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sheltermanager(sfnet) Animal Shelter Manager Animal Shelter Manager is a complete computer s... Télécharger
remotetea(sfnet) Remote Tea A complete Java-based implementation of Sun's O... Télécharger
openlgtv(sfnet) openlgtv openlgtv is an attempt to open the LG TV operat... Télécharger
bouml-ng(sfnet) bouml-ng This project has been forked to DoUML: Go to ht... Télécharger
ulmac(sfnet) Ultimate Live Music Audio Converter An all in one audio conversion tool specificall... Télécharger
tkwice(freshmeat) TkWiCe TkWiCe is a highly featured, easy to use, and m... Télécharger
mlton(sfnet) MLton MLton is a whole-program optimizing Standard ML... Télécharger
nimsg(freshmeat) nimsg nimsg (the Network Instant MeSsenGer) is a comp... Télécharger
ebus(sfnet) eBus A Java and .Net middleware API supporting broke... Télécharger
openlp(sfnet) OpenLP - Free Church Worship Software Experience the power of open source in your chu... Télécharger
checkupdates(freshmeat) check_updates Check updates is a Nagios monitoring system plu... Télécharger
msmtp(sfnet) msmtp msmtp is an SMTP client with a sendmail compati... Télécharger
boswars(freshmeat) Bos Wars Bos Wars is a futuristic real-time strategy gam... Télécharger
phaistos(sfnet) Phaistos Phaistos is a framework for all-atom Monte Carl... Télécharger
akelpad(sfnet) AkelPad A simple notepad-like text editor with many fea... Télécharger
pd-anywhere(sfnet) Pure Data Anywhere PDa is a port of Pure Data (Pd) to integer-only... Télécharger
cs-studio(sfnet) Control System Studio (CSS) CSS is a user interface framework for control s... Télécharger
opengisscada(sfnet) OpenGisScada Version 1.0 - Controles java para supervision d... Télécharger
mediafire-shell(freshmeat) MediaFire Shell MediaFire Shell is a console tool which provid... Télécharger
webconverger(freshmeat) Webconverger Webconverger is a Live Web kiosk Linux distribu... Télécharger
linux-diag(sfnet) Linux Diagnostic Tools Project's goal is to create better tools for di... Télécharger
egonet(sfnet) EgoNet Egonet is a program for the collection and anal... Télécharger
xtables-addons(freshmeat) Xtables-addons Xtables-addons is a package which provides some... Télécharger
libusb(sfnet) libusb Library to enable user space application progra... Télécharger
foobillardplus(sfnet) Foobillard++ An OpenGL Billard Game based on foobillard 3.0a... Télécharger
qcadpro(freshmeat) QCAD Pro QCAD Pro bundles QCAD with additional proprieta... Télécharger
ipsec-tools(sfnet) IPsec Tools User-space IPsec tools for various IPsec implem... Télécharger
jsettlers2(sfnet) JSettlers2 - Java Settlers of Catan JSettlers2 is a web-based version of the board ... Télécharger
horde-ansel(freshmeat) Horde Ansel Ansel is a Horde photo gallery that provides fu... Télécharger
pdo4you(freshmeat) PDO4You PDO4You is a class that implements the Singleto... Télécharger
agilefant(sfnet) Agilefant Agilefant is a simple but powerful web based to... Télécharger
gnusim8085(sfnet) GNU 8085 Simulator GNUSim8085 is a simulator and assembler for the... Télécharger
wikid-strong-authentication-sy(freshmeat) WiKID Two-Factor Authentication System The WiKID Strong Authentication System is a hig... Télécharger
openautomation(sfnet) Open Automation This project aims to provide software usefull i... Télécharger
epsonepl(sfnet) Epson EPL-5x00L/EPL-6x00L Printer Driver Support for the Epson EPL-5x00L/6x00L printer f... Télécharger
gcc-ici(sfnet) Interactive Compilation Interface ICI transforms production compilers into open i... Télécharger
pylibpcap(sfnet) python-libpcap Python module for the libpcap packet capture li... Télécharger
klayge(sfnet) Klay Game Engine KlayGE is an open source, cross-platform game e... Télécharger
seamonster(sfnet) SeaMonster - Security Modeling Software SeaMonster is a security modeling tool for thre... Télécharger
telekast(sfnet) TeleKast TeleKast is an open source teleprompter. Script... Télécharger
kontrolpack(sfnet) KontrolPack KontrolPack is a cross-platform network control... Télécharger
bioweka(sfnet) BioWeka The aim of the BioWeka project is to add bioinf... Télécharger
merciless(sfnet) Ming Database mapping layer for MongoDB on Python. I... Télécharger
ecgtoolkit-cs(sfnet) C# ECG Toolkit C# ECG Toolkit is an open source software toolk... Télécharger
synoboost(sfnet) SynoBoost SynoBoost - project devoted to distribute addon... Télécharger
ara-scheduler(sfnet) ARA - Schedule Assistant ARA is an automated scheduler for universities ... Télécharger
osmo-pim(sfnet) osmo Osmo is a handy personal organizer, which inclu... Télécharger
introspector(sfnet) RDF Software Introspector The Introspector enables the programming tools ... Télécharger
waveshop(sfnet) WaveShop WaveShop is an audio editor for Windows XP/Vist... Télécharger
ibdriver(sfnet) ib wireless broadband driver Linux driver for the ArrayComm* "iBurst*&q... Télécharger
macperl(sfnet) MacPerl MacPerl supports the Perl programming language ... Télécharger
gimias(sfnet) Gimias GIMIAS is a workflow-oriented environment for s... Télécharger
theadamsflow(sfnet) ADAMS The Advanced Data mining and Machine learning S... Télécharger
zocalo(sfnet) Zocalo Prediction Markets Zocalo is a toolkit for building Prediction Mar... Télécharger
vde(sfnet) VDE: Virtual Distributed Ethernet VDE: Virtual Distributed Ethernet. It creates ... Télécharger
pentaho(sfnet) Pentaho Business Analytics Pentaho tightly couples data integration with b... Télécharger
opensips(sfnet) OpenSIPS/OpenSER-a versatile SIP Server OpenSIPS (former OpenSER) is an GPL implementat... Télécharger
amsn(sfnet) aMSN A very nice MSN compatible messenger applicatio... Télécharger
txlib(sfnet) TX Library TX Library is a tiny graphics library for Win32... Télécharger
libvlcnet(sfnet) libvlc.net .NET wrapper for VLC media player. This library... Télécharger
peyote(sfnet) Peyote Peyote is an audio player with MC-like interfac... Télécharger
appserv(sfnet) AppServ AppServ is an merging open source software inst... Télécharger
amule(sfnet) aMule - all-platform eMule P2P Client aMule stands for all-platform eMule file-sharin... Télécharger
dvdflick(sfnet) DVD Flick DVD Flick aims to be a tool to convert various ... Télécharger
conexp(sfnet) Concept Explorer Concept Explorer implements basic functionality... Télécharger
zsnes(sfnet) ZSNES ZSNES is a SNES/Super Famicom emulator for x86 ... Télécharger
soaplite(sfnet) SOAP::Lite SOAP::Lite is a collection of Perl modules that... Télécharger
drjava(sfnet) DrJava DrJava is a lightweight programming environment... Télécharger
mpop(sfnet) mpop mpop is a small and fast POP3 client. Features ... Télécharger
ilspy-net35(sfnet) ILSpy port to .NET 3.5 ILSpy port to .NET 3.5 Télécharger
ohcount(sfnet) Ohcount Ohcount is the source code line counter that po... Télécharger
jajuk(sfnet) Jajuk Jajuk is a jukebox for all platforms. The goal ... Télécharger
meta-extractor(sfnet) Metadata Extraction Tool The National Library of New Zealand's Metadata ... Télécharger
gigaset307x(sfnet) Gigaset 307x isdn Linux drivers The Gigaset 3070 isdn is the ancestor of a fami... Télécharger
jflex(sfnet) JFlex JFlex is a flex-like lexer generator for Java w... Télécharger
antenna(sfnet) Antenna The project provides a set of Ant tasks for dev... Télécharger
rubycocoa(sfnet) RubyCocoa RubyCocoa is a Mac OS X framework that allows C... Télécharger
cf-matlab(sfnet) OpenCF Some collaborative filtering algorithms for rec... Télécharger
mod-ruid(sfnet) mod_ruid2 mod_ruid2 is a suexec module for apache which t... Télécharger
timidity(sfnet) TiMidity++ TiMidity++ is an open source MIDI to WAVE conve... Télécharger
openoss(sfnet) Open Source Operational Support Systems This project hosts collaborative development of... Télécharger
browsebyquery(sfnet) Browse by Query A query language for code browsing. You query y... Télécharger
indlinux(sfnet) Indian Linux (IndLinux) The Indian Linux Project Goal is to build a In... Télécharger
jpws(sfnet) JPasswords Easy, user-friendly and proficient Java program... Télécharger
frontlinesms(sfnet) FrontlineSMS Please visit http://dev.frontlinesms.com Télécharger
mmdagent(sfnet) MMDAgent MMDAgent is the toolkit for building voice inte... Télécharger
emmubuntu(sfnet) Emmabuntüs • The new download platform Emmabuntüs on Sourc... Télécharger
br-gogo(sfnet) Br-Gogo Br-Gogo is a Brazilian open-source version of t... Télécharger
ulan(sfnet) uLan protocol for RS-485 9-bit network uLan is message oriented multi-master communica... Télécharger
nethogs(sfnet) NetHogs - 'net top' per process NetHogs is a small 'net top' tool. Instead of b... Télécharger
phplicensewatch(sfnet) phpLicenseWatcher phpLicenseWatcher is a simple Web frontend to t... Télécharger
arduinomidilib(sfnet) Arduino MIDI Library This library allows you to easily send and rece... Télécharger
sguil(sfnet) Sguil Sguil's (pronounced sgweel) main component is a... Télécharger
arsproject(sfnet) Autonomous Robot Simulator ARS is a physically-accurate robotics simulator... Télécharger
aglets(sfnet) Aglet Software Development Kit The Aglets Software Development Kit (ASDK) is a... Télécharger
cvtool(sfnet) cvtool NOTE: This project is now inactive. There will ... Télécharger
litjson(sfnet) LitJSON A .Net library to handle conversions from and t... Télécharger
navipowm(sfnet) NaviPOWM NaviPOWM is planned to be a car navigation syst... Télécharger
putty-nd(sfnet) putty-nd Noodle build of PuTTY suite, with chrome style ... Télécharger
img-browse-sort(sfnet) JIBS - Image Viewer for Sorting JIBS: Java Image Browser Sorter. An image view... Télécharger

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