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fteqw(sfnet) FTE QuakeWorld FTE QuakeWorld is a QuakeWorld derivative which... Télécharger
jedivcs(sfnet) JEDI VCS JEDI Version Control System - based on Thomas H... Télécharger
arduinodev(sfnet) CodeBlocks Arduino IDE CodeBlocks Arduino Edition is a customized dist... Télécharger
jpedaljbig2imag(sfnet) JPedal JBIG2 Image Decoder The JPedal JBIG2 Image Decoder is a 100% pure J... Télécharger
buzz-like(sfnet) Vermilion Desktop Composer A unique desktop music composing application fo... Télécharger
mx4j(sfnet) MX4J MX4J is an Open Source implementation of the Ja... Télécharger
kmlcsv(sfnet) KMLCSV Converter Converts Google Earth KML file to a CSV file, a... Télécharger
pcstarters(sfnet) PC Starters Bundle of setups required after a format. Télécharger
pythoncad(sfnet) PythonCAD PythonCAD is a CAD package written, surprisingl... Télécharger
srtiphone(sfnet) SrtIphone SrtIphone is a GUI using Mp4Box to convert srt ... Télécharger
e-bedynky(sfnet) E-Bedynky Tento projekt si klade za úkol vytvořit "i... Télécharger
osw(sfnet) Open Sound World OSW is a graphical programming environment for ... Télécharger
ripperrom(sfnet) Ripper Rom Ripper Rom for the I9305 Télécharger
winedoors(sfnet) Wine Doors : winedoors repository Replacement repo. Alpha testing stage. Reposito... Télécharger
kuwaiba(sfnet) Kuwaiba Open Network Inventory System This project aims to provide an enterprise grad... Télécharger
gcodedownloader(sfnet) G Code Editor and Serial Downloader A gCode Editor and downloader for use with CNC ... Télécharger
phlickr(sfnet) Phlickr Phlickr is a PHP5 library designed to wrap the ... Télécharger
openacs(sfnet) OpenACS Automatic configuration server (ACS) implementi... Télécharger
decisiontablecr(sfnet) Decision Table Creator Decision Table Creator is a tool to create/edit... Télécharger
xdrawchem(sfnet) XDrawChem XDrawChem is a drawing application designed for... Télécharger
hype(sfnet) HYPE Please go to PROJECT HOME (hype.sf.net). The hy... Télécharger
agtk(sfnet) Annotation Graph Toolkit AGTK is a suite of software components for buil... Télécharger
musik(sfnet) musik musikCube is a small, fast, and fully featured ... Télécharger
openxdk(sfnet) OpenXDK OpenXDK is an Open Source, Free, Legal Xbox Dev... Télécharger
jclassinfo(sfnet) Java Class Information Extractor jclassinfo is an information extractor for java... Télécharger
kscraft(sfnet) Kort's Spellcrafting Calculator A tool for Spellcrafters and their customers pl... Télécharger
mc4j(sfnet) MC4J JMX Console MC4J is a Swing application for remote monitori... Télécharger
gmail-mobile(sfnet) gmail-mobile - Gmail on the move PHP app to access Gmail/Googlemail/Gmail-for-Yo... Télécharger
openscada(sfnet) openSCADA openSCADA is an open source Supervisory Control... Télécharger
anope(sfnet) Anope IRC Services Anope Services are built off of the original Ep... Télécharger
jxpdl(sfnet) jXPDL - Java XPDL model Java XPDL model code to be used in XPDL based t... Télécharger
proguard(sfnet) ProGuard Java Optimizer and Obfuscator ProGuard is a free Java class file shrinker, op... Télécharger
vhcp(sfnet) VHCP - Verlihub Control Panel Verlihub Contro Panel is a tool for the adminis... Télécharger
croftsoft(sfnet) CroftSoft Code Library An Open Source portable pure Java game library ... Télécharger
bmap-jquery(sfnet) bMap This jQuery plugin allows you to quickly and ea... Télécharger
csunit(sfnet) csUnit - unit testing for .NET Inspired by JUnit, csUnit brings the power of u... Télécharger
safsdev(sfnet) Software Automation Framework Support SAFS is a software test automation framework su... Télécharger
zuume(sfnet) Zuume Scripting Engine Zuume is a scripting engine for Windows that in... Télécharger
groundstation(sfnet) Ground Station Software Suite The Ground Station Software Suite projects aims... Télécharger
muibase(sfnet) MUIbase MUIbase (Magic data BASE with User Interface) i... Télécharger
classicladder(sfnet) ClassicLadder Free ladder & sequential (grafcet) language... Télécharger
fsam7440(sfnet) Wireless switch for AMILO M 7440 This project is a Linux Kernel 2.4/2.6 module/c... Télécharger
avayacdr(sfnet) Avaya CDR Capturing Tool The software captures Avaya CDR over TCP/IP and... Télécharger
camellia(sfnet) Camellia Image Processing Library The Camellia library is an open source and cros... Télécharger
uitags(sfnet) uitags uitags is an open source JSP custom-tag library... Télécharger
macfceu(sfnet) MacFCEU An updated Mac OS Classic/Carbon-specific port ... Télécharger
tracelog(sfnet) Trace Log (Real Time Log Viewer) Monitors several server logs at real-time simul... Télécharger
gameservirc(sfnet) GameServ IRC Services A multiplayer RPG that connects as a psuedo ser... Télécharger
ispysoftware(sfnet) iSpy Camera Security Software iSpy uses your USB webcams, IP cams, capture ca... Télécharger
mt-daapd(sfnet) Multi-Threaded DAAP Daemon A multi-threaded DAAP server for Linux and othe... Télécharger
schoolreports(sfnet) School Reporting Tools A suite of PHP/MySQL tools for schools. A tool... Télécharger
jspeex(sfnet) Java Implementation of Speex JSpeex is a Java port of the Speex speech codec... Télécharger
xcas(sfnet) Giac/Xcas/wxCAS Free computer algebra system, compatible with e... Télécharger
dave-mail-class(sfnet) Simple PHP Email Class Dave Mail Class is a simple email class for PHP... Télécharger
wyrmtools(sfnet) Wyrm Tools Wyrm Tools is a suite of tools for any RPG syst... Télécharger
phpldapadmin(sfnet) phpLDAPadmin phpLDAPadmin is a web-based LDAP administration... Télécharger
isql(sfnet) iSQL-Viewer iSQL(IndependentSQL)-Viewer is a JDBC 2.0-compl... Télécharger
yang-j(sfnet) YANG J. (Yet Another Network Generator) YANG (Yet Another Network Generator - Java) ena... Télécharger
jawe(sfnet) JaWE - Java Workflow Editor Enhydra JaWE (Java Workflow Editor) is the firs... Télécharger
sharkwf(sfnet) Shark - Java Open Source XPDL Workflow The Enhydra Shark project delivers a workflow s... Télécharger
marathonman(sfnet) Marathon - GUI Acceptance Test Runner Marathon runs gui based acceptance tests agains... Télécharger
pyexcelerator(sfnet) pyExcelerator Generating Excel 97+ files with Python 2.4+ (ne... Télécharger
palireader(sfnet) Pali Text Reader The Pali Text Reader software is a reading and ... Télécharger
vcsreport(sfnet) VCS Report VCS Report is a free open source Java project t... Télécharger
mactor(sfnet) MActor MActor is an extensible tool for functional int... Télécharger
astrogrep(sfnet) AstroGrep AstroGrep is a Microsoft Windows GUI File Searc... Télécharger
gvpp(sfnet) gvpp - Velocity Prediction Program VPP - Velocity Prediction Program - a Matlab li... Télécharger
accordeur(sfnet) Accordeur (tuner) Instrument tuner. It can help you to tune a pia... Télécharger
firemox(sfnet) Firemox, Turn Based Strategy Game Magic:The Gathering over LAN or Internet, alone... Télécharger
collections(sfnet) Commons-Collections with Generics A Java 5 generics-enabled version of the popula... Télécharger
radiusdesk(sfnet) RADIUSdesk The professional way to manage your WiFi networ... Télécharger
jvx(sfnet) JVx - Enterprise Application Framework Develop professional database applications, hig... Télécharger
duine(sfnet) The Duine Framework The Duine Framework allows one to develop predi... Télécharger
cpp-fuzzy-logic(sfnet) C++ Fuzzy Logic Programming Library C++ Fuzzy Logic Programming Library - For pro... Télécharger
stardatesystray(sfnet) Stardate System Tray Stardate System Tray is a desktop widget which ... Télécharger
shingetsu(sfnet) shinGETsu Now shinGETsu is developed on GitHub. Please co... Télécharger
rtnet(sfnet) RTnet - Real-Time Networking for Linux RTnet is a hard real-time network protocol stac... Télécharger
prime(sfnet) Prime A tool for planning, mapping and administration... Télécharger
v2lin(sfnet) VxWorks API implementation for Linux. v2lin library is selected VxWorks APIs implemen... Télécharger
fuzzycar(sfnet) FuzzyCar This project presents an example of fuzzy contr... Télécharger
clubmaster(freshmeat) ClubMaster ClubMaster is membership management system for ... Télécharger
freetzlinux(sfnet) speedLinux SpeedLinux is a customized coLinux. coLinux is ... Télécharger
napkinlaf(sfnet) Napkin Look and Feel for Swing The Napkin Look and Feel is a pluggable Java lo... Télécharger
datacleaner(freshmeat) DataCleaner DataCleaner is a data quality analysis tool tha... Télécharger
syntekdriver(sfnet) Syntek Semicon DC-1125 Driver Linux/Unix driver development for Syntek Semic... Télécharger
gham(sfnet) GplHattrickManager GplHattrickManager is an Assistant Manager for ... Télécharger
txtfl(sfnet) tXtFL tXtFL is a strategy-based football simulator. T... Télécharger
jahshaka(sfnet) The Jahshaka Project Jahshaka is a platform independent, Realtime Ed... Télécharger
pmd(freshmeat) PMD PMD is a Java source code analyzer. It finds un... Télécharger
ntp(freshmeat) NTP The Network Time Protocol (NTP) is used to sync... Télécharger
group-office(sfnet) Group-Office groupware and CRM Take your office online with Group-Office group... Télécharger
mandragora(sfnet) Mandragora Mandragora would be a framework that helps imp... Télécharger
mudownloader(sfnet) Megaupload Downloader Megaupload Downloader is a programme born to av... Télécharger
pypedal(sfnet) PyPedal PyPedal is a Python module that provides tools ... Télécharger
wipfw(sfnet) wipfw wipfw - IPv4 packet filter and traffic shaper f... Télécharger
boson(sfnet) Boson Boson is an OpenGL real-time strategy game. It ... Télécharger
agilpro(sfnet) AgilPro AgilPro is an Eclipse based business process mo... Télécharger
seccubus(sfnet) Seccubus Tool to automatically fire regular security sca... Télécharger
etw(sfnet) Eat the Whistle GPL Eat the whistle GPL is a football simulation ga... Télécharger
wixedit(sfnet) WixEdit WixEdit is an editor for XML source code of the... Télécharger

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