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aln(sfnet) ALN machine learning Customizable software to smoothly fit non-linea... Télécharger
prefuse(sfnet) the prefuse visualization toolkit Software tools for building interactive informa... Télécharger
lfepascom(sfnet) LittleFoot Elegance Photo ASCOM Driver ASCOM driver for the LittleFoot Elegance Photo ... Télécharger
archive-crawler(sfnet) Heritrix: Internet Archive Web Crawler The archive-crawler project is building Heritri... Télécharger
pdf-php(sfnet) PHP Pdf creation - R&OS R&OS Pdf class for PHP generates dynamic pd... Télécharger
geneontology(sfnet) Gene Ontology The home of the Gene Ontology project on Source... Télécharger
sofacoustics(sfnet) SOFA In this project we work on the (S)patially (O)r... Télécharger
mscore(sfnet) MuseScore MuseScore is the leading free & open source... Télécharger
webcam-osx(sfnet) macam - USB webcam driver for Mac OS X macam is focused on developing webcam support f... Télécharger
glpkmex(sfnet) glpkmex GLPKMEX - a Matlab MEX interface for the GLPK l... Télécharger
elmerfem(sfnet) Elmer finite element software Elmer is a finite element software for numerica... Télécharger
teemip(sfnet) TeemIp - IP Address Management solution TeemIp is an open source, WEB based, IP Adress ... Télécharger
yarp0(sfnet) YARP - Yet Another Robot Platform YARP, Yet Another Robot Platform. Always dreamt... Télécharger
chipfilebrowser(sfnet) ChipFile Browser This is a little program i made, to support me ... Télécharger
jobimtext(sfnet) JoBimText JobimText is a software solution for automatic ... Télécharger
iteraplan(sfnet) iteraplan iteraplan is the first open source Enterprise A... Télécharger
fileexchange(sfnet) FileExchange FileExchange allows you to exchange files with ... Télécharger
zabbix(sfnet) ZABBIX ZABBIX is an enterprise-class open source distr... Télécharger
opensis-ce(sfnet) openSIS Community Edition This openSIS Community Edition is the official ... Télécharger
medical(sfnet) GNU Health GNU Health is the award-winning Free Hospital ... Télécharger
dyna-gen(sfnet) Dynagen: Dynamips / Pemu Front-End Dynagen is a utility for use with the dynamips ... Télécharger
ginp(sfnet) Java Photo Gallery Web Application ginp is a Java Web Application for Viewing Phot... Télécharger
j2eebuilder(sfnet) Ohioedge J2eeBuilder J2eeBuilder automates JSP<->POJO<->... Télécharger
jfsplit(sfnet) JFSplit - File Splitter and Joiner A free file splitter and joiner with a number o... Télécharger
bibliotekaksz(sfnet) Aplikacja wspomagająca prace biblioteki Aplikacjaq służaca wspomaganiu biblioteki Télécharger
dimreduction(sfnet) DimReduction - Dimensionality Reduction DimReduction project provide an open-source mul... Télécharger
ungrid(sfnet) unGrid unGrid is an open source framework for distribu... Télécharger
aisconvert(sfnet) aisconvert Toolkit for processing genetic data. Currently ... Télécharger
knowledgeroot(sfnet) Knowledgeroot Knowledgebase KnowledgeRoot is a knowledge base system that l... Télécharger
ekszbox-abx(sfnet) EkszBox-ABX Game audio/data format extraction/conversion/in... Télécharger
fakedetector(sfnet) FakeDetector A simple console program to battle fake naming ... Télécharger
opende(sfnet) Open Dynamics Engine A free, industrial quality library for simulati... Télécharger
fontforge(sfnet) FontForge -- An Outline Font Editor FontForge allows you to edit outline and bitmap... Télécharger
fennec(sfnet) fennec Fennec is a high quality (64-bit) media player/... Télécharger
smplayer(sfnet) SMPlayer SMPlayer is a free media player for Windows and... Télécharger
cppheaderparser(sfnet) C++ Header Parser written in python Parse C++ header files using ply.lex to generat... Télécharger
mekwars(sfnet) MekWars MekWars is a chat and campaign engine for MegaM... Télécharger
i18nlib(sfnet) iLib With the advent of AJAX, it is no longer possib... Télécharger
brainworkshop(sfnet) Brain Workshop Brain Workshop is a Python implementation of th... Télécharger
openshowvar(sfnet) openshowvar NEW 0.13.0 OpenShowVar is a free Linux, Mac OSX... Télécharger
softpixelengine(sfnet) SoftPixel Engine The SoftPixel Engine is an OpenSource high leve... Télécharger
wp34s(sfnet) WP 34s Within this project, we developed alternative s... Télécharger
golly(sfnet) Golly, a Game of Life simulator A cross-platform application for exploring Conw... Télécharger
easymp3gain(sfnet) easyMP3Gain Graphical User Interface (GUI) for MP3Gain, Vor... Télécharger
blt(sfnet) The BLT Toolkit The BLT Toolkit is an extension to Tcl and Tk. ... Télécharger
impresspages(sfnet) ImpressPages CMS ImpressPages CMS is a web content management sy... Télécharger
tomatocart(sfnet) TomatoCart TomatoCart is a professional and innovative ope... Télécharger
arquimedes(sfnet) Archimedes: An architecture open CAD Archimedes will be a Computer Aided Design (CAD... Télécharger
nxvdm(sfnet) NTVDM64 As far as we know, Microsoft Windows no longer ... Télécharger
phpagi(sfnet) phpagi PHPAGI is a PHP Class for writing AGI applicati... Télécharger
eibnetmux(sfnet) eibnetmux eibnetmux multiplexes EIBnet/IP connections all... Télécharger
baik(sfnet) BAIK Scripting Language BAIK is a scripting language which syntax is in... Télécharger
grub4dostoolbox(sfnet) Grub4DOS Toolbox for Windows Grub4DOS Toolbox for Windows is a small utility... Télécharger
babgvant(sfnet) babgvant Open source tools for various projects Télécharger
bonita(sfnet) Bonita BPM Bonita BPM is a business process management sui... Télécharger
yari(sfnet) yari YARI is a comprehensive tool suite to debug (la... Télécharger
tuftsvue(sfnet) Visual Understanding Environment (VUE) The Visual Understanding Environment (VUE) is a... Télécharger
prex(sfnet) Prex Embedded Real-time OS Prex is a portable real-time operating system f... Télécharger
webon(sfnet) webon webon is a web-site managing project for web-si... Télécharger
easyeclipse(sfnet) EasyEclipse:Eclipse IDE distros, plugins Easy Eclipse makes Eclipse & Eclipse plugin... Télécharger
jsmath(sfnet) jsMath JsMath is a means of including mathematical not... Télécharger
webcamxtra(sfnet) Myron (webcamxtra) Myron (webcamxtra) brings native-implemented, c... Télécharger
ubcd(sfnet) Ultimate Boot CD UBCD allows users to run floppy-based diagnosti... Télécharger
cotvnc(sfnet) Chicken of the VNC Chicken of the VNC is a VNC client for Mac OS X... Télécharger
translate(sfnet) Pootle, Virtaal & Translate Toolkit Tools for localization: - Pootle: web based tra... Télécharger
kadu(sfnet) Kadu Kadu is a dynamically evolving instant messenge... Télécharger
realtekr1000(sfnet) RealtekR1000 RealterR1000 it's an opensource driver for netw... Télécharger
vedaviz(sfnet) VedaViz When students are creating themselves, learning... Télécharger
nat-braille(sfnet) NAT Braille NAT is a free universal Braille translator. It ... Télécharger
minuteproject(sfnet) minuteProject MinuteProject is reverse-engineering tool. It g... Télécharger
multisystem(sfnet) multisystem - English (Thanks Steve for translation this ... Télécharger
roundcubemail(sfnet) Roundcube Webmail Roundcube Webmail is a browser-based multilingu... Télécharger
rsf(sfnet) Madagascar Madagascar is a software package for geophysica... Télécharger
mp3gain(sfnet) MP3Gain MP3Gain analyzes and losslessly adjusts mp3 fil... Télécharger
project-open(sfnet) ]project-open[ - Project Server ]project-open[ is Web based enterprise project ... Télécharger
pcalc(sfnet) pcalc Pcalc is a command line calculator handling HEX... Télécharger
tuxguitar(sfnet) TuxGuitar TuxGuitar is a multitrack guitar tablature edit... Télécharger
opencvlibrary(sfnet) OpenCV The Open Source Computer Vision Library has >... Télécharger
dgen(sfnet) DGen DGen is a free, open source and portable emulat... Télécharger
rings-code(sfnet) RINGS RINGS "Rigorous Investigation of Networks ... Télécharger
aros(sfnet) AROS Research Operating System The AROS Research Operating System is an effort... Télécharger
hplip(sfnet) HP Linux Imaging and Printing The Hewlett-Packard Linux Imaging and Printing ... Télécharger
mindraider(sfnet) MindRaider MindRaider is a personal notebook and outliner.... Télécharger
xampp(sfnet) XAMPP XAMPP is a very easy to install Apache Distribu... Télécharger
cobol2j(sfnet) Cobol and RPG data reader and converter cobol2j reads or writes COBOL or RPG data files... Télécharger
tripleamaps(sfnet) TripleA Maps A project by Veqryn for creating, centralizing,... Télécharger
dotnetrdf(sfnet) dotNetRDF dotNetRDF is a .Net Class Library for working w... Télécharger
refit(sfnet) rEFIt rEFIt is a boot menu and maintenance toolkit fo... Télécharger
angosso(sfnet) Angosso Develop: domain secure, and performing secure D... Télécharger
firmata(sfnet) Firmata Firmata is a generic protocol for communicating... Télécharger
jguard(sfnet) jGuard jGuard is written in java. his goal is to provi... Télécharger
cedet(sfnet) CEDET Collection of Emacs Development Environment Tools Télécharger
percolator(sfnet) Percolator, binary downloads Binary download site for the proteomics data po... Télécharger
haiku-vm(sfnet) haikuVM HaikuVM has been started for hobbyists who deve... Télécharger
greenstone(sfnet) Greenstone Greenstone is a complete digital library creati... Télécharger
doublesvsoop(sfnet) PWCT PWCT is not a Wizard for creating your applicat... Télécharger
tei(sfnet) Text Encoding Initiative The TEI is an international and interdisciplina... Télécharger
umleditor(sfnet) UML-Editor An easy-to-use tool, to foster a model driven a... Télécharger
latexinword(sfnet) LaTeX in Word latexInWord provides macros for Microsoft Word ... Télécharger
sheltermanager(sfnet) Animal Shelter Manager Animal Shelter Manager is a complete computer s... Télécharger

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