Télécharger
poppawid(sfnet) Poppawid popper_mod-wid is a free, full featured web bas... Télécharger
directshownet(sfnet) DirectShow .NET .NET c# directshow lib, capture and playback us... Télécharger
vietime(sfnet) VietIME A cross-platform Vietnamese Input Method Editor... Télécharger
vietunicode(sfnet) VietUnicode Supporting the development, conversion, and upg... Télécharger
unicodeconvert(sfnet) UnicodeConverter A Java/Windows/.NET conversion utility. Convert... Télécharger
mars-sim(sfnet) Mars Simulation Project The Mars Simulation Project is an open source J... Télécharger
modulos(sfnet) Modular Operating System - ModulOS The aim of this project is to develop a modular... Télécharger
vietocr(sfnet) VietOCR Provides optical character recognition (OCR) so... Télécharger
vietpad(sfnet) VietPad A Java/.NET full-featured cross-platform Vietna... Télécharger
tess4j(sfnet) Tess4J A Java JNA wrapper for Tesseract OCR API Télécharger
classhidra(sfnet) ClassHidra ClassHidra, Java open-source ModelViewControlle... Télécharger
yodl(sfnet) Yodl: Your Own Document Language Yodl is a package that implements a pre-documen... Télécharger
areca(sfnet) Areca Backup Areca-Backup is a file backup software that sup... Télécharger
atiscope(sfnet) ATI_SCOPE SCOPE is an open source dual redundant traffic ... Télécharger
flashforth(sfnet) FlashForth: for PIC and Atmega FlashForth is a standalone Forth system for the... Télécharger
sg-packetfilter(sfnet) SunGazer PacketFilter The SunGazer PacketFilter is a small and simple... Télécharger
kradio(sfnet) KRadio KRadio is an AM/FM/Internet radio application f... Télécharger
ourorgan(sfnet) GrandOrgue GrandOrgue is a sample based pipe organ simulat... Télécharger
openemm(sfnet) OpenEMM e-mail & marketing automation OpenEMM is a web-based enterprise application f... Télécharger
oorienteering(sfnet) OpenOrienteering Open Orienteering is a collection of tools whic... Télécharger
js-calendar(sfnet) jsMultiCalendar JS script jsMultiCalendar is a free javascript used to em... Télécharger
lifetype(sfnet) LifeType Blogging platform built with PHP, designed with... Télécharger
libgta(freshmeat) libgta Libgta implements the Generic Tagged Arrays (GT... Télécharger
usbip(sfnet) The USB/IP Project The USB/IP Project aims to develop a general US... Télécharger
chicken(sfnet) Chicken Chicken is a VNC client for Mac OS X. A VNC cli... Télécharger
pymol(sfnet) PyMOL Molecular Graphics System PyMOL is a Python-enhanced molecular graphics t... Télécharger
tolven(sfnet) Tolven Health Record The Tolven platform and ePHR and eCHR applicati... Télécharger
sublime-reddit(freshmeat) Sublime Reddit Sublime Reddit lets you browse Reddit in a SFW ... Télécharger
dnsjava(sfnet) dnsjava An implementation of the DNS protocol in Java. ... Télécharger
eclipsefp(sfnet) Haskell support for Eclipse We extend the Eclipse IDE with tools for develo... Télécharger
ngircd(freshmeat) ngIRCd ngIRCd is a portable IRC daemon written from sc... Télécharger
comments-script-with-paginatio(freshmeat) Comments script with pagination Comments script with pagination adds comments ... Télécharger
qr-code-generate-php-class(freshmeat) QR Code Generator PHP Class QR Code Generator allows you to easily generate... Télécharger
ocr-a-font(sfnet) OCR-A font A free OCR-A font, conformant to ANSI X3.17-197... Télécharger
holyservices(sfnet) HolyServices A planning calendar for scheduling holy service... Télécharger
admidio(sfnet) Admidio Admidio is a free open source user management s... Télécharger
csvdb(freshmeat) csvDB csvDB is an SQL engine for CSV (comma separated... Télécharger
program-n(sfnet) AIMLpad AIMLpad is an AIML chatbot program with extra f... Télécharger
libiptables(freshmeat) LibIPTables LibIPTables is a simple C API for adding, remov... Télécharger
hexdump(freshmeat) hexdump hexdump produces a CP/M-like format by default,... Télécharger
ample-sdk(freshmeat) Ample SDK Ample SDK is a standards-based cross-browser Ja... Télécharger
kid3(freshmeat) Kid3 Kid3 tagger can edit the ID3v1 tags and all ID3... Télécharger
modlivestreet(sfnet) modLivestreet This module is allow to injoy any Livestreet si... Télécharger
opendnssec(freshmeat) OpenDNSSEC OpenDNSSEC is software that manages the securit... Télécharger
arduinopulsegenerator(freshmeat) ArduinoPulseGenerator ArduinoPulseGenerator is a simple program for g... Télécharger
rpoku(sfnet) Human Speakable Programming Language HSPL is Human Speakable Programming Language, ... Télécharger
gob(freshmeat) GOB GObject Builder (GOB) is a simple preprocessor ... Télécharger
phpwcms(sfnet) phpwcms phpwcms is a web cms optimized for fast and eas... Télécharger
turious(freshmeat) Turious Turious is a cross-platform turn-based strategy... Télécharger
noah(freshmeat) NOAH Document Management System NOAH is a Web-based document management system ... Télécharger
libraw-demosaic-pack-gpl2(freshmeat) LibRaw-demosaic-pack-GPL2 LibRaw-demosaic-pack-GPL2 is a set of additiona... Télécharger
taskjuggler(freshmeat) TaskJuggler TaskJuggler is a modern and powerful project an... Télécharger
rosethorn-game-library(freshmeat) RoseThorn Game Library RoseThorn is a cross-platform library for 2D an... Télécharger
pyx(freshmeat) PyX PyX is a Python package for the creation of Pos... Télécharger
qore(freshmeat) Qore Programming Language Qore is a scripting language supporting threadi... Télécharger
moneyguru(freshmeat) moneyGuru moneyGuru is a personal finance management appl... Télécharger
at4j(freshmeat) At4J AT4J is a set of tools for working with data co... Télécharger
bolt-ocaml(freshmeat) Bolt (OCaml) Bolt is a logging tool for the Objective Caml l... Télécharger
gpm(freshmeat) GPM GPM (General Purpose Mouse) is a mouse server f... Télécharger

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