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fiitrobocup3d(sfnet) FIIT RoboCup 3D The goal of our project is to develop a functio... Télécharger
j-trac(sfnet) JTrac JTrac is a generic issue-tracking web-applicati... Télécharger
uiq3(sfnet) Mobile Open-Source Software and Tools Android, Symbian UIQ 3.0 and Symbian Series 60 ... Télécharger
openlca(sfnet) openLCA Software for sustainability assessment, highly ... Télécharger
pdftk(freshmeat) PDFtk Server PDFtk Server is a simple commandline tool for d... Télécharger
newsfeed(freshmeat) NewsFeed NewsFeed is an RSS/RDF/Atom reader and aggregat... Télécharger
msitools(freshmeat) msitools msitools is a collection of utilities to inspec... Télécharger
uez(sfnet) uEZ uEZ(r) is an open source, embeddded middleware ... Télécharger
alltoavi(sfnet) convert ogm, mkv to avi with subtitle A program that batch convert ogm, mkv to avi, w... Télécharger
stream(freshmeat) stream Rikulo Stream is a Dart Web server for building... Télécharger
yoshimi(sfnet) Yoshimi A software synthesizer for Linux, based on ZynA... Télécharger
simple-cms(freshmeat) Simple CMS Simple CMS is a content management system for w... Télécharger
lazarus(freshmeat) Lazarus Lazarus is a RAD Object Pascal Development IDE ... Télécharger
expat(sfnet) Expat XML Parser This is James Clark's Expat XML parser library ... Télécharger
portable-opencl-pocl(freshmeat) Portable Computing Language (pocl) Portable Computing Language (pocl) aims to beco... Télécharger
lesspipe(freshmeat) lesspipe.sh lesspipe.sh is an input filter for the pager le... Télécharger
tine20(freshmeat) Tine 2.0 Tine 2.0 is a Web-based groupware solution that... Télécharger
construct(sfnet) Construct Classic DirectX-powered game creator. Easy to use event... Télécharger
awlsim(freshmeat) awlsim Awlsim is a Step 7 AWL/STL/PLC simulator. Depen... Télécharger
deskspace(sfnet) Desk Space Desk Space expands your desktop space by allowi... Télécharger
rootfinder(freshmeat) RootFinder RootFinder provides an implementation of all th... Télécharger
opencart-czech(sfnet) Opencart Czech translation Czech traslation of open-source PHP eshop openc... Télécharger
privacy-indicator(freshmeat) Privacy Indicator Privacy Indicator is a notification area applet... Télécharger
pmt(sfnet) PNG and MNG tools pngcrush and other tools for manipulating PNG (... Télécharger
applexsoft-file-recovery-for-m(freshmeat) AppleXsoft File Recovery for Mac "AppleXsoft File Recovery for Mac" re... Télécharger
pyqnx(sfnet) Python ports for QNX4 and QNX6 The focus of this project is to port the OO in... Télécharger
css2xslfo(sfnet) CSSToXSLFO CSSToXSLFO is a conversion utility from CSS2 to... Télécharger
webdav-sync(sfnet) WebDAV-Sync WebDAV-Sync can synchronise a local directory w... Télécharger
gexperts(sfnet) GExperts GExperts is a free set of tools built to increa... Télécharger
aubit4gl(sfnet) Aubit 4GL "Aubit 4GL" is a project to make GPL,... Télécharger
usbpicprog(sfnet) usbpicprog: Simple USB PIC programmer usbpicprog is a Microchip PIC programmer with s... Télécharger
facturlinex(sfnet) FacturLinEx The suite of Gestion LinEx is being moved to La... Télécharger
moodle-joomla(sfnet) Joomdle - Moodle and Joomla Integration Joomdle consists of a series of extensions for ... Télécharger
tsuru(freshmeat) tsuru tsuru is a platform as a service with a compone... Télécharger
emgucv(sfnet) Emgu CV Emgu CV is a cross platform .Net wrapper to the... Télécharger
jedigoodybag(sfnet) Jedi Goodybag Here you find all the apps that were pulled out... Télécharger
foswiki(sfnet) Foswiki Foswiki is an Enterprise wiki, typically used t... Télécharger
ibkey(sfnet) ibkey Electronic signature applications made in Balea... Télécharger
cosmogonia(sfnet) cosmogoniA Linux Live cosmogoniA is created with the intent to produc... Télécharger
quickrev(sfnet) QuickRev A code review tool for Subversion and ClearCase... Télécharger
robocode(sfnet) Robocode Robocode is a programming game, where the goal ... Télécharger
octclipse(sfnet) Octclipse Octave development environment built upon Eclip... Télécharger
processhacker(sfnet) Process Hacker Process Hacker is a free and open source proces... Télécharger
open3dgis(sfnet) Open 3D GIS A Open Source project with the main goal to mak... Télécharger
evemeep(sfnet) Eve-MEEP Eve-Meep is the host for a wide array of tools ... Télécharger
texttest(sfnet) TextTest TextTest is an application-independent tool for... Télécharger
cgru(sfnet) Render Farm Manager, CG-Tools&CG-RUles. CGRU is an open source CG tools pack, includes ... Télécharger
dephicodetodoc(sfnet) DelphiCodeToDoc DelphiCodeToDoc is a free documentation system ... Télécharger
zenlib(sfnet) ZenLib Small C++ derivate class to have a simpler life Télécharger
minila(sfnet) MiniLA - logic analyzer SW & HW MiniLA logic analyzer software and hardware Télécharger
retroshare(sfnet) RetroShare RetroShare is a cross-platform private p2p shar... Télécharger
privacyguard(sfnet) DICOM Confidential DICOM Confidential project develops an open sou... Télécharger
lincmd(sfnet) LinCommander It is another clone of Norton/Windows/Midnight ... Télécharger
ddw(sfnet) Digital Direct for Windows Digital Direct for Windows (DDW) is a program t... Télécharger
campusproject(sfnet) Campus Project Campus Project is an Open Source middleware tha... Télécharger
vuurmuur(sfnet) Vuurmuur Vuurmuur is a powerful firewall manager for Lin... Télécharger
proxytest(sfnet) Proxy Tester and WPAD Generator Proxy Tester is a proxy list tester and then it... Télécharger
javacurses(sfnet) Java Curses Library The Java Curses Library (JCurses) is a library ... Télécharger
junicode(sfnet) Junicode font A font family especially for medieval scholars,... Télécharger
matroska(sfnet) Matroska Matroska is an open standard audio/video contai... Télécharger
openclassifieds(sfnet) Open Classifieds Open Classifieds, is a script for classifieds /... Télécharger
qutescoop(sfnet) QuteScoop QuteScoop is a platform-independent status indi... Télécharger
libcrn(sfnet) libcrn libcrn is document image processing library wri... Télécharger
jsqlparser(sfnet) JSqlParser JSqlParser transforms a SQL statement into a hi... Télécharger
sqlrelay(sfnet) SQL Relay Database connection pool with support for lots ... Télécharger
obsproject(sfnet) Open Broadcaster Software Open Broadcaster Software is free and open sour... Télécharger
rudiments(sfnet) Rudiments Rudiments is an Open Source C++ class library p... Télécharger
wintvcap-gui(sfnet) WinTVCap_GUI/SimplePVR WinTVCap_GUI is a graphical user interface for ... Télécharger
stdfndclass(sfnet) STD Foundation Classes A fully integrated & "object oriented... Télécharger
slim-html5-audio-jquery-plugin(freshmeat) Slim HTML5 Audio jQuery Plugin Slim HTML5 Audio jQuery Plugin is a very simple... Télécharger
rsnapshot(sfnet) rsnapshot rsnapshot is a filesystem snapshot utility base... Télécharger
behavioraldata(sfnet) The analysis of observational data The behavioral analysis programs can record and... Télécharger
nsound(sfnet) Nsound A C++ library and Python module for audio synth... Télécharger
tcpdf(freshmeat) TCPDF TCPDF is a PHP class for generating PDF documen... Télécharger
btb(sfnet) Bridge to Babylon Bridge To Babylon is a java object relational m... Télécharger
redline-rpm(freshmeat) Redline RPM Library Redline is a pure Java RPM library that support... Télécharger
wifi-remote-play(freshmeat) Wifi Remote Play Wifi Remote Play is a remote control app for An... Télécharger
erebus(freshmeat) Erebus Erebus is a 2D real-time role-playing game with... Télécharger
matcont(sfnet) MatCont MatCont is a Matlab software project for the nu... Télécharger
freecellsolver(freshmeat) Freecell Solver Freecell Solver is a library that automatically... Télécharger
lxoffice(freshmeat) kivitendo kivitendo, formerly known as Lx-Office, is a We... Télécharger
epic-multi-player-rpg(freshmeat) Epic Multi player RPG EPIC is a multiplayer strategy roleplaying game... Télécharger
pmsvn(freshmeat) PMSVN PMSVN is a server configuration management and ... Télécharger
html-widgets-navmenu(freshmeat) HTML-Widgets-NavMenu HTML-Widgets-NavMenu is a Perl module to genera... Télécharger
python-megaplan(freshmeat) python-megaplan python-megaplan is a Python module for interact... Télécharger
perltidy(freshmeat) perltidy Perltidy is a Perl script indenter and beautifi... Télécharger
patternlab(freshmeat) Pattern-lab Pattern-lab is a pattern recognition program. I... Télécharger
pyparticles(freshmeat) PyParticles PyParticles is a particle simulation toolbox en... Télécharger
jgamebase(freshmeat) jGameBase jGameBase is a Java port of GameBase, a fully-f... Télécharger
clacks-framework(freshmeat) Clacks Framework The Clacks Framework enables implementators to ... Télécharger
conquests(freshmeat) Conquests Conquests is a turn-based 4X Civilization-like ... Télécharger
cream(sfnet) Cream (for Vim) Cream is a free, easy-to-use configuration of t... Télécharger
romowfornote2(sfnet) ROMOW For Note 2 La ROM Italiana per il Galaxy Note 2 Télécharger
pmcyg(sfnet) pmcyg pmcyg can create customized collections of Cygw... Télécharger
openrico(sfnet) Rico - Rich Ajax Framework Rico is a JavaScript library for creating rich ... Télécharger
p3d(sfnet) p3d p3d is a general data-reduction tool for use wi... Télécharger
snpeff(sfnet) snpEff snpEff is a fast variant effect predictor (SNP,... Télécharger
trove4j(sfnet) Trove for Java High performance collections for Java Objects a... Télécharger
yunus(sfnet) yunus and my other projects Yunus is a simple "visual" script lan... Télécharger
easynas(sfnet) EasyNAS EasyNAS is a storage management system for home... Télécharger

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