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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
twrp-for-x910 twrp-for-x910 TWRP test builds for the LeEco Le Max Pro (max_... Télécharger
bridalsalon bridalsalon ラパージュブライダルサロンのサイトのソース管理... Télécharger
minamo-linux minamo-linux Minamo Linuxは、Ubuntuをべーストとした、Linuxデ... Télécharger
djangoproject djangoproject Study of Python - Django project. Télécharger
voidlinux-custom-isos voidlinux-custom-isos This is a repository of Void Linux custom isos ... Télécharger
aquila-linux aquila linux aquila-linuxはUSBにインストールするLinuxディス... Télécharger
african-ruby-community african-ruby-community African Ruby Community website Télécharger
deejayos deejayos LEX OS is an open source distrobution with the ... Télécharger
svntest0 svntest0 Test number zero svn repository. Télécharger
archlinuxsoftware archlinuxsoftware software para Arch Linux una distribución de ... Télécharger
cleanjaro Cleanjaro Due to the continued poor quality of Manjaro se...
utermux-p utermux-p utermux是由开发人员xinhaohan基于termux开发的,... Télécharger
netmeter netmeter Realtime network speed monitor https://netm... Télécharger
henma-p Likey ROM-KEK Télécharger
linuxos-distributions linuxos-distributions Una distribución Linux multipropósito. Télécharger
ubuntuluminaremix Ubuntu Lumina remix The Ubuntu Lumina remix. The flavor of Ubuntu w... Télécharger
mge-maker Mge-maker A graphical editor for the MGE/MGM game engine. Télécharger
redclinux redclinux redclinux是一个基于Debian的Linux操作系统,它最... Télécharger
aosp-x-rom aosp-x-rom AOSP X romはAOSPに近い Pixel 3a XL、Pixel 3a、P... Télécharger
magnesium-os magnesium-linux magnesiumOSはMATEデスクトップを採用したエレガン... Télécharger
go-test go-test Just a mercurial repo for Go module test Télécharger
soen-kantai-guild soen-kantai-guild 「蒼焔の艦隊」というゲームで私がマスターをやっ... Télécharger
desarrollotsputn desarrollotsputn Desarrollos para la tecnicatura superior en pro... Télécharger
aitrace aitrace Data acquisition from PLCs and other communicat... Télécharger
jhonalmoze-chatarra-max jhonalmoze-chatarra-max un esperimento que voy a llevar acabo para ver ... Télécharger
windgraphs windgraphs Comparing wind forecasts to actual wind. Télécharger
tlocengine tlocengine This is the 2loc engine. This engine. Télécharger
weaboo4whyred JameSpace [Whyred's Build] A random ROMs build for Whyred, with Weaboolize... Télécharger
thinknowlogy Thinknowlogy The world's most advanced – and the world's on... Télécharger
tamatama tamatama テストテストテストテストテストテストテストテス... Télécharger
machine-learning-course machine-learning-course Intellipaat's **[Machine Learning Course](https... Télécharger
android-x86 Android-x86 This is a project to port Android open source p... Télécharger
mariocoop mariocoop We tried to make mario coop.... Télécharger
schizophrenia schizophrenia Microsoft Visual Basic Script Edition Call COM Télécharger
akashos akashos An android based operating system for pc. Télécharger
eguidedog-linux eguidedog-linux 一个基于Ubuntu Linux的面向中国盲人修改的Linux发... Télécharger
sdr-tools-win32 SDR Tools for win32 Recopilation of SDR freeware for windows in one... Télécharger
canopen-fork canopen-fork CANopen is a high-level communication protocol ... Télécharger
flamegapps flamegapps Custom GApps Package for arm64 devices Télécharger
flintylemming-wiki flintylemming-wiki A wiki of network, Windows, macOS, service and ... Télécharger
iutest iutest include only c++ testing framework. ... Télécharger
soplayer soplayer An Android music player connecting with your ow... Télécharger
nmecab NMeCab - .NET morphological analyzer The next version will be develop and publish on... Télécharger
beyond-jp Beyond the Titanic Japanese version Beyond the Titanic Japanese in Japanese. Télécharger
alkalikong-build alkalikong-build Share Android's build by me. DerpFest/ and more Télécharger
fess Fess Fess is very powerful and easily deployable Ent... Télécharger
azminipainter AzMiniPainter This project has been deleted.
azconvpng AzConvPNG This project has been deleted
radioscoutmorocco radioscoutmorocco DMR on activities scout of Morocco Télécharger
azxclass AzXClass This project has been deleted
mystic-kernel Mystic Kernel Mystic Kernel for Your Device Current Supported... Télécharger
incubieos IncubieOS IncubieOS is Linux Spin Base Manjaro-Linux. Télécharger
git-hg-sync git-hg-sync This project is going to be used as git <-&g... Télécharger
mfr-lq MFR-LQ MFR-LQ is model free recursive lq controller ... Télécharger
mcmodpacks-jpkl mcmodpacks-jpkl Making Minecraft modpacks for myself! Télécharger
tearch-linux TeArch Linux TeArch is lightweight and comfortable Linux dis... Télécharger
asume asume Asume (Altap Salamander User Menu Editor) - The... Télécharger
flokorom FlokoROM FlokoROM is aiming to bring cool new features a... Télécharger
buildbox buildbox A Hub for all of my and other ASUS Custom Rom D... Télécharger
mbed mbed Simple mbed programming for the education purpose Télécharger
go-echo-examples Go Echo examples Examples of usage of the Go Echo web framework. Télécharger
pinguisweb Pinguis Website Design and Online Marketing Helping website designers all over the world to... Télécharger
weblocks Weblocks (Selective CMS) The Weblocks project has moved to github. Pleas... Télécharger
maego-light-os Maego Light OS Maego Light OS is an operating system based off... Télécharger
lgqm lgqm 临高启明公开图书馆 LinGaoQiMing Public Libra... Télécharger
winux-experiment winux-experiment Winux OS's test version. This version is befor... Télécharger
how-is-ai-used-in-healthcare how-is-ai-used-in-healthcare When it comes to our health, especially in matt... Télécharger
vim Vim VIM is an improved version of the editor "... Télécharger
deepin-v20-live deepin-v20-live deepin v20 linux distribution is debian based b... Télécharger
classi Classi(クラッシー) Classi(クラッシー)の非公式クライアントです Télécharger
projecte Projecte Projecte final amb Autis per a finalització de FCT Télécharger
linux-on-hyper-v linux on hyper-v Optimized Linux VMs for the Hyper-V Gallery Fo... Télécharger
johnsclever johnsclever Whatever I want is my desire thy greather than 0 Télécharger
tavouries tavouries Creating a Linux distribution based on Artix Li... Télécharger
test-mercurial test-mercurial sample project to test qt creator mercurial fea... Télécharger
popcornbox popcornbox Deine private Film-Bibliothek auf deinem Androi... Télécharger
web-development web-development I want to create web site. this is my first try Télécharger
garlic-roms garlic-roms Custom ROMs for YU Yureka Black (garlic) Télécharger
fkhdxwcsj 放课后的下午茶时间 Develop some open source web and use it in some... Télécharger
ctlos Ctlos Linux Ctlos Linux — iso образ, основанный на Arch Lin... Télécharger
bossv01 bossv01 -BOSS PROJECT: Standing for Blockchain Operat... Télécharger
compta compta OpenSource Comptabilité pour Petite/moyenne Enp... Télécharger
querycsv querycsv A Python module and command-line program that a... Télécharger
openxilinux test test
agarimos AgarimOS AgarimOS is a personal respin of Void Linux. It... Télécharger
simsik-khipoo simsik-khipoo TW: Sim-sik ê Khí-pòo sī tsi̍t ē Tâi-gí Lô-má-j... Télécharger
ezarcher ezarcher The EZArcher Cala Linux ISO is a full featured ... Télécharger
fastest-clicker The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows The Fastest Mouse Clicker for Windows. This is...
android-x86-pulldown android-x86-pulldown Android on Linux drv trying to make a git hub t...
hyssmytoko hyssMyToko hyssMyToko is an online toko (store) software p... Télécharger
vtp vtp A historical software project (mainly 2001-2008... Télécharger
testleakyresources testleakyresources testing leaky resources such as image, audio, v...
agenter agenter The first professional network platform for com... Télécharger
integradorcaie CAIE Integrator Allow export of files generated by SICASE
sagaz-apk sagaz-apk Apk para el SAGAZ a ver si esta vez sale bien. Télécharger
ezdevos ezdevos ezdevOS Spin: ezdevOS is a Devuan based, Refra... Télécharger
ikkiboot Ikki Boot Ikki Boot est un live dvd multiboot qui a pour ... Télécharger
hotelcode hotelcode hotel code development using python 3 and sqli... Télécharger
hugspecial hugspecial mi android en mi pc facilita la vida Télécharger
dtxmania DTXMania DTXMania is drums traning software that can eas... Télécharger

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