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apache-owa(freshmeat) Apache-OWA Apache-OWA is a module for Apache/mod_perl to r... Télécharger
apache2dot(freshmeat) apache2dot apache2dot generates a directed graph of users'... Télécharger
archivezip(freshmeat) Archive::Zip The Archive::Zip module allows a Perl program t... Télécharger
apmiser(freshmeat) Apmiser Apmiser is a daemon that monitors the CPU usage... Télécharger
arc(freshmeat) arc arc is an ASN.1 compiler written by FORGE Resea... Télécharger
apachearchive(freshmeat) Apache::Archive Apache::Archive is a mod_perl module that lets ... Télécharger
armed(freshmeat) Armed Use Armed to detect home intrusion and sound an... Télécharger
armymaker(freshmeat) Army Maker ArmyMaker is a GTK application used to maintain... Télécharger
artecas6escannerdriver(freshmeat) Artec As6e Scanner Driver This is a Linux driver for the Artec AS6E scann... Télécharger
as-gps(freshmeat) as-gps as-gps contains a basic support library for acc... Télécharger
asbutton(freshmeat) asbutton A dockable application launcher for use in Afte... Télécharger
aaprint(freshmeat) ASCII art printer The ASCII art printer shows letters printed in ... Télécharger
ascii2pdf(freshmeat) ascii2pdf ascii2pdf is a simple text to PDF converter. It... Télécharger
asexec(freshmeat) asexec asexec is a state machine which displays a pixm... Télécharger
asnews(freshmeat) asNews asNews is a simple news retrieving and parsing ... Télécharger
astime(freshmeat) astime astime is an analogue clock for X windows. It s... Télécharger
atarux(freshmeat) atarux atarux aims to allow Atari-Bit 8 bit bbs's to c... Télécharger
atiswiki(freshmeat) AtisWiki AtisWiki is a clone of Ward Cunningham's WikiWi... Télécharger
audiodsp(freshmeat) Audio::DSP Audio::DSP is built around the OSS (Open Sound ... Télécharger
audiocdweb(freshmeat) AudioCD Web Interface The AudioCD Web Interface provides an easy inte... Télécharger
audit(freshmeat) audit The audit program recursively searches through ... Télécharger
etsre(freshmeat) Auerswald ETS 4308i ISDN PBX Reverse Engineering P The Auerswald ETS 4308i ISDN PBX Reverse Engine... Télécharger
austinpm(freshmeat) Austin PM Austin is a program for project management. It ... Télécharger
authensmb(freshmeat) Authen::Smb Authen::Smb allows you to authenticate against ... Télécharger
autoclose(freshmeat) Autoclose Autoclose will close a user-specified process w... Télécharger
autofscdchanger(freshmeat) Autofs CD Changer The Autofs CD Changer patch allows you to autom... Télécharger
autojot(freshmeat) Autojot Autojot lets you index and search every Web pag... Télécharger
autoxdr(freshmeat) Automated support for compound RPC calls NFSv4 specifies that the RPC calls be batched i... Télécharger
autostatus(freshmeat) autostatus autostatus is yet another network monitoring pr... Télécharger
avacl(freshmeat) AVAcl AVAcl is intended to be called from within AV s... Télécharger
avengersnewssystem(freshmeat) Avenger's News System Avenger's News System is an easy-to-use and eas... Télécharger
avtv(freshmeat) avtv avtv is an SVGAlib/X11 program to capture and d... Télécharger
awag(freshmeat) AWAG AWAG dials a number via ISDN and plays a messag... Télécharger
awe32controlpanel(freshmeat) AWE32ControlPanel AWE32ControlPanel is a GNOME app to load .sbk/.... Télécharger
babelj(freshmeat) Babelj Babelj is a language server for Java. It allows... Télécharger
kfibs(freshmeat) bacKgammon bacKgammon is a backgammon program specifically... Télécharger
backupsd(freshmeat) backupsd backupsd is an ultra-simple daemon to handle em... Télécharger
badge(freshmeat) Badge Badge allows users to display a simple graphica... Télécharger
bag(freshmeat) bag bag is used to buffer data. It was created as a... Télécharger
balmail(freshmeat) Balmail balmail will email a daily report to your boss ... Télécharger
banal(freshmeat) BANAL BANAL is a bookkeeping system that allows you t... Télécharger
bannerkiller(freshmeat) BannerKiller BannerKiller is a very simple HTTP proxy which ... Télécharger
barrendero(freshmeat) barrendero Barrendero is a program designed to keep free s... Télécharger
bclf(freshmeat) BCLF BCLF is the Binary Common Log Format, a fast, p... Télécharger
bcnu(freshmeat) bcnu bcnu is a Web-based system management tool whic... Télécharger
beatmonkey(freshmeat) Beat Monkey Beat Monkey is a very simple program which calu... Télécharger
bet(freshmeat) BET BET (BET's Encrypted Talk) is an encrypted vers... Télécharger
betaftpd(freshmeat) BetaFTPD BetaFTPD is a single-threaded FTP daemon. The s... Télécharger
bfbtester-bruteforcebinarytest(freshmeat) BFBTester - Brute Force Binary Tester BFBTester is good for doing quick, proactive se... Télécharger
bfsfilesystemforlinux(freshmeat) BFS Filesystem for Linux BFS is a filesystem used on BeOS. This module p... Télécharger
bicycleridecaloriecalculator(freshmeat) Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator is a simple pro... Télécharger
bb(freshmeat) BigBen BigBen is a client/server application built to ... Télécharger
bingox(freshmeat) BingoX BingoX is an object oriented Web Application Fr... Télécharger
bishop(freshmeat) Bishop Bishop is a request description language used w... Télécharger
bitcomp(freshmeat) BitComp BitComp is a new compression method using bits ... Télécharger
bitgen(freshmeat) BitGen BitGen accepts text strings of 1's, 0's and hex... Télécharger
blackpenguin(freshmeat) Black Penguin Black Penguin is an arcade style jump-on-cubes ... Télécharger
blackmail(freshmeat) Blackmail BlackMail is an Anti-Spam mailer proxy for use ... Télécharger
blade(freshmeat) BLADE BLADE is a Web-based environment similar in nat... Télécharger
blade--(freshmeat) Blade-- Blade-- is a C++ wrapper/interface to the BLADE... Télécharger
kuimlrenderer(freshmeat) kUimlRenderer The kUimlRenderer library aims to be a UIML 2.0... Télécharger
blade_mailform(freshmeat) blade_mailform blade_mailform is a BLADE object to build email... Télécharger
blade_udmsearchb(freshmeat) blade_udmsearchb blade_udmsearchb is a BLADE front end to the Ud... Télécharger
blinke(freshmeat) BLINKE BLINKE is a GTK/GNOME utility to edit BLADE has... Télécharger
e-dial(freshmeat) E-Dial E-Dial is an epplet to connect and disconnect w... Télécharger
blogorientedpublishing(freshmeat) Blog Oriented Publishing Blog Oriented Publishing (BOP) is a database-ba... Télécharger
mail_list(freshmeat) BM Mailing List BM Mailing List is a Web application which mana... Télécharger
bmsync(freshmeat) bmsync bmsync reads and writes bookmarks of various We... Télécharger
bnix(freshmeat) bnix BNIX is a small bot coded in C that can maintai... Télécharger
boclient(freshmeat) boclient boclient is a remote windows administation tool... Télécharger
bogtk(freshmeat) bogtk bogtk is the first version of a back orifice cl... Télécharger
bomb(freshmeat) Bomb Bomb is a visual-musical instrument. It produce... Télécharger
bombbomb(freshmeat) Bomb ô Bomb Bomb ô Bomb is a clone of bomberman which featu... Télécharger
bootlogo(freshmeat) BootLogo BootLogo is a messagefile generator for LILO(-c... Télécharger
bootroot(freshmeat) BootRoot BootRoot creates a two-disk Linux system. The l... Télécharger
bottlerocket(freshmeat) BottleRocket BottleRocket is a utility to allow the use of t... Télécharger
boxersneakernetusingpalm(freshmeat) Boxer (Sneakernet using Palm) Boxer is a simple set of programs that allows a... Télécharger
brain(freshmeat) Brain Brain is a prototype based, object-oriented scr... Télécharger
breplibrary(freshmeat) breplibrary breplibrary is an implementation of a topologic... Télécharger
brix(freshmeat) Brix Brix is a mod_perl-based session management and... Télécharger
brutalcopy(freshmeat) Brutalcopy Brutalcopy transmits a file using UDP connectio... Télécharger
bsd-utils-aconf(freshmeat) BSD Utils for Linux BSD Utils for Linux is a quick port of some of ... Télécharger
bugsquish(freshmeat) Bug Squish In Bug Squish, you must defend your arm from an... Télécharger
buildyourlinuxdisk(freshmeat) Build Your Linux Disk Build Your Linux Disk (BYLD) helps you build a ... Télécharger
burn_py(freshmeat) Burn.py Burn.py is a frontend script for cdrecord, mkis... Télécharger
burnit(freshmeat) BurnIT BurnIT is a JAVA front-end to mkisofs and cdrec... Télécharger
scandata_cpp(freshmeat) C++ Cuecat Scan Translation Object scandata.cpp is a C++ object, based on the fooc... Télécharger
moncls_h(freshmeat) C++ Money Class The C++ Money class handles all functions for u... Télécharger
cadaverserver(freshmeat) cadaverserver Cadaver is a simulated world of cyborgs and nat... Télécharger
cafire(freshmeat) CAFire CAFire is a small toy that displays a burning t... Télécharger
call2sym(freshmeat) call2sym call2sym converts a Linux kernel system call st... Télécharger
cips(freshmeat) Caller Id Presentation System "Caller id presentation system" is a ... Télécharger
capture(freshmeat) Capture Capture uses an IEEE 1394-compliant video camer... Télécharger
cardinfo(freshmeat) CardInfo This version of cardinfo replaces the XForms-ba... Télécharger
cashcow(freshmeat) Cashcow CashCow is a library for clearing Internet paym... Télécharger
castorsubmitspider(freshmeat) Castor Submit Spider The Castor Submit Spider is a PHP tool for Webm... Télécharger
cawfeecgisdk(freshmeat) Cawfee CGI Cawfee CGI SDK is a CGI library written in C++.... Télécharger
cbb(freshmeat) CBB CBB is a finance management application. It all... Télécharger
cbe(freshmeat) CBE CBE is a revision control system with integrate... Télécharger
cbrowser(freshmeat) Cbrowser Cbrowser is a very feature-laden front end to t... Télécharger

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