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hengbandforosx hengbandforosx Adds a modern OS X interface for the rogue-like... Télécharger
dca-git dca-git proyecto dca práctica sobre sistemas control de... Télécharger
eesp eesp A form tracking system which makes life easy. Télécharger
mohandsedu mohandsedu mohandsedu إنشاء مشروع For those of you who &q... Télécharger
apuntes-fisica apuntes-fisica Libro de apuntes de las asignaturas de Física d... Télécharger
cubesat-arduino-workshop CubeSat Arduino Workshop An interactive game to demonstrate engineering-... Télécharger
myvcs myvcs Similar to SVN Version Control System (VCS) is... Télécharger
python-learn python-learn Study of python project from the documentation Télécharger
backup-svn backup-svn Backup subversion repositories on Windows clien... Télécharger
generic-p0 generic_p0 Generic predictor that not depends on data itse... Télécharger
codekon codekon codekon codekon codekon codekon codekon Télécharger
brp brp General-purpose preprocessor driven by shell sc... Télécharger
tklayout tklayout A Python library that simplifies the constructi... Télécharger
rest-reminder rest-reminder A Health and Safety application that reminds yo... Télécharger
masspie masspie Mass-scanning port 25/tcp then checking if STAR... Télécharger
mindgames Mindgames Mindgames is a WIP game made by Randoms For A C... Télécharger
android6upiotx86arm android6upiotx86arm IOT Customizations / code for entertainment and... Télécharger
wtag wtag Music file tag edit for Emacs. Télécharger
zy-py zy-py this is a library with some common code writen ... Télécharger
sdfd110 sdfd110 Jacob Deery @ City College Plymouth, Assignment... Télécharger
dca-scv dca-scv Última práctica de DCA, la cual consiste en ent... Télécharger
pacbang PacBang Minimalistic Linux distribution based on Arch L...
xtab xtab A Python module and command-line program that r... Télécharger
avrdude avrdude AVR Downloader/UploaDEr (Forked from savannah... Télécharger
mercurial-svc mercurial-svc Práctica sobre los SVC en DCA. Télécharger
epsilon Project epsilon 出退勤システムとゲーム基盤開発 出退勤システムの開発を検討していたのですが、検...
slarm64 slarm64 slarm64 - unofficial aarch64 Slackware Linux port
execsql-upsert execsql-upsert Scripts for the execsql.py script processor tha... Télécharger
execsql execsql A Python program that runs a SQL script stored ... Télécharger
opensuse-on-pinebookpro opensuse-on-pinebookpro Newest download for opensuse. I bypassed the is... Télécharger
fswiki FreeStyleWiki This is modulable wiki clone written with Perl.... Télécharger
chkcsv chkcsv chkcsv.py is a Python library and program that ... Télécharger
xiaomi-sdm660 xiaomi-sdm660 This Project is for shareing Android ROM Builds... Télécharger
tkpane tkpane TkPane is a Python package designed to simplify... Télécharger
miyo-rolling Miyo-Rolling (based on NuTyX/GNU-Linux) From the creator of MiyoLinux, Miyo-Rolling is ... Télécharger
blumar blumar Teste de versionamento de projetos em repositór... Télécharger
mbtiny mbtiny Tiny Modus implementation for embedded systems Télécharger
x00t x00t Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 development page. Télécharger
embassy Embassy An easy to learn, multilingual programming lang... Télécharger
automap automap Automatic Map generator plugin for V.S. Télécharger
opennapdev-jp OpenNapDev-JP P2P型コミュニケーションツールのNapster互換のオ... Télécharger
mmmv-repackaging-projects-t1 mmmv-repackaging-projects-t1 3. party software repackaged by Martin.Vahi@sof... Télécharger
bloss-os bloss OS bloss OS is derived from Debian, a Linux distri...
hacking-apache-svn Apache Subversion Hacking Redistribution of Apache Subversion and related...
kinos SpinelOS This is an open source os developed based on Ub... Télécharger
server-demo server-demo webで拾ってきたsample demo だったり自分なりにつ... Télécharger
manjaro-archive Manjaro ISO Archive UNSUPPORTED Archive The content is for histori...
urlparser urlparser A tool to encode and decode URLs. The project i... Télécharger
tax-calc 税金計算ソフト オフライン環境で税金計算ができるソフトウェアで... Télécharger
fangkehou fangkehou this is fangkehou resource center
kne-minecraft-launcher kne-minecraft-launcher 垃圾网易,还我国际!网易虽说盒子侵权,但侵权了F... Télécharger
sdl-test-panel sdl-test-panel A GUI-based tool for testing LibSDL functionality
whyded whyded Builds for Redmi Note 5 pro....................... Télécharger
aicode aicode 中小企業・小規模事業者の皆様向けの国の「IT導入... Télécharger
arcolinux ArcoLinux ArcoLinux is an Arch Linux based distribution. ...
utah-glx(freshmeat) Utah-GLX Utah-GLX is a project to build a hardware accel... Télécharger
kebook(freshmeat) KEBook KEBook is a KDE application which lets you look... Télécharger
chpasswdforsquid(freshmeat) chpasswd for Squid chpasswd for Squid changes the Squid user passw... Télécharger
admuserforsquid(freshmeat) admuser for Squid admuser allows you to create, change, remove, d... Télécharger
chetcpasswd(freshmeat) chetcpasswd chetcpasswd lets you change the system password... Télécharger
mailqmon(freshmeat) mailqmon mailqmon monitors the Sendmail mqueue file in C... Télécharger
imaverage(freshmeat) imaverage imaverage uses the viewing frequency and viewin... Télécharger
exampleadvancedsambaloginscrip(freshmeat) example Advanced SambA Login Script This is an example script showing how to make N... Télécharger
justanotherportscanner(freshmeat) Just Another Port Scanner Just Another Port Scanner (JAPS) is an easy to ... Télécharger
vacm-perl(freshmeat) vacm-perl VACM-Perl is a Perl XS Module which allows deve... Télécharger
convert(freshmeat) convert Based on the idea of the application 'macVerter... Télécharger
radiusreport(freshmeat) RadiusReport RadiusReport can analyse the logfiles produced ... Télécharger
l3(freshmeat) l3 l3 allows users to control the conversion of fl... Télécharger
zuretaslistar-companion(freshmeat) Zureta's Listar-Companion Zureta's Listar-Companion will help you interac... Télécharger
sspft(freshmeat) sspft Using sspft you can TCP connect through a local... Télécharger
javascript-debugger(freshmeat) JavaScript-Debugger JavaScript-Debugger is a simple but useful util... Télécharger
xrun_utility(freshmeat) xrun_utility xrun is a small X11 utility which lets you exec... Télécharger
wave(freshmeat) Wave Database Interface Wave Database Interface provides a consistent, ... Télécharger
minix(freshmeat) MINIX MINIX is a free UNIX clone that is available wi... Télécharger
fixhtml(freshmeat) FixHTML FIXHTML acts recursively upon all HTML files in... Télécharger
ipqmpd(freshmeat) ip queue multiplex daemon Normally, only one process at a time can use th... Télécharger
bob(freshmeat) Bob Bob dynamically (as KBML or IBM's BML) builds J... Télécharger
grkbd(freshmeat) GRkbd GRkbd is a small program that allows you to cha... Télécharger
tridiavnc(freshmeat) TridiaVNC TridiaVNC is a fully supported, commercially en... Télécharger
muser(freshmeat) Mount User (muser) muser lists processes which have a given direct... Télécharger
osage(freshmeat) Osage - Persistence Plus XML Osage is a JDBC-based object-relational mapping... Télécharger
pyhnj(freshmeat) pyHnj pyHnj is an extension wrapper for Raph Levien's... Télécharger
sonicmail(freshmeat) Sonicmail Sonicmail is a simple GNOME applet which acts a... Télécharger
jreporter(freshmeat) JReporter JReporter is a component-based Java 1.2 package... Télécharger
webchat(freshmeat) WebChat WebChat is an chat application for JavaScript c... Télécharger
spf(freshmeat) SPF Stateful Packet Filter (SPF) allows you to cons... Télécharger
txp(freshmeat) TXP.MP TXP is a Macro-Routine to write curved text acc... Télécharger
epstk(freshmeat) epsTk The epsTk package is a toolkit to create powerf... Télécharger
cat(freshmeat) SharkBait SharkBait is a set of two simple C routines mai... Télécharger
rbmake(freshmeat) rbmake Rbmake is a "book maker" for the Rock... Télécharger
k118(freshmeat) k118 k118 is a commandline utility for driving the M... Télécharger
pung(freshmeat) pung pung is a simple server tester. It tries to con... Télécharger
filescanner(freshmeat) FileScanner FileScanner is a Perl script which searches thr... Télécharger
memtest(freshmeat) memtest memtest is a set of programs to test the memory... Télécharger
salmon(freshmeat) Salmon Salmon is a connection manager for multiple tim... Télécharger
virtualfs(freshmeat) virtualfs Virtualfs provides a set of plugins and let you... Télécharger
xtermkit(freshmeat) xterminals toolkit The xterminals toolkit is a kit to install disk... Télécharger
nt2linux(freshmeat) nt2linux The nt2linux kit provides tools to extract conf... Télécharger
daphne(freshmeat) DAPHNE DAPHNE is an emulator that allows you to play l... Télécharger
wolfgl(freshmeat) WolfGL WolfGL is an OpenGL port of the classic first-p... Télécharger

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