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gnuplotutils(freshmeat) GNU Plotutils The GNU plotutils package contains programs for... Télécharger
gnusather(freshmeat) GNU Sather Sather is an object oriented language designed ... Télécharger
gnurobots(freshmeat) GNU Robots GNU Robots is a game/diversion where you constr... Télécharger
gnusqlserver(freshmeat) GNU SQL Server SQL Server is a free portable multiuser relatat... Télécharger
gnutrueprint(freshmeat) GNU Trueprint Trueprint is a program for printing source code... Télécharger
gnudip(freshmeat) GnuDIP GnuDIP is a application designed to allow an IS... Télécharger
gnujsp(freshmeat) GNUJSP GNUJSP is a free implementation of Sun's JavaSe... Télécharger
gnutmeg(freshmeat) Gnutmeg Gnutmeg is a peer-to-peer distributed file shar... Télécharger
goban(freshmeat) goban goban replays historic games of go (aka wei-chi... Télécharger
gma(freshmeat) Gomoku Apprentice GMA (Gomoku Apprentice) is a gomoku player that... Télécharger
goops(freshmeat) GOOPS GOOPS is the object-oriented extension to Guile... Télécharger
gooseegg(freshmeat) GooseEgg GooseEgg is a 3d modeler, skeletal animator, an... Télécharger
gothello(freshmeat) Gothello Gothello is a GTK-based Othello program for one... Télécharger
gox(freshmeat) Gox GOX is a learning Naughts-and-Crosses game (a.k... Télécharger
gpdial_applet(freshmeat) gpdial_applet gpdial_applet is a GNOME panel applet that can ... Télécharger
gpi(freshmeat) GPI With GPI you can develop ultra-rapidly a comple... Télécharger
gproc(freshmeat) GProc GProc is a GTK application which allows you to ... Télécharger
gproc-applet(freshmeat) GProc-Applet GProc-Applet is the GNOME version of GProc. It ... Télécharger
gprojectgenerator(freshmeat) gProjectGenerator GPrjGen is a tool to generate GNOME source trees. Télécharger
gracer(freshmeat) GRacer GRacer is 3D motor sports simulator. The physic... Télécharger
gramdiag(freshmeat) gramdiag gramdiag is a utility to analyse the output gen... Télécharger
gramofile(freshmeat) GramoFile GramoFile is intended primarily for transferrin... Télécharger
grave(freshmeat) Grave Grave is an MP3 playlist editor and interface t... Télécharger
greceipt(freshmeat) GReceipt GReceipt will take a receipt or bill and enable... Télécharger
dctrl-tools(freshmeat) dctrl-tools Debian package information is generally stored ... Télécharger
greyboard(freshmeat) greyboard Greyboard is a simple shared blackboard written... Télécharger
griffon(freshmeat) Griffon Cryptanalysis Package Griffon is a GTK+ GUI cryptanalysis tools packa... Télécharger
grma(freshmeat) gRMA gRMA provides a graphical environment for exper... Télécharger
grn(freshmeat) GRN GRN is a Perl extensible newsreader with MIME s... Télécharger
grumble(freshmeat) Grumble Grumble is a small chat server UNLIKE irc. Dist... Télécharger
grunch(freshmeat) grunch grunch is a package of scripts and software whi... Télécharger
exectrace(freshmeat) ExecTrace ExecTrace is a linux only debugging tool that l... Télécharger
gr_monitor(freshmeat) Gr_Monitor Gr_Monitor displays a series of datasets as ani... Télécharger
gsdefaults(freshmeat) GSDefaults GSDefaults aims to be a full user default datab... Télécharger
gsfv(freshmeat) GSFV GSFV is a graphical interface written in GTK+ f... Télécharger
gsh(freshmeat) Gsh Gsh is a graphical shell. It integrates a termi... Télécharger
gsi(freshmeat) gsi GSI is an easy-to-use network audio system that... Télécharger
gsokoban(freshmeat) GSokoban GSokoban is a puzzle game invented in Japan 198... Télécharger
gstalker(freshmeat) gstalker gstalker is a stock charting viewer and tracker... Télécharger
gstar(freshmeat) gstar gstar provides a GTK frontend for "starcha... Télécharger
gsteak(freshmeat) gsteak gsteak is a translator from German to English a... Télécharger
gsx(freshmeat) gsx gsx is a Scour Exchange client which simulates ... Télécharger
gsyn(freshmeat) gsyn gsyn is internally designed to be an extensible... Télécharger
gsynth(freshmeat) gsynth gsynth is designed to be an extensible, modular... Télécharger
gtans(freshmeat) gTans gTans is a GTK version of Tangram, an ancient c... Télécharger
gtc(freshmeat) GTC GTC is a game programming library for Linux. Re... Télécharger
gde(freshmeat) Gtk Development Environment GTK Development Environment (GDE) acts as a fra... Télécharger
gtkfilebrowser(freshmeat) GTK File Browser GTK File Browser is supposed to be an Explorer-... Télécharger
gtk-themes_sh(freshmeat) GTK Themes Selector The GTK Themes Selector is a Bash script to qui... Télécharger
gtk-engines-extra(freshmeat) gtk-engines-extra gtk-engines-extra contains extra themes and eng... Télécharger
gtk-napster(freshmeat) GTK-Napster GTK-Napster is a Napster client based on the GT... Télécharger
gtkswing(freshmeat) GTK/Swing GTK/Swing is a Swing PLAF to make Java applicat... Télécharger
gtkali(freshmeat) GtKali gtkali is a Kali client for Linux. It uses both... Télécharger
gtkcanvas(freshmeat) GtkCanvas GtkCanvas is a straight port of the GNOME Canva... Télécharger
gtkfxp(freshmeat) Gtkfxp Gtkfxp is a FXP client for GTK. With it you tra... Télécharger
gtkglmaterialdialog(freshmeat) GtkGLMaterialDialog GtkGLMaterialDialogis a GTK+ dialog that can be... Télécharger
gtkmotd(freshmeat) gtkmotd gtkmotd is a small program which currently just... Télécharger
gtkpool(freshmeat) GTKPool GtkPool brings that classic favourite of lounge... Télécharger
gtkstamp(freshmeat) gtkstamp Stamp is a GPL'd project currently under develo... Télécharger
gtuner(freshmeat) Gtuner Gtuner is a gtk/gnome based radio card tuner th... Télécharger
guile-pg(freshmeat) guile-pg Guile-pg is an interface providing access to th... Télécharger
guislp(freshmeat) GuiSlp GuiSlp is a package manager for Stampede Linux ... Télécharger
gul(freshmeat) GUL/VDOG ViewDog is a viewer for nurbs functions, polygo... Télécharger
gumshoe(freshmeat) Gumshoe Gumshoe is a program that connects to multiple ... Télécharger
fpl(freshmeat) FPL FPL (Frexx Programming Language) is an interpre... Télécharger
guppi(freshmeat) Guppi Guppi is a GNOME-based plot program with integr... Télécharger
gvm(freshmeat) GVM GVM provides a simple, extensible framework for... Télécharger
gx10(freshmeat) gx10 GX10 is a GTK based program used to control X10... Télécharger
gxhost(freshmeat) gxhost gxhost is an interface to the command xhost wri... Télécharger
gxsnmp(freshmeat) gxsnmp gxsnmp is a SNMP managment frontend that is a p... Télécharger
gyahtzee(freshmeat) Gyahtzee Gyahtzee is a gnomified version of yahtzee. It ... Télécharger
half-lifeadminmod(freshmeat) Half-life Admin MOD Half-Life Admin MOD is a plugin module to any H... Télécharger
hamlog(freshmeat) HamLog HamLog is a simple Amateur Radio Daily Logging ... Télécharger
hamster(freshmeat) Hamster Font Manager Hamster Font Manager (HFM) helps you control th... Télécharger
haruspex(freshmeat) HaruspeX HaruspeX is a visual environment for image data... Télécharger
harvest-ng(freshmeat) harvest-ng Harvest-NG is a set of tools for building a sta... Télécharger
hatman(freshmeat) Hatman Hatman is a Pacman clone to run on svgalib or g... Télécharger
hhmp3(freshmeat) Headless Horse-MP3 The Headless HorseMP3 is a PHP interface for pl... Télécharger
hearts(freshmeat) Hearts Hearts is a KDE clone of the Windows program. I... Télécharger
hex(freshmeat) Hex Hex is a GTK+ clone of Puzzle Bobble. Télécharger
hex2rgbandrgb2hex(freshmeat) hex2rgb and rgb2hex hex2rgb and rgb2hex are two C programs useful f... Télécharger
hhgg2xml(freshmeat) hhgg2xml hhgg2xml will fetch articles from H2G2.com and ... Télécharger
hierarchytools(freshmeat) hierarchy tools Heirarchy Tools is a small and slowly growing c... Télécharger
hlds-mon(freshmeat) HLDS monitor hlds-mon sits on top of a hlds_l session, monit... Télécharger
hlim(freshmeat) Home Library Information Manager The Home Library Information Manager (HLIM) is ... Télécharger
hood(freshmeat) Hood Hood is a C++ user-level threads library for mu... Télécharger
hostinfo(freshmeat) hostinfo Hostinfo is a utility for looking up hostnames ... Télécharger
hpfind(freshmeat) HPFind HPFind searches your users' directories for hom... Télécharger
hpp(freshmeat) HPP The HTML Pre-Processor is a perl5 script that d... Télécharger
hppsmtools(freshmeat) hppsmtools Hppsmtools is a collection of command line prog... Télécharger
hptrans(freshmeat) HpTrans HpTrans is a tool to allow easy transfer and ed... Télécharger
htmlplain(freshmeat) HTML PLAIN HTML PLAIN is a "HTML Preprocessor Lacking... Télécharger
html-tree(freshmeat) HTML-Tree HTML-Tree is a Perl program that recursively de... Télécharger
html2c(freshmeat) html2c html2c will help anyone writing cgi-bin program... Télécharger
html2perl(freshmeat) html2perl html2perl automates the process of converting H... Télécharger
htmlep(freshmeat) HTML::EP HTML::EP is a server-side embedded HTML system ... Télécharger
htmlepglimpse(freshmeat) HTML::EP::Glimpse HTML::EP::Glimpse is a simple search engine in ... Télécharger
htmlpager(freshmeat) HTML::Pager This module handles the paging of data coming f... Télécharger
htmlarchive(freshmeat) HTMLArchive HTMLArchive provides Webmasters with an easy me... Télécharger
htmljar(freshmeat) HTMLjar HTMLjar is an easy to use Java package to const... Télécharger

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