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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
cisc3140pacman cisc3140pacman Pacman gaming design for the course CISC3140 (F... Télécharger
mfsearch mfsearch Search dialog for ISPF PDS search Télécharger
jimsanity jimsanity An ultimate gamer software that can be used for... Télécharger
rappelz rappelz Rappelz Game test project for the game change Télécharger
ufl UFL Unofficial Fedora Labs. The computer on which ... Télécharger
redmi-note-3 Beryllium Builds Custom ROMs for POCO F1 Developed by me. Télécharger
serenelinux Serene Linux (old) Serene Linux Project It's Ubuntu Fork! Télécharger
wimra wimra bestand tbv WiMRA beveiligd opsturen naar OIS Télécharger
disk-file-searcher disk-file-searcher ファイルサイズの大きいものだけ見つけます。 Lin... Télécharger
dpeo-vadodara dpeo-vadodara Display General information of District Primary... Télécharger
tetoru tetoru - テトリスを作る Welcome to tetoru project. 「tetoru」 mean to m... Télécharger
xealot xealot Providing simple solutions to a burgeoning mark... Télécharger
atilo atilo 一个安装linux发行版在termux里的脚本。。。。。。。 Télécharger
atl atl a system software to help in our day to day lif... Télécharger
otrs-setup otrs-setup A small script for the automated setup of the O... Télécharger
qbd Quake By Delphi This is just a personal repository for the port...
bloodybullet bloodybullet Game Asset: Bloody Bullet Game created in Unre... Télécharger
coexislinux coexislinux Basix派生の日本で開発されているLinuxディストリ... Télécharger
itsupport itsupport Skoolsmart Project for safety RFID services Télécharger
afmdkbs2003 AngelFire MDK BOT Starter 2003 In the 1990s, in the Quake fever, numerous bot ...
iatkos-s3-v2 iATKOS-S3-v2 A reupload of the original iATKOS_S3_v2 distro ... Télécharger
globatio globatio content sharing app, share ideas products and s... Télécharger
pc1os PC1OS PC1OS is a spin of PCLinuxOS. There is only one... Télécharger
unifiedlexicalscheme Unified Lexical Scheme ULS(Unified Lexical Scheme) is a class library ... Télécharger
xplore xplore Hidden access file manager phone Télécharger
embrj embrj This is a twitter web client fork from embr, ma...
idle-game idle-game Make a fun idle/incremental game in unreal engi... Télécharger
miui miui Custom ROM for MIUI 10 firmware SHARE firmwa... Télécharger
letsgoict letsgoict 初心者プログラマーの育成や、みんなが使えるアプ... Télécharger
ucdxce User Control (DXCE) = User Control (Delphi Experts Consortium Editi... Télécharger
bytom Bytom Bytom Blockchain Protocol (hereinafter referred... Télécharger
drivingcarnew drivingcarnew This is a driving car game powered by Unreal En... Télécharger
mklauncher mklauncher "mklauncher" the easy way to create l... Télécharger
orbitersoftware orbitersoftware Open Source Addons for Orbiter Space Flight Sim... Télécharger
dzbdslauncher dzBdsLauncher Launcher for the Delphi IDE that decides which ... Télécharger
phoyo-id phoyo-id PhoyoID is a free (open source) graphical user ... Télécharger
psync pSync pSync って何?Dropbox が Raspberry Pi で動かない... Télécharger
filenamechenger Dateフォーマットファイル名変換ツール ファイルをいっぺんにDateフォーマット付きのファ... Télécharger
idb Internet Discussion Boards Internet Discussion Boards is a message board s... Télécharger
deepinosm deepinosm linuxOS deepinOSm Hakoila Xfce Télécharger
eduapps-os eduapps-os Um Sistema Operacional feito para ser extremame... Télécharger
posixcpp posixcpp Thin C++11 wrappers for some POSIX and Linux sp... Télécharger
newbbs newbbs 毎回作っている簡易電子掲示板にWebbroker(DELPHI ... Télécharger
icecold-linux icecold-linux Icecold Linux adalah Distribusi GNU/Linux berba... Télécharger
ci-crud-with-image ci-crud-with-image CodeIgniter CRUD with an image. It helps to the... Télécharger
tablamultiplicar tablamultiplicar Uso de herramientas de administracion de la con... Télécharger
espateos EspateOS UbuntuMiniをベースに構築された、ディストリビュ... Télécharger
elementarycnos elementarycnos elementarycnOS elementaryOS的中国版本! Télécharger
zmx-family zmx-family Zmx family imd library and software theme library Télécharger
xiaomifirmwareupdater XiaomiFirmwareUpdater The easiest way to get flashable firmware zip f...
ls-aur ls-aur an arch linux custom repository Télécharger
mountain-linux mountain-linux Compte osdn.net de la Distribution Mountain Linux
minbin minbin Minbin is a tiny PHP pastebin application that ... Télécharger
cubepdf-utility CubePDF Utility CubePDF Utility is a PDF editor which can inser...
arduino arduino This project is to make a pcb like arduino for ... Télécharger
soa-control soa-control proyecto escolar para el desarrollo escolar Télécharger
extremelylinux extremelylinux ExtremelyLinuxはSereneLinuxと提携し、極めて安全... Télécharger
darkmod THE DARK MOD THE DARK MOD is a FREE first person stealth gam... Télécharger
libherr libherr manufacturing ERP for this department logistic... Télécharger
hyscm-dev hyscm-dev HySCM is a source code management system which ... Télécharger
clhy clhy Development repository of the cLHy HTTP/Web Server
springdemo springdemo Spring Demo Project for testing. Télécharger
utermux-rootfs utermux-rootfs UTermux程序所使用的Linux rootfs包 Linux rootfs... Télécharger
blockly blockly A Cross Platform Blocklist Updater Télécharger
automoney automoney ・randomlotoは過去のデータをもとに出目の予想を... Télécharger
easy-web-shell Easy-Cloud-Shell https://github.com/subhra74/easy-cloud-shell S...
zk-nhbook zk-nhbook an unoffical nhentai app for android Télécharger
gpxviewer GPX Viewer GPX Viewer is an application for viewing GPX fi... Télécharger
sakura-editor SAKURA Editor A free Japanese text editor for Windows. Télécharger
avmultimedia avmultimedia ArchivistaBox AVMultimedia is a RAM-based Linux... Télécharger
manjaro-x Manjaro-X GNU/Linux Manjaro-X is made for GNOME users wit... Télécharger
unity-infiniteterrain-3d unity-infiniteterrain-3d Refining theories for 3D infinite terrain segme...
pixel3rom Pixel3ROM Pixel3ROM is an after-market open source firmwa... Télécharger
stock stock definitions & routines shared by projects Télécharger
chibios ChibiOS Free and Open Source RTOS for micro controllers... Télécharger
kayon Kayon Kayon adalah proyek mandiri FOSTI UMS yang bert... Télécharger
e-cron Extend cron (e-cron) Extend cron(e-cron)はcronジョブの機能拡張を目的... Télécharger
humphrey humphrey A personal movie collection manager. Télécharger
bifang-linux bifang-linux RedC Linux即将与红豆熊Linux合并,并称为 毕方Linux Télécharger
managerweb managerweb Administration Management System
cico Check-In / Check-out Este é um simples programa que encapsula chamad... Télécharger
duranduranbot duranduranbot A teachable/trainable artificial intelligence m... Télécharger
testplaybookshg testplaybookshg test playbooks for integration testing with AWX... Télécharger
ryzom Ryzom Ryzom are an Open Source Mmorpg Télécharger
php-nuke-titanium php-nuke-titanium PHP-Nuke Titanium comes setup and installed alr... Télécharger
traclight Trac Lightning Trac、Subversion、Mavenの簡易インストーラとサン... Télécharger
specs specs Fedora's SPEC files (mainly related to the Xfce... Télécharger
hglib hglib an fork of https://www.mercurial-scm.org/repo/p... Télécharger
newbreeze newbreeze Fast and light-weight file manager based on Qt ... Télécharger
aotus aotus Advanced Options in Tables and Universal Script... Télécharger
local local I am just trying to create a repository of my o... Télécharger
aosp-zenfone3 aosp-zenfone3 AOSP porting for Asus zenfone3 (ZE520KL and ZE5... Télécharger
xyz203203 xyz203203 이 컴퓨터의 모든 인터넷 카드를 직접 가져오는 것... Télécharger
serene SereneLinux SereneLinux is a new Ubuntu-based OS from Japan... Télécharger
strmod strmod This is a system of tiny co-routine like object... Télécharger
sparkybonsai SparkyBonsai Sparky Bonsai is a GNU/Linux distribution based... Télécharger
ansible-playbooks ansible-playbooks ansible-playbooks playbooks roles Télécharger
picnomix-logfs picnomix-logfs primitive log file system for bare flash device... Télécharger
apes APES APES is a simulation suite for highly resolved ... Télécharger
customerportal customerportal Customer portal project Customer portal project Télécharger

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