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cgilib++(freshmeat) cgilib++ cgilib++ is a library for writing CGI programs ... Télécharger
themebuilder(freshmeat) Chameleon Chameleon (formerly known as Theme Builder) is ... Télécharger
changingpages(freshmeat) ChangingPages Changing Pages is a Web content management suit... Télécharger
check_pl(freshmeat) Check.pl Check.pl runs through all of the files and dire... Télécharger
chinesecheckers(freshmeat) ChineseCheckers ChineseCheckers is an X11 game made for play an... Télécharger
chirp(freshmeat) CHIRP CHIRP is a tool for automating the creation of ... Télécharger
chkquota(freshmeat) chkquota chkquota is a C program that prints a warning i... Télécharger
chpp(freshmeat) chpp chpp is a general purpose preprocessor. It was ... Télécharger
ciaoprolog(freshmeat) Ciao Prolog Ciao is a complete Prolog system subsuming ISO-... Télécharger
cinclude2dot(freshmeat) cinclude2dot cinclude2dot generates a directed graph of the ... Télécharger
cint(freshmeat) CINT CINT is a C/C++ interpreter which is aimed at p... Télécharger
circlemudlinux(freshmeat) Circle Mud Linux Circle Mud Linux is a three-disk mini-distribut... Télécharger
citygen(freshmeat) citygen citygen is a program which creates Medieval cit... Télécharger
sbit(freshmeat) CJK bit-mapped sbit TrueType fonts HOWTO This HOWTO explains how to extract embedded bit... Télécharger
clanmecha(freshmeat) ClanMecha ClanMecha is a fast-paced 2D platform game in w... Télécharger
clean_mail(freshmeat) Clean_Mail Clean_mail is a series of shell and Perl script... Télécharger
cloakanddaggermessengersystem(freshmeat) Cloak and Dagger Messenger System The Cloak and Dagger Messenger System consists ... Télécharger
clusterd(freshmeat) Clustering Daemon Clustering is the idea of making several comput... Télécharger
clusutils(freshmeat) Clusutils The Clusutils package contains programs to assi... Télécharger
cmb(freshmeat) cmb Cmb is a small utility that creates all the pos... Télécharger
cmc(freshmeat) CMC CMC is a Perl/GTK+ mail client designed to be e... Télécharger
cmubikdb(freshmeat) CMUbikdb CMUbik is a library for mantaining a syncronize... Télécharger
cmvision(freshmeat) CMVision CMVision is a real-time color classification an... Télécharger
cocolinuxutilities(freshmeat) CoCo Linux Utilities CoCo Linux Utilities is a collection of utiliti... Télécharger
coffeetalk(freshmeat) coffeetalk coffeetalk is a script to aid in the beverage c... Télécharger
cog(freshmeat) cog Cog is a themeable and modularized intranet hom... Télécharger
coldstore(freshmeat) ColdStore ColdStore is a gigabyte-scale persistent object... Télécharger
commandhistory(freshmeat) command history command history is a quick and dirty script cre... Télécharger
commonc++libraries(freshmeat) Common C++ Libraries The Common C++ library addresses small-scale, c... Télécharger
comp-jugador(freshmeat) Comp-jugador Comp-jugador is a program to automatically conj... Télécharger
comp-hist(freshmeat) Computer History Graphing Project The Computer History Graphing Project is an att... Télécharger
comscan(freshmeat) ComScan ComScan reads input from a serial port and show... Télécharger
e-leds(freshmeat) E-Leds E-Leds is an Enlightenment epplet which display... Télécharger
configtoolsforhtmlplain(freshmeat) Config tools for HTML PLAIN These graphical tools will help with the custom... Télécharger
consoleothello(freshmeat) console othello console othello is an Othello-style board game ... Télécharger
cms(freshmeat) Content Management System CMS (Content Management System) is a Perl-based... Télécharger
controlfreak(freshmeat) ControlFreak ControlFreak is a scriptable toolbar applicatio... Télécharger
coraltreelibraryset(freshmeat) Coral Tree Library Set The Coral Tree Library Set includes modules for... Télécharger
cosa(freshmeat) COSA COSA and SRP are synchronous serial boards for ... Télécharger
countdown(freshmeat) Countdown Countdown is a small Perl script using the Date... Télécharger
cowsay(freshmeat) cowsay Cowsay is the easy way to add speaking and thin... Télécharger
cqcam(freshmeat) cqcam cqcam is a free Color QuickCam (PC/Parallel) co... Télécharger
crc-files(freshmeat) crc-files crc-file provides command line CRC testing of f... Télécharger
cross-cgi(freshmeat) Cross-CGI Cross-CGI is a complete CGI shared (via Libtool... Télécharger
crossword(freshmeat) crossword Crossword is a GNOME game that draws a crosswor... Télécharger
cryptopadsplicer(freshmeat) CryptoPadSplicer CryptoPadSplicer is a conduit for a cryptograph... Télécharger
csnes9x(freshmeat) csnes9x csnes9x is a small and quick snes9x front end f... Télécharger
ctdsm(freshmeat) ctDSM ctDSM is the distributed shared memory related ... Télécharger
ctgui(freshmeat) ctGUI ctGUI is the window system abstraction and ass... Télécharger
ctheme(freshmeat) ctheme ctheme is a tool for modifying the Linux termin... Télécharger
ctk-adm-dns-chroot(freshmeat) ctk-adm-dns-chroot ctk-adm-dns-chroot creates the minimum file str... Télécharger
ctk-nettools(freshmeat) ctk-nettools ctk-nettools provides functions to deal with te... Télécharger
ctnet(freshmeat) ctNET ctNET includes the network abstraction modules ... Télécharger
ctrlxmms(freshmeat) ctrlxmms ctrlxmms is a small Perl script designed to inc... Télécharger
pam_cuecat(freshmeat) CueCat PAM Module The pam_cuecat module reads decoded bar codes f... Télécharger
cup(freshmeat) CUP CUP is an pure Java LALR Parser generator that ... Télécharger
cups-drivers(freshmeat) cups-drivers CUPS is a wonderful printing system that uses t... Télécharger
currencies(freshmeat) currencies Currencies is a very simple currency converter ... Télécharger
cursedchat(freshmeat) Cursed Chat Cursed chat is a curses based client for Yahoo ... Télécharger
cursel(freshmeat) cursel CURSEL is a freeware FMLI (Forms and Menu Langu... Télécharger
customdns(freshmeat) CustomDNS CustomDNS is a modular DNS server written in Ja... Télécharger
cut-file_pl(freshmeat) cut-file.pl cut-file.pl is a Perl script that cuts a large ... Télécharger
dbitotcl(freshmeat) dbitotcl dbitotcl is a TCL extension for using Perl DBI ... Télécharger
cybercube(freshmeat) Cybercube Cybercube is a tetris-like game, but in 3D and ... Télécharger
dagrab(freshmeat) dagrab dagrab is a command line driven tool for extrac... Télécharger
dap(freshmeat) DAP DAP is a comprehensive audio sample editing and... Télécharger
darcnes(freshmeat) DarcNES DarcNES emulates a number of different older sy... Télécharger
darklands(freshmeat) Dark Lands Dark Lands is a multiplayer RPG made fully with... Télécharger
datamanager(freshmeat) DataManager DataManager is a library that provides a shared... Télécharger
date_calc(freshmeat) Date_Calc Date_Calc is a PHP class used to calculate and ... Télécharger
dbmetrix(freshmeat) dbMetrix dbMetrix is a graphical database tool written f... Télécharger
dbox(freshmeat) DBOX DBOX is a free communication package for ISPs. ... Télécharger
deadlinkcheck(freshmeat) Dead Link Check Dead Link Check (DLC) is a Perl script designed... Télécharger
deadlock(freshmeat) Deadlock Dungeons Deadlock is a small, lightweight MUD based arou... Télécharger
debris(freshmeat) debris debris is a free text mode HTML browser package... Télécharger
delay(freshmeat) Delay Delay is a program that counts down the number ... Télécharger
demolization(freshmeat) Demolization Demolization is a strategy game which is a cros... Télécharger
dents(freshmeat) Dents Dents is a from-scratch implementation of the s... Télécharger
dert(freshmeat) DERT DERT is a Data Entry and Reporting Tool. It is ... Télécharger
deskroot(freshmeat) Deskroot Deskroot aims to be an ActiveDesktop that doesn... Télécharger
detach(freshmeat) detach detach starts a program detached from the curre... Télécharger
deutex(freshmeat) DeuTex DeuTex is a wad composer for Doom, Heretic, Hex... Télécharger
devfspatch(freshmeat) devfs patch This is a Device FileSystem patch for the Linux... Télécharger
dfm(freshmeat) dfm DFM is the abbreviation for Desktop File Manage... Télécharger
dhsd(freshmeat) DHSD DHSD is a Dynamic DNS record updater for dhs.or... Télécharger
dhtmldynamicheadlinefader(freshmeat) DHTML Dynamic Headline Fader The dynamic headline fader/flipper display is a... Télécharger
diablobot(freshmeat) Diablo Bot Diablo Bot is an advanced IRC bot under constan... Télécharger
diacanvas(freshmeat) DiaCanvas DiaCanvas is a generalized version of the drawi... Télécharger
dial2net(freshmeat) Dial2Net Dial2net is an application that configures a PP... Télécharger
dict_pgsql(freshmeat) dict_pgsql dict_pgsql is a dictionary for the mailer postf... Télécharger
digicam(freshmeat) Digicam Digicam is a simple and easy-to-use command-lin... Télécharger
dds(freshmeat) Digital Disco System dds is a client/server-based audio player for d... Télécharger
dime(freshmeat) Dime Dime is an acronym for DXF Import, Manipulation... Télécharger
dinotrace(freshmeat) Dinotrace Dinotrace is a graphical viewer for Signal Wave... Télécharger
dinx(freshmeat) DinX DinX (DinX is not X) is an experimental windowi... Télécharger
dirtree(freshmeat) Dir Tree dirtree is a tool for displaying directories. I... Télécharger
dirtypgp(freshmeat) dirtypgp dirtypgp is a quick-and-dirty wish script to ru... Télécharger
displayghostscript(freshmeat) Display Ghostscript Display Ghostscript (DGS) is functionally upwar... Télécharger
ditdah(freshmeat) DitDah DitDah makes it easy to practice Morse Code. It... Télécharger
divine(freshmeat) divine divine will use ARP requests to look for hosts ... Télécharger

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