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jailer Jailer Database Subsetting and Relational Data Browsin... Télécharger
bluestarlinux Bluestar Linux Bluestar Linux is an Arch Linux-based distribut... Télécharger
get-hatena-img はてなブログ&はてなフォトライフ:写真一括ダウンロード はてなブログ&はてなフォトライフ 写真一括ダウン... Télécharger
nvdasimplifiedchinese nvdacn NVDA Simplified Chinese Hosting Télécharger
manjarotorrents Manjaro Linux torrent files **No longer used** New torrents can now be fou...
scanless-experimental scanless-experimental This is a fork of https://github.com/vesche/sca... Télécharger
cmpdb cmpdb It will allow us to manage ongoing projects of ... Télécharger
urlfeeth urlfeeth This is a reverse proxy written in PHP5. It use... Télécharger
beperfect beperfect understant about live codies in droid system wi... Télécharger
tipt tipt This is a reverse proxy written in PHP5. It use... Télécharger
arkmageddon arkmageddon ARKmAGeddOn - Server Mod-Pack ֍֍֍֍֍֍֍֍֍֍֍֍֍֍... Télécharger
junitdoc junitdoc-plugin JUnit用のテストコードにアノテーションでテスト仕... Télécharger
sistemahospital sistemahospital Este projeto é a continuação do Estudo de Caso ... Télécharger
cloudi cloudi CloudI is an open-source private cloud computin... Télécharger
os-rtos-cortex-m0-7 os-rtos-cortex-m0-7 Real-time operating system for ARM cortex m0-7,... Télécharger
diskeditlive diskeditlive ディスク操作用のLiveISOです。 Télécharger
diskedit Diskedit-jp ディスクを編集するためのLive OSです。主にオフラ... Télécharger
greateros greateros This project is an android app that installs a ... Télécharger
clover2 clover2 Ruby like statically compiling computer languag... Télécharger
archlabslinux ArchLabs Linux ArchLabs Linux is an Arch Linux based distro, ... Télécharger
mutilities MUtilities The '''MUtilities''' library is a collection of...
quantum-ai-exp quantum-ai-exp Promoting the adaptation of machine learning to... Télécharger
nickvision-os Nickvision OS Nickvision OS is a Manjaro-based distro. This d... Télécharger
lcs-jp Liberal Crime Squad Japanese version Liberal Crime Squad in Japanese Télécharger
delphiideexplorerexpert Delphi IDE explorer expert Expert for Embarcadero Delphi that gives access...
mctdh-x mctdh-x The MCTDHX project develops a Fortran implement... Télécharger
nos-jpn nos-jpn このプロジェクトはNOSを開発するプロジェクトです... Télécharger
scionlinux Scion Linux '''NOTICE! : This project is on hold indefinite... Télécharger
dzlib-tools dzlib + buildtools General purpose library and build tools for Del...
mhash384 MHash-384 MHash-384 is a fast, portable and secure header... Télécharger
hjkgt hjkgt 情報オリンピックに出るにあたっての問題の予想、... Télécharger
angel-reader-01 AngelReader AngelReader: A minimalist but powerful GUI appl... Télécharger
groupetsu1stgame groupetsu1stgame This is groupe Tsu Game dev project. Currently ... Télécharger
vbmecab vbmecab 形態素解析エンジン MeCabの VB.NET移植版です。 ... Télécharger
dzlargetextview dzLargeTextViewer This is a very simple tool for displaying large... Télécharger
ccfits ccfits a for of NASA CFits library. a port port for BCB Télécharger
xtbook XTBook 【XTBook】MediaWiki Viewer for Sharp Brain: XTB... Télécharger
wz123win Wz123win online PHP compression Free open source PHP online FTP management syst... Télécharger
dzdelphipaths dzDelphiPaths This tool reads the settings of various Delphi ... Télécharger
lamexp LameXP LameXP is a graphical user-interface (GUI front... Télécharger
dtun dtun dtun proxy epoll connections to one tcp Télécharger
knownidepackagesmanager Delphi Known IDE Packages Manager Delphi Known IDE Packages Manager is a tool whi... Télécharger
dzinifileformatter dzIniFileFormatter This tool allows formatting and sorting .INI fi... Télécharger
zevenet Zevenet Load Balancer and Application Delivery Controll...
ubinos ubinos Ubiquitous Computing Network Operating System Télécharger
pinky-bar pinky-bar Gather some system information and show it in t... Télécharger
autoclicker AutoClicker A full-fledged autoclicker with two modes of au... Télécharger
gsat GSAT Acreditacion en BPA bajo los estanderes estable... Télécharger
deepin deepin deepin is an elegant, easy to use and reliable ...
ignitho-employee-portal ignitho-employee-portal Ignitho Employee Portal- A portal to manage ig... Télécharger
ricmeter ricmeter Ricmeter is a device to measure electronic comp... Télécharger
dofapi dofapi Since few years now, community of the game Dofu... Télécharger
software-for-losttechnology software-for-losttechnology いくつかの古いハードウェア向けのオープンハード... Télécharger
galaxy galaxy Présentation du sujet Dans Galaxy fighters, le... Télécharger
openopt OpenOpt Hello OpenOpt and related software users, I'm... Télécharger
peazip PeaZip PeaZip is a free file archiver utility. The app... Télécharger
immensity-kernel IMMENSITY Kernel IMMENSITY Kernel is created to Immensely improv... Télécharger
shimakuma Shimakuma-Green 「Shimakuma-Green(島熊、しまくま)」はJavaScri... Télécharger
garakutas garakutas しょうもないガラクタです。基本的には自分が必要... Télécharger
mybackup mybackup simple backup solution on external hard disks u... Télécharger
ilovetruckersus ILoveTruckersUS Communauté sociale en ligne issue de pH7CMS cré... Télécharger
libroreclamos libroreclamos Mod a archivos de libro de reclamos Télécharger
my-builds droideronline Hey guys this is dinesh,I am android developer ... Télécharger
cannabis-terpene-parser cannabis-terpene-parser Parser and database to index the terpene profil...
linuxlite Linux Lite By producing an easy to use Linux based Operati...
migrator migrator migrate between svn git for projects migrating ... Télécharger
remme-protocol Remme PKI (d) Protocol Remme is a blockchain-based protocol used for i... Télécharger
dispensariomedico dispensariomedico DispensarioMedico para clases en apec Télécharger
nettlos-lxqt-ubuntubase nettlos-budgie A Linux Distro ![UBUNTU BASED] for developers w... Télécharger
blender-mercurial-vc blender-mercurial-vc Testing out mercurial with blender projects. Télécharger
amber Amber Player This project distributes AmberPlayer applicatio... Télécharger
netrunner Netrunner Netrunner is a Linux distro based on Debian and... Télécharger
delphihelpexpert Delphi Help Expert This is an expert for Delphi 2005 to d10.2 whic...
x01bd-revengeos-test-builds x01bd-revengeos-test-builds Name speaks for itself. Install these at your o... Télécharger
pjkt-100021619 pjkt-100021619 Hell if I know? Im just takin a crash course Télécharger
qmiga Qmiga Project Qmiga is to help collaboration in Amiga...
systemrescuecd SystemRescueCd SystemRescueCd is a Linux system rescue disk av...
deep-plasma deep-plasma deep-plasma is an archlinux iso with the kde-pl... Télécharger
candyos candyos This is candy rom,fully open source Télécharger
ccfitsio ccfitsio a fork of NASA cFITSio library Télécharger
midicrossport MidiCrossPort 書きかけのページへようこそいらっしゃいました 1 ... Télécharger
fess Fess Fess is very powerful and easily deployable Ent... Télécharger
acce-soft Accessory Softwares ゲームプレイなどに役立つ、小さなソフトウェアを... Télécharger
badjinganproject badjinganproject Some Random Stuff from BadjinganGuy Télécharger
kc1 kc1 this is project for managing equipment for inte... Télécharger
muse2 muse2 Music is the true god.... Music is magic Télécharger
muse muse Music is the true god.... Music is magic Télécharger
wheretrainbuild WhereTrainBuild We display the current location such as railroa... Télécharger
cvl cvl Midterm Election Project - Test Project Télécharger
molyps molyps no descroption untill now its for test perpos Télécharger
manjarowish manjarowish manjarowish:manjaro linux spins Télécharger
gratis gratis dapat yg gratis and informasi teknologi aplikasi Télécharger
bamboobsc bambooBSC - バランス·スコアカード Balanced scorecard(BSC)ビジネスインテリジェンス bambooBSC - バランス·スコアカード Balanced scor... Télécharger
machikane Machikane-Red 「Machikane-Red(待兼、まちかね)」はデジタルア... Télécharger
frostos Frost Linux Frost is a Linux based operating system. More s... Télécharger
metamorphosis metamorphosis thelab-ES | the laboratory of design Télécharger
juliachina juliachina Julia uses multiple dispatch as a paradigm, mak... Télécharger
delphitoolsmanager Delphi Tools Manager Tool to edit, export and import custom entries ... Télécharger
baalajimaestrobuilds baalajimaestrobuilds ROMs/Kernels built by baalajimaestro Télécharger
riva riva roms for redmi 5a Riva device i am noob develo... Télécharger

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