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blade(freshmeat) BLADE BLADE is a Web-based environment similar in nat... Télécharger
blade--(freshmeat) Blade-- Blade-- is a C++ wrapper/interface to the BLADE... Télécharger
kuimlrenderer(freshmeat) kUimlRenderer The kUimlRenderer library aims to be a UIML 2.0... Télécharger
blade_mailform(freshmeat) blade_mailform blade_mailform is a BLADE object to build email... Télécharger
blade_udmsearchb(freshmeat) blade_udmsearchb blade_udmsearchb is a BLADE front end to the Ud... Télécharger
blinke(freshmeat) BLINKE BLINKE is a GTK/GNOME utility to edit BLADE has... Télécharger
e-dial(freshmeat) E-Dial E-Dial is an epplet to connect and disconnect w... Télécharger
blogorientedpublishing(freshmeat) Blog Oriented Publishing Blog Oriented Publishing (BOP) is a database-ba... Télécharger
mail_list(freshmeat) BM Mailing List BM Mailing List is a Web application which mana... Télécharger
bmsync(freshmeat) bmsync bmsync reads and writes bookmarks of various We... Télécharger
bnix(freshmeat) bnix BNIX is a small bot coded in C that can maintai... Télécharger
boclient(freshmeat) boclient boclient is a remote windows administation tool... Télécharger
bogtk(freshmeat) bogtk bogtk is the first version of a back orifice cl... Télécharger
bomb(freshmeat) Bomb Bomb is a visual-musical instrument. It produce... Télécharger
bombbomb(freshmeat) Bomb ô Bomb Bomb ô Bomb is a clone of bomberman which featu... Télécharger
bootlogo(freshmeat) BootLogo BootLogo is a messagefile generator for LILO(-c... Télécharger
bootroot(freshmeat) BootRoot BootRoot creates a two-disk Linux system. The l... Télécharger
bottlerocket(freshmeat) BottleRocket BottleRocket is a utility to allow the use of t... Télécharger
boxersneakernetusingpalm(freshmeat) Boxer (Sneakernet using Palm) Boxer is a simple set of programs that allows a... Télécharger
brain(freshmeat) Brain Brain is a prototype based, object-oriented scr... Télécharger
breplibrary(freshmeat) breplibrary breplibrary is an implementation of a topologic... Télécharger
brix(freshmeat) Brix Brix is a mod_perl-based session management and... Télécharger
brutalcopy(freshmeat) Brutalcopy Brutalcopy transmits a file using UDP connectio... Télécharger
bsd-utils-aconf(freshmeat) BSD Utils for Linux BSD Utils for Linux is a quick port of some of ... Télécharger
bugsquish(freshmeat) Bug Squish In Bug Squish, you must defend your arm from an... Télécharger
buildyourlinuxdisk(freshmeat) Build Your Linux Disk Build Your Linux Disk (BYLD) helps you build a ... Télécharger
burn_py(freshmeat) Burn.py Burn.py is a frontend script for cdrecord, mkis... Télécharger
burnit(freshmeat) BurnIT BurnIT is a JAVA front-end to mkisofs and cdrec... Télécharger
scandata_cpp(freshmeat) C++ Cuecat Scan Translation Object scandata.cpp is a C++ object, based on the fooc... Télécharger
moncls_h(freshmeat) C++ Money Class The C++ Money class handles all functions for u... Télécharger
cadaverserver(freshmeat) cadaverserver Cadaver is a simulated world of cyborgs and nat... Télécharger
cafire(freshmeat) CAFire CAFire is a small toy that displays a burning t... Télécharger
call2sym(freshmeat) call2sym call2sym converts a Linux kernel system call st... Télécharger
cips(freshmeat) Caller Id Presentation System "Caller id presentation system" is a ... Télécharger
capture(freshmeat) Capture Capture uses an IEEE 1394-compliant video camer... Télécharger
cardinfo(freshmeat) CardInfo This version of cardinfo replaces the XForms-ba... Télécharger
cashcow(freshmeat) Cashcow CashCow is a library for clearing Internet paym... Télécharger
castorsubmitspider(freshmeat) Castor Submit Spider The Castor Submit Spider is a PHP tool for Webm... Télécharger
cawfeecgisdk(freshmeat) Cawfee CGI Cawfee CGI SDK is a CGI library written in C++.... Télécharger
cbb(freshmeat) CBB CBB is a finance management application. It all... Télécharger
cbe(freshmeat) CBE CBE is a revision control system with integrate... Télécharger
cbrowser(freshmeat) Cbrowser Cbrowser is a very feature-laden front end to t... Télécharger
ccp(freshmeat) ccp ccp can copy stdin or file to stdout, file to f... Télécharger
cdbuilder(freshmeat) CD builder CD builder is a CD cue sheet and subcode genera... Télécharger
cdjukebox(freshmeat) CD Jukebox CD Jukebox is a console-based CD player that su... Télécharger
cd-console(freshmeat) cd-console cd-console is a curses-based CD player for Linu... Télécharger
cdinfo(freshmeat) CD::Info CD::Info is a Perl module to extract data CD ti... Télécharger
cdctl(freshmeat) cdctl cdctl is a program similar to eject. Like eject... Télécharger
cdlabelgen(freshmeat) cdlabelgen cdlabelgen generates frontcards and traycards f... Télécharger
cdp(freshmeat) cdp cdp is a console-mode ncurses-based CD player w... Télécharger
cdr-toaster(freshmeat) CDR-Toaster CDR-Toaster is a Tk frontend for writing CDs. I... Télécharger
cdrom_speed(freshmeat) cdrom_speed cdrom_speed allows you to change (read: decreas... Télécharger
cfgtie(freshmeat) CfgTie CfgTie is a package of Perl modules and tools. ... Télécharger
cflowd(freshmeat) cflowd cflowd is a flow analysis tool currently used f... Télécharger
cgames(freshmeat) cgames cgames is a package that provides three games f... Télécharger
cgen(freshmeat) CGEN CGEN is a framework for generation of CPU-relat... Télécharger
cgiportscanner(freshmeat) CGI Port Scanner CGI Port Scanner is a CGI script written in Per... Télécharger
cgi-util(freshmeat) cgi-util cgi-util is a fast, easy to use C library for c... Télécharger
cgi-util++(freshmeat) cgi-util++ A C++ wrapper for cgi-util (a C library for cre... Télécharger
cgiwet(freshmeat) CGI::WeT CGI::WeT allows code written with CGI.pm to be ... Télécharger
cgixmlform(freshmeat) CGI::XMLForm CGI::XMLForm allows properly written forms to g... Télécharger
cgilib++(freshmeat) cgilib++ cgilib++ is a library for writing CGI programs ... Télécharger
themebuilder(freshmeat) Chameleon Chameleon (formerly known as Theme Builder) is ... Télécharger
changingpages(freshmeat) ChangingPages Changing Pages is a Web content management suit... Télécharger
check_pl(freshmeat) Check.pl Check.pl runs through all of the files and dire... Télécharger
chinesecheckers(freshmeat) ChineseCheckers ChineseCheckers is an X11 game made for play an... Télécharger
chirp(freshmeat) CHIRP CHIRP is a tool for automating the creation of ... Télécharger
chkquota(freshmeat) chkquota chkquota is a C program that prints a warning i... Télécharger
chpp(freshmeat) chpp chpp is a general purpose preprocessor. It was ... Télécharger
ciaoprolog(freshmeat) Ciao Prolog Ciao is a complete Prolog system subsuming ISO-... Télécharger
cinclude2dot(freshmeat) cinclude2dot cinclude2dot generates a directed graph of the ... Télécharger
cint(freshmeat) CINT CINT is a C/C++ interpreter which is aimed at p... Télécharger
circlemudlinux(freshmeat) Circle Mud Linux Circle Mud Linux is a three-disk mini-distribut... Télécharger
citygen(freshmeat) citygen citygen is a program which creates Medieval cit... Télécharger
sbit(freshmeat) CJK bit-mapped sbit TrueType fonts HOWTO This HOWTO explains how to extract embedded bit... Télécharger
clanmecha(freshmeat) ClanMecha ClanMecha is a fast-paced 2D platform game in w... Télécharger
clean_mail(freshmeat) Clean_Mail Clean_mail is a series of shell and Perl script... Télécharger
cloakanddaggermessengersystem(freshmeat) Cloak and Dagger Messenger System The Cloak and Dagger Messenger System consists ... Télécharger
clusterd(freshmeat) Clustering Daemon Clustering is the idea of making several comput... Télécharger
clusutils(freshmeat) Clusutils The Clusutils package contains programs to assi... Télécharger
cmb(freshmeat) cmb Cmb is a small utility that creates all the pos... Télécharger
cmc(freshmeat) CMC CMC is a Perl/GTK+ mail client designed to be e... Télécharger
cmubikdb(freshmeat) CMUbikdb CMUbik is a library for mantaining a syncronize... Télécharger
cmvision(freshmeat) CMVision CMVision is a real-time color classification an... Télécharger
cocolinuxutilities(freshmeat) CoCo Linux Utilities CoCo Linux Utilities is a collection of utiliti... Télécharger
coffeetalk(freshmeat) coffeetalk coffeetalk is a script to aid in the beverage c... Télécharger
cog(freshmeat) cog Cog is a themeable and modularized intranet hom... Télécharger
coldstore(freshmeat) ColdStore ColdStore is a gigabyte-scale persistent object... Télécharger
commandhistory(freshmeat) command history command history is a quick and dirty script cre... Télécharger
commonc++libraries(freshmeat) Common C++ Libraries The Common C++ library addresses small-scale, c... Télécharger
comp-jugador(freshmeat) Comp-jugador Comp-jugador is a program to automatically conj... Télécharger
comp-hist(freshmeat) Computer History Graphing Project The Computer History Graphing Project is an att... Télécharger
comscan(freshmeat) ComScan ComScan reads input from a serial port and show... Télécharger
e-leds(freshmeat) E-Leds E-Leds is an Enlightenment epplet which display... Télécharger
configtoolsforhtmlplain(freshmeat) Config tools for HTML PLAIN These graphical tools will help with the custom... Télécharger
consoleothello(freshmeat) console othello console othello is an Othello-style board game ... Télécharger
cms(freshmeat) Content Management System CMS (Content Management System) is a Perl-based... Télécharger
controlfreak(freshmeat) ControlFreak ControlFreak is a scriptable toolbar applicatio... Télécharger
coraltreelibraryset(freshmeat) Coral Tree Library Set The Coral Tree Library Set includes modules for... Télécharger
cosa(freshmeat) COSA COSA and SRP are synchronous serial boards for ... Télécharger

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