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embsysregview(sfnet) Eclipse Embedded Systems Register View EMBedded SYStems REGister VIEW is an Eclipse Pl... Télécharger
mekhq(sfnet) MekHQ MekHQ is a java helper program for the MegaMek ... Télécharger
towhee(sfnet) MCCCS Towhee Towhee is a Monte Carlo molecular simulation co... Télécharger
bots(sfnet) Bots open source edi translator Bots is a complete translator for edi (Electron... Télécharger
rnse-mp3-mgr(sfnet) RNS-E MP3 Manager RNS-E MP3 Manager is a CD to MP3 ripper that is... Télécharger
miniaktools(sfnet) MiniakTools A dumping ground for AKAI Miniak related sysex ... Télécharger
hebmoz(sfnet) Hebrew Mozilla We provide a Hebrew version of Mozilla Firefox,... Télécharger
edbs2wkt(sfnet) ALK-EDBS to WKT-Database Konverter Konverting the GIS-Format 'EDBS' to Spatial-Dat... Télécharger
pyqwt(sfnet) PyQwt PyQwt = FAST and EASY data plotting for Numeric... Télécharger
z88(sfnet) Cambridge Z88 Development This project is for the portable computer "... Télécharger
regshot(sfnet) regshot Regshot is an open-source (LGPL) registry compa... Télécharger
qsqlmon(sfnet) QSqlMonitor Qt4 Gui tool for SQL server administration. Cur... Télécharger
alfanous(sfnet) Alfanous Alfanous (The Lantern - الفانوس ) is an Arabic ... Télécharger
testcentral(sfnet) TestCentral TestCentral is designed to be a test conductor ... Télécharger
pylucid(sfnet) PyLucid PyLucid is a Open Source web content management... Télécharger
popcpp(sfnet) POP-C++ programming system POP-C++ is a comprehensive object-oriented syst... Télécharger
portlet-eclipse(sfnet) Portlet Plugin for Eclipse A set of plugins to add portlet (JSR 168 and JS... Télécharger
fdepcheck(sfnet) File Collection Manager File Collection Manager is a small program for ... Télécharger
jaudio(sfnet) jAudio jAudio is a project implementing a number of co... Télécharger
scst(sfnet) Generic SCSI Target Subsystem For Linux Generic SCSI target subsystem for Linux SCST al... Télécharger
xmltv(sfnet) XMLTV XMLTV is a set of programs to process TV (tvgui... Télécharger
virtualx(sfnet) VirtualX - Online Examination System VirtualX is an open source online examination s... Télécharger
xmlstar(sfnet) XMLStarlet command line XML toolkit XMLStarlet is a set of command line utilities (... Télécharger
rattlecad(sfnet) rattleCAD A graphical tool to design a bicycle (s) geomet... Télécharger
pfunit(sfnet) pFUnit pFUnit is a Fortran testing framework created b... Télécharger
pywire(sfnet) pywire Full suite of programs and modules that impleme... Télécharger
dplus-browser(sfnet) D+ Browser A graphical web browser with an emphasis on sec... Télécharger
sdpo-cl(sfnet) 5dpo Components for Lazarus 5dpo Component Library for Lazarus (Sdpo) provi... Télécharger
convertigo(sfnet) Convertigo Convertigo is the most advanced Open Source Mob... Télécharger
icalcreator(sfnet) iCalcreator Open Source software (PHP) managing iCal (rfc24... Télécharger
jbf(sfnet) JBioFramework JBioFramework (JBF) is a set of two different c... Télécharger
spina(sfnet) SPINA SPINA is software for determining constant stru... Télécharger
codenarc(sfnet) CodeNarc CodeNarc is a static analysis tool for Groovy s... Télécharger
keepass(sfnet) KeePass Password Safe KeePass is a free, open source, light-weight an... Télécharger
dracolinux(sfnet) DracoLinux Draco is an independently developed GNU/Linux d... Télécharger
ufo2000(sfnet) UFO2000 UFO2000 is a turn based tactical squad simulati... Télécharger
ogame-skins(sfnet) OGame Skins Maker OGame Skins Maker helps you creating your own O... Télécharger
fraeser(sfnet) Fraeser: errors-in-variables estimation A graphical MatLab framework for estimating the... Télécharger
fidel(sfnet) Relo C/C++ Development Environment Relo is a Windows C/C++ IDE for MinGW and Borla... Télécharger
q-gears(sfnet) Q-Gears : A free Final Fantasy 7 engine. Q-Gears is an RPG engine for games like Squares... Télécharger
nattable(sfnet) NatTable NatTable is a custom table/grid widget which ba... Télécharger
phpmyprepaid(sfnet) phpMyPrepaid An interface for the creation and managment of ... Télécharger
jmemorize(sfnet) jMemorize jMemorize is written in Java and uses Leitner f... Télécharger
xnap(sfnet) XNap - A P2P framework and client XNap is a Java plugin-based peer-to-peer (P2P) ... Télécharger
slackfr-packs(sfnet) SlackFr Packages Repository This is the official SlackFr packages repositor... Télécharger
faudiostream(sfnet) Faust : signal processing language FAUST (Functional Audio Stream) is a functional... Télécharger
jsesh(sfnet) JSesh JSesh is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic text ... Télécharger
pocketsudoku(sfnet) Pocket Sudoku Pocket Sudoku is the definite sudoku applicatio... Télécharger
sharpdevelop(sfnet) SharpDevelop SharpDevelop is the open-source IDE for the .NE... Télécharger
egoboo(sfnet) Egoboo Egoboo is a working cool 3D dungeon crawling ga... Télécharger
hexhub(sfnet) HeXHub HeXHub is an IOCP-based file-sharing hub and we... Télécharger
ircomm2k(sfnet) IrCOMM2k Virtual Infrared COM Ports for Windows 2000/XP Télécharger
cosema(sfnet) Common Sercos Master API Common Sercos III Master application interface ... Télécharger
maltcms(sfnet) Maltcms Maltcms - Modular Application Toolkit for Chrom... Télécharger
gpumlib(sfnet) GPUMLib GPU Machine Learning Library. This library aims... Télécharger
qlscribe(sfnet) Qt lightScribe Qt based application for GNU/Linux to print lig... Télécharger
decisiontree(sfnet) Simple Decision Tree This software has been extensively used to teac... Télécharger
poptray(sfnet) PopTray PopTray is a mail notifier written in Delphi fo... Télécharger
mailfilter(sfnet) Mailfilter Mailfilter is a flexible utility for UNIX (-lik... Télécharger
bashorgplscript(sfnet) wwwbashorgpl_script Script in Bash for reading latest quote on bash... Télécharger
ppdatastructs(sfnet) GenericDataStructures .Net Generic Data Structures Provides parametri... Télécharger
ppdd4rhl(sfnet) PPDD enabled RPMS for Red Hat Linux PPDD-enabled RPMS for Red Hat Linux. Télécharger
r2corba(freshmeat) R2CORBA R2CORBA is the reference implementation for the... Télécharger
xforceffd(sfnet) X-Force: Fight For Destiny X-Force is a remake of the classic X-Com-Games.... Télécharger
cdrecord(freshmeat) cdrtools cdrtools (formerly cdrecord) creates home-burne... Télécharger
rufus10(sfnet) Rufus Next version of cms fdt. Télécharger
qtac3codec(sfnet) QT AC3 Codec AC3 Decompressor component for QuickTime. Télécharger
texmaths(freshmeat) TexMaths TexMaths is an add-on designed to provide LaTeX... Télécharger
stringutils(sfnet) stringutils Small software suite for text string manipulati... Télécharger
qua(sfnet) Quasar Quasar is loosely based on an old game that use... Télécharger
qpdf2(sfnet) qpdf2 qpdf2 is a PDF reader and note manager for the ... Télécharger
libdvbpsi(freshmeat) libdvbpsi libdvbpsi is a very simple and fully portable l... Télécharger
stringbeans(sfnet) Stringbeans Stringbeans is a platform for building enterpri... Télécharger
settlers3d(sfnet) Settlers3D Sea3D is a 3D OpenGL implementation of the wide... Télécharger
rtl8101packetdr(sfnet) Realtek RTL8101 packet driver for DOS DOS packet driver for Realtek RTL8101 integrate... Télécharger
zhcon(sfnet) Zhcon Zhcon is a fast Linux Console Chinese System wh... Télécharger
hegepos(sfnet) HEGEPOS Herramienta para la gestion y el trabajo colabo... Télécharger
hbstock(sfnet) hbstock hbstock is a stock selector frame that written ... Télécharger
hcbatchgui(sfnet) HCbatchGUI HCbatchGUI is a batch processing front end for ... Télécharger
hlptochm-tools(sfnet) HlpToChm Tools These are a programs set to help you for the co... Télécharger
rage(sfnet) RAGE (Random Variate Generator)+Library RAGE (Random Variate Generator) is a graphical ... Télécharger
vavoom(sfnet) Vavoom Vavoom is Doom/Heretic/Hexen/Strife source port... Télécharger
oscill8(sfnet) Oscill8 Oscill8 is a suite of tools for analyzing dynam... Télécharger
spectcl(sfnet) SpecTcl SpecTcl is a WYSIWYG GUI-Builder for Tcl/Tk, wi... Télécharger
rarplayer(sfnet) RARPlayer This small program allows you to play a video d... Télécharger
hoppy(sfnet) hoppy Hoppy the {H}ttp {O}tions {P}rober in {PY}thon ... Télécharger
raw-wav-lib(sfnet) The Raw Wav Library This is a simple C library for working with the... Télécharger
whiz(sfnet) Whiz SQL Structure Compare Whiz is a database diff utility which will be u... Télécharger
readseq(sfnet) ReadSeq bioinformatics data conversion ReadSeq is a program and library for conversion... Télécharger
zziplib(sfnet) ZZIPlib Library The ZZIPlib provides read access on ZIP-archive... Télécharger
htmlcompressor(sfnet) Java HTML/XML Compressor Java HTML/XML Compressor is a very small, fast ... Télécharger
wsmostudio(sfnet) WSMO Studio WSMO Studio is a Semantic Web Service and Seman... Télécharger
muttprint(sfnet) Muttprint -- Pretty Printing Your eMails Muttprint pretty prints eMails of Mutt and othe... Télécharger
mp42mkvac3(sfnet) MP42MKVac3 Mp42mkvac3 converts MP4 files to MKV files and... Télécharger
fdcl(sfnet) Camera Life Run your own photo website. Camera Life is PHP ... Télécharger
refocus-it(sfnet) Iterative refocus plug-in for GIMP Iterative refocus GIMP plug-in can be used to r... Télécharger
recombo(sfnet) Re:combo Re:combo is more than culture producing, and is... Télécharger
yoke(freshmeat) Yoke Yoke is a middleware framework for Vert.x inspi... Télécharger
javawebparts(sfnet) Java Web Parts A collection of small, largely independent util... Télécharger
vnc-reflector(sfnet) VNC Reflector VNC Reflector is a specialized VNC server which... Télécharger

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