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shallot(freshmeat) Shallot Shallot is a server-based audio file manager an... Télécharger
marauder(freshmeat) Marauder-ah Marauder-ah is a set of improvements over "... Télécharger
expressoframework(freshmeat) Expresso Framework Expresso Framework is an open standards-based J... Télécharger
smb_explorer(freshmeat) SMBExplorer SMBExplorer is an application which lets users ... Télécharger
steno(freshmeat) Steno Steno is a Web-accessible virtual notebook. The... Télécharger
openquartz(freshmeat) Open Quartz Open Quartz is a project to supply artwork to c... Télécharger
nchat(freshmeat) NexusChat NexusChat is a single-threaded BBS-style telnet... Télécharger
anca(freshmeat) Anca Anca is an H.323 client for Qt 3.x. It allows c... Télécharger
kkbswitch(freshmeat) KKBSwitch KKBSwitch is a keyboard layout indicator for KD... Télécharger
imapengine(freshmeat) IMAPEngine IMAPEngine is an IMAP server that uses a tdbeng... Télécharger
spamcup(freshmeat) Spamcup Spamcup is a tool for automatic Spamcop reporti... Télécharger
nsokoban(freshmeat) NSokoban NSokoban is a Sokoban game for PalmOS. Sokoban ... Télécharger
swim(freshmeat) Debian System Wide Information Manager DSWIM is a powerful informational tool for Debi... Télécharger
writemime(freshmeat) Writemime Writemime is a simple C++ package that makes it... Télécharger
listpatron(freshmeat) ListPatron ListPatron is an application for maintaining li... Télécharger
fkache(freshmeat) FKache Open Source FKache Open Source is an implementation of the ... Télécharger
sqlpreproc(freshmeat) SQL::Preproc SQL::Preproc is a Perl source filter that trans... Télécharger
gnome2mtel(freshmeat) Gnome 2 Mtel Gnome 2 Mtel is a small tool that allows you to... Télécharger
ted(freshmeat) Ted Ted is a text processor running under X on Unix... Télécharger
kodepaster(freshmeat) kodepaster kodepaster is a command-line tool to post compu... Télécharger
mars(freshmeat) Mars Mars is a simple, extensible, services-oriented... Télécharger
mob(freshmeat) MøB MøB is an environment for installations and rea... Télécharger
transd(freshmeat) X Transparency Daemon X Transparency Daemon provides a daemon which u... Télécharger
xadsen(freshmeat) xadsen xadsen is a monitor for Google Adsense that run... Télécharger
firestarter(freshmeat) Firestarter Firestarter is a firewall tool for Linux, and u... Télécharger
grout(freshmeat) Grout Grout is a program that solves tile-placing, ed... Télécharger
wmctrl(freshmeat) wmctrl The wmctrl program is a command line tool to in... Télécharger
tkmp3(freshmeat) Tk-Mp3 Tk-Mp3 is a simple Perl/Tk interface for mpg123... Télécharger
slides_sh(freshmeat) slides.sh slides.sh is a shell script for generating simp... Télécharger
spacerider(freshmeat) spacerider spacerider is a 2D space shooter game with some... Télécharger
stencil-template-engine(freshmeat) stencil template engine Stencil is a templating language for Java that ... Télécharger
gpglist(freshmeat) GPGlist GPGlist is a Perl script to implement gpg encry... Télécharger
ocp(freshmeat) Ops Control Panel Ops Control Panel is a frontend for MRTG. Unlik... Télécharger
pagepoker(freshmeat) PagePoker PagePoker is a Perl package that defines a brow... Télécharger
nfsshare(freshmeat) NFS Share NFS Share is a Qt tool for controlling NFS serv... Télécharger
lapenv(freshmeat) LapEnv LapEnv is a NetEnv-like project for Slackware. Télécharger
proteomecommonsio(freshmeat) ProteomeCommons.org IO Framework ProteomeCommons.org IO Framework is a proper Ja... Télécharger
medialibrary(freshmeat) Media Library Medialibrary is a standalone application that c... Télécharger
libtranslate(freshmeat) libtranslate libtranslate is a library for translating text ... Télécharger
gnome-translate(freshmeat) GNOME Translate GNOME Translate is a GNOME interface to libtran... Télécharger
gnometurtle(freshmeat) Gnome Turtle A turtle and lsys drawing program for GNOME. It... Télécharger
railz(freshmeat) Railz Railz is a railway strategy/management game bas... Télécharger
cia(freshmeat) CIA CIA is a system for tracking open source projec... Télécharger
bwstat(freshmeat) BWstat BWstat is a network traffic statistical tool. I... Télécharger
rmuse(freshmeat) Muse Renderer Muse is a photo-realistic RenderMan-compliant r... Télécharger
lsys_monitor(freshmeat) Linksys Monitor Linksys Monitor is a POSIX-compliant applicatio... Télécharger
newsgrab(freshmeat) NewsGrab NewsGrab is a small tool that uses regular expr... Télécharger
handyrestaurant(freshmeat) My Handy Restaurant My Handy Restaurant is software created to help... Télécharger
morph(freshmeat) Morph Morph is a Java framework that eases the intern... Télécharger
kasablanca(freshmeat) Kasablanca Kasablanca is a graphical FTP client. Among its... Télécharger
libowfat(freshmeat) libowfat libowfat aims to reimplement the API defined by... Télécharger
fnord(freshmeat) fnord httpd fnord httpd is a small HTTP server (15k static ... Télécharger
shellsql(freshmeat) ShellSQL ShellSQL is a suite of programs to allow SQL co... Télécharger
embutils(freshmeat) embedded utils Embutils is a set of Unix userland tools optimi... Télécharger
nouvelle(freshmeat) Nouvelle Nouvelle is a very simple Web rendering framewo... Télécharger
pynids(freshmeat) pynids pynids allows network sniffing, IP defrag, TCP ... Télécharger
inputcntrl(freshmeat) inputcntrl inputcntrl is a utility for controlling Linux '... Télécharger
pollera(freshmeat) Pollera Pollera is a simple yet powerful CGI app for do... Télécharger
fullsync(freshmeat) FullSync FullSync is a powerful tool that helps you keep... Télécharger
mozcellml(freshmeat) mozCellML mozCellML is a Mozilla based CellML tool. It ca... Télécharger
wmacpi(freshmeat) wmacpi wmacpi is a Window Maker battery monitor dockap... Télécharger
xaoindexer(freshmeat) XAO Indexer XAO Indexer provides fast full-text search and ... Télécharger
riggy(freshmeat) Riggy Riggy is a dice bot for pbIRC RPGs. He is speci... Télécharger
pearlowis(freshmeat) Pearlowis Pearlowis allows customers to reconfigure items... Télécharger
bugaboo(freshmeat) Bug-A-Boo Bug-A-Boo is a bug reporting and tracking syste... Télécharger
dbconnect(freshmeat) DBConnect API DBConnect API is an easy to use C++ object API ... Télécharger
klmcl(freshmeat) KLMCL KLMCL is a graphical MUD client for KDE with su... Télécharger
kchat(freshmeat) kChat kChat is a Java Web chat system that has a serv... Télécharger
pluto-converter(freshmeat) Pluto Converter Pluto is a converter that will allow any applic... Télécharger
itcl(freshmeat) [incr Tcl] [incr Tcl] is a set of extensions to the Tcl la... Télécharger
simscan(freshmeat) simscan Simscan is a simple program that enables qmail-... Télécharger
aspa(freshmeat) ASPA ASPA attempts to automate the process of transl... Télécharger
pantheras(freshmeat) Panther Application Server Panther is a lightweight, modular Java applicat... Télécharger
console(freshmeat) console console is a daemon that you can telnet to that... Télécharger
pkt(freshmeat) pkt pkt is a universal XML packet archiver. It can ... Télécharger
gnumicr(freshmeat) GnuMICR GnuMICR is a Postscript Type 1 Magnetic Ink Cha... Télécharger
dov4l(freshmeat) dov4l dov4l allows you to query the capabilities of a... Télécharger
demoeffects(freshmeat) The Demo Effects Collection The Demo Effects Collection is a collection of ... Télécharger
drill(freshmeat) drill Drill is a tool similar to dig from BIND. It wa... Télécharger
firefoot(freshmeat) FireFoot library FireFoot is library that provides an easy way f... Télécharger
lql-sharp(freshmeat) Linux QoS Library Sharp LQL-Sharp provides Mono (C#) bindings to the Li... Télécharger
clipcast(freshmeat) Clipcast Clipcast links the cut-and-paste functions of t... Télécharger
syscolorize(freshmeat) System log colorizer System log Colorizer prints out some useful inf... Télécharger
sbox-dtc(freshmeat) sbox-dtc sbox is a CGI wrapper script that allows Web si... Télécharger
libhttpd(freshmeat) LibHTTPD LibHTTPD can be used to add basic Web server ca... Télécharger
grac(freshmeat) GRAC GRAC is a grammar checker. It is based on learn... Télécharger
mod_chm(freshmeat) mod_chm mod_chm is an Apache module that allows users t... Télécharger
systeminfo(freshmeat) systeminfo Systeminfo is a shell script used to generate s... Télécharger
nailgun(freshmeat) NailGun NailGun is a client, protocol, and server for r... Télécharger
pymovie(freshmeat) PyMovie PyMovie is a program for organizing your movie ... Télécharger
tclfserv(freshmeat) TCL File Server TCL File Server is an IRC File Server made in T... Télécharger
hanggame(freshmeat) Hanggame Hanggame is a hangman game written using the Al... Télécharger
nokiapacman(freshmeat) Nokia PacMan Nokia PacMan is a version of PacMan for mobile ... Télécharger
libmsn(freshmeat) libmsn Libmsn is a reusable, fully documented library ... Télécharger
chmox(freshmeat) Chmox Chmox is a viewer for Microsoft Help "CHM&... Télécharger
delete_put_httpd_py(freshmeat) delete_put_httpd.py delete_put_httpd.py implements an HTTP proxy me... Télécharger
linuxheartmonitor(freshmeat) Linux Heart Monitor Linux Heart monitor is a collection of things t... Télécharger
fceulauncher(freshmeat) FceuLauncher FceuLauncher is a frontend for the FCEUltra NES... Télécharger
dsync(freshmeat) dsync dsync synchronizes the contents of two director... Télécharger
somaplayer(freshmeat) somaplayer somaplayer is music player for MP3, Ogg, wav, a... Télécharger

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