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stlexporter(sfnet) STL Exporter for Revit The STL Export Add-In for Revit is designed to ... Télécharger
weap(sfnet) wEAP Development of Open Source EAP type plug-ins fo... Télécharger
sculptyworld(sfnet) SculptyWorld The goal is a MUD in which the actions of the p... Télécharger
strongdc(sfnet) StrongDC++ This project allows connecting, file sharing an... Télécharger
d2xx(sfnet) FTDI D2XX Bindings Several language bindings for the FTDI D2XX dri... Télécharger
o42a-programming-language(freshmeat) o42a o42a is a high-level general purpose programmin... Télécharger
ntdisp(freshmeat) ntdisp ntdisp, short for NtD In System Programming, is... Télécharger
cairo(freshmeat) Cairo Cairo is a vector graphics library with cross-... Télécharger
minidlnawebmin(sfnet) MiniDLNA Webmin Module Webmin Module for administration of minidlna se... Télécharger
xins(freshmeat) XINS XINS is a technology used to define, create, an... Télécharger
the-maker(freshmeat) the maker The Maker is a content management system (CMS) ... Télécharger
arptables(freshmeat) arptables arptables is an administrative utility for mana... Télécharger
iptables(freshmeat) iptables iptables is built on top of netfilter, the pack... Télécharger
vuurmuur(freshmeat) Vuurmuur Vuurmuur is a firewall manager for Linux that s... Télécharger
geneticfighters(sfnet) GeneticFighters Genetic algorithms using assembly-instructions ... Télécharger
dos2unix(freshmeat) dos2unix dos2unix includes utilities to convert text fil... Télécharger
duklan(freshmeat) Duklan Duklan is a project management Web application ... Télécharger
pkg-config(freshmeat) pkg-config pkg-config is a system for managing library com... Télécharger
kb1oiq-andysham(sfnet) KB1OIQ - Andy's Ham Radio Linux This is a remastered version of Ubuntu Linux. ... Télécharger
javilonas(sfnet) ROMs, Kernels & Tools by lonas Desde aquí podréis descarga de ahora en adelant... Télécharger
cstitch(sfnet) CStitch Convert images to cross stitch patterns: choose... Télécharger
kshutdown(sfnet) KShutdown KShutdown is a graphical shutdown utility for L... Télécharger
scape3d(sfnet) 3DScape 3DScape is the first plug-in which enables thre... Télécharger
compat32pkg(sfnet) compat32pkg Compat32pkg is an automated tool that provides ... Télécharger
jsoncpp(sfnet) json-cpp jsoncpp is an implementation of a JSON (http://... Télécharger
gdesk(sfnet) GDesk GDesk is a customizable and extendable desktop ... Télécharger
gptgen(sfnet) gptgen Gptgen is a tool to non-destructively convert h... Télécharger
readable(sfnet) Readable Lisp S-expressions This project is dedicated to developing more re... Télécharger
openavitogif(sfnet) openAviToGif With openAviToGif you can convert video into an... Télécharger
diff-ext(sfnet) Diff shell extension Diff-ext is an extension for filemanagers such ... Télécharger
ccide(sfnet) Decision Table Preprocessor Ccide reads a source program, in one of sever... Télécharger
mmconvert(sfnet) MMConvert This is a Media Converter, which helps you Conv... Télécharger
mapitemeditor(sfnet) MapItemEditor The program for creating and modifying Minecraf... Télécharger
easystroke(sfnet) easystroke easystroke is a gesture-recognition application... Télécharger
cernrootdebs(sfnet) Cern Root debs for Ubuntu/64 and 32bits FOR DETAILED INFORMATION GO TO http://cernrootd... Télécharger
drftpd(sfnet) Distributed FTP Daemon A distributed FTP daemon written in java. Inste... Télécharger
gkk(sfnet) GKK GKK - GPX KurvenKoeffizientenBerechner. Berechn... Télécharger
jcblock(sfnet) Telemarketing (Junk) Call Blocker Program to block junk calls. Connects to a mode... Télécharger
mlvocabtrainer(sfnet) Multi-Lingual Vocabulary Trainer Cross-platform application aimed at helping use... Télécharger
wavelet(sfnet) Wavelet Wavelet, a C++ class library for Wavelet transf... Télécharger
sqs-xml(sfnet) Shared Questionnaire System Shared Questionnaire System(SQS) is a full-func... Télécharger
esup-casgeneric(sfnet) ESUP-Portail CAS Generic Handler ESUP-Portail CAS Generic Handler is a plugin gi... Télécharger
file-folder-ren(sfnet) Métamorphose File and Folder Renamer A cross platform file and folder mass renamer, ... Télécharger
alchemist(sfnet) Alchemist and Korg Triton Tools ALCHEMIST is a Korg Trinity to Triton PCG and S... Télécharger
gmap-module(sfnet) Gallery 2 Google Map Integration Google Map integration for Gallery v2. There is... Télécharger
lazarus(sfnet) Lazarus The Lazarus IDE is a stable and feature rich vi... Télécharger
jpicedt(sfnet) jPicEdt jPicEdt is a vector-based drawing editor for La... Télécharger
simple-viewer(sfnet) Simple Javascript Image Viewer Simple Javascript Image Viewer is an easy-to-em... Télécharger
roblib(sfnet) Robotics Library Open source software in robotics (mathematics, ... Télécharger
fritivi(sfnet) Fritivi.NET Fritivi.NET est un lecteur multimedia permettan... Télécharger
yaxkin(sfnet) Yaxkin Linux O Yaxkin Linux é uma distribuição baseada no Ge... Télécharger
twaindelphi(sfnet) Twain for Delphi Twain interface (twain.h) for Delphi Télécharger
asterwin(sfnet) Code_Aster for Windows Code_Aster Windows is the Windows port of the O... Télécharger
wikindx(sfnet) WIKINDX WIKINDX is a single or multi-user Virtual Resea... Télécharger
openamt(sfnet) Intel AMT Open-source Tools and Drivers Linux Kernel drivers and tools supporting Intel... Télécharger
mysafekey(sfnet) mysafekey MySafeKey provides a strong authentication with... Télécharger
pffj(sfnet) Plugin Framework for Java The Plugin Framework for Java is a distributed ... Télécharger
astrotortilla(sfnet) AstroTortilla AstroTortilla is a wrapper around common astrop... Télécharger
wineasio(sfnet) wineasio WineASIO provides an ASIO to JACK driver for WI... Télécharger
al-anvar(sfnet) Al-Anvar: Quran Research Software Al-anvar is an open source freeware dedicated f... Télécharger
xharbour(sfnet) xHarbour Extended Harbour Compiler xHarbour is a portable implementation of the xB... Télécharger
adbulkadmin(sfnet) AD Bulk Admin Tool This is an AD bulk administration tool for AD a... Télécharger
opennmszh(sfnet) opennms.zh opennmszh http://www.qoswork.com Télécharger
nitros9(sfnet) The NitrOS-9 Project The NitrOS-9 Project provides an OS-9/6809 comp... Télécharger
englab(sfnet) EngLab EngLab is a cross-compile mathematical platform... Télécharger
joyoftext(sfnet) joy of text Why, you might well ask, should we be needing y... Télécharger
mauischeduler(sfnet) Maui Scheduler Maui Scheduler is an advanced reservation HPC p... Télécharger
mingwbuilds(sfnet) MinGW-builds Projects joined MinGW-W64, and the new builds w... Télécharger
endeavour-mgmt(sfnet) Endeavour Agile ALM Endeavour Agile ALM is an Open Source solution ... Télécharger
pdiff(sfnet) Perceptual Image Diff PerceptualDiff is an image comparison utility t... Télécharger
processmaker(sfnet) ProcessMaker Open Source ProcessMaker is the leading Open Source Busines... Télécharger
opencachemanage(sfnet) Open Cache Manager OCM is an easy to use program for managing your... Télécharger
firefoxadmx(sfnet) Firefox ADMX Firefox ADMX is a way of allowing centrally man... Télécharger
winglpk(sfnet) GLPK for Windows GLPK 4.54 (GNU Linear Programming Kit, http://w... Télécharger
gusek(sfnet) Gusek GUSEK provide an open source LP/MILP IDE for Wi... Télécharger
atanksaiupgrade(sfnet) Atomic Tanks AI Upgrade This project is a testing area of AI (and other... Télécharger
virtualdubmod(sfnet) VirtualDubMod VirtualDubMod is based on VirtualDub by Avery L... Télécharger
fastmm(sfnet) FastMM FastMM is a lightning fast replacement memory m... Télécharger
surfmap(sfnet) SURFmap SURFmap is a networking monitoring tool based o... Télécharger
h264-encoder(sfnet) H264 Lite Encoder That is an video encoder that implements h264 e... Télécharger
opensim-viewer(sfnet) Hippo OpenSim Viewer The Hippo OpenSim Viewer is a modified Second L... Télécharger
gta-idea-plugin(sfnet) GTA Idea Plugin IntelliJ plugin to facilitate the edition of th... Télécharger
sashimi(sfnet) SASHIMI The Sashimi project hosts the Trans-Proteomic P... Télécharger
adodbapi(sfnet) Python DB-API 2.0 module for ADO Python module that makes it easy to use Microso... Télécharger
armlinux4cygwin(sfnet) ARM Linux Toolchain for Cygwin ARM Linux Toolchain for Cygwin Télécharger
phpmdnb(sfnet) phpMD / PHP CodeSniffer Netbeans Plugin Netbeans PHP Plugin which provides violations d... Télécharger
gt_m(freshmeat) GT.M GT.M is a high end platform for developing tran... Télécharger
stx-btree(freshmeat) STX B+ Tree The STX B+ Tree package is a set of C++ templat... Télécharger
cesaachen(sfnet) Aura Aura: Gameproject by a group of CES studies to ... Télécharger
opendocman(freshmeat) OpenDocMan OpenDocMan is a full featured Web-based documen... Télécharger
limbo(freshmeat) Limbo Limbo is a PC Emulator (x86) based on QEMU for ... Télécharger
html2pop3(sfnet) HTML2POP3 : gmail proxy Convert Webmail to POP3.Is also included a SMTP... Télécharger
libgit2sharp(freshmeat) LibGit2Sharp LibGit2Sharp brings all the might and speed of ... Télécharger
codepax(sfnet) CodePax CodePax is a free and open source (New BSD) web... Télécharger
safakcuisine(sfnet) safak site web Création d un site web Télécharger
seed7(freshmeat) Seed7 Seed7 is a general purpose programming language... Télécharger
spiderfoot(sfnet) SpiderFoot SpiderFoot is an open source footprinting tool,... Télécharger
autshumatoite(sfnet) Autshumato ITE Autshumato Integrated Translation Environment i... Télécharger
jwatchdog(freshmeat) jWatchdog jWatchdog delivers a simple watchdog to activel... Télécharger
plainview-sdk(freshmeat) Plainview SDK Plainview SDK is a toolkit of commonly-used cl... Télécharger

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