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gmlibrary(sfnet) Google Maps Library GMLib (Google Maps Library) are components that... Télécharger
yajsw(sfnet) Yet Another Java Service Wrapper YAJSW is an LGPL licensed pure java alternative... Télécharger
welecw2000a(sfnet) Welec W2000a Firmware development/ improvement for the digit... Télécharger
crystal(sfnet) Crystal Space 3D SDK Crystal Space is an Open Source 3D SDK for Unix... Télécharger
epics-pvdata(sfnet) EPICS Version 4 EPICS Version 4 is a software toolkit for writi... Télécharger
j661(sfnet) Java ARINC 661 Server This project provides a generic CDS (or ARINC 6... Télécharger
mod-security(sfnet) ModSecurity ModSecurity is a web application firewall that ... Télécharger
googlesyncmod(sfnet) GO Contact Sync Mod GO Contact Sync Mod synchronizes your Microsoft... Télécharger
iperf(sfnet) Iperf This is the old, Iperf 2 code base. The primar... Télécharger
reactivision(sfnet) reacTIVision reacTIVision is a computer vision framework for... Télécharger
viking(sfnet) Viking GPS data editor and analyzer Viking is a free/open source program to manage ... Télécharger
openppm(sfnet) OpenPPM Open PPM is an open source product, used for Pr... Télécharger
opengts(sfnet) Open GPS Tracking System OpenGTS (Open Source GPS Tracking System) is a ... Télécharger
hpop(sfnet) OpenPop.NET .NET library written in C# with a full implemen... Télécharger
subread(sfnet) Subread The Subread software package is a tool kit for ... Télécharger
nxceditor(sfnet) nxcEditor With the nxcEditor for Linux NXT and BrickPi ro... Télécharger
groimp(sfnet) GroIMP 3D modelling platform written in Java. Contains... Télécharger
kdar(sfnet) KDar - the KDE Disk archiver K Disk archiver (KDar) is a KDE GUI-based backu... Télécharger
cmusphinx(sfnet) CMU Sphinx CMUSphinx is a speaker-independent large vocabu... Télécharger
free-doko(sfnet) FreeDoko Detailierte Informationen in Deutsch finden sie... Télécharger
asymptote(sfnet) Asymptote Asymptote is a powerful descriptive vector grap... Télécharger
kbarcode(sfnet) KBarcode KBarcode is a barcode and label printing applic... Télécharger
geneotree(sfnet) GeneoTree Genealogy Software. Geneotree is a gedcom files... Télécharger
g3d(sfnet) G3D Innovation Engine G3D is a commercial-grade C++ 3D engine. It is ... Télécharger
paleomag(sfnet) RAPID - Paleomag and matRockmag software Software for automated acquisition and analysis... Télécharger
launch4j(sfnet) Launch4j Executable Wrapper Cross-platform Java executable wrapper for crea... Télécharger
dictionarymid(sfnet) DictionaryForMIDs DictionaryForMIDs is an dictionary application ... Télécharger
helal(sfnet) Helal Linux Helal Linux is an Ubuntu based distribution , ... Télécharger
peachfuzz(sfnet) Peach Fuzzer Community Edition Peach Community 3 is a cross-platform fuzzer ca... Télécharger
wafw(sfnet) Free Web Application Firewall The FreeWAF provides specialized, layered appli... Télécharger
reflection-game(sfnet) Reflection. Complex puzzle. This is complex logic game. The principle of th... Télécharger
dcr(sfnet) DCR This program gives you a new way of capturing a... Télécharger
gnush(sfnet) GNUSH To make life easier for embedded systems engine... Télécharger
gnudos(sfnet) GNU/DOS GNU/DOS *was* a distribution of FreeDOS for des... Télécharger
fxruby(sfnet) FXRuby This project has moved to RubyForge; please vis... Télécharger

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